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Boy Decapitates Aunts Boyfriend’s Head And Gives It Too Her For A Christmas Gift.

  Chicago Police release Shortly after a heated argument in which Alexis Valdez was asked to move out of his aunts apartment Alexis presented his aunt with a Christmas gift, the decapitated head of her 41 year old boyfriend, Silvestri

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Legalization Of Marijuana Helping To Win The War On Drugs

DailyBrainFreeze, Dec.19 – 42,000 students from about 400 schools participated in this year’s study which shows that all drug abuse from alcohol to meth is significantly lower, but one drug has increased, Marijuana.  With more access to marijuana provided by

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Trial Set For Soldiers Who Recruited Female Soldiers For Prostitution

A base once set up for sexual assault and harassment prevention is now being used as a military prostitution recruitment center for government paid sex parties for soldiers, in which Master Sgt. Brad Grimes seventeen-year veteran now stands accused of

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