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Inbreeding In The Outback, One Of The Worst Cases Ever Recorded

Australia – Like something pulled out of a cult horror flick a family so deformed from inbreeding we can’t show you, has been discovered in a remote farming community in Australia. Apparently unknown and with only 2,000 others living in

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Billions Hidden In The Cayman Islands Facebook Tax Dodging Costs Americans Millions

photo by Steven Walling Facebook dodged a huge corporate tax bill by paying €1.75bn  to its Ireland-based parent company – Facebook Holdings Limited  for its intellectual property. The Financial Times , said “Facebook recently reported a pre-tax loss of €626,000

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Russian Man Changes Credit Card Contract In His Favor Court Agrees It Is Valid

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9q0_299-kE In 2008, this 42-year-old Russian received a credit card offer in the mail from Tinkoff Credit Systems.  Most of us disregard these offers but Dmitry Agarkov decided to read the contract proposed by the bank. After reading the small

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