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Woman Claims To Get High From Swallowing Semen From A Crackhead

Alice,I recently performed oral sex on a guy who had been using crack/cocaine. He had been using for about 3 days straight. When he climaxed, I swallowed his semen and about 10 minutes later, I felt very dizzy and pretty

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Boy Decapitates Aunts Boyfriend’s Head And Gives It Too Her For A Christmas Gift.

  Chicago Police release Shortly after a heated argument in which Alexis Valdez was asked to move out of his aunts apartment Alexis presented his aunt with a Christmas gift, the decapitated head of her 41 year old boyfriend, Silvestri

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Cop Mistakes Deer For A Wealth Gap Protester

(Satire news) Watch as a defenseless deer is pushed around by bully cops. Never encountering anything like this before the deer did not know what to do, so it just stood there. The officers decided they were entitled to use

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