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Florida Woman Forced Out Of Her Home For Living Off The Grid.


FLORIDA – Is it illegal to live off the grid? That’s what a Florida woman named Robin Speronis is asking herself now when authorities demanded she vacate her home.  A few weeks ago Robin’s story was featured on Fox 4 news in Florida. She does not have a refrigerator, oven, running water, or electricity.

Robin explains…..

“It was an interest in empowering myself, like we did when we got off the health care system. I wanted to look at every other part of my lifestyle and say, do I need this? Is this of value to me? If it went away tomorrow, what would I do? The more I got into it, the more exciting, the more of an adventure it became. My message was to create, so I created a happy place… a place where I get up, and I’m like this is beautiful.”

Most of what Robin owns was free. She cooks using propane and her electronics run on solar-charged batteries. She gets her water from rain barrels and uses a colloidal-silver generator to disinfect the rain water. When Robin was featured on the news, she found a notice to vacate her property on her door as it is deemed unsafe to live. Fox 4

Robin said she owns her home free and clear and her taxes are up to date.

“Putting a woman who lives by herself, who is a widow, out on the street without any due process of law is unfathomable. Where is the justice? Why did they choose me…because I was exercising my First Amendment rights of free speech in discussing living off the grid.”

Fox 4 reports that there has been an overwhelming show of support for Robin from people who have heard her story.

A local attorney has agreed to take Robin’s case for free. The city officials say if she can prove her home is safe to live in then she can go back, But many are saying it should be the other way around, the city should have to prove it isn’t safe to live in.

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Understanding the delicate sex lives of men

Understanding the delicate sex lives of men


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Haunting Sounds Coming From The Harbor Near The World Trade Center

Bone chilling sounds haunting New York citizens for a year now, still not known where it is coming from.

NEW YORK Strange  sounds 450px-Freedom_Tower_World_Trade_Center_NYChave been emitting from the Harbor near the World Trade Center.

Similar sounds have been reported in New York City for about a year now. This first began shortly after hurricane Sandy. The latest report was last week by a man who lives a couple blocks away from the Trade Center, he reports…

“At 3:15 a.m. Wednesday morning, I awoke to the sound. It was slightly different in timbre, with two tones this time. I couldn’t be sure what it was at first, but after a moment I realized it was the Trade Center. Outside it was raining but the trees were calm. I can only imagine at that height the weather is different. I’m sure all of downtown hears this—it’s unmistakable and very chilling. I had to get up and record it. [You can hear it especially well around :20.] It seemed to calm down about 5 a.m.”

Many are calling it the cries of the dead, a daily reminder of what happened on September the 11th. Others saying it is just wind blowing through construction zones. And Others calling it the signs of the apocalypse.

Those who said it was simply construction and should go away once the windows are installed were disappointed to find out that that was not the case as it is still plaguing the city more now then ever. Listen to these recordings and see what you think.

Now listen to another recording taken nearly two years ago in Cost Rica, they sound eerily similar. And no tall buildings in sight.

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