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Switzerland Proposes to Pay People for Being Alive

photo by Redwetz In Bern , a truck had dumped eight million coins outside the Parliament building , one coin for every Swiss citizen, as a publicity stunt for a potentially dangerous policy that may actually become real in Switzerland.

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Amsterdam To Pay Chronic Alcoholics In Beer To Help Clean Up Streets.

Amsterdam – well known for its ‘pragmatic’ approach to alcoholism – claims scheme keeps the alcoholics occupied and out of trouble   This government funded project, organised by the Rainbow Foundation charity and paid for by Dutch state subsidies and

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Iceland Government To Pay Down Everyone’s Mortgages

  The Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland Image: Chris Ford via Flickr/Creative Commons THE GOVERNMENT of ICELAND announced it will write off mortgage debt to the tune of  €24,000 in order to kick start the economy. Every household in the country

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