What Is A Contactee? A Detailed Explanation



(Tri L) An Informal Introduction from R D on Vimeo.

(The evolution of psychology)


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(Philosophical Logic)


Philosophical Logic from R D on Vimeo.

4 comments on “What Is A Contactee? A Detailed Explanation
  1. Max says:

    hey steve, i just joined the page on Facebook, but i was unable to find your account or view any of members.i was hoping to add you and share a few things that I’m confused about, but also to ask/seek advice on what they could mean or what it could be? still kind of sensitive about it, as I’ve never spoken or mentioned this subject to anyone as i didn’t want to risk family/friends thinking I’ve lost the plot, or them beginning to panic and worry about me or my health. as they would completely reject it. yet its been playing on me for so long now and I’ve always been so fascinated and on these events.

    but after the past few days I’ve had, the different energies (auras) I’ve felt in my presence, and the amount of time I’ve spent on reseaching conspiracies and youtube videos (secret societies, races, MK Ultra, sitings, experiments etc..) eventually led me hear by “coincidence’ 😉 ONLY JUST AFEW HOURS AGO

    when i then began reading comments and replies, it sent me into a cycle of fear when i read that others had similar instances, then relief, followed by acceptance after each time you had replied and shed light on peoples question…. up until 20mins ago…

    now I’m totally relieved and somewhat happy, that finally i was not alone and why through out my whole life, I’ve had these feelings and beliefs, but could never share with anybody or how i would even begin to go about finding answers or advice….

    still pinching myself tbh, total spun out and feel like i have “woken up” as they kept saying on different youtube vids…

    cheers mate

  2. kay says:

    I do have one question for you Steven. You seem knowledgeable from your facts and input you share in these videos and also from the other thread on this site about how to tell if you have been abducted and/or visited. Where and how do you know all this information? Is it self taught, or did you learn some or most from your own experiences with visitations and/or abductions?

    • Steven says:

      Visitations often can seem almost dreamlike to many people as is by design, so how would anyone know absolutely the info being shared by visitations? We retrieve the info several ways, one through dreams, another through meditation, another through triggers, like when presented with a situation or a question the contactee will just know, they don’t know how or why they know, they just know, and the info often has been literally downloaded into your brain programmed to come out when the time comes to know. Yet there will be no memories associated with it, Its a bit strange at first but after a while of testing the info you get for accuracy you learn to just trust it just as anyone over time receiving counsel from me will just learn to trust it as it seldom will ever fail in terms of content and accuracy, the only things which must be taken with a grain of salt would be info on future events as the future is not written in such details that any prediction can be perfectly accurate, thus we only focus on the general direction as even if one could predict future events it would not be allowed. We more often seek a deeper understanding of things that have happened and use that to figure out what will happen later on our own. Cause people see only a tiny bit or nothing at all of what goes on behind closed doors. So when something happens of significance and there is more to the story it triggers the info to come out, when these things come out as fact later those who received the info learn to just trust it over time. I also have a number of friends who are also contactees which I discuss thing with to make sure I have all the info associated with it and understand it.

  3. kay says:

    Thanks for sharing, you are very good at getting your point across. Im very glad there are peoplelike you around.

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