Two UFOs Seen During The Columbia Disaster

Columbia was the first shuttle to make it into space and widely popular. Very successful with over two decades in service it had a long history of safety and achievements. But in February of 2003 it suddenly broke apart and was destroyed reportedly due to a piece of foam which broke off the tank and hit the wing of the shuttle. This was of course a shock and disappointment that something so simple could cause so much damage and destruction when there are so many people who check, then double check, and triple check everything from head to toe before launch.

   New video has been recently leaked showing something else rather was actually going down during this flight. Two UFOs referred to as bogies were seen, reported, and filmed during the shuttle’s decent back to earth. The crafts stayed with the shuttle for a short time and then left. Shortly after the shuttle began malfunctioning in many ways and then breaking up and causing all crew members to die. So the question is. Is this footage real? And if so, were these crafts involved in the destruction of the shuttle? And if so why would they purposefully harm these people and ruin the mission.

   The Columbia disaster received extensive coverage due to its long history, but the (circumstances and outcome) are quite regular and common with NASA and all space programs private or other. The clues in this mystery lay in the nature of their mission and not in the structural integrity of the shuttle. The shuttle had undergone extensive upgrades to the size of its cargo hull in recent years. Some people (mainly civilians) were told that their mission was to repair and make improvements to the hubble and other satellites. Insiders were told they were launching a “secret spy satellite” to spy on Russia which keeps them from asking questions, knowing that they certainly were not working on those satellites reported to the public.

NASA and others have been warned for decades by extraterrestrials that they need to heed certain rules with their space programs. Some of these rules being. “No (large) nuclear weapons in space. No (further)  using nuclear weapons on Earth to hurt people or destroy things. No using public funds to control or manipulate mass amounts of people during the coming times of crisis, people are required to have free will during these times.

This satellite was not built to protect Americans from anybody but quite the opposite.  The nature of this “spy satellite” was to track anyone trying to get to safety, find food, or seek shelter and relay that info to a base giving them an ability to immediately exterminate them. All people are to be given fair opportunity for survival. The Bush administration chose to ignore these warnings, including NASA and the crew who were all aware of this warning as well. It has been talked about for decades, every attempt to break the rules has been intervened. They refuse to accept these rules and continue trying to break them. They want to find the lines, and see how far they can go with it. They simply will never learn.

So is this video real?       Yes.

Why would they do it?       To save lives and promote freewill.

Why was this video allowed to be seen by the public?         Alien communication has been on the increase as of late ,this video was leaked to stop the general public from communicating with aliens by making the public fear them.

Note: It is (not) important to believe in aliens but for those who do,It is important however to know the truth behind this video and the many propaganda videos that the government releases which put aliens in a negative light.


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