X Pope Ratzinger Facing Numerous Charges Including Child Rape, And Murder

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New Evidence mounting high as Vatican’s guilt prompts Italian politicians to confront Pope Francis as next Common Law court case is announced – The Papacy retaliates with global “black ops” attacks against ITCCS

 Another eyewitness confirmed the involvement of Ratzinger in a ritualistic child sacrifice in Holland in August of 1987 which prompted the criminal prosecution of deposed Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger.

Kardinaal_Alfrink“I saw Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl at a French chateau in the fall of 1987″ the woman claims, who was a regular participant in the cult ritual torture and killing of children. She said it was horrible and happened numerous times which Ratzinger, Cardinal Alfrink seen to the left whom died shortly after, and (Bilderberger founder) Prince Bernhard and more often took part.

 Soon after his historic resignation from office last February 11, Joseph Ratzinger was convicted of Crimes against Humanity on February 25, 2013 by the Brussels-based International Common Law Court of Justice, and a global citizens arrest warrant was issued against him. Since then, he has evaded arrest within Vatican City under a decree of the present Pope Francis. Which may be “part of the deal.”


                                                                                               (Prince    Bernhard seen below)

 800px-Prince_Bernhard_Sander_Lamme“We are looking at revising if not abolishing our country’s Lateran Treaty with the Vatican, whose actions in harboring child rapists certainly meet the definition of a Transnational Criminal Organization under international law” said Italian officials

 In October when these new allegations surfaced, the Vatican commenced a series of attacks against groups in Europe involved in documenting the church’s involvement in cult ritual murder. Paid operatives sabotaged ITCCS ‘s work in Holland and Ireland during that week, and on October 14, the main ITCCS website was destroyed by the same saboteurs.

Political sources in Rome have revealed that these attacks were paid for and coordinated through the Office of the Vatican espionage agency known as the “Holy Alliance” or The Entity, and its affiliated “dirty ops” bureau, the Sodalitium Pianum, established in Rome in 1913.


“The political tide has shifted against the church, and it’s no longer possible for child killers in robes to hide behind the Lateran Treaty. And in its death throes, the church hierarchy is using its usual methods of lies and misinformation to shift the focus off its own criminal guilt.”

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