10 Ways To Tell If You Have Been Abducted By Aliens


    In my life I have experienced a number of encounters and have interviewed thousands whom also have felt they have experienced a visitation of extraterrestrial origin. These experiences can be strange and confusing, and one can struggle with this reality for their whole lives. It took me decades of research and study to piece together what was happening to me; and so in effort help anyone going through the same type of thing, I wanted to make an easy to read and follow checklist which can help you decide if there is a physical problem, mental problem or if there is something more happening to you. If you are experiencing at least 5 of any of these things on the checklist, you are more likely to be receiving extraterrestrial visits than not. Each of these things alone are common things that have a much more likely explanation, but when experienced all together it becomes more and more probable.
    First off; Why do people get taken? There are numerous reasons, but the number one reason being that you have made a prebirth agreements spiritually to play a specific role which requires you to have a specific direction, thus council is often given to you consistently throughout your life to fulfill your goals to assist mankind, these visitations will often result in a physical meeting. Often people need guidance and are given counsel, but this is predominantly done telepathically and a physical meeting is hardly necessary for that, thus is given subconsciously and the actor is  removed completely from the conscious mind which is generally turned off during visits or communications.
    There are actually three different forms of contact. First and most common is telepathic, they will connect to your subconscious mind which is very easy, and give you telepathic counsel, you may feel like it was just simply an idea or thought that popped into your head out of nowhere, as if it came from within, but all thoughts are not your own, but are shared in the subconscious matrix. Second is spiritual contact.  Our guides may disconnect you from your body and you thus can attend meetings which require your presence not necessarily your physical presence. During these times of separation the body often feels a bit blah and the mind dull having no inner drive or direction, but the body is perfectly capable of continuing on as normal. And the third type of visitation and the most rare is actual physical contact, this requires a great deal of care to keep the rules of non interference which I will discuss later in the comments section below.
    There are also those people (less common) who have volunteered for other projects on earth such as hosting a hybrid fetus with their uterus  for around 17 weeks, or men may donate semen for genetic engineering something that has always been done on this planet, and how man has evolved and changed form so many times in our history. This is not porn, but rather an easy quick chemical stimulation done telepathically with no touching, a thought planted in the mind and emissions are secreted this way. This missing link in our evolution is actually are they who are our keepers. And we continue as our world now is changing very quickly, so must we change genetically with the help of our brothers.


***Cataclysmic Dreams***

1)  Most contactees have described first before anything a series of dreams where they were in space being shown images of planets and then shown the surface of the earth, cracks in the ground, sink holes, volcanoes, earthquakes, islands falling into the ocean, or rising up from the ocean, fire raining from the sky, massive floods and tsunamis, and the many deaths that will follow. This warning becoming very common to those who take concern for the future and thus given a peek into the future. People often have bad dreams of their world crashing down around them, a metaphor for what is happening in their lives. But there is a difference, the dream is emotionally charged, meaning there will be great fear involved with the dream and you will be in the middle of it experiencing it. With a communication dream it is more like watching a movie, your engaged and interested, but there is no fear involved, and it will include images from space which you will not get in a dream about your physical life.



2)  When you have been given contact, often there will include an implant to follow up on you, if that is you request further contact. The implant is not metal as so many believe, but more like a biological seed which will grow and merge with your central nervous system. This process takes about 24 hours to complete. These implants are very small when fully grown they feel like a small bb under your skin, it is designed to feel funny so you will play with it, when you do it becomes activated and sends info about where you are, and how your doing physically. Doctors often call implants “fatty tumors” as they to some extent look like one but with an implant, it will show up one day, stay for months or even years, then one day you will wake up and it will be gone just like that.


***Numb Limbs***

3) When the implant successfully connects to your central nervous system a test is conducted to let them know all is functioning properly. This test will often make one of your limbs go numb, this could be either an arm or a leg, even your back one side or the other, or your eyes. Sometimes it will even move on it’s own as part of the test. Don’t be afraid though cause it only lasts a few minutes to a few hours, this test will happen 24 hours after any contact you have which requires further assistance. MS can also cause some of these symptoms and so will a stroke, but believe me, you will know if it is something more, as it will progress, these tests do not last long and will always come right after your implant so you can expect it.


***Sudden Interest In Aliens***

4) When we have had this type of contact we are often subconsciously and very strongly drawn to aliens for no reason, even an obsession with them is quite common, this is because deep down we know what has been happening, the subconscious knows and is trying to tell us.


***Missing Time***

5) Missing time sometimes happens, higher logic says, well if you get abducted and then turn off your conscious memories only allowing you to subconsciously know your whereabouts, then you are returned, the person will have a few hours missing. But what also rarely gets reported is gaining time, and either is very possible and either is a clue generally given to you as a gift, something to help you understand there is something more happening so search within yourself.



6)  Often reports talk about there being sunburns on the skin after a visitation, speculation usually suggests this is from the light of the craft, but it is not. This is a result of a radiation bath which must be given to anyone given physical contact, and what this does is kill all the foreign germs our immune system would never be able to fight but can also cause some light skin burns.


***A Sudden Sense Of Purpose And Direction***

7)  Contactees often become obsessive activists with human rights, global pollution, and human suffering shortly after their first contact. Some get into politics, but they put themselves in a position where they can change things for the better, they tend not to sit on the sidelines and watch. Remember in all positions of power there will always be good guys and bad guys fighting behind closed doors, and the battle is far more intense then they will ever allow to be known.


*** Dreams Of Aliens ***

8) The subconscious often will drop hints to us through our dreams which is usually it’s only opportunity to speak. Sometimes these dreams can be scary due only to “fear of the unknown”, they look so strange, but try to remember there is never anything to fear from them.


*** Conscious Memories ***

9)  It is rare but it does happen sometimes, usually there is a higher purpose for allowing you to have these memories, but once in a while there was a glitch and you were just accidentally able to remember. Schizophrenia can also cause this, but with psychosis being a mental escape using chemicals and hormones the brain makes, it can be properly diagnosed and treated. A good psychiatrist will know the difference.


*** Clothes Removed ***

10) Why do you remove your clothes when in the presence of alien life? Germs to put it simply, their immune systems cannot handle our germs thus we need to put on sterile suits, when the meeting is over and you get dressed still functioning in a subconscious state, we often will put a shirt on backwards or sometimes not at all, thus when we snap back into our conscious mind we suddenly notice we are no longer dressed correctly. Sleep walkers can also do this in their subconscious activities but believe me, if your a sleep walker, everyone will tell you!!!


    For those who think they may be going through this, in decades past this was fairly rare. Only about 15000 at any given time on the planet were subject to this. Now it is becoming much more common and will continue to become more and more common.

    Obviously those who have not experienced such a thing will think it all quite silly, and if you put yourself in their shoes, they should think it to be ridiculous, how could they not. Don’t ever be offended by it, just embrace it if that is who you are, I’m sure they will at least respect you for being honest about yourself and your thoughts. And also remember you are not alone!


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    I wrote this book to help people understand the moral parables we will soon all be faced with in the coming years pertaining to, mass telepathy (subconscious matrix) as the next 3 generations this reality will soon be in full effect. I describe much of the physical changes and spiritual changes, including the spiritual changes we will soon be faced with.  I attempt to explain what our relationships will be like in this type of environment? How will our society evolve when everyone knows everything equally and we are all connected to each other? These are just some of the questions explored in this tale of the near future. All technology, circumstances, creatures, moral teachings and principals are a reflection of what my guides have given to me and the struggle I experienced to understand them all. I include many natural disasters I was forewarned of, all things we will experience at some point in our lives. This is written as a Sci Fi apocalyptic adventure, but well grounded in our reality, though most people wont ever believe it true.






Conversations With Me




Discussing philosophy


Many artists from Prince to Jimi Hendrix were also contactees and have written many songs to help those struggling to fit into this world. Ellie Goulding a modern artist has also has written a few songs which tend to Resonate with contactees as well; one in particular is called (Lights) and only a contactee could ever understand what this song is really about. Listen closely to the lyrics and maybe you can understand. But you also have to understand that she cannot say the true meaning to the public as she would be ousted.

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I’m alone
And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong
And dreaming when they’re gone
‘Cause they’re calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I’m alone home
Voices I play within my head
Touch my own skin and hope that I’m still breathing
And I think back to when my brother and my sister slept
In an unknown place the only time I feel safe.

582 comments on “10 Ways To Tell If You Have Been Abducted By Aliens
  1. Eric Green says:

    It happen to me to I have a disturbing photo that was taken while I was asleep it was like someone or thing opening up the air and looking down on me it was saved to my Google account now it’s not there i dont know what to make of it and I have a hard time sleeping at night I have been going to sleep like around 2 or 3 in the morning

  2. Anna says:

    In March 2009 I came back from my Supply chain course I pulled into my driveway and looked up and saw the bottom of a ship of some kind it seemed so close that I could have thrown a rock and hit it was very close, the bottom was dark and seemed to be trying to cloak itself (to match the night sky) it was going very slow maybe a quick walking pace it made very faint hissing noise.
    It was a shiny metallic colour and was shaped like a rectangle with a rounded front

    Sometime in July I recall waking in the middle of the night up to use the bathroom I remember putting one knee up on my bed and I don’t remember what happened next until sometime later I woke up without my bedclothes on and it felt like every hair of my body was standing up on end.

    I want to point out that I have not EVER walked in my sleep.

    I would really like to know what happened (not sure if I can even find or afford a hypnotist so that I can see what happened) this whole thing kinda wrecked my relationship as I always wanted to be at my house(like I was Drawn there) I to this day don’t understand.

    After that over the course of that years I have had several weird things happen such as burn marks 3 different times in the same spot on the left side of my forehead I dye my hair and thought that was an allergic reaction.

    Until it happened again in December (2009) and realized it was not my hair day.

    2015 the I had weird dreams again and one that really stand out was me standing beside this person/thing who was really tall.

    I am 5’10” I remember the weave in the fabric because his arm was the same level as my chin.

    We were looking at some book his had 0’s and 1’s I remember looking at the book I was holding and comparing it to the one i had I remember wondering some of my words and his were both in blue print.

    And his book was bigger than mine.

    I have not told anyone this because I am from a Northern town in Canada and I think when it come to a story like this would put me on the Crazy list so I have not been able to speak to anyone.

    • Anna says:

      Me again I just read your list I check off 6

    • Steven says:

      Well Anna, both you and hundreds of others in the Campbell river area, and the Ontario area have reported a strange triangle craft which has red lights on the edges, a white light in the middle and finished in mat black in the last decade, in the Campbell area the reports were heavy in 2009, Toronto was a few years later. There are both man made and alien triangular craft. How can you tell the difference? Alien (higher density) don’t necessarily try to cloak themselves, they are by nature already cloaked being in a higher density, They may tune their energy at times purposefully so that certain people can see them and know they are being watched over. This process typically bends light as it needs to bend gravity to accomplish this, if there is light being emitted at all it will appear unlike anything you have ever seen. Sort of a liquid rainbow effect and typically if they are revealing themselves with intent than this is the usual method, using light to get noticed. The man made ones are trying to be discrete. They fly them in not so populated ares but they still need some population because they need people to accomplish their goals with the craft. What is the goal? Spread fear of aliens, give them horror stories to tell. There is a spiritual war being fought in this world between those who love, (concern for others) and those who fear (concern for self), the wealthy elite predominantly wish to rule this world through fear and are often assisted by those higher density beings who also with to promote fear. This represents only about 3% of them however, predominantly they are good loving and wish to spread this message of love but following the rules just as the selfish do, they may not hurt anyone, though they can assist a human in this regard. Otherwise there is no need to fear. You should try and determine if this was man made or alien because if they are humans doing this, it may be of malicious intent. The activities the engage in are typical as follows, they use drugs to induce a catatonic state, they will do strange and senseless things to you for the purpose of fear. They will typically dump you off wherever, it is a sloppy process typically, where aliens are seamless, they have to be. I have suspected for years now that these crafts in Canada due to their behavior are likely to be man made.
      Your dreams are not related to aliens but more your subconscious acknowledging that you feel like you need a lot of help with your computer, you wish you knew more about them, but they are just so complex it is intimidating for you.

      • Bri says:

        Steven, I’ve been desperately reading through these comments trying to calm myself and a lot has helped but I’m still frightened and really would like some incite on my situation.

        I have had many experiences throughout life that seem to connect to the spiritual realm and possibly aliens but after some very dramatic ones I really try to shut it out in ways. Believing in Jesus and God helped me a lot through it all but I’m experiencing change in that aspect.

        Anyway, this weekend I camped with good friends who are very spiritually open whom I always share deep conversations with. They are a couple and each encountered a man who had mentioned aliens and that they would come in contact with them. The guy in this couple is a glass blower and was stopped by a woman who said she’d been waiting to see him. She gave him a very rare piece of crystal (I can’t remember the name) that was green, clear, and very sensitive. It came from a meteorite crash. She told him that when he peaks as a glass blower he will make her something and she will return for it.

        That night (yesterday) I came home and as bedtime came near I experienced great fear and anxiety. I am 5 and a half months pregnant and have felt like this baby is very spiritually linked since becoming pregnant. Like she had strong purpose and I always thought I’d have a girl with strong purpose. Anyway, while laying in bed beside my fiance I was terrified and the baby inside me was moving a lot which is very unusual thus far. When I would close my eyes I would see images of an alien like face with giant black eyes and it seemed young. I was so scared to close my eyes and fall asleep I started reading my Bible. When I did fall asleep I had a nightmare I barely remember but I was on a table and I was terrified and I do remember being pulled off of it super fast and I remember metal and lights somewhere. I woke up with cold sweats, my heart pounding, and the baby moving so fast in my belly that it was frightening. It felt like she was jumping on a trampoline in there. I continued to wake the rest of the night the last one being at 4:44 which I don’t really remember going to the kitchen but I remember seeing that on the microwave. Today I just feel worried and unsure how to react to all this but I’m afraid that reading all this will cause something to happen again and I am very afraid for night to come again. It also looks like my belly button is much larger and different than it was yesterday.

        I hope you see this soon.

        • Steven says:

          Hello, sorry Bri, I have been away for a while struggling with a personal crisis. But don’t let anxiety get the best of you. Anxiety is very related also to OCD and peaks during pregnancy. The baby can sense this in the mother if it’s too bad and abort via natural biological evolution which will cancel pregnancy during times of extreme stress. Admittedly your experience does sound similar to a host of others who I’ve found to be genuine but in no way should you ever fear this. Your child is likely to be very special, not because I know the child but this is a time and place where star children are being born rapidly, these are extremely spiritually wise children who will more teach us than we teach them. They are our guides from another density coming here to raise the vibration of the earth so we can survive the new density shift. This is becoming very common, even the subconscious image of the reticuli alien with large dark eyes who have been in charge of the hybrid program, perhaps there will be something special about the child, perhaps there is something special going on with you, but you must not fear it, this is important to understand. Forget about all your beliefs about everything because they will only bring you fear, you need to go into this with an open eager mind and heart to really understand what is happening. And reading through everyone’s experiences here is a good way to help prevent fear from getting to you. Knowledge is power, truth is strength, light is love, where there is light darkness cannot exist. Where there is truth there can be no confusion, and where there is love there can be no fear.

  3. Noah Groves says:

    Hello everyone. I am 15 years old (male) and when I was a kid (around 9 to 12 years old) I always used to have these nightmares that I was going through space in a ship and it was going at a rapid fast speed by stars and planets. In the background all I could hear was a bunch of high frequency sounds playing super fast and stuff like that and also someone saying to me that my family is going to die over and over again. I would always have these dreams though about once every month but they eventually became less often. When I would wake up from them I would be sobbing and saying a whole variety of weird stuff like “There is a boy and a dog, but where is the boy?” or “They are going to get me” and crazy stuff like that, which is what my family told me at the time. When I first woke up from these nightmares everything would be kind of a blur and was kind of hard to remember. The weirdest part of everything that has happened is that my actual family have all passed away – My grandma, my mother, and my aunt are all dead. They all have died over the past year and a half though, which kind of adds on to the problem. I haven’t really thought about talking to anyone about this until now because they would probably think I was crazy but this seems like a group of people that know what they are doing. I’m just kind of having a problem of gripping at what is going on around me and what could happen in the future. Please consider this comment and thank you to anyone who replies.

    • Steven says:

      The dream you described is dream language, it is not any kind of recall. This is you fast forwarding into the future in time and space warning your conscious self of pending deaths which you previously knew about either consciously or subconsciously (Spiritually).. This is something you knew would hurt you and this is the bodies way of preparing for these tragic moments so they do not destroy you, the body has ways of keeping itself alive, these are evolutionary traits we have to avoid severe depression and grief. The subconscious mind is basically all knowing, it can see into the future, communicate telepathically, it can speak any language and knows what you need to live the life you were intended to live.

      • Eric Green says:

        In the same aspect that you were talking about I was told in my sleep that we humans have the ability to time travel and the aliens don’t like that about us

        • Steven says:

          That is interesting because it is actually true, though it may seem strange, but let me elaborate more on this. We are speaking of soul travel as the soul is present in all places and all times at once in a way the physical body can not understand. Some old souls have evolved to learn how to detach, cut the link between the body and soul allowing the soul to travel anywhere and anytime in the universe. The physical body loves having this ability because it’s basically like cheating in life, people are not supposed to be able to do this and when they can and do do this, our guides, (aliens) do get frustrated with us and consider it ‘skipping school, or cheating.’

  4. Croud says:

    Ive been getting strange dreams that keep telling me, or how my brain interprets the dream, that I’m special like a demigod or something. I remember the first one included me going through some kind of maze only to meet up with some dragon like figure which claimed to be my father. Other dreams followed where and in one of these I was in some kind of heavenly place and a god like figure (in my mind it was the Christian god) that showed me that I was not the only one and that I have lived before this life I have now. There’s a more recent dream which I just had a few days ago where I’m an Arab boy ( I’m a black south African) who dies and my “soul” lives the body and I go meet my father again who is in the image of zues this time who sends me back to earth at the end of the dream. I’ve had more than 10 of these dreams which started this last year. The even stranger part of these dreams is I wake up and Im still “connected” to some medium that still communicates with me for quite a few minutes after I’m awake. it can move my body, I ask it question and it answers me, not in speaking, but by showing me words and shapes around the house which I translate into a sentence somehow. This cannot be just a dream. Please help me to understand what is going on if u can

    Megan Posada says:
    December 23, 2016 at 4:49 am
    I don’t want a reply or anything like that, but I’ve never talked about this with anybody because it felt weird to say. When I was a little kid, at night my clothing would go missing, and I would have memory lapses. I’ve always had a fascination with stars and planets and aliens. I used to watch documentaries on them when I was super little and fall asleep on the back patio looking at the stars. Luckily I don’t loose my clothes anymore, but I still have memory lapses. I don’t remember my dreams, but when I wake up I just get this feeling sometimes, of purpose and intent. I don’t really know how to describe it, I still have memory lapses. It’s weird, because I have absolutely no illnesses, I’m only seventeen and I’m perfectly healthy with a really good memory. I don’t act seventeen though, all of my friends are twice my age, and I’ve always found that so weird. I just needed to get this off my chest. I’ve been so much more interested in this recently. I keep getting these weird dreams of me mating and then meeting my child, but they’re at most one year old. I’m always in a white room when both of these things happen, and I’ve been sleeping more and sometimes I get home from school and go to sit on my bed and do my homework and I pass out for like five hours. My aunt said she came into my room one time looking for me and I wasn’t there, but I woke up in my room.

    • Steven says:

      This dream is not a recall but could be a communication, reoccurring dreams or similar dreams are in essence dealing with personal issues left unresolved typically. There are two important subconscious themes to these dreams, a father figure and or god. In these dreams god is representing your confidence and or pride possibly in something, god is an untouchable hierarchy figure representing this aspect of the way you feel about yourself or something in your life, but the details are in the circumstances. Your father represents another part of you depending on the circumstances, it could be security, authority, or even your conscious guide. Again depending on the circumstances. It sounds to me like it is the way your brain is interpreting it’s awareness of your own soul. That you reincarnate, that you are old in your experiences, you feel more confident knowing it is there with you. As our bodies and our soul are 2 completely different beings working together, and sometimes apart. Your brain feels lost without it’s guide (your soul) and wants it to stay with it. Hopefully you understand what I mean by all that. I believe you are leaving your body often during the night spiritually speaking and this poses a problem for your body, it doesn’t like it…

      • Eric Green says:

        Yes I also was told a lot of people were old souls and that they are ready to become Devine when u dye don’t go to the light remember psyms 23 the devil is protrayed as a Angel of light that’s why a lot of souls had reincarnated because they went the wrong way

    • Randi Leigh says:

      When I was younger I suffered sleep paralysis at least 2 to 3 times a week. Since getting older that has stopped. I even remember many nights waking up and seeing people sitting beside my bed just watching me. Sometimes they looked like they were speaking but I never made out what they said because I couldn’t hear them. It never scared me though as I just summoned up most of my weird experiences on an over active imagination.
      As I grew older I struggled a lot with things and never felt right in the world around me and I still don’t today. It causes most of my depression because I don’t feel right in anything I do.
      At age 14 reading a book in the afternoon I was told “everything will be okay.” As if a man was standing right beside me but no one was there. Again I was never afraid.
      I was always interested in aliens all my life and space but not as much as I have been this past year.
      My first encounter with them was when I was walking to afraid friends house and I saw two light orbs in the sky. Small like a state but moved like ship of some sort. They both slowly moved. One first turned off and was no longer able to be seen and then other followed after.. I keep watching then the foest light orb has appeared to moved or teleported or something to another spot in the sky. I watched it light back up in another part of the sky after in disappeared and the other again did the same. Eventually they moved behind trees and I could no longer see them. This happened the summer I finished college in Evironmental school.
      Now years after that I have been studying them. Reading about them. Reading people’s stories. Watching videos. I find myself looking into the stars more often.
      I had a weird dream the other night. I was I’m my house and these people were trying to come into my home. I never saw them but the lights were bright. I could hear them speaking. I was hiding in fear because I didn’t know.who was trying to get me. I ran and duck behind furniture and run to basement (I don’t have one I live in an apt.) But when I get these I hear them say “we see no signs of life”
      I wake up and tell my bf about it. He saI’d that Maybe aliens are finally trying to contact me. Simply because I ask them to contact me every night before bed and a lays ask them to contact through my dreams. I can lucid dream sometimes and have had great conversations with my subconscious.. this dream I wasn’t lucid obviously.
      Also. I would like to know. Does anyone see the world as if it was a static tv? Like the world is pixilated or like you can see the atoms making up evrything around you. Maybe it’s just my eyes but it gets worse when I think deeply about things such as this and at night.
      And now I’m here. Typing this all out in hopes to gather some answers of my own.
      Even my family believes in aliens. Especially my grandparents.. my nana having her own first encounter with a space craft following her on the highway home.

      Thanks for you time.
      Have a great day 🙂

      • Steven says:

        Everyone has a working theory as to why sleep paralysis occurs that they firmly believe in. I don’t have any defining beliefs about it because the truth is, there are many causes of the many variations of the sleep paralysis experience. An intense fear can cause this state, deep meditative relaxation can as well, and in fact there are numerous definitions for this state. It is not simply the inability to move while awake, there are key circumstances which help define the cause. For instance; Did it happen before going to sleep or after? Do you interact with anyone during this moment? Was there pin prick feeling all over your body? Were you completely awake or very groggy? Was fear present? Sleep paralysis is rare, only a few percent of the population will ever have more than one experience with it. There are both natural and unnatural causes for this state and in reality, man can even induce such a state as well some day, but until that day comes we are left only with our own speculations about it as there is no scientific evidence to support any claim. Why I wrote this post is to help determine if these strange occurrences that are otherwise explainable may have reasonable extraterrestrial origins. My guides have explained to me in explicit detail the processes they use in which to visit us, the firm rules in place and how they stay withing the boundaries of interaction with us. And sleep paralysis is certainly one of those clues, if there are at least 5 of these clues involved with your experiences, this would be valid indication that you most likely are being visited. So if you have experienced sleep paralysis, perhaps you have found an implant under the skin, or cataclysmic dreams which were shown from a distance and without fear involved, a sudden strange uncanny desire to know about aliens, perhaps you feel an intense desire to be an equal rights activist as I, a strong sense of purpose and direction, you take action, and are out spoken, these are all very strong clues that you have been visited numerous times.

    • Randi Leigh says:

      Also my boyfriend reminds me of things we have done together and I don’t remember doing them at all. Ever. But I can remember things from.when I was 7 or younger but not what we did a few months ago.. something so vivid in his mind doing.
      A lot of time I also have dejavus as well. Croud do you have dreams where they seem to happen in your real life later? Even subtle things.. like when I got a job with my bf. Like a simple dream where I was talking to him a mopping.. then to experience that moment again but no in a dream. Like a glimpse into your future.

      • Steven says:

        The subconscious knows generally your future and those who are old souls who are in tune with their soul and absolutely know they have a soul can speak with their soul often in meditation, and mostly in dream state, learn the subconscious language and you may be surprised as to all it can tell you about who you are and where you are going in your life. Each of us has a life plane, a contract to fulfill, and guides to help us fulfill those obligations. And though shit does happen, and we get off course sometimes, we are in the main all right where we belong, as even the shit has a purpose.

  5. Aleta says:

    I woke up one day with two brown colored spots above my belly button that had not been there before–they didn’t hurt, and they weren’t bruises. Maybe a week or two later I had a dream of standing outside my front door with my mother and staring up at a UFO above our house. I’m 13 by the way

    • DragonPlayz says:

      I don’t know how to leave a comment so I am gonna use reply back to the story I found myself in a place where I have dreamt several years before and I was a master of kung-fu and one day I said the same accent as before I will be back in 5 years the city assistance will take care you guys now and just when I was about to leave the 4 fads came and speak to me then I went off and then I became a future soldier before that (I’m 13 BTW) I meet a girl in a pool and we had conversations then she suddenlys wanted to kiss me hen I ran away and I got teleport ed to the space with you crew and there was a big thingy like StarCraft the creator but different and one of my friends started to speak some unknown language and the monster just captured me and I was like his leader and he said he’s here to save us but before that he formed a black hole and I was getting sucked in and I somehow flew past it and and there was a platform pink colour and I could stando on it before I got teleport to here I got teleport ed is some random guys saying something about some people’s killing there mens and kidnapping their horses and they left my when we were travelling and before the went they whispered saying let’s see if he can survive hen I passed it and we want on the mission and it felt like real but somehow it’s even longer that the old dream like this I had few years ago and then I got teleported after we save he two mech and the destroyed he 4 monster and u got teleported and I was like having a battle with like Ultra Links (from max steel the movoe) and other life forms then we won but I was badly injured and there was a girl also badly injured but I was in coma for 5 months before I woke up the women woke up and went to battle case we were being seiged then I woke up and the computer said It seems that your a waked Dragon at that point I was shocked cause that my nickname and he said we’re beige under seiged quick go out here and save he others 393……error……….. QUICK! Then I ran downstairs to find my equipment and it wasn’t there then I was finding my equipment hen I saw a billionaire spending all his money on some together before he dies and I said it’s not worth it and I ran to find my equipment then I found my equipment but it was striker hand before then I saw the women out there saving the civilization then I went out to battle but suddenly I got a weapon but I can’t like remember it then when he women saw me out she said all army retreat then the others said what about Dragon she said he can take care of that now quick go then after I killed alot of them but still more was coming then I somehow made a Kingdom with high-Tech weapons even at that age ca use I woked up on 2017 8 1 and then we all ran inside it hen I woke up but if speaking it out is easy BT if typing is harder to explain

      • Steven says:

        This dream has nothing to do with aliens, it is a result of your subconscious going over the days events, Everything mentioned is all dream language used when assessing ones circumstances in the social order and environment you are faced with in your personal life. You being a kung fu master depicts a sense of confidence and discipline you feel pertaining to something you dont explain well enough to translate. You running away from a girl is something you dont handle well in life, the social interactions with girls perhaps, what is it exactly, your dream tells you, when suddenly you find yourself immersed in the vast unknown (space) you encounter things you dont understand, and you feel your being sucked into things you both cant escape from nor do you understand (blackhole) pertaining to this problem you have. (Girls) Everything you are dreaming about in this dream is a metaphorical representation for the chaos you feel in your daily life, at school, or otherwise.

        • isola says:

          Okay I typed a large reply very informative a zAp gone. !! One button so Steven, well written I had said. I was am and are visiting “there”. I was told certain thi ft I know not to share one being where I was taken. Also not so loud about it. So, I Live with a truth. I don’t need validation. If you wish to talk perhaps we can locate others who harness the same disciplined secret reality. I will say this- my, relationship is high level.sorry can’t be specific.
          When your mailbox is full, here we go..your cars full of dust, your neighbors knocking with emergency keys and saying we haven’t seen you in three weeks, when your emails and servers accounts have not been active for weeks. Plus.
          Thank you. So the dreams, the participants, the 500+ “replies”, Friends, you will KNOW, TRUST ME, if you have been abducted.
          Steven, let me add to your LIST, IF I MAY –
          The above listed.
          Mailbox over flowing etc…
          Younger new skin.
          You just KNOW.
          And that’s okay. 🙂
          Alisa Knows©

    • ben says:

      i dont know to leave a comment or reply but i get this dream of being in a room and its dark with light shining down on me being on a slab or table of some sort, had the first dream when i was about 13, had it about four or five times since, my last one being last night, but it never lasts, usually about five seconds. When i wake up from dreams like that im always starving, hungry. Just had that dream last night and thought id look it up, im from up north canada, people here say they see lights sometimes come down behind my house and tell me about it but i always say its nothing, i never tell anyone about these things because i dont want to have people think im crazy, waking up in my bed when fall asleep on the couch and stuff. im 29 now and i know theres something happening to me just cant rmemeber.

  6. Megan Posada says:

    I don’t want a reply or anything like that, but I’ve never talked about this with anybody because it felt weird to say. When I was a little kid, at night my clothing would go missing, and I would have memory lapses. I’ve always had a fascination with stars and planets and aliens. I used to watch documentaries on them when I was super little and fall asleep on the back patio looking at the stars. Luckily I don’t loose my clothes anymore, but I still have memory lapses. I don’t remember my dreams, but when I wake up I just get this feeling sometimes, of purpose and intent. I don’t really know how to describe it, I still have memory lapses. It’s weird, because I have absolutely no illnesses, I’m only seventeen and I’m perfectly healthy with a really good memory. I don’t act seventeen though, all of my friends are twice my age, and I’ve always found that so weird. I just needed to get this off my chest. I’ve been so much more interested in this recently. I keep getting these weird dreams of me mating and then meeting my child, but they’re at most one year old. I’m always in a white room when both of these things happen, and I’ve been sleeping more and sometimes I get home from school and go to sit on my bed and do my homework and I pass out for like five hours. My aunt said she came into my room one time looking for me and I wasn’t there, but I woke up in my room.

    • Luis Gonzalez says:

      You are not alone ,I’ve been like things like this my whole life

    • Lisa Mosey says:

      The same thing has happened to me and i am scared to leave my house i keep having visions and dreams about UFOs and aliens I don’t understand what is happening to me but sometimes i would be home alone and i would go to my bed and sleep at night and sometimes i wake up the next morning and it feels like well this may sound stupid but it just feels like someone has had sex with me but nobody could have got into my house please help me I’m really scared.

  7. Natasja says:

    hello, 1 week ago, i was asleep at night, suddenly my dog starts barking at my door in my bedroom. i told him to be quit went back to sleep again, then it happened again, just thought he hear something and went back to sleep again, then again he started barking i woke up and froze i got a vision saw it so clear in front of me, me lying on a table with 3 aliens staring at me. it was like a 2sec video. like i remember what happened to me. but i felt okay with it it was peacefull they didnt harm me. what does this mean?
    greetings 25 year old girl living in the netherlands

    • Steven says:

      In the meditative sleep state we can often recall moments our conscious brains cannot. The subconscious brain knows all but the communication is not always understood. There is no subconscious language used here but rather a recall of events seen through your subconscious mind.

      • Rochelle says:

        I can’t figure out where to leave a comment so I just tapped a reply button lol.
        Anyways, last night I had a really strange reoccurring dream that I hadn’t had in a a really long time, almost 10 years. I was at my dads old house in my old room and there was a bad storm approaching with massive dark clouds. Above the clouds was this huge Star Trek looking mothership that was releasing all these octopus looking spacecrafts. They all hovered in the sky for a little while and then altogether started flying down towards houses. When I asked my dad if he had seen it(in my dream) he said no.

        Like I said this has been a reoccurring dream for years…. exactly the same way. What does this mean or how can it be happening? I highly doubt I’ve been abducted, I’ve never seen anything strange that I couldn’t recall and I definitely don’t feel I’ve been abducted or even came in contact with an alien…. I just need some meaning to why I keep having these dreams.

        • Steven says:

          Reoccurring dreams typically stem from unresolved issues you have. It seems the issue involves your father and some feelings you have been struggling with a long time. The storm is your emotions and more specifically anticipation of anger and or frustration. The mothership seems to be a metaphor in this context for something authoritative in your life. If you are young when it started and the situation still exists it may be a representation of a school, and or job. The octopus in a dream is something that pulls you in and strangles you or clings to you, it sort of a trapped strangled feeling you feel, and it isn’t just you but everyone involved. It seems your father doesn’t understand what you are feeling or you don’t think he does, but in this context your father could also be a metaphor for simply a part of your life which is supposed to give you support. Basically you are emotionally struggling and you dont feel like you have support, definitely not about aliens.

        • Melissa says:

          About a year ago I went through the spiritual meeting part, where it was like my body was here but my spirit was somewhere else. It was like a 2 or 3 day ordeal and when I snapped out of it or came back, I had strange knowledge I was obsessed with time and space, probability functions, physics equations, and I thought for the past year I have been going insane. Now I know I am connected to them or something telepathically, and it was a spiritual meeting I was having. I remember sitting on a mountain with a lot of other people. I remember so much I couldn’t possibly describe it all. It sucks that I understand and see stuff others can’t because I can’t talk to anyone about it, and every time I try, it’s like a constant whirlwind of all this amazing truth but people can’t see it or understand it.

          • Camilla Jones says:

            hey melissa, I’ve had ‘revelation’ type experiences where I just understand and see the truth. At those times I also can ask questions and will even have ‘thoughts’ occur to me, but I know they’re not my thoughts. It genuinely feels like a two way conversation with someone else and their advice is always kind and the content of the conversation is always helpful and encouraging. I feel completely different for a day or so – happy, clear and aware and then my old personality comes back with its fears, uncertanties and doubts. I’ve had about 3 of these spiritual openings in the last 4 months. I’m writing because I know how hard and frustrating it is to speak and want to share what you know – what you’ve seen to be the truth because it’s always so simple and gentle and freeing – and no one gets it and you just frustrate people. I wanted to reach out and say that my experience is not necessarily the same as yours but my heart deeply understands the need to share what you know and not having a means to. Stay the course. Hit reply if you want to connect and I’ll send you an email. I feel isolation is the worst thing for people who experience things like this. All the best. C

    • Katy says:

      when I was 12 I would sit on top of our shed and read and I would see this almost transparent shine between the tree line at literally excactly the same time every day It was kinda random something like 5-22pm i dont remember excactly, but I would go and check and nothing Was there and nothing was nearby it wasn’t even like a reflective light it was how you would imagine an aura,. Anyway one time I fell off the shed and I starting crying when I cut my leg, I remember my parents not coming out to help and this glow wrapping around me . next thing i know I’m sitting on the ground and my cut is completely gone , 8 years later and I recently started seeing this thing again but every time I saw it my leg started hurting like it did when I cut it. What could it mean? I don’t know if this was an alien encounter but I was certainly unexplainable and was very confusing

      • Steven says:

        If the injury occurred directly or indirectly because of them they are required to repair it by the laws of interference set forth by the council of worlds. It is also law that they erase all conscious memory of the encounter, ‘consciously.’ Since your subconscious is allowed to know your subconscious mind will remind you of related events through triggers associated with the event.

      • peter schermerhorn says:

        When i was about seven i went to bed after a while i noticed something standing next to the bed i couldent tell what it was i was terrified the next thing i know is its morning and im in bed naked . years later i had some things happen to me in the new mexico desert that i cant make sence of have i been getting abducted?

  8. Claudio says:

    At the age of 6-7 I had a really vivid dream of a silver spaceship with green,red,and white lights. Me and my family were traveling by car to Rocky Point, Mexico and next to a rock mountain the spaceship was on the ground with its legs stationed on the ground with the entry way open. There was a bright light in the entry way and fog was all around it but nothing came out. When I woke up, I remember just passing that mountain and asking my parents if they saw what I saw. They didn’t see it. At that age I had never heard about spaceships UFOs, etc.

    Today, I had a dream that woke me up with fear. In my dream I was in a pickup truck in the passenger side with a acquaintance that I haven’t seen or spoke to in more than 6 years. We were in the pickup driving by a mountain and all of a sudden in the sky, yellow dots started to pop up. They stayed there for less than 10 seconds and in an instance the whole sky was filled with the yellow dots. Once the whole sky was filled with them, the whole region I was in was being obliterated, turning everything in to a fiery hell hole. That’s when I woke up.

    The reason I mentioned first dream when I was 6-7 years old is because that is what popped up on my head as soon as I woke up in sweat

    • Steven says:

      The color yellow in this context in a dream is both energy and wisdom. You are in your waking life putting your energy towards learning things pertaining to space. And it’s likely aliens because it is something causing fear and or resentment within your psyche, what ever you learned you didn’t like. This is merely going over the days events. You probably sort of already knew what the dream pertained to upon waking up.

  9. thirtytilfit says:

    Hi Steven,

    Well I figured I would make an effort to find others who have been feeling similar things as myself.
    When I was probably 10 years old I remember watching something outside my window up in the sky and the next thing I knew I lost like 4 hours and it was dark outside I did not fall asleep. I went outside to talk to my dad and he starting telling me about how he had been watching something up in the sky that looked like a ufo. I never had an interest in ufos at that time and never thought much about it.

    But then when I was 24 years old I was laying on the couch about to go to sleep and everything remained the same nothing changed but I was unable to move and I seen these two tall slender looking beings that were sort of transparent with long fingers and I remember them leaning over me and telepathically telling me to not be afraid. They said things to me but I don’t remember just the don’t be afraid part.

    When I turned 30 years old I starting getting these weird dreams about the world being destroyed high waters and rocks and fire ball things coming from the sky and I just knew this was world wide. I was a spectator to what was occurring but still actively experiencing this it was very odd. I had more experiences. And then suddenly out of the blue I developed this fascination…interest…long urge to learn more as much as I could. I had this odd compelling urge to go to Roswell New Mexico so I went. And I have also been to Rachel Nevada around Area 51 like 4 times in the past 2 years. I know it sounds weird and I may sound crazy which is why I keep all of this to myself but I kind of have this weird connection feeling when around.

    I am 32 years old now in these two years I started feeling that I have this unexplainable purpose in life that maybe sitting with a person who is on the same page as me I could somehow figure it out. It sounds odd but it’s this odd feeling I have. I don’t find I have a connection to humans. But yet I have the strongest empathy ever for them. And I have great intuition about people I meet upon first contact. Its the weirdest feeling ever. I do have an odd instant strong connection to almost any animal. Thinking about global warming I can almost feel the pain of the earth and nature. I honestly feel that I am an outsider on earth like I don’t naturally fit in. Generally like I don’t belong here but for some reason I am meant to be here.

    So my question is how do I find people to talk to that may be experiencing similar things. Is there some sort of a chat room or convention I could go too. I’m willing to travel anywhere.

    If anyone here thinks they feel the same please feel free to email me. I would really enjoy a conversation on this with someone on this topic.


    Well thanks for listening. Feels sort of good to openly discuss this for once.


    • cliff and ashley says:

      I live in Huntington Indiana I’m 37 of age my girl friend now of 3 years was stopped by a triangle ufo which was about 6 houses wide followed us and was about 30 feet from us just a little higher then our car put a very bright light on us on our car which the light it self was a different kind of bright it showed us some kind of a light show and this went on for about 30minutes or so and only thing we remember when we was coming around like we was back driving and on a different road then what we was on there is more to this story this was recent 45 days ago so we are going to have test token to prove what we are saying is the truth..cliff and ashley I hope we hear back from someone who can help ashleykburnworth@gmail.com

      • Steven says:

        There are two types of triangular crafts, one is made by man and is mostly used to scare people, to get people to believe aliens are villainous creatures, they try to copy the real thing but was unsuccessful in many many ways, but it is silent but wont stop a car because it does not use electromagnetic energy to fly, so if your care stopped during this episode it was real, if it didn’t then it was a man-made craft.

    • Melissa says:

      April I need someone to talk to about because I am going through the same exact thing. If u want to talk, I can friend u on Facebook if u want. My Facebook is MistyNMelissa. From there we can connect on messenger if u want cause if I don’t find someone to talk to that understands soon I feel like I’m going to insane. Other humans can’t connect with us. They don’t see what we see. I too have trouble connecting to them, yet I feel sorry for them. We can talk more if u want. Just send me a friend request ok?

  10. Alexis says:

    I have also had similar experiences. My mother believes it is an evil entity that started interact with my grandmother and then my mother. My experiences stated when I was nine. I woke up in my own bed frozen with fear. I layed there for awhile assessing if I was afraid enough to go into my moms room and lay on the floor beside her. I walked out of my room and into the hallway. I turned the hall light on and opened my moms door. The hall light flooded my parents room. What I saw made my blood run cold. My mother was asleep laying on her side and my father asleep next to her. A male figure was on her propped up by his arms. He turned around and looked at me with lack of expression. I know it had features although I cannot recall the face. I knew It was interacting with my mom in a sexual way without seing it. It was as though I knew this entity as it was familiar. I never understood what compelled me to close the door without alarming my mother. It was as though it willed me to obey. I felt it intentionally led me to observe this to make me feel powerless or unsafe. I went back to my room and processed what happened. We eventually moved to a new home. The next experience happened shortly after. Once again I felt as though I was intentionally woken up. I was afraid and all my senses were heightened. I lay there staring at the light coming from my bathroom. A male voice came across my radio that was turned off. He said ” don’t be afraid of me” it was again familiar although how I still don’t know. Although the words expressed do not be afraid of me I knew to be afraid. A few days later I woke up in fear. I was paralyzed and couldn’t move. I couldn’t breath and something was restricting my air. Somehow I felt something in the room with me that was afflicting this assault. I felt it was the same entity that spike through the radio earlier. I believe I was going to die. I suddenly was no longer paralyzed and able to sit straight up. In that moment an intense white lighted shape was at the foot of my bed. It was very short at eye level it had no features although the light was almost the shape of person. A male voice spoke to me in my mind. Again it was as though I knew this entity. Only this time I felt immense love,warmth, and trust. I felt safe. He told me I needed to get out of bed. I remembered I still had both hands at my throat. He told me to run for my mom. My mother had woken up at the same time and had ran into the kitchen and turned the light on. As I approached her the figure was beside her and I in the kitchen although my mom didn’t see it. It said everything is ok now your ok. I could breath. It was like I was in another dimension with this entity in the kitchen and although my mother was yelling and talking to me right in front of me It was as though she was far away until she started to fad back in. These wee my last physical experiences however I believe it moved to my oldest son. My baby would be moved to different parts of the house before he could crawl. Dozens of times I would find him in the furthest part of the house screaming in the dark. Once I caught something taking him and my husband and I were so afraid to grab him for an instant. When I ran for him he was pointing to something screaming saying a man was doing it. We moved onto a boat on the water and for some reason these encounters completely stopped perhaps because we’ve been in constant motion sailing the world however now I’m plagued with many dreams of the earth ending. One dream a huge earth quake cased a tsunami and everything flooded. The water was alive with swarms of human and animal bodies and others struggling to swim. I asked why and a male voice came through and said its not 66 it’s 6.6. It woke me up and I jumped out of bed and searched for a bible. I’m not religious and I’ve never read the bible however when I opened the book it was a story of the earth flooded. Another dream the entity was a ancient Native child that explained this death wasn’t death but the birth of new life. I live on a sailboat with water maker and solar panels and I believe something led me to this alternative lifestyle and something is going to happen and the boat will serve a purpose of supporting life for a long time without making landfall. I have been overwhelmed with grief for humans, animals and the planet. I am also vegan. I’m very sensitive and overloaded and the pain of picking up on others pain makes life unbearable. My last dream has really upset me. This time it was in the middle of the night. A large dark emence craft retrieved us. I was collected by a beam of light the beam was a combination of red almost like a laser and white blue like lightening it paralyzes you and brings you up. I couldn’t move however I could see dozens of these vertical lines across the horizon. I knew it was time and they were collecting all of us. I was dead with grief because I knew the earth would be cleansed and my husband and two children were left behind to die. I knew my fate was worse than death almost as though I had experienced it before. I would be encapsulated almost like a specimen. It feels like being baried alive without ever dying. The aliens do not understand this is torture. I have also had metal shards come out of my skin. There not like the round ones however these are only about 1-2 mm and flate flakes. They are shiny metallic and reflect light.

    • Steven says:

      Your early experiences are not consistent with the rules of engagement thus could not be physically related to aliens. Nor are these experiences conducive with spirits or ghosts. However, they are indicative of what one may consider a demon. This is a higher density being whom is not physical but has evolved to the point where it can affect physical environments and really mess with people. And though it could be psychosis, you would know better than anyone if it were. It seems what ever it was really got to you. It feels the way you speak like you hold much fear which will hurt you spiritually. It draws in these entities and creates opportunity for them to have fun. The only way to stop a demon is to face it, remove your fear of it, and ask your guides to protect you from it which it seems you have done in your past. Demons are drawn to fear and hopelessness, stewing anger or resentment, and the more emotionally charged your feelings are the more likely you are to draw in this type of entity. Few people will ever experience something like this thus few people would ever believe your story. Your dreams of recent are communication dreams, recall slowly coming through. You were offered what is known as a lift. Temporarily removing you from earth during the cataclysms soon to occur, the beams of light are how they will collect you and tens of thousands of others. Most contactees choose to stay and help others through this transition. But if your role is to play an important part in the after time with clean-up or leading a survivalist community then you would choose to be saved. These things are talked about in the bible including the rapture which is what this is you are relaying, your guides want you to look to the bible as a reference to what will happen at this time as it is a generally true account of things the prophets of old were told to write about by their guides. Being a contactee is not all that fun, often exhausting and uncomfortable, dark entities especially wont like you and seek to stop you. Everyone will think you’re mad, but the end result is something truly grand, the sacrifices you make are not in vain. Also trust me when I say, implants are not metal, and for this very reason. The body expels them, they work their way out within a couple weeks. People get these metal shards stuck in them very easily; they are very sharp and tiny, you don’t feel them going in, but as they slowly come out you do feel them. But these are not implants.

  11. Oliver says:

    Hi Steve. I remember have a dream one a while ago. I only just recently just remembered it. What happened is I was at area 51 at night. I was getting a tour and at the back of one fence a UFO crashes and aliens appear out of it. Everyone goes back as the security/tour guide does. Everyone was scared but me. I started to go to the aliens and I am not scared or anything. In fact I feel as if I could communicate with them and talk to them to prove to everyone that was there that there is no reason to fear them.

    I am not sure what this means. What do you think and could you please tell me.

    • Steven says:

      Most dreams are merely going over the days events which can also mean recent events in general, in this case you were reading, watching, or thinking about area 51/ or matters involving aliens and the government connection. In your dream you were being given a tour meaning you have been learning about this stuff recently and it comes out in dreams this way. The dream is saying that you very much believe in aliens and are confident in this, implied by everyone having fear but you. These feelings should have been very apparent in your dream it was emotionally significant for you. A subject you are passionate about.

  12. Anjelina says:

    Hi, i was born in 1984 in old soviet union. When i was 4 years old and knew absolutely nothing of aliens, i had this experiance where short grey creatures walked into my room, i was sitting up on my bed as they approached me, coming closer and closer, I recall not being scared at all, maybe due to ignorance but it felt like a friendly presence, until one of them grabbed my feet while the other 2 came closer to my face, that is all could i remember. Then i woke up outside in the yard because i heard my mother screaming for me inside the house… when she seen me outside, she ran up to me and asked me how did i get outside since the house was locked with a key from inside and out, we even had bars on our windows. I didnt have any expalnation but i thought i just had a bad dream, but somehow from that moment i knew that those creatures came from out of space, i just didnt have a name for them because in the USSR we didnt speak of certain things and aliens was never a subject in my house or at my school…its was like the information was inside of me from that moment on..

    It never ever happend again and i dont recall much of my childhood but the memory of those creatures at my bed side is very vivide to this day..When i was 8 we moved to Montreal, Cananda and with the birth of internet i started looking into aliens and abductions, i always believed they are out there….

    I have a daughter she is 10, i never told her what i believed happened to me, but a couple of months ago she had the same experiance as i did when i was 4years old, i just told her she had a bad dream and it wont happen again.

    I dont exactly know what to make of her experiance, you see, i didnt have any knowledge or any idea of alien life in the universe, i never heard any one speak of this at the time of my contact with them, so no idea was ever inmplanted in my head by anyone, so i couldnt have imagined it or dreamed it. My daughter watches movies with aliens, even kids movies have aliens in them, i mean kids these days arent oblivious to stuff like i was when i was little, so i dont know if she was dreaming it or did it really happen to her too?? i am scared for my daughter now…!!!

    i never spoke of this to anyone in my life, except for my husband, who now thinks i am crazy..

  13. Dawn says:

    After reading some of these comments, things are starting to make sense to me. I have, for as long as I can remember, believed that we are not alone and often felt like I was “different”. Growing up I can remember seeing lights in the sky but they would always be justified by others telling me what they thought they were. A couple of years ago, I moved to the desert and would often see these lights again, only they were brighter and faster. They would sit completely still and then shoot away very very fast. They almost looked like shooting stars but we’re very distinctive. We lived close to a military base, so I always wrote them off to being military related.

    My family has since moved to a distant state and I have not seen the lights here. However, there are often times that I feel like I am not alone or am being watched. For this reason, I have to sleep with a night light.

    What really sparks my interest is my 7 year old son. Since moving to our new home, we have lived here for only a year, he only slept in his own room for a short while. When asked why he didn’t want to sleep in his room, he said it was because the lights kept him awake. So he has been sleeping on the couch downstairs since.

    However, last night he crawled into my bed, in which he has done occasionally but always with asking first. Last night he says he was told to get into my bed by two faces, and they assured him that I would not care. He describes them as being both brown and black, and looking kind of like ant faces. Small antennas. He says they were not scary but he became afraid of them after a while.

    I am a light sleeper and usually wake at the smallest of movement or sound. However, I did not realize my son, who tosses and turns A LOT in his sleep, was in my bed until when I awoke this morning.

    I can’t recall any dreams myself, but I did feel sort of down and depressed yesterday but awoke feeling refreshed and no longer concerned with the things that were bothering me.

    Could these things be related? Thanks so much for your reply!

    • Steven says:

      Though there are indeed man-made craft which are capable of very fast maneuvers, they are drones and don’t have lights, and are very rare and certainly could not account for the millions of sightings we get which are silent and brilliantly lit. Coming from a large family and having lots of friends growing up and have lots of kids myself I can tell you that kids do not often say things like that. It’s extremely rare and this should be taken seriously. Children don’t lie like adults do, they are notorious truth tellers in fact. And though it could be psychosis, this would require your son to have been severely abused or neglected, so psychosis would not be my first thought, but rather my last in such a case. When there are visitations they must ensure nobody sees them and are required to put everyone in a very deep sleep, literally comatose and this is quite easy for them to accomplish. You would feel amazing waking up; ready for anything!

      • Dawn says:

        Thank you for your reply! I would also like to add that when we lived in the desert, my son had an “imaginary” friend that he called fluffy. He would often tell me that he lived in the clouds. And that he was invisible to me. He would scare me by saying that “fluffy” watched over us at night and stood at the foot of our bed. This went on for 3 or 4 years. However, when we moved, he said that “Fluffy” did not come with us. That he had to stay at our old home.

  14. Kylie says:

    I read an article about a woman Baba Vanga, she supposedly predicted 9/11 and other things and before she died she said she had been making contact with aliens. A while later, probably withing a week after reading that article, I started to feel paranoid about aliens. I felt like something was going to happen to me. It’s probably been 3-5 months since I’ve read that article and I’m deathly scared to sleep at night. I feel like someone or something is in the room with me or is going to get my baby. Last night, I had a dream that a gray figure (it was an alien) was standing over my baby, but in my dream it was my second child (I only have one) so I don’t understand if I got confused and it was for my first child or what. My boyfriend was asleep next to me and I tried waking him up and he wouldn’t wake up and when he finally did he lunged at the creature but the creature grabbed my baby and was gone. I freaked out and jumped in the car and was going to go to the police and on the way there a man with a white beard (kind of looked like the KFC guy but wasn’t and had a HUGE head and small body (but was human) looked at me and told me ‘Appendix’ and I thought they wanted medicine for appendicitis…I woke up after that and where my appendix is hurts…I’m scared and I’m not sure if I’m crazy and need to psychological help, it’s just postpartum depression, or if this is something more….please help me so I know what to do…

    • Kylie says:

      Btw the grey figure was VERY tall and skinny and I’ve had weird noises around the house, also last night I wasn’t sure if it was an earthquake since I had never felt one before, but before I fell asleep I heard what sounded like a helicpopter landing on the apartment building…our neighbors upstairs apartment seemed like it was shaking but our apartment wasn’t but idk if that was unrelated

    • Steven says:

      You have sort of a cosmic kinship with Baba Vanga, and that is that you are also a contactee. You have been so quietly all your life, going about your daily routine, you had never even thought such a thing. But reading about her life sparked soul memories to flare and you know or consciously suspect, but you know, not that you’d tell anyone. Baba predicted many things which came true and many things that won’t or didn’t. Skeptics of course like to cite everything that didn’t and believers hold onto the things that did. When higher densities give predictions of our future there are rules and there are motives which need to be considered especially with well known contactees in the public eye as she was. They may bend truths to help make things happen, to help people prepare sooner or expose others in their selfish fears, and to help humanity reevaluate who they are spiritually. It is against the rules to give information in which people can use to profit off of others or have a one upper on others, so much of her predictions can be construed both as true and false depending on the angle you like to view them. She said the cataclysms would be in 2003 which obviously they were not, but this date was to confer several others they gave to give clout that this indeed would occur in 03, and because of this belief it triggered elitists around the world to show their true selves and today we now have transparency in our government because we now know how corrupt they were behind closed doors where we were ignorant before. She predicted obama and she predicted he would be the last president. This can mean many things as she didnt go into details but I don’t believe that that is going to occur any more where on the previous timeline that was accurate. Something has indeed changed but she was correct. What changed was that there is still too many secrets in our government and people need to know the truth so they can make plans for the coming cataclysms, it is against the rules for the elite to know and the common man not to. So this was held back, but only around a decade, it was my understanding that they should have happened in 2016 but now I’d guess around 2026, Obama was to call off the elections as there would be too much damage to our country for people to be able to even vote, thus he would be the last and american borders and structure would be no more.I believe he knows he is supposed to call off the elections and still may do this for other reasons. But there is a good chance of getting another president as well, only later than expected. My point is the future is not written, it follows a likely path but it can always be changed, thus to believe someone is not a contactee based on the fact they were wrong about something is too funny, nobody ever said they are always perfectly right. But like Baba you too have intuition which pours from your soul and forces you to take notice when something is important to your unconscious life. The moment you realized after reading you inadvertently “made the call” and an explanation was given to you, subconsciously, and now consciously through your dream which is basically just acknowledging that you are a part of their hybrid program, You did indeed have 2 babies but one was taken from you, you don’t consciously remember it but perhaps one day you’ll meet your other child. The rest of the dream is merely programmed reactions to the feeling of your baby being taken, it holds no significance.

      • Hi Steven. My name is Victoria and my boyfriend just finished telling me that he thought he was abducted by aliens. He wanted some answers and I told him that I would put the story on here and hopefully to get an answer. He told me one day he just got back home from school and was doing his homework. He was a freshman at the time, he said he was doing his homework on his desk in his room and then suddenly felt weird, felt like something was going to happen. He said he remeebers a little after this happened, his room was getting bright somehow and he looked at his door and said he saw a bright white light coming under it, and never called his mom thinking it was her. After that he woke up from his bed the next day, with the same clothes he wore the day before. He woke up exhausted with his body sore, and he went to go get his homework to get ready to leave for school and realize his homework wasn’t completed. That night before was a blur and only remembered those bits. He said he also had 2 bumps that didn’t hurt or itched on his shoulder neck area and was there only that day. He also said his mom thought she was abducted by aliens. And this happened a week after he thought he got abducted. She said she remembers seeing lights coming right at her through the window and she said she woke up the next day with bruises and a sore body. Which scared my boyfriend even more cause he had something relatable to that. He also told me about a dream he had just recently. He was young he said it might have been his freshman year or 8th grade year and the dream was him holding a tall white figure hand and he remembers the hand being long and skinny, they were walking inside of a factory or something like that he believes and there being tools and he had to lay on this metal bed thing and the white figure gently put something on his neck and closed my boyfriends eyes and then my boyfriend woke up. He wants to know if he is freaking out or if heaven been abducted. We both believe there’s something else living out there.

        • Steven says:

          Hello Victoria, That is an interesting story. And though it could very will be true I am not aware of any circumstances where a visitation could ever cause one to be physically sore or cause bruises. If it was an extraterrestrial visitation they would be subject to very strict rules of non-interference, thus go to great lengths to repair any physical damage, and or memory which can affect their daily life, which being sore and having vivid recalls definitely do. He should not be tired or exhausted after, nor should he have bruising or open cuts, or pain from anything, even if you bump your own leg they must repair it before taking you back, and this is not hard for them. At worst you may have a slight scar if they have to go in. But they use super-growth-hormones to heal wounds in literally minutes. But spiritual families often do incarnate together into earth families and are often subject to visitations together so that would be normal. Feeling like someone is watching you or something is about to happen is normal prior to. But visitations seldom ever happen in the day time as once again it interferes in daily life, and like you said he did not get his homework done as a result. This is against the rules. Also if they are the Grays, who primarily assist those in the United States only they hate the sun, their eyes are very sensitive to light and its just a lot more comfortable to them doing everything during the night hours. Now the dream is very significant in this regard. This being in his dream is not his guide but is being represented as his guide using dream language. His dream is telling him he has a guide represented by holding his hand, higher density by being tall, and giving him knowledge by being white, this being is his guide. If they were in a factory that is like saying his guide is building him up or conditioning him for some role. Laying on the table is saying that he is submitting himself to this being ,to be conditioned in this way. So perhaps whatever this conditioning is may be the cause behind the soreness and this must have been allowed only if he were allowed to understand he has a mission which will interfere in his normal life and why he remembers so much, because he is supposed to know for this reason. And I’m only speculation because the dream really reaffirms to me that there could be genuine validity here even though it breaks all the rules.

      • Desiree says:

        Hello Steven, I have had some weird things happen to me that I would like to vent about. I have been awakened from dreams and have seen tall human like forms dark and light and I was under the influence that I have been seeing ghosts, I have dried blood on the top of my blanket as well but weirdly no blood on my nose I don’t know where it came from. My recent encounter is what has me thinking it’s much more then ghosts. On my day off of work I went to stay at hotel New York New York in las vegas nevada where I live. I treated my boyfriend and I to a suite on the top 43rd floor. That night, he was chatting with me and I was gazing at the night sky when suddenly I saw the most beautiful lights the only way I can explain it is similar to the northern lights shot so fast across the sky filling almost the entire top half of my window. My boyfriend didn’t see it and I immediately looked online to see if anyone else has seen this sighting I checked even days after and nothing. That night I dreamed that a angelic lady with a nice voice, dark hair, dark eyes had a baby boy in a stroller in the new york new york casino and was prompting my boyfriend and I to follow her to the valet garage. I was mad because my boyfriend was following her leaving me and once she opened the door it was dark and eery inside I couldn’t see anything from entrance so I grabbed his hand and pulled him close to me and walked him away from her back to our room to sleep. I went to sleep again in my dream and awoke to knocking on my window of the 43rd floor. The room was dark my boyfriend awoke with me and saw the tall gray figure standing at the window but no balcony or window pane and there was also a handle that was not there before. We immediately shut the curtains and get back into bed and put the covers over our heads and went to sleep yet again. I woke up a second time under my covers to knocking on the window and the grey figure was there but this time my boyfriend was frozen in bed fast asleep and would not wake up so I went to bed and put the covers over my head again and fell asleep. I woke up covers on head to a feeling that I honestly thought was his toe going up from the side of my knee stopping at my hip bone but I looked over and my boyfriend was laying on his side fast asleep I was groggy and shook him awake and said why weren’t you hiding with me under the covers and he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Weirdly enough I have been playing around with what feels like a clump of cartilage on my hip bone alot lately I don’t have a clue how long I have had it I noticed it months before in the shower.

        • Steven says:

          Dreams of the visitation are often accompanied by a sighting of some sort. Most legit sightings look like a blur of rainbow colored lights (not all, but most) people who have seen them know exactly what I mean as you cant describe them any other way. This is because they are not from our density and they must density shift in order for us to be able to see them, In order to shift through density requires a slowdown of atomic vibration which affects gravity and light. Light bends around them in a rainbow of colors and is quite brilliant to see close up, but from far away it is too bright to see color, it will just look white or ultra violet. Las Vegas is soon to be a dead town run by mob style gangs as soon, perhaps within the next decade, the new Madrid fault adjusts in North America and though most of Vegas will survive the earthquake which will accompany this adjustment, the Hoover Dam is not adequately built to sustain such an earthquake of that magnitude and will likely break flooding most of Las Vegas City. The surrounding suburbs may be okay having a higher altitude but without water, without the ability for travelers to get there,and without the cities main gambling and entertainment resources keeping the city alive The city is not prepared for such a disaster and can’t rebuild on it’s own resources. Nor are the people there able to provide for themselves with food and water, people will leave by the millions, mostly on foot, looking for food, clean water, and resources that can keep them alive, and at that point gangs will rule the streets. The higher density can see the future events as general rule of probability on the timeline we are on now. Thus they are issuing a warning to the people of Las Vegas. These lights are likely such a warning without seeing them, it is designed to spark impulses in the mind to remember subconsciously the warnings given previously. They do this often in Las Vegas, they want you to see them, they want you to be curious about why you are seeing them and they want you to give the call to them that they may speak to you about these urgent matters. But in you these lights may have sparked more than that, these memories were coming through perhaps in frightening ways. You see this was more than just a dream, it was a recall dream, and the recall is being told metaphorically. The woman is your guide, there is not enough information to know what the child means. Your upset because you fear the encounter and you wanted your boyfriend to protect you, and this was his role and he could not help you in this, because it’s about you not him. Anytime you connect spiritually with someone, it comes as a knock at the door. The window represents the soul, so this is a soul to soul communication happening, not a physical encounter. Though they may still put an implant in you, rarely is it on your hips and it would be very small. Your pulling the covers over your head is just a way of expression anxiety over this encounter even though it was soul to soul you thought it to be weird, thus fear is being expressed in this dream, I’m not sure if the fear is from the beings or from the events being discussed.

      • forgetful4 says:

        Hi Steven. At the moment I have way too many questions regarding way too many things. But I will start with this memory I have: I was in primary school, I’d have to say about 7 or 8 years old, and for 1 whole month I kept having this reoccurring dream (I thought it was a dream but I’m not certain anymore) The dream was that I would walk out of my house and start heading down the street towards the park that was only 3 doors down. I would walk through the park on the pathway toward something then blank.
        The next night the same thing but as I enter the park there is a huge mass in the centre, all I remember thinking is wow that is huge like a stadium. Then blank.
        The next night I go through it all again (All EXACTLY the same every single detail) but as I approach the mass it lights up, so bright I have to shield my eyes. Then blank. Next night go through it all again and this time there is a door that opens and a figure is walking down it toward me but I can’t make them out. Then blank. The next night I go through it all and when the door opens the figure walks down but I can see it clearly this time. Just a very tall thin being that was slightly transparent but still had a colour to its skin, and off colour like someone who was sick. It reached his hand out towards me and I remember not being afraid but curious.
        This same dream continued to happen once a month for the next few years of living in that house.

        On another note at around that same age I witnessed a spirit in my bedroom floating above me. I shared my room with two of my older brothers and thought that they were playing a prank on me. I could hear and feel heavy breathing above my face. I opened my eyes and saw an old man in very old clothes; small topcoat and a trench coat type thing and high pants etc. He was just watching me. I completely freaked out because obviously I wasn’t expecting this. I pulled my blanket above my head and forced myself to go back to sleep, but don’t actually remember falling asleep.
        I told my brothers about it and they were not responsible and can’t remember anything. I decided I must have just been imagining it….but then when I was about 12 and no longer living there my great aunty came down to visit and stayed in the room that used to be mine (house belongs to my grandparents) I remember walking through the front door to a scream and swearing. My great aunty ran out of the room and said to my grandmother “Kathy! I am NOT sleeping in that room ever again! That bloody old man keeps coming back!”

        That was when I realised that I wasn’t imagining it. This isn’t related to the alien side of things but I have ALWAYS been spiritually connected and have continued to have supernatural experiences throughout my whole life (i’m 23 now) could my connection to the spiritual side of things have any connection to alien beings? If so why?
        I’ve also read and been told that it isn’t common to have reoccurring dreams like that and to cognate having them throughout your life in exact detail. Which makes me think it wasn’t a dream at all. Any insight would be helpful.


        • forgetful4 says:

          so many spelling mistakes: cognate is suppose to be continue, not sure why it just changed it.

          also, this past week all I keep seeing/reading and hearing about is Baba V and her predictions but more specifically the DNA splicing/mutating that aliens have been doing with us since forever.
          I’ve seen a documentary on tv that talked about it, I keep seeing articles about it and just now watching a comedy show one of the hosts randomly said it! I feel like I’m going out of my mind with this.

        • Steven says:

          It is not common to have reoccurring dreams, you are right. This happens when there is something happening in your life which you don’t want to happen as it may bring you anxiety and stress and continues to happen and will continue to happen until you face your fear and handle the situation. In your dream what is happening that you should fear it so. You know you must face it but you take it slowly. It is something outside of your home, your not sure what it is exactly thus you get only a blank. You go back the next day and you begin to see more, and again the next day, and it becomes very bright suddenly, and brightness in a dream means knowledge, thus you have learned something of great importance in this mass and now you feel comfortable enough there to let you guide show you all that you came to learn about, your anxiety eventually disappears and thus the dream does as well. There is not enough information to accurately say what the mass is you were afraid of but if it happened when you first moved into the house likely it would be the school you were going to, and you had displacement and anxiety issues the first few years but eventually came around. If not it could be something else. The guide could be a teacher both physical and or spiritual, there just is not enough details there. Older souls will have more experiences with higher density beings and other spirits as they have more attachments to them from their travels, but in your case it seems the spirit is not attached to you, but rather grounded to that particular home. They rarely stay for more that an average lifetime, they will realize whatever they are attached to is either gone, destroyed, or dead, and they need to move on and stop wasting their valuable time. All souls are free, there is no prison, they may do as they will, and this includes hang around on earth without a body, but they will learn they are wasting their time and can do basically nothing as a soul as far are taking action, learning, experiencing, and evolving. They may have unsettled business with someone and can’t let it go, or they just really liked their incarnation and don’t want to move on just yet. Perhaps they are worried about a family member who really needs them, there are a million reasons why, but they have the right to do so just as you, though it isn’t that appealing to them without extraordinary circumstances so it’s rare. There are certainly some people who can communicate with them more than others as this has to do with the connection to the subconscious mind and everyone has different levels of this ability and for both physical and spiritual reasons. Not sure if that helps but there is nothing definitive here about you personally.

  15. Julie says:

    The past month or so, when I am alone, weird things have been happening in my house.
    There are times in the morning, when I open the windows in my bedroom, I just lay there and stare out into the field behind me. From time to time, I see this flashing white light, and then it stops.

    There are times when I am alone and I hear loud bangs from the basement. I will go down there…and nothing.
    I sometimes wake up and feel like something/someone is standing in my doorway. I usually just go back to sleep thinking that I am nuts.

    Sunday night I had a dream about an alien.
    I was in a large, busy city, in a huge brick building looking down from the window, just watching people walk.
    Then about an 8 or 9 foot thin figure appeared with its head down. It had on clothing, but it was oddly shaped and the clothes were very strange.
    It looked as if it was trying to fit in with the crowds of people, but it stuck out like a sore thumb.

    After a few minutes of people passing, screaming and running like crazy began, yet the figure just stood there.

    The building next to me was housing. It was as if I could see through the walls and into the apartment of the building beside me.
    It housed a family, no mother, but a father and a few young children.
    The alien swooped up to the building window where the family was and just watched.
    The kids and dad started screaming and running, trying to hide.

    The alien fixated on a young girl, who looked exactly like me at 4 or 5 years old.
    It then went through the glass and took her.

    My dream then went to me being interviewed….and that was it.
    Totally freaked me out though, especially how calm I was through the whole abduction.

    • Steven says:

      This dream is explaining your role in this cosmic family, the people behind the window is your soul family, you as a physical body is thus separate third party watching. It’s really just saying your being watched over, the fear is programmed reactions to these things which is why they don’t visit people consciously but nothing alarming.

      • Eric Green says:

        Yes it was April 8 2014 in Phoenix arizona I was told who i was it all doesn’t seem real and I don’t know what to make of it and If I told people they would lock me up in a funny farm so I think I have to wait for when it’s time then everything will be reveiled I want to let people know but I can’t

  16. weRnotalone kw says:

    ALIENS or Something I want to get off my mind! And Not a Dream!
    when I was 7 or 8 years old something happen to me. 1973
    So when your a kid you like comic books and super heroes as any kid does but as for me I did not know what I was looking at I cant explain everything here in detail. but today at 51 years of age and from Peterborough Ontario Canada

    I Just got home by myself no one was home at that time was about 10pm. I went into the kitchen had a peanut butter sandwich went to my room turned on my night lamp by my bed and started to get ready for bed and turned around and looked up at my top right side of door jam and there it was looking at me. it was clung to the wall face upside down.

    Years after doing some research I learned more now what I may have been in contact with and type of being I may have seen. It only looked at me reading me or something it never did anything other than made me fall asleep.

    Next morning I tried to tell my mom and her friend what I saw.. and she said what the hell you taking about. I felt stupid so I never told anyone except for a few friends later in my life they always get a laugh but for me I know it was real. I always wanted to be superman so i knew right from wrong etc bad guys and good guys if you know what I mean. Today I watch Philip Schneider ,Billy Meier, and any video I get My hands on. The picture is becoming more clear and disturbing.

    This story also has been with me along time.
    Another story from my dad everyone needs to know.

    about 10 Years ago its now 2016 my dad is now 83 he started to see UFOs in Apsley
    other side of Buck horn Ontario he would be 73 at that time.
    He came to my home one day and said he wanted to talk to me about something.
    well him and his wife started seeing things that cant be explained in the sky around his home over 3 week period seeing these things come and go one large UFO no sounds just Colour lights around it would just sit and hover. 10 small bright white orbs
    would come out and go all directions.N S W E for 10-15 minutes would come back and Gone.
    He never wanted to call police it would have been stupid story for him to report he never wanted to believe in aliens period. as today I never did tell him my story when I was Little kid only my mom knew. They were separated for years. My story not related to his its just interesting that he and his wife and neighbor started to see things as well.

    On last Note Cattle Mutilations have been reported Caven Ontario areas easy to find local web sites and newspapers


    • Steven says:

      Thank you for your story, I personally don’t know any like that but there are over 2000 species in and around and interacting with the earth at any given moment. But the cattle mutilations though are done by extraterrestrials, they are done by the service to self aliens and this is done by request of humans and allowed only for complex reasons involving spiritual balance in specific areas. When love and peace is becoming too high, and evil humans want more fear that they may be felt, this is allowed to give them representation. But aliens have no reason to mutilate animals other than spread fear among the populous. The selfish however are not allowed to show themselves to humans in any way, thus what you see in your room or on ships are indeed benevolent beings there to help you do good things.

  17. Hope says:

    Ok so I’m pretty sure I’ve been abducted before. I have strange items in my X-rays and a baby that was considered medically impossible (I do remember having a dream that I was abducted before the pregnancy and told they were giving me a gift then inserting some kind of huge needle on the left side of my belly) so anyway this has been going on since I was small and I’ve had ton of strange markings. This week I had a dream and they had me inside something kinda like a bubble with tons of pressure they said they were fixing me and making me better. Ive lost 5 lbs and my muscles are sore (like I’ve been doing hard core exercising) but I never paid attention to any of until today. I have 32 lights in my house and have managed to blow 21 including a few that I even replaced. The ones that didn’t blow dim when I get under them. NOW THE STRANGES THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED: I was going to do laundry, I have three differs types of detergent I was in my bedroom thinking of the one I was going to use and I hear a crash in the laundry room. I went in and it was the detergent I was thinking about using. It was on a shelf with 2 other bottles. There was no way possible that it just fell. So what is going on and what does we’re going to make you better and fix you mean. (FYI: I don’t have the scary interactions you hear about they are nice and kinda like family if that makes sense I can feel they like me and I like them….I know that sounds weird but I don’t feel threatened)

    • Steven says:

      A dream of being in a bubble is a metaphor for nurture and growth.

      There are many types of electricity, and every type interferes with the natural flow of another, humans have electricity withing them that is not measured by any known instruments but none the less can affect the environment around them. No two people have equal amounts within them, some people are just naturally very high, and this energy can blow capacitors, fuses, amplifiers, and even light bulbs, or it may just stop working when you’re near and then work again. This energy can also move objects but this energy cant very well be controlled. Most people with it think that it is ghosts or poltergeists but it is in fact them doing it involuntarily. Anger and fear can trigger it as it has much to do with the brain stem and production of very low frequency delta brain waves, so keep that in mind also, that it will increase with rage, anger, or fight or flight mechanisms.

  18. Anna says:

    Hi, I have had some very strange and frightening experiences in the 2 months, could someone please help me understand?
    I have always believed in aliens but I was never all that interested in them. Until I saw what I can only assume was a UFO. 2 months ago I was standing on my front lawn at night trying to get my daughter to fall asleep (going outdoors usually works) and she suddenly perked up and started pointing to something in the sky. She was 14 months so all she could say about it was “this!” And I said oh that’s an airplane. A few seconds later it started…moving downward. Like it just dropped, and then started moving forward again. It was closer so I said oh maybe that’s a helicopter. I stood there watching it because I was confused, and it continued going in the weird pattern if movement. Then I saw it was spinning. Clear as day, and it was close. The, and I know this sounds ridiculous, a light shined down from it onto me and my daughter. It was like a spotlight. I ran inside then. For the next couple weeks any time I went in 2 certain rooms in my house I heard this intense ringing in my ears and only leaving the rooms got rid of it. I don’t know if that means anything?
    A month later, I was out with a friend, pretty late, celebrating her birthday. We parked my car next to a big field close to my house, and sat on the back of it and talked and I had not more than a few sips of beer, so I was definitely sober when this happened. We were staring at the field and out of no where this red light, very small but very clear, was just there in the middle of the field moving closer and closer to us then disappeared. It was midnight or later and we were all alone in the area. It was bizarre.
    The ringing stopped then.
    Which bring me to last night. I had a dream and I wish I could remember more details, but i somehow knew I was being followed by aliens. Or tracked or something. At one point I got in my car, with the same friend from before, and there was this.. small man..sitting in the backseat speaking in a monotone voice saying he had to take me. I got out of the car and trying to pull him out of the car and my friend started yelling at him. Then these 3 all black police cars pulled and they piled out, but they were dressed in all black not in police uniforms and they had black sunglasses and identical faces (I know I know). They started handing me bags of rotting fruit and vegetables and said “your mother wants you to have these.” and that I needed to stop eating meat? It didn’t make sense. Then it came up that my mother wanted me to be used as an experiment of some sort, and I just remember feeling this sense of dread and desperation to keep my daughtee safe. I woke up this morning, 2 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, very early at 4:48 am. Since then my car radio wasn’t working right, my phone shut off and then back on which has never happened before, and…the ringing came back.
    What in God’s name is going on? Am I crazy?
    Please help.

    • Anna says:

      Also probably unrelated by my daughter has had this small rash on her lower back just above her diaper for over a month now. Doctors said it was a heat rash or maybe an allergy and I tried everything but it won’t go away. Its just 2 or 3 little bumps and it bothers her because she’s always scratching at it and even aloe Vera and anti itch cream hadn’t worked.

    • Steven says:

      So this dream is very personal, ringing ears can signify a bigger problem but when it comes and goes its more likely to be air pressure related or blood pressure related as this can change from room to room depending on people or circumstances. If you saw a UFO and it shined a light directly on you , then you can bet they were there for you specifically. Your dream is telling you that you were indeed taken and taken because of a request your mother may have inadvertently made. The little man is a metaphor for the alien who took you, not the actual alien, the men in black are signifying that he is authority and you don’t know the source of authority but it is clear authority over you, likely your guide in life. They hand you bags of rotting fruit, the fruit is a symbol of the gifts you were given in life, could be intelligence, money, or opportunities, and where they are rotting it means you have done nothing with the opportunities or gifts you were given and they are now wasting away. Your mother telling you to stop eating meat is also significant. Eating meat in a dream is like feeding off of someone, or in other words mooching off of someone, your mother is telling you to stop mooching off of someone. You didn’t describe enough detail for me to know if this is you telling yourself to stop mooching off your mother or if it is your mother who is telling you to stop mooching on someone else. But that’s it, your mother can make things happen with her thoughts just as you or anyone can if assistance is required. Perhaps you need to know your true worth and abilities, perhaps you need to see what you are capable of, who knows exactly, but thats the theme of this encounter anyway. Helping you learn who you are.

  19. Zandilar says:

    I’m not saying I was abducted by aliens, but I had this dream last night and I can’t seem to shake it. It is by far weirder than anything I’ve ever dreamt(?) and I dream some pretty weird things. I can’t focus, I feel weird. I know aliens exist, I’ve always thought this to be true but never had something stick in my brain like this. I’ve seen what I can only assume are UFO’s as there’s no other explanation for their movement, or their lights.

    So my dream starts off that I’m running this corner store/hotel in the middle of the desert. (I live in Canada, hard to find desert in canada) and I’m running it with someone i knew, but didn’t know… if that makes sense. At the end of a particularly long day, we’re sitting on the porch of this building in some old wooden chairs, joking having a good time. Then I see explosions in the distance. Or what I assume are explosions. There are these loud bangs, and I see these mushroom clouds go up towards the sky like something nuclear went off. But hundreds of them.

    I go into my store/hotel to calm the people staying in it, I informed them we were too far away to be harmed and to wait here for more information regarding what was going on. I went back outside to watch the mayhem, and in the distance I saw hundreds, if not thousands of UFO’s. I waited, and watched. Petrified, but unable to move or say anything.

    After a while of watching, I see figures in the distance. They’re coming closer… but they aren’t walking. They’re just… standing, and getting closer. Not too long after, they’re close. I can make out their figures, they’re short and they have oval shaped heads, and they have what I assume are guns. They get a good twenty feet away, and stop. They just stop and watch me.

    The person I know but don’t know wonders what’s going on. I can’t respond, I can’t think about anything but these beings standing in front of me. At which point, my mother wakes me up from this dream telling me I’m going to be late. She says I must have switched off my alarm clock because she heard it going off, but I don’t remember doing so.

    The strange thing is, I have no pain. I’ve been in pain for 10 years due to a horse accident. I almost always wake up with hip and shoulder pain in my left side, some severe neck pain and a massive headache that I take advil to relieve. But today, I have none.

    Another weird thing is I feel like I’m still dreaming… but I know I’m awake. Everything seems, odd. Off some how. I don’t know how to explain it. Things are also different now than they were yesterday… Like for instance. My cigarettes. The pack is a different color, the filter is cork instead of white. Possibly a coincidence… I don’t know.

    I’m not saying I was abducted…. But I don’t know what else is going on. Like I said I can’t shake this dream. I can’t focus on my college work, It’s been hours and I’m on the same practice test I started when I got here 2 hours ago.

    Can you tell me what the hell is going on? Is it possible this is the first stage? If it is, can I stop it? Will my 2 year old be affected?

    • Zandilar says:

      I also wanted to mention the last couple weeks I’ve had these small weird bumps on my shoulders. They’re not like bug bites, there’s only been 2. They’re just small… bumps. They don’t itch, they don’t hurt, they don’t anything and I’d only found them once I was showering. Could that be involved as well? Or… am i just making mountains out of… small bumps lol

    • Steven says:

      This is a very metaphorical dream you had. The Store/hotel you ran is you, it is your being, and shows that you have much of what others desire, this is something which provides comfort, (hotel) what is it? The explosions are key to decoding what this is, the explosions in this dream pertain to a great deal of knowledge, and in this case, knowledge pertaining to aliens, and they are coming to you and watching over you. This is on a spiritual level, not a physical or at least as of yet.

  20. dabbadabbadoo says:

    I was 9 months pregnant carrying my first son. I dreamed about 5 dark shadows surrounded my bed. When a light flashed on them they were skeletons making faces at me and then they’d turn dark again. Well they picked me up and we began flying above the trees. I still remember the cool breeze and my hair blowing in the wind. I was so scared. I screamed and kicked please Lord don’t let them take me and so on. Well, I never made it to where they were taking me. If I did I don’t remember it. I do remember waking up as my body literally fell onto the bed.

    • Steven says:

      This has nothing to do with aliens. The 5 shadows is you, it is the physical you (all your physical senses) of the future they are shadows because you dont know what is to come, you are in the dark and you fear what this future will bring. The light is knowledge and the light reveals what is to come, which is skeletons which mean you are afraid you will be stripped of all your higher senses, but they taunt you and show you that you are fearing for no reason, the higher self has confidence that everything will be ok. And they are telling your anxiety ridden brain to calm down basically.

  21. aman says:

    I am from India.I live in bihar Patna.I was sleeping on my rooftop in summer and talking on phone with my friend,it was almost 12.30am I saw a light passed in the sky at first time it was at a distance and quickly dissappeard then after 15 min I saw the same thing passing at very closer distance and it was small..I get frightened and I came down..then few days later I had a dream that aliens have attacked on earth they are killing every Human being the sky is full with their huge ufo. .

    • Steven says:

      A dream in this context is simply going over the days events, you had seen a ufo your mind became curious but concerned as well. Thus this dream is expressing the concern as we tend to fear the unknown, but there is no underlining meaning behind this dream other than an expression of concern.

    • eva says:

      im from holland i had the same dream when i was a little girl bout 3.

  22. ritter patroshfky says:

    Since I was a little kid, I´ve seen ufos. I have always feel like they are here among us and i feel like im sure of it though i have never seen an alien right before my eyes. I have dreamt that I am been taken inside an UFO many times throughout my life. I also remember seen the earth getting destroy in one of my dreams. I like everything about aliens, I feel fascinated about the stars, galaxies, planets. And the older I get the stronger my fascination becomes. I do believe some people have been abducted by aliens but I do not think they are bad or evil. I mean, It has to be like us humans, we have good people and bad people. I love the night sky, I tend to count the stars and try to look for the one that is further from my naked eye. I feel like one day I will see the stars from very close. sometimes my friends or my own family say that i should stop talking about aliens because some people would think I am crazy but I really do not care. There is a very good book you people should buy It´s called allies of humanity. It´s very good. the author of the book says everything he wrote on that book came from what aliens told him. I dont think they wanna destroy us like many people think. If so, they would have done it already long time ago. so definitely there is something more there that one day we might finally see. If we look back at the ancient civilizations we can clearly see that we are not along in the universe. all those paintings of flying machines when back then they couldn´t have had any knowledge about flying machines, the airplane was invented on 1903. all those paintings of aliens on the rocks, ancient ruins, I mean, come on, we are not along. sorry for my english, I am from peru.

    • Hannah Murray says:

      Hi,Steven. My name is Hannah and i’m 11. One night when i was young,I woke up on my livingroom floor. When I opened my eyes I saw 3 white things with scalpels. It was all a little blurry and when I shut my eyes for about 7 seconds they were gone. I had got up and went back to by bed being a little scared. Years later at age 11 like 2 hours ago I had suddenly gotten the intrest in aliens.I almost always feel a tickling of the side of my foot or fingers crawling up my back. Iv’e woken up having little scabs and scars I don’t know the origin of thinking I scratched myself while sleeping. Can you please tell me what this means?

      • Steven says:

        Well Hannah, I can remember when I was about your age, something very similar happened to me as well one night. But as scary as it was I was not hurt and never was hurt though I didn’t understand what was happening which is what made it all a little scary for me. Though most likely nothing happened to you as our dreams can often make us think something is real when they aren’t it can still be real as well, you should always assume it’s in your imagination so it doesn’t affect your daily life too much. But either way, your going to be fine. The tickling feeling in your fingers and toes and back are signs of slow circulation which can come from deep meditation or sleep, a physical abduction would entail full body paralysis; you may be a sleep walker the way you describe the scabs and scars as with physical abductions you would not have any bumps or bruises, or scabs for that matter, though scars sometimes occurs. Based on what your telling me I think you are a very active and deep sleeper is all, so if you wake up in a different room or something don’t get scared that’s pretty normal, and aliens wouldn’t do that either.

      • NATASHA says:

        Hi, I just wanted to expand a little of my own insight, if that’s okay. Yes, it is possible, you could be sleep walking. It is possible that these little knicks are from experiences too though. You can ask for signs. I believe that the physical inflictions on my body were a message to my conscious self because I wanted more physical proof. Also, waking up with clothes on backwards, or completely missing, being upside down in my bed,lol….the more mindful you are of the situation, the more it will present itself. And now, I actually see the ships outside at places. Also, there are a wide variety of Beings, there are a number of different ones that people can be working with.

  23. Oliver Coombes says:

    This is a question about signs of abduction. I know it can cause problems with pregnancy, but what kind of problems? I’m just curious thanks for reading.

  24. Oliver Coombes says:

    Hi Steve. I just want to say thank you for all your replies, they really helped me to understand. There is just one thing that has been getting me for a while. For a while I felt as if I didn’t fit in here, then I started research and I thought maybe I was a star seed. But the more I thought about it it didn’t feel right. Then I thought I might be some hybrid between humans and aliens, which felt right. Then not last night but the night before I had a dream. It was very complicated but in short I was from another planet and it was very beautiful and it’s moon was another planet. Then the first episode of the x files I watch with my dad is about a hybrid alien. Also I was talking with a friend and it seems my senses are much higher than normal, so my sight, hearing and so on. This could just be coincidences and I’m making these this up in my head as apparently i have a really high imagination. I’m also really interested in astronomy. Any I am curious on your answer. And if you do thank you very much.

    • Oliver Coombes says:

      Something I forgot to mention was that I managed to lucid dream that very same night. However the moment i said “ok I want answers” it faded away to a different dream which I don’t remember. Now the dream I previously mentioned could have come after this or it could have happened after this I don’t know.

      • Steven says:

        You are very much like 15% of everyone else on earth in this regard. There are many reasons why people feel like they are not of this world besides the fact they may not be, but it’s irrelevant, it should not be your focus, you will be guided to where you need to be if your soul fails in this regard. My advice is try and open yourself to every new experience that comes your way, and don’t dismiss the bad stuff either, embrace it, learn from it and make it your bitch because our inner strength and power generally comes from these very experiences, and always lead to something great. But your dream is a communication between your conscious and subconscious, and the subconscious mind (soul) does not like the conscious mind to know too much as it is a form of cheating and thus you don’t learn the intended lesson. So its good your curious but embrace the curiosity and know its good not to know about some things.

  25. Brandon Lee Willis says:

    Hi Steve I’m not new to this as I have had weird wake ups and obe’s like the one in February where I fell asleep and looked at my body then noticed light rippling through my vertical blinds like a spotlight trying to penetrate through solids in a raindrop effect but going horizontal anyway the most recent things that have happened are icepick pangs in my left hemisphere in my brain and I’ve gone to the doc they did all the tests and an MRI and say I have no problems I drink and eat nothing that would cause it and similar pangs happen from time to time and then there’s for a lack of a better term a feeling like I was bitten by a small insect in my downstairs area and I’m male btw so it’s a feeling of strong discomfort and it’s as if I had an ant nibbling and it goes away but I wondered out of the blue if it wasn’t because they took my essence which I’m totally OK with the implant which can be multitudes of kinds from crystal to nano but the metal from my understanding was discontinued from complications that arose in our health and as such were removed and the person’s healed but now they use more natural things and it can be organic ly engendered to there telepathic traits and it’s amazing but my real question is what will this lead up to of course I question everything and I fear obe’s because of one that felt dark one that felt like if I left my body I wouldn’t return so I snapped into my body and sorta locked myself in so to speak.
    Sorry for the lack of punctuation but if I take time to think of that I will loose train of thought on what I was typing while trying to multi task like I normally do

    Thanks for your time.

    • Steven says:

      Nothing they do will impair anything but sometimes the things they do can cause some discomfort; but the contactee is always willing to go through the discomfort to have assistance. The main assistance they give deal in communication, the ability to have a more direct conscious line to know what they need to know when they need to know it. This type of implant causes some discomfort where the others ‘not really.’ The communication implant is not metal, or mechanical, nor is it crystal, it is biological but rather than a seed it is a their own (alien) DNA implanted inside the host which boosts their ability to have direct communication. It’s a little awkward and feels weird especially at first, it can even hurt a bit, but it’s worth it. Crystals can be used to boost communication but I just have never ever heard of them using it on an actual person in this capacity, though I hear plenty of people speculate about it, I’ve yet to see it. Doesn’t mean its not possible, just not probable. OBEs are scary and though there is no reason to fear its that feeling of unnatural disconnection which shakes you up, it doesn’t mean you’re a contactee but the odds of someone who has this ability go up significantly when they are as they both require a soul to be old and defined in who they are which in of itself is rare.

      • Brandon Lee Willis says:

        Thank you for your response to my post I really appreciate it being that the communication has possibly happened for years from missing time in my childhood and a feeling of things that should be know like I had no prior knowledge of the metal implants prior to this and then it snapped into my mind that that’s why keep doing what you are doing because you are very helpful and have helped me greatly you affirmed what I though to be true because I was willing to go through all this and I am able to flair up my energy which is normal for me now a flair up of energy of like my aura it’s easy if you know how to cause the chills and goosebumps feel at will then your already on your way to flairing up youtr energy but doing so for me helps me to focus on them and communicate my feelings and what I wish even like seeing my offspring or remembering all of it but recently each time I read stuff that has to do with them my head pangs and I feel the urge to go outside so you confirmed that as well and again I want to thank you so very much


  26. Well I am a little apprehensive in sharing some of what I am going to share. First I meet all of the signs of being abducted by aliens. There are many experiences where I had no sense of incidous or harm from the experiences. My stories go back as far as I can remembered. Then there are those experiences of falling to sleep in fright because of feeling like some kind of beings were sitting on top of me or were seeking to find me. Many nights as a child I fell asleep under the covers praying that these mean spirited creatures did not find me. However it is hard to determine what was alien experiences and what was responses to my most unusual childhood. Partly I say that as My dad had isolated me at an early age to developed an ability to used all of my brain with many para psychology experiments. I have some flashback memories which some it is only glimpses and others the memories came to full fruition in seeking to heal from the negative psychological reactions. I had never and I hope I never am a resident of any mental health facility. That is one fear I carry with me from childhood as I was threatened many times of being locked up and the key being thrown away. Reviewing and knowing some of my experiences with my training as a counselor , I can understand that as a reality. However I had attended some therapy to maintain a healthy psychological state and being able to manage complex PTSD. I say all of this so that some will understand my apprehension with sharing and my openness to different experiences and their meanings. Sometimes I worry if I share certain information that some government agency will find me as a threat which they need to contain. But more to the point about several subjects I had read about and wanted to respond to. First there are many times in childhood that I woke up outside of my body. Astral projection was common in early childhood and gradually slow down to a stop as I grew from a child to an adult. Yes there were several times as an adult that I woke up while being outside of my body. Strangely something that terrified me as an adult became less and less the more my fear of the experiences subsided. One or two of the last experiences helped me to overcome that fear. These were the experiences of being outside on the rooftops of the factories that were by my residence at the time. There was a women dressed in white with long flowing brown hair who was with me as we floated above the rooftops and I ended up back in my body. I remember several incidences where she was saying things to alleviate my fear and encouraged me to enjoy the experiences. Secondly this began after I learn what it was that was happening during these times. Aas you can imagine my interests and curiosity as well as abilities I develop and abilities I am unsure I had since birth developed, it increase my curiosity of what a human is fully capable of. My dad’s experiments and intent to force and to create a human being who operate at 100% of brain capacity allowed less a fear of the unknown. I was about 16 or 17 when I began some exploration of my own to see. I also during these few years did many things to encourage others to accept the supernatural with the natural and to reveal that there was more than the physical world we experience. I guess I was seeking to find a group where I trully feel like I belong and could be without feeling a sense of not belonging.Just maybe I was searching for a reason to live. See I do think there was a combination of events that may have alerted some aliens beings to be interested in me. I have huge blocks of time missing as well as a gaining of time but then there is also the alternate parallel dimensional aspects to some of these stories. I think it is interesting that when I knew what astral projection was and what it was that was occurring , my fear lessen tremendously. part of this was the realization that I could astral project of my own doing within my own power. Also though was the fear of knowing that I was capable by doing this activity was the fear of first I never saw any golden or white blue cord connected to my spiritual body. Now I did see a blue white cord coming from my physical body but it was short and ripped at the one end leading to my spiritual. I also have read and believe there is a danger to practicing astral projection without having others who know what you are doing nearby and keeping an eye on you. As I warn people who practice try to develop remote viewing I want to warn anyone who is thinking that they can attain more answers to their questions by practicing astral projection. Another thing do not think cause the government is the organization that released the technique to do anything in the paranormal world it is safe. The side effects from remote viewing is severe and I think that many are mistaken in thinking they have the ability to handle those things. Of course some will say well that has nothing to do with being abducted by aliens , I would say yes maybe and then maybe not. I am not sure of what our Government or many governments knowledge and intentions are with any knowledge they may have of any form of humanoid life. I brought up remote viewing because I did experiment for a very brief time with the Stanford model when it was first release on the internet. It took me a few months to begin to experience things that I was unsure of. I knew enough to shut down that personal experiment with that particular method. The reason I bring this up is because I do believe our government as well as other governments have contact with other human life forms some are alien and some are not aliens(or so i believe),. Throughout my life I have met some very interesting people which I questioned when some of these individuals came into my life. Yes the government has files n me which I do not know what is in those files , I only know that there were lags that came up with security background checks with certain jobs. The government the federal Government response was the files did not have any information that revealed I committed any crimes. Now I have serious questions about those files but that is a recent curiosity. as a child most of my adult life I never had any fear of what the government top secrets files could be> As well as the fact that I had many numerous friends at different times in my life that were cia agents, dea agents, and other federal law enforcement agencies. This has lessen as far as I know is nonexistent except for the few interpol agents I have had contact with. Besides the fact that I never felt any apprehensive towards most of these. Even though I met several FBI agents during my lifetime, they never sought to be a friend or seemed to want to do anything but be in the same environments as far as I was concern. Now the interpol friends had come into my life when I did a research report on Sexual ritual abuse. This is when I found out about the Ultra Mk program and how remote viewing became part of the Government secret paranormal research projects. Some theorize that the programs are still operating. I have my doubts. My point is this and knowing what I know about remote viewing as well as what I know about other aspects of activity it is not a far assumption that some of the remote viewing could be an easy way to communicate or become susceptible to alien abductions. As it also could lead to visiting of parallel dimensions which I believe it does. I am saying this with all seriousness that when people explore or experiment with supernatural r those areas of the brain that there are side effects and other traumas that they may not have information about before they start. A person can find themselves overwhelmed their choices severely limiting with experimentation into these things. Some of the alien abduction stories of terror remind me of the stories I read of children being experimented on within the Ultra Mk program. About my dad, I have some serious doubts about his activities where I was concerned and I try not to think of him doing those things for the sake of money being paid out. Do I think with these experiments and activities I became more of a target with other humanoids? Yes I do. I think if anyone is thinking about experimenting with anything in the supernatural they need to be told that many other humanoid races have ability to receive and transmit with mind that we do not. Just beginning an experiment could alert the wrong kind to abduct or communicate with you so be careful of what you do. There is so much more I would like to share but this is long as it is. Recently I have been working on my trigger of religious symbols, I noticed an increase of other activities. For one , even though I have not experiences feeling of fear , I have recently I experience a similar experience o with time perception as when I was experiencing the side effects of remote viewing. I say this with my personal experience of recent that I had step into what I call time lapses. The last time that I know this to happen was after I woke up, I turned on the radio and was saying my morning prayers when I heard a loud boomed, I thought the electricity went out. The radio as silent, I thought great this is giving me time without any distractions. I saw the clock light on the stove lit but thought nothing of it as i stood there thinking the eletricity must have went out. I want to say numerous moments or time stopped for about 30 minutes or more, the thing was the radio immediately came on when I realized that time had stop not the electricity went out. I had not lost a minute between time, it was the time when the sound of the radio was silent. The other unusual thing was the song that had been p[laying right where the song had been playing continue at the same spot. when my electricity goes out the radio station does not stay tuned , I always have to tune it back to the station but not this time. I am saying this because I do think that aliens and other humanoids have skills to manipulate our percetion of time and even time itself. I aslo think it is interesting that I read recently how paranormal experiences increase when people question or seek answers. I hav a bump n my head that has been there for over a year now. The other thing I want to bring up is this idea that many are not speaking about but I believe also are having contact and have unusual abilities with experiences that is other human life forms who are from earth as we are but are different than us. I know of at least one experience where I had met an alien many years ago. We both were stunned not sure why he was stunned. I know several of the experiences I had after meeting this individual that verified someone who was very different than us. Now that was over a decade ago I did not nor was this life form seeking to have any contact with me directly maybe it was not possible but this individual play a part in my life when I was married to an abuser. My abuser was very upset how this man was finding out things that were going on in our household. . I was to blame even though at the time I had not shared with anyone those events. Being at times I seemed very strange to people, I excused when I see oddities in others behavior. However at times I believed I had met several indiiduals who were earthlings but not of the homo sapien or at least somewhat different than the chemistry or physical make up we have. I also will warn people do not believe or trust someone who claims to be a government agent until you know you have a reason to trust them with your best interests in mind. As I believe some Government agents and some others who have authority in government and other organization with money and power are not Human beings as we are. I know of one person who I knew they were or worked with the CIA which at that time I had no problems with the Cia or people who worked with the CIA until this person’s actions towards me. This was confirmed while I was in the same environment. As well as another peer in tat environment who did not seem to trust me and at a period of time decided to align himself against me. Both of these individuals were odd in that they both had super skinny feet. Their shoes seems to be wrapped tight and their feet was long. Both of these had other unique ability. Now the one who had claimed to ame bewcause he worked with the CIA, was more unusual than the peer and he had more power and authority in the environment. When we had come in the same public setting He seem to challenge me mentally as well as verbally mocking me. I did feel an increase in pressure in those environments but was not sure what it was. I also felt that part of the reason was the inability to control me on some level or to have access to my mind. There were private times as well as a dream or two ten afterwards was verified it was not an ability not something natural. This person also sought to make my life extremely hard by recruiting others to mocked to spread vicious rumors to break me. Yes he told me and admitted to one of his authority that he had sought to find out about me through security clearance or whatever but did not have access to my files which he was told he did not have clearance to view. I never found out if he ever viewed those files. as the individual did other things which was strange. He was extremely flexible and quick with moving into some of the most unusual poses or while walking. several times I was across the room or a hallway and seen him as he kept walking bend in a complete halfway position walking while bend backwards down the hall with an as fast as going into that position coming right back up without any problem or slowing his walk. This man who was at least 6ft 7 was also able to bend down at lightening fast sped almost to the ground. This was unusual as he was with an inch from the ground. I seen him sit in all kinds of contortion way like. He was also able to move in inedible sped across an area. One time I watched him moved at this speed and happened to look away around that it show others almost at a complete stopped. I am wondering if he was playing with time. I do not know wyhat his reason was for wanting to see me completely mindfully destroy but his efforts were consistent.. The other peer was more of an annoyance than anything. I felt this peer try to do something in the supernatural but I do know some techniques to shut those things down. we all have the ability to shut down any telepathic communication as well as to stop anything from affecting our minds as well as to stop any aliens from abducting us. Mostly the peer stopped but left me with lots of questions. See I did not have any questions of authority guy until the peer pulled his little trick on me. I noticed both of these individuals became very close after the peer little trick. The peer made a mention to me one day that I needed to be careful if I had any thoughts of messing with him cause of his friendship with the other man. I responded to what are you talking about? why would I do anything to you? after that the little man as he was extremely short left me alone for the most part and move to the further-est areas of a room from me. Now the thing was I always felt that these two were connected but not because they were members from the same source of human life ut different group of humanoids of our planet that knew and associated with each others , like they came to some agreement. I also know that my experiences with the one man who was aliens was quick different and felt totally different than anything I experience with either of these two. Now with the tall one there is this experience that happen one summer besides my connection with this individual that I seek to shut down is I always know what is happening in his world his life experiences etc. I do not think it is something that I easily interpret but I know things before anyone tells me about what is going on with this person. However I avoided this individual at different periods of time feeling a sense of disdain they had for me at times and at other times a sense of compassionate love or liking which confused me. I even would remind myself of a Jekyll and Hyde complex besides all of the other things he sent others to do to harassed me while in the environment. This was mild with others coming and saying things directly to me or saying and mocking me when meeting others o9r having male come to close to make me uncomfortable. From the very entrance I made into the environment there were three assistant he sent to me to tell me to stopped doing what I was doing and leave the environment as he had a fear they would destroy me. The excuse was I was a strong empath which I deny not known what they were talking about thinking how could this man know anything about me.
    The strange thing was this would changed at times. The one experience was a strange experience I never experience before and have not since by am curious to explore that experience only thing is I do not know the dangers of having the answer to how he did that/ This was one of the good experiences, I was i therapy which was bringing up a lot of unpleasant memories beside my financial situation which was barely surviving and being worried about providing my son with food and other living essentials. I rushed out of my car to enter the building when I spotted him, I thought oh it is strange to see him entering the building from this entrance as I was very aware of ways and where he was going as I was avoiding running into him at the time. I moved slowly letting him get ahead to the entrance before me. Really i was more absorbed with the pain I was feeling that had nothing to do with him. However using reasonable human estimation I somehow got ahead of him without realizing it when He said to me Hi. I turned not expecting him to be standing under the stairs that led to the second level stunned. I started to say something but was speechless trying to assess the emotions I was feeling. I manage a low sounding hi and started to move to head into the building when all my actions seemed to be in slwo motion and i was turned towards him again I do not believe it was my doing. This is when the next thing I know I was staring into the sky in the clouds. I saw my and his face in the clouds that were not visible from under the stairs with his urging and saying I know you are hurting but I am hoping you soon to stop hurting then I heard it again I want you to stop being in pain soon. as quickly as isaw both our faces in the cloud time seem to move normally with him looking as shock as me which could have been a cover. I step out into a view where I could see the cloud formation above the stairs, they were moving but it was the exact cloud formation I saw from under the steps. I turned around quickly not knowing what to say when i saw him smirk or smile lower his head and look up at me with a smile then head into the building. That was the most postive outside of the norm I had with the man. It was right before the dream I had which was the first time I experience that but have ata few times experience speaking to others in other places during sleep time. The thing is that I wake up with the knowledge that these individuals were in another country and their plans to return to the USA as well as other details that points to some supernatural experiences tied to that dream state. This time this first time was a little unsettling. First it was a simple dream I saw him crying out for me at the time. He was struggling, I had no ideal with what and the circumstances. I was confused in the dream already having the few weird experiences with this individual and now another never before experience. I told him I did not know or understand any of it. In the dream he told me then promise upon his return he would come and explained it all to me. He knew I did not know but he was going to explain it. Now I chalked it up to the dream and nature function of the mind. I had some knowledge about hs being out of the country een if I felt he was not exactly where his group trip was plan. So I easily could dismiss it with the rain working out something. A few weeks had past , somehow I knew or seem to have a closer connection on some level with this man. I knew when he return to USA I also know when or how long he was in the USA back not back in the environment. Even though I knew these things when others were talking and I overheard them I just kept easily dismissing the weird dream. I even knew when he entered back into the same environment without seeing him or having access in the same environments as him. To me I was fine as I had no explanation about the dreams or the other events and experiences with this man. I easily dismissed the dream as I did not know that anything like that was possible . Yes we can visit each other in dreams states but it is only with the permission of the other and then there is this also I was traveling flying to where this man was which upon waking I flew back but did not wake feeling like it was astral projection. I love those flying dreams like that. I had just about forgotten about the dream when a friend who went on the out of the country excursion approach me. see for me my desire to learn more about some subjects I wanted to make that yearly excursion with the group but I did not have enough money to eat let alone pay for such an excursion something else I used to dismissed te dream. My friend came up to me and asked if I talked to0 the man. I said no why would I what was up. She started to explain my name was mention he really was hurting and going through something. at first she thought I had some knowledge I did not but my face must have set something down with her as she began to back track and said that the man was going through something she thought I would have heard it was really bad. So then I wondered if the experience was new for both of us. I do not believe that I also was not nor will I ever know the friend reason for coming to me and telling me anything except that she said before stopping that my name was mention. The reasn was this was when everything escalated with considerable effort for his continuance harrassment and others telling me that I did something to this man he wanted to destroy me totally to a point of never coming back. My point is this and my avoiding this man had ended for a period of time. There were several periods of time that I felt if He just new who I was he would stop so I made myself and went out of my way to be in the same areas in hopes e would take the time or be open to know me. Maybe a short period it had felt at least he was accepting and respecting me enough to be in the same areas as him. But then He shown me that this was not true and continue to find justification and even spread lies and ear with others to recruit them into causing me harm. Even after I was done in that environment this man has mange to follow me to churches to get others to harassed as well as involve my children in being a part of his drive to cause me pain. I do not believe he is an alien but I do believe he is which I would not have said this before meeting him and his ally the little man that they are from this world but are not Humans like us. I know this is a lot, recently I began a study into ancient civilizations and archaeology discoveries of ancient skeletons as well as living arrangements under the Earth and some of the ancient myths of similar being as as humans with extraordinary powers. My point is this, that some of these alien experiences may not be with aliens from other planets but with other humanoids from our own planet as i researched I am finding more and more evidence that points to this possibility. Now with the tall unusual humanoid man it could be that I was part of the ultramk children group being that most are known to not have survived in a state of mental health or even to the point of K succombing to suicide. many who have DID which is popularly known as multi personality disorder were a part of this group of children who wee experimented on. I do not know exactly what this tall man work on with the CIA but I know CIA employees are always hired never retire . Maybe the intention was to hide the evidence of my experiences. Maybe I was never a part of the CIA anything. Either way it does not matter I do not believe that this person was humans like us, I believe he was from the same p-[lanet. I know recent experiences increase on the basis of my searching and reading about other information to explain some of these experiences… ah if you read this far or only read partially have any thoughts then please share. has anyone thought that maybe what they were experience with other life form may not have been an alien form? Could it be the opening up of other areas in the brain makes someone more susceptible to aliens experiences. Secondly please before experimenting or seeking to do things that yu may have experience during an encounter be careful and before beginning seek to know all the dangers in your actions? Thirdly has anyone else felt that they somehow acquire some ability through their experiences with meeting or interacting with other humanoid life forms whether from this world or another? How about other unusual abilities do you have any. I recently realized and found out that I am a true empath. There is scientific explanation that just under 10 percent of the population has this unique ability. also I am amberdexious, I am a synthestate, and I have an IQ that places me in the top two percent of the population. I am not boasting but wondering How similar I am to the rest here?: I think that there are many who experience the meeting of other humanoid life forms have found they possessed other traits that are documented but are in the low percentage of the population. i would not be surprise to find that most here have extremely high IQ many most likely IQ are even higher than mine. Has anyone thought about time travelers or that 8it is possible to have encounters with humans or others from another dimension?

    • Nick Mulleneaux says:

      I really don’t know how to put this but I was just partying with some friends at my house and I noticed out of nowhere around 3 in the morning that my watch was off 45 mins. I also have a sore of some sort appear in the back of my gums that was never there before on the lower right side of my wisdom tooth which i never had removed. I don’t know how my watch is off but Ive been looking at it for a while now and its not broken. It works just fine. I don’t know when something happened but I can vaguely remember a flash of light while i was sitting in my garage and I even got a video of the light as well. I also feel like I’m thinking a little differently now too. I feel lifted and energized somehow and its sort of a foreign feeling to me. Could someone please help me figure out whats going on cause I know there’s something definitely altered about the way I feel and I’d really like to talk to someone see if anyone else has had similar experiences.

  27. Oliver Coombes says:

    Hi Steve. Last night had a dream. I was looking at the night sky the all of a sudden the stars in Orion’s belt from right to left including some other star suddenly exploded and went supernova. Thinking about this reminded me of another dream where the Earth was destroyed and I was going to different types of planets. It probably isn’t relevant but I thought I might mention it.

    • Steven says:

      It’s not, the earth being destroyed is a warning of future events where A super-nova type explosion is dream language explaining a feeling you got, pertaining to a sudden understanding of the universe you has recently got, its an exciting time, basically you look at it as the beginning of infinite growth.

      • Michael says:

        Hi my name is Michael i want to share a encounter i had years ago when i was young i’m just only 23 now but this happened when i was like 7. I did something wrong and my mum locked me up in my room and was crying and all of a sudden saw a very bright light in front of me and i tried to shout couldn’t move or talk was scared and then after a while it just vanished. Ever since i haven’t experienced anything like that and been so interested in the unknown and aliens. I want to have and encounter with them again do you think they will come back?

        • Steven says:

          “If” it was indeed an encounter, it was a physical encounter and those come only to those with a mission which requires some assistance in life and as such I believe absolutely you will see them again, “If”

  28. michael says:

    hi, i am so worried about what has happened to me ive kept it a secret for years. Mainly because I fear being labled and or given medication I DO NOT NEED. I know what happened was real I just don’t know why it did.
    I recall memories of being taken from my bed and finding myself in a very bright room standing there , at first I was scared but a voice spoke to me and reassured me that I was safe which strangely put me at ease and I felt very much that I could trust this voice. Then the light brightened and I woke up in my bed. These events started to happen quite frequently and i tried to fob them off as dreams but deep down I knew that they weren’t. Each time I would find myself there I would ask too know why I was there and what the hell was going on and on one occasion I was shown around what I thought was a building by what looked like a man but just not quite right. skin pigment was like no race on earth and icey blue eyes. he told me that we were many miles from earth and that we were on the outer reaches of the system. ofcourse I refused to believe this so he took me to a room that had a huge window and there i saw a planetry body like none i have seen before, it took my breath away. it suddenly dawned on me that i was on a spaceship. I was so happy because i had always wanted to go to space .Then i asked him again why was i here to which he said, To help us grow as a people…What i said, to which he walked out and asked me to follow until we came to doorway and stopped he looked at me smiled and said they want to meet you too. who who the door opens and there must be at least 40 young girls all very similar looking with that strange skin tone and icey blue eyes. they were all about 6-7 years old then it dawned on me that the reason i was taken was so that they could take my dna and mix it to create hybrids. I asked him him if they were technically mine to which he nodded. He explained that the children were born on the ship. It all kinda made sense and i spoke with these children who all seemed so happy. so together they almost functioned as one it felt like they were connected somehow. Shortly after meeting these children and saying goodbye that familiar brightness came and i was back and that is my story. it ended as abruptly as it started but i often think about those children (my Girls) and what and where they are in this universe well thanks for reading guys and i would love some answers

    • Steven says:

      Creating life is not a simple matter even for aliens millions of years more advanced than we, and remains a project based largely trial and error. They will take carefully select DNA from hundreds and thousands of willing donors who would not be able to remember such an agreement but they did and hold the genetics keys to a successful new race, a race free of disease, or the need to eat or even defecate. You just happen to be one of those selected and willing donors. As a side note In the book Avalon by Von Yugen, The book’s main character Alex is taken briefly by a race of people who looked a little off, and who also had a light skin color which could only be perceived in 4th density and bright crystal clear blue eyes. The beings told them about the hybrid projects they were creating, why, how, when, and where, the being told them everything, but the characters remember nothing. They were taken as they were to be saved due to being very important figures in the coming age… Clearly this book is much more that a simple fictional tale, though it is written as a fictional story.

      • Tristan says:

        Hi Steven! I’m I’ve been wondering since you said many times that we aren’t allowed to consciously know that we are being abducted, why is that? And why haven’t they all introduced themselves to the entire world already? And um…I’ve been going through a lot lately and I really need help..but I can’t ask my family since they all have their own issues..I just wanted to ask you if you could ask them to visit me, maybe they would be able to help me.

        • Steven says:

          If contactees (which for most of our existence) could in fact remember every every detail of what we experience with aliens, those who were not contactees would round everyone up in a small padded room and lock the door in a best case scenario. Thus the rule of non interference, even now to even mention the word ‘think’ in reference to aliens will raise many eyebrows. Divorce may follow, job loss, family will disown you. I can tell you from experience that this is for the best. As for ‘if I can ask’ I cannot and have no control or will to control but only you have that ability and in fact you just asked them right now in the way that you need to in order to receive the visitation, but then how would you know except deep within the subconscious, though typically they will reveal themselves to you from a far just to confirm that they are indeed here and watching over you.

  29. Yvonne says:

    Hi Steve, my name is Yvonne, I’ve had a few dream of the space ships and one of them was hovering me at my old child good home . I tend to dream that I’m trying to find my way home and sometimes I end up there . Anyway the space ship had a computer out front of it and we all needed to type our names and age in it . Then press enter . Like they were taking count of all of us . Then another dream I had was I was on the moon and I was staring at a round silver space ship but I could see thru the windshield . His face was hard to remember but all I know is that he had a mean look on his face . He telepathically told me “WE ARE COMING” n then he had a grin on his face . Then I woke up. Do u know if it means anything ? Please let me know Steve thank u.

    • Steven says:

      This is a recall dream, though it is presented metaphorically in subconscious language, now typically when you dream of being vulnerable you are naked in the dream, but when it has to do with recall and aliens the feeling of vulnerability tends to present itself as a childhood state. Hovering means they are watching over you, aliens don’t use computers in the traditional sense but the fact that they keep meticulous records of you is thus being conveyed in this way in which you understand. And your last dream (still recall) you are on the moon thus acknowledging from a spiritual sense that you are not of this world, when you see someone through a window in a dream this is their soul, and thus you here are having a soul to soul conversation and his facial expressions only solidify that you are still feeling vulnerable in their presence.

  30. Mona says:

    My name is Mona.
    I dont know whether to believe what my son was just explaining to me or not. He is 12 years old and told me what he experienced when he was younger. But, the details on his story are so familiar to all the stories I have read on line. I have looked up on so many UFO abductions and now I am kinda concern.
    When my son was about 7 years old, he was playing hide and go seek outside with his older cousin and a friend at my mother’s apartment complex. For a few seconds, he was urged to look up in the sky and sgirlsat appeared to be a shiny long stick flying high above in sky. Then he rubbed his eyes and looked up again and it was gone. He stated he didn’t think any thing of it. So he continued to play with his cousin and friend.
    So, he was the one who was seeking and my niece and her friend were the Ines who were hiding. My son said he went looking for them, what seemed to be for a long time. He started to panic because he could not find them. He went all around the apartments looking for them. He even went inside my mothers house and he found no one inside. Not even my mother. He said he panicked even more because there was a very strange thing that he saw that was not normal. The living room sofa was tilted in a forward position but nothing else was touched. He got scared and proceeded to go find the girls outside again. At that point, he was looking through some bushes. He clearly heard my niece’s voice screaming his name then that is when he blacked out and said he remembers seeing flashes and swirling of lights inside his eyelids. The next thing he remembers is waking up inside my mothers apartment with my mother there and the girls. He does not remember if he woke up on my mom’s bed or on the sofa.
    And that is all he remembered from that day. He told me that he remembers those specific details till this day and like if it were just yesterday. He as well, I have noticed that, he has a high interest in knowing, seeing, and hearing about extraterritorial things such as UFOs, aliens, aircraft. And also, is very interested in getting in the military and working for the secret service. That’s pretty odd for a 12 year old boy.. What do you think on my situation!? LMK! Thanks

    • Steven says:

      He sounds like me at twelve; and yes, it is odd and I had a number of similar experiences, though if he got hit hard somehow he could also have blacked out, might explain the sister screaming, Aliens wouldn’t have touched the sofa, but someone hiding under or behind would. There is nothing here that would make me think for certain he was taken, most likely not. They would have found a more appropriate time to do it unless he is special and they were intervening in a dangerous situation he was in.

  31. Luis Torresclemente says:

    Alright I stumbled upon this website out of curiosity. I’ve read through some of these experiences and I feel I need to possibly mention things I feel may have never been apart of my initial concern.

    When I was really young maybe a year old or so (I have hazy memories, I was to young to speak but had full understanding of my surroundings not sure how to describe it; my parents said I started walking at 7 months old) when it began, I remember being able to feel weightless and just float. I would lay in bed and by closing my eyes and eventually with eyes open the room would brighten up, and next thing I know I’m floating in the air and floating and flipping around with that tickling feeling you get from a sudden drop of a roller coaster. And I would laugh and giggle and just feel completely at ease and one of my parents would come check on me and I would suddenly instantly hit the bed with a hard stud and the lights would go back to normal and they would ask me if I was ok, and that would be it. This happened everyday for roughly 3 or 4 years, possibly up to 7[some of it is hazy], that I can remember. I tried telling my mom about it and she’d tell me stop being silly I had a vivid imagination, then I would have a subconscious voice who I named Connie (Connie spoke to me very often and always seemed to take me 1-2 steps out of harms way). When I told my father about it he kind of smiled and said I use to experience this as well when I was little (Connie also begged me not to mention it to my father after he/it told me not to ever mention it to my mom again). Instantly afterwards there was a small creature very similar looking to Smeagal from lord of the rings with Red eyes petting the angel stand of this small crystal table my mom has with 3 angels as the legs and it looked at the both of us panicked and ran away diving I want to say through the window but it didn’t break it, it’s like it passed through it as I guess a ghost would? But it disappeared. Later that night that was the last night I remember being able to just float at will (I did it every night from just pure enjoyment and these conversations I’d have with Connie (which I don’t remember at all now- I just remember I would say I wouldn’t stand there or I wouldn’t step there and something would fall at that spot and it always happened after conversations with Connie). Well that night I remember hearing Connie tell me you did bad you shouldn’t of told your father and I began feeling violent shakes. It was no longer fun and felt very uncomfortable and like Connie was angry. I remember being shaken and blacking out and waking up to my mom opening the door asking if I was ok seconds after I fell to the bed like normal but I felt like I was thrown down onto the bed. I had a slight headache. The next day this headache grew to a full fledged migraine headache. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with migraine headaches by the doctor and all of a sudden began getting injured quite often. I stopped hearing Connie’s voice as often and eventually all together. I went roughly 5 or 6 years with having a severe sprain or a broken/fractured bone. With types of accidents I normally would avoid with Connie’s voice presence. (I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything but thought I’d add on to my original concern). But I gained an ability. I never had a word for it until I met my tennis coach in high school, I just thought it was just pure athleticism, but I had photographic muscle memory. I could literally watch anyone do something and I would go and do it EXACTLY like them to either almost the same effect or to the same effect.

    One day I woke up (completely new house from the last one I had, been about 8 years since I lived in that last house) and that same bright light I remember from when I was floating as a child but very very faint was coming through my window. I looked at the window and nothing. Then that voice of Connie came into my head (I haven’t heard from it for years; it kind of scared me) I’ve been looking for you, I’m sorry. But the voice sounded older, more mature and kind of distorted. I was overcame with a panic but a sense of calmness at the same time because I knew the voice. I went outside and looked up at the sky. Completely clear sky where you could see every star in the sky clearly and twinkling. I hear Connie’s voice again and he/it says I need to tell you something and the bright light from my room as a child came back, but was WAY brighter than normal and brought a wind to it. I blank out at that point and I feel my dad tapping me on the shoulder in the backyard as I’m kneeling down shirtless and he tells me where have you been? Get inside the foods ready. I remember blacking out in the middle of the night 2, maybe 3 o’clock in the morning, and my dad tapped me on the shoulder in broad daylight around noon or so… 3 days later. I remember nothing for these 3 days, but since that day I get random tingles in my right hand at times, my migraines went away (for the most part), and I never heard Connie’s voice again.

    I can see a bright light in the sky above the distant mountain in the far view that gets very bright and orange and just sits there, randomly once a month. I’m drawn to it and it urkes my curiosity, but brings a calmness to me. I’ve heard of others saying they’ve seen it to, but seeing how we live down the street from an air force base we haven’t thought much of it.

    I don’t know if this entails anything but if anyone could give me some type of insight to this of what they might believe it might bring me some closure. I’ve only told 3 people about this, and none have laughed atleast not to my face.

    • Steven says:

      I’ve never heard of alien encounters like that. I’ve also never heard or seen an alien that looked like that either, but I know you shouldn’t have such a clear memory either leading me to believe this is just your mind trying to communicate the circumstances in a metaphorical way which just came out like that in your mind.

      • Luis Torresclemente says:

        Alright thanks. I’ve just been thinking about it a lot lately and whenever I remember anything about it over the years I jot it down in a notebook I have. My dad swears up and down he saw it too. But I haven’t had any form of contact since the 3 day missing time period. Only weird thing that’s happened since is when my grandma passed away every single light in my house turned on and back off them a minute later I got a phone call from my cousin saying my grandma passed away. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me trying to piece it together to try and rationalize what happened but me and my dad both saw the weird creature. I don’t know if the two are related but that night was the last night I had the floating feeling. Thanks for trying to help out though. Greatly appreciate it. I’ve thought about maybe sitting with a psych and seeing if there might be something behind it. Maybe try some hypnosis or something to figure it out. I’ll keep you updated if anything new happens or I learn anything else.

      • Kerry Haworth says:

        Really glad u posted this as never heard anyone have same experience. I remember being 2 and an orange orb which i thought was sun coming closer. Felt bit shocked as was coming through window flew all over my room then stopped in front of me and cant remember what i saw. Saw the lady aswell i remember her saying im here on earth for special important reason and i have to make a choice when older. Im now 35 went through teenage yrs with a strande grim reaper man and lights outside and ufo/ an iel would visit everynight and a pidgeon kept coming every day to my window. Even in our house ehen we came home in living room we let it go would sray everyday in winter go then come back following year. I was left with psychic/healing/telekenetik/abilities/ I know when things are about to happen. Get day ja vout a lot. I tried to surpress all these things as i was scared. Many years later was in garden and orange orb came floating towards me then backed off and shot off at some speed never seen. Dont know what all this means but just wanted to share my experience. I only ever told my mum.

  32. Jeremy says:

    maybe you can help.. for about ten years ive had these paralyzed dream states with voices.. at first terrifying. its always dark, lights dont work,etc. Sometimes, my dead grandmother comes and lays beside me and im not scared. but several years ago i was able to pull myself up from this paralyzed state and walk around…i tried turning on the lights but nothing. anyway, this happens about once a week. I am able to walk through walls and go outside. sometimes i just fly around. i can feel the wind in my face, it feels real for i know that i am somehow still in my bed. I have always been able to wake myself from a dream and this was no different. I wake myself up and back in my bed. HOWEVER, the more i do this the more i realize something is pulling me. The first time i let it pull me. I was moving so fast that i couldnt see anything in front of me, but managed to turn around and what i saw dumbfounded me. it was a brilliant neon city in such detail that i cant describe now. There were UFOs flying around and ended up at a place where i was given a headband (i think) or cap that neutralized me (it made me calm) and everyone had caps on. eventually i woke up. convinced it was a dream. Then again it happened this time i saw the neon (walmart looking place )but passed by. eventually i was met by horsemen and a vampire. Which sounds weird, but let me explain. For the first time in this state, the Vampire (cant remember his name JAck johnny started with a J) he made all the lights work. Ive been having this experience for a lot of years , and my house is always dark. But this one time he completely lit up my house and the fear was gone. Usually i go through the wall, and the moon becomes my light. THE HORSEMEN wanted to battle, BUT I WOKE UP. i also remember hovering over the earth and seeing little fires around. like i was in a plane or something. Anyway The vampire pointed me to new orleans but i was too scared and woke myself up.PROBABLY just a vivid dream i guess.
    BUT LAST NIGHT, the same thing except I WALKED THROUGH THE WALL, AND felt something pulling me. i realized i had a crystal mask on, took it off and the wind blew my hair . i started flying backwards . I WAS scared, then i remembered something i had read about love. so i tried to fill myself with love and instantly i was in a room surrounded by human looking aliens.. They all had similar suits BUT different colors. THE FEMALE LOOKING ONES had long hair and i want to say silver eyes. The male looking ones . looked mostly normal but with one eye.. ONE TOUCHED MY EAR AND i tryed to talk but no response. So i thought “How am i to communicate” and i heard a voice “coming from my Right Ear in english telling me that i would be ok. IT SOUNDED LIKE an announcer from the 1950s or something. He told me basically they wanted to do an exam. Then one of the female looking people had these silver balls that moved by themselves and she put it on the floor and it moved up my leg. i said no whats it doing? i was scared. The voice in my ear. Said Its just an exam. I asked plainly wheres it going then the voice said “asshole” he told me it wouldnt be long. and sure enough that is what happened then i heard a beep beep and it came out. Not gonna say what happened next except a strange looking brown creature cleaned up the mess . THIS WAS WEIRD. IT was then that i woke up in my bed. but for several minutes after i awoke in my bed . i was still able to communicate with the voice in my head.. AFTER THAT I WENT BACK TO sleep AND the voice was manifest into a kid in my dream. he proceeded to show me how to move through what i knew at this point was just a dream. because i instantly noticed things out of place, family being the wrong age, etc. BUT THE voice stayed with me. I awoke from this and kind of wondering what kind of experience is going on here. is this a dream from too many scifi movies or somekind of real contact. IT HAS BEEN a little over 24 hours since this anal probe . if this is real. im kinda not sure. I AM A CHRISTIAN. I AM NOT SCARED since its probably a dream but WONDERING if anybody has had similar contact with “aliens” but they didnt like to be called that. Anyhow, just tell me what you think. THANKS for your time, and sorry so long but thats the whole story that i know of about my out of body experiences. Jeremy

    • Steven says:

      I can say with some degree of certainty you are among the few on this planet who can Astral travel. Meaning you can disconnect from your body at will. Aliens can induce this as well as its an easier way to communicate. What people dont understand is that the physical body is socially and biologically programmed and goes on about it’s business even when our souls are gone. When it returns the spirit will often try to communicate to the physical brain what it had experienced which isn’t always clear speech. When you astral travel you are no longer subject to time or dimension. Thus often you will see alien civilizations which are in the same space, only living in a different dimension and these are numerous. Only about 1 in around 50,000 have this ability to disconnect and this is a sign of great spiritual age maturity and development. It takes thousands of incarnations in order to develop this skill which is a spiritual skill, not a physical one. I certainly cannot, not at will anyway. But it is not a good thing necessarily, it’s considered skipping out on school, as this world is our schoolhouse. But when one figures out the skill, its very tempting to “take a little detour, cheat a little you know.”

  33. jakball says:

    I can’t believe I found this article In 1995 my brother and I were both contacted telepathically by a strange little alien face that we could see in the distance ,really in a trance ,on different occasions and It communicated with us by answering yes or no nods but it was all telepathic and it was very strange but not frightening..and then in 2000 I had a miscarriage and happened to go to the hospital at the exact time I was having it And They removed an intact egg With an umbilical cord leading to no fetus and I thought this was very very strange and I signed papers for them to send to the Mayo Clinic to be further tested as the doctors were shocked to see this ..And 5 years later I had a dream aliens were trying to drag me away from where I was sleeping and I woke up just in time For them to go away And the day after that my right leg went so numb I rolled I sprained my ankle because my foot was completely numb and I hurt myself pretty good! The article puts all of these things together and it just really blows my mind I don’t know what to make of it, but it gives me validation where before were just question marks. The thing for me is that I’m a Christian and I believe that aliens are demons and so To me it’s all just spiritual warfare-But it’s still scary as hell .

    • Steven says:

      If you read through the comments you’ll see that you are far from alone in this and I explain much about why, and how, and who, and when, and even what this is all about. Many are strong devout Christians as well as was I, and I say that in past tense because the religious part of my soul has evolved since leaving still a very spiritual side who still very much believes in both Jesus and God, and for good and valid reasons this time.

  34. Anthony says:

    My name is Anthony the begining of this year a friend and i were outside my home in staten island NY. I looked up to the sky and noticed this very odd shaped object it was a silver metallic color it was very oddly shaped long like a cigar however it was about 6 circles
    OOOOOO like so the object moved about 8 miles in a split second and stopped dead in its tracks instantly my jaw hit the floor, after that my friend and i were in total shock and awe then very slowly it moved in a weird v type pattern it then shot straight up over an additional 3000 feet or so it was very hard to see at this point cause now it was in the suns path i quickly ran inside got my camera and started taking photos around 8to10 minutes later it came back down on a slanted pattern it was now just about 12 to 1500 feet off the ground i took 5 excellent photos of it just about 4 minutes after the photos it started to admit lighted color from inside the craft glowing kinda hard to explane well then the circles seperated and then they circled arou d one another and one by one the shot off in all different directions fast and they all met back up underneath eachother and just like that gone i look at my photos at least 4 times a week it was truely amazing. Since that incodent ive witnessed single orb like craft on mre than 7 occasions with other witnesses so i no iam not going crazy . what does tbis mean cause to me it seems like if iam outside star gazing and i think to myself iam gonna see a ufo i have been i feel as if they no i want to see them as weird as this sounds i no also recently iam missing time i can be on my coach watching a movie by myself with my dog and suddenly i go blank then i feel like i fall back into my bodyand my dog barks like crazy when it happens iam not saying ive been abducted cause i csnt colaborate my memories with what is goinv on do you have any thoughts for me sorry for such a long story but i need you to get the facts.

    • Steven says:

      You’re seeing the pleiadians who have extensive operations around the earth and have been here for tens of thousands of years. They were granted permission to be our guides through human life. Throughout history when you read about angels in the bible ‘they who seem to glow, they who have halos or wings’ which is just the reflection of the light they emit on a back wall while speaking to them. They teach us, they guide us, they often answer prayers telepathically. But they show themselves to their emissaries to let them know they are not alone here on earth as they often feel alone being so different. But yes, when you’re feeling terribly alone, you can look up into the night sky sometimes you may see a little twinkle up there. Today however there are over two thousand races which are helping man through a very challenging time of transformation; the goal is to ease mankind into a fourth density and fifth dimensional environment, to know of our brothers and sisters out side the borders of earth to travel in ships that can move a hundred thousand times the speed of light, to travel in time, to creat new life, and preserve the old, to feel more spiritual than physical, to be telepathic and to even speak with souls, to have four times the intelligence as we do know, it’s a shock at first and to have help is much appreciated. Just having cars which we can push a peddle and everything is thus automatic, two hundred years ago seeing this would have sent one to the hospital going into shock. All these many modern concepts have come from higher sources indirectly through them incarnating here on earth as a human.

    • Lyric Howe says:

      You already answered one of my questions about a dream but I just recently had another dream about two days ago it was me walking into my bedroom and the room was pitch black I felt something over take me like I was being possessed and I emitted a low growl into the darkness of my room I wasn’t even in completely the door was cracked but I remember trying to fight it off so I controlled my body which was really hard to do and turned the light on (the light switch is right by my bedroom door) a pinkish light filled my eyes because they were closed for some reason but afterwards I ran off and started to cry and freak out and told my aunt about it while she comforted me it’s still kind of freakish going into my room and I’ve been having a hard time sleeping because of that dream I would like to know what it meant if you could tell me thanks in advance

      • Steven says:

        Try and remember these dreams are just visual metaphors. What is your bedroom but your personal space, the possession is someone trying to control you within your space. It feels violating to you, you take a defensive stand against the controlling force. The light shows you know who it is now. could be someone in your life snooping around your room, phone, computer, it’s violating. This dream is simply going over the days events, it’s a dream a teenager would have. It can also be a circumstance you only know about subconsciously and your subconscious mind may be trying to warn your conscious mind which may be in the pink color after turning on the light to reveal the perpetrator.

  35. Oliver Coombes says:

    Whenever I get abducted a few hours before I get a strange feeling like i know they’re coming. But recently I have been getting a different feeling, like a storm is coming, I feel like something big is going to happen. I’ve been having this feeling for a while now and it’s only getting stronger. It can’t be a coincidence, there is an increase in UFO sightings, government admits to command centre for ground and space defence. Something big is coming, you have been warned.

  36. Isis says:

    I need to know what this could possibly mean. I recently found out some creepy stuff about me and my mother regarding “aliens”. My mom told me she was pregnant with me but I had “problems”, something was not right, so the doctor ordered her to stay in bed, barely move for months, just to make sure nothing would happen to me. Me and my dad were watching a documentary about aliens, in which somebody stated that “aliens” do procedures on pregnant women. When my mom heard that she decided to tell me and my dad something. When she was pregnant with me, she said she had a “dream”. She was laying down in her bed next to my dad, when she randomely saw “aliens” operating on her, however she was paralyzed she couldn’t do anything or move. She saw lights above her and she saw as they were operating on her stomach. She says that they operated on me, took me out, and then put me back in. She couldn’t do anything, she couldn’t scream, talk, move, as if they were controlling her. I was so freaked out, because I also admitted to them that when I was little I had encountered and seen a UFO hovering in the roof of a house, as I was watching out of my grandparents balcony. Their house is on a mountain so I could overlook a lot. That night I happened to see a UFO hovering over a house. I was so in awe of it. I didn’t wanna move cause I didn’t want it to disappear. I was too little to think anything of it. I wanted to record it but I didn’t have a phone. I called my grandparents over, and asked them if it was a UFO and they calmly said it was. That they have seen quite a few as if it were nothing.
    What do you think this means?

    • Steven says:

      Your mother’s dream was recall there is no dream language associated with what you told me. And if it were indeed recall there is only one reason to give assistance to a mother of a non-hybrid child like yourself, and that is if you were to serve a greater purpose. But yes you would be watched regularly until what ever your mission is surfaces.

  37. Oliver Coombes says:

    Hi Steve. Since that comment I have had more missing time and other strange things. First is something I don’t think I said which is I have a scar on my left wrist smaller than a centimetre which my mum doesn’t know where it certainly from. Also I had this weird dream that didn’t feel like a dream it was filled with people from TV or people I remember seeing. Anyway in the dream the sky was filled with UFOs, they where everywhere. Also I had 20 minutes missing time on Saturday and with meditation I think I remember what happened though I don’t trust it as I have a quite good imagination so I don’t know what is memory or imagination. Anyway here it is. I was in bed lying down, then a bright white light appears and I float up go through my roof and flout into the sky. Also I would like to note that I am paralyzed. Continuing a bright flash appears and I am in a room surrounded by 2 other people and we are wearing this weird surgery gown (The room is slightly dark grey with white lights in the corners between roof and wall) the kind you wear before having an operation. Then a tall grey man with long fingers came in and lead me out the room, we turned left and I saw a window and out it I saw Earth. We went down this hall and past 2 rooms and we turned left again into an operating room. There where two other aliens exactly the same in appearance. Then that is where the memory/imagination ends.

    • Steven says:

      The dream with people from tv is a metaphor for people whom you know very well spiritually, and subconsciously but not consciously and physically. Thus its a meeting with those from your past, who are very much still with you subconsciously,for your subconscious brain to tell you this is difficult without these metaphors and can be so accurate that each television personality will match the true character of those from your past; but anyway all of this you’re explaining is recall.

  38. Sandra says:

    I had a vivid dream where i woke up in a chamber full of people sleeping in their “patient outfit”. I saw some tubes that contained blueish/white/greyish liquid, i saw a man named patrick telling me “it’s gonna be okay”. It felt like i was in space though cuz i could see stars etc. is this just a dream? N i have a regular dream where someone(could it be an alien) approach me but i cant do anything, i cant remember what happens next but it feels so real when they approach me. Btw im so curious about extraterrestrial beings n gets so excited when i hear/see anything related with outer space, ufo, aliens,.. Sorry for bad english, not my first language:)

  39. AJ says:

    Hi, I had a very strange dream last night. Before the dream, I was having trouble falling asleep (I had woken around 4:00 AM), I felt unsafe, like something was in the room with me, but this is not too unusual for me as I do have a fear of the dark, and some nights its stronger. It’s an irrational fear.

    When I eventually fell asleep, I had the shortest dream of my life; I couldn’t see anything, but it was like I was having a conversation with myself (it physically manifested in the form of my phone screen). The other me told me that in falling asleep, I had opened my mind to “them”, and that’s when I started to feel this intense tingling sensation in my left lobe, and my other me was saying “wake up wake up wake up”. I was so afraid of the sensation and what was happening that I woke up, and the tingling was still there for several moments before it stopped. When I checked the time, 27 minutes had passed, and I can’t shake the feeling that something happened to me.

    I should mention that I have a scar on the top of my cranium, towards the left side. I’m not sure what caused it but it’s old, according to a doctor. When I get headaches, that’s where they are situated, but the headaches feel nothing like what I felt in my dream. It’s almost like my brain was going numb.

    I don’t know what to think. I’m feeling nervous and paranoid, and I can’t stop touching my head. Can you give me some insight, or maybe even assure me that it was just a bad dream?


    • Steven says:

      In the dream you were indeed talking to yourself your body and soul often communicate together but the brain has to figure out a way to visually interpret the communication, and in this case it was a cell phone. But the communication clearly told you that you had set up a direct channel with them, what you think is happening is what is happening. You subconsciously know this already.

  40. at0311 says:


    Great website! Thanks for having this for people to share their experience.

    Around the age of 19 (I was a trouble making teenager) and one night had a very vivid dream (if it was a dream). I remember something resembling a standing coat hanger wearing a trench coat (I could not see the body), next to the foot of my bed with a bright glowing blue light shining from where the head would be. I assumed it was the eyes. I have never seen any other lights like this one. It felt peaceful and I was not afraid, but I do remember being afraid that I could not move my body. In my mind I heard the words “All you have to do is run and jump.” To this day I remember this well, but am not sure what the words meant. There is also one instance of what could be missing time for me when I was a kid around 13 years old. I also have an unexplained surgery looking scar on my left shoulder, it is about 3-4 inches long. Any insight or advice that you have for me is greatly appreciated as lately I have been obsessed with aliens. Thank you in advance. Have a great day!

  41. Oliver says:

    Hi I really don’t have any special stories to tell as my mind was probably wiped or something but twice when I was younger I woke up and i was completely paralyzed for a few minutes and then I was able to move again. I would like to see a hypnotist but the thing is I have several problems preventing me, first is I am only 15 second is that as I am not 100% sure whether or not I really was abducted I don’t want to waste my money so that is why. Also one day I woke up with a tiny scar on my left wrist and it is still there to day, dunno what it is or how it got there, and looking up for a few things the experiences are very similar. I honestly don’t know whether or not I was abducted but I would like to find out. Please help me. Also how would the whole mind erase thing work I have always wondered this. Would you just suddenly wake up or would you experience it then forget it like a dream?

    Last night I generally think I was abducted because it was no dream at all, instead something weird happened. It was late between about 10pm and the wind started to pick up, drastically as in it was very windy, then there was a flash of lightning and after a few seconds the thunder. After a bit it was approaching very quickly and was becoming more frequent. This is why I was wide awake. Then roughly 11pm is when I checked the time, and a good thing to because a second later I went from siting up to lying down and when I checked the time again it was 2pm! 3 hours went by instantly! and before you say oh i just fell asleep, I didn’t both before and after the 3 hour jump I was completely awake, and I didn’t suddenly wake up because that feels different. I was siting up then lying down 3 hours later I didn’t fall asleep or move myself and the storm went away as well. I was really terrified, if you can do anything to help or maybe help me get in contact with those who abducted me that would mean a great deal to me. I’m quite scared and want help and my mum doesn’t believe me so I got no one else to seek for help, I am begging you!

    Also is it possible that the next time you contact these aliens, that you could tell them to visit me. I am constantly in fear of them, and just to be able to talk to them would be enough to get rid of them I think. Please reply with your response it would mean a lot to me if you did this.

    • Kerry Haworth says:

      If you imagine when lying down quietly in bed you come float out your body through the walls into the sky. Flying fast through the sky above the houses and look up high in the sky and shout where are you i cant find you. Make sure you fly back to your body after. You will find you will notice a lot more things happening in the coming weeks.

  42. Adela says:

    Thank you for your reply, Steven 🙂
    Whoa, it was deep! It’s def given me some ideas to what the dreams meaning could be.
    You are so kind to try and help us all with these rather strange things we ask you. I’m sure a lot (most?) of the people who leave messages for you here can’t really talk about this stuff to the people we know. Warm regards.

    • Adrian says:

      About a year ago I was waken up by a bright light shining threw my window. So I wen’t to check it out. When I walked up to it a figure tuched my hed and thats wen I found myself past out on my flour. Now I am having these dreams were I am in a room with sighns that i don’t understand on the walls.

  43. Adela says:

    I had a dream ages ago, like maybe 10 or so, that I have never been able to forget. I’ve looked for possible meanings in so many places but to no avail. It would be amazing if you could tell me what you think. I’m walking on long wide beach with golden sand. My mother is with me (which is strange cos we don’t get along and I hardly ever see her). Huge ships are falling from the blue sky, one at a time, all around us. I am not afraid, but we def try to dodge them before they land. I felt so real and magical.

    • Steven says:

      You would not be able to get a meaning from this dream Adela at least not from any reference book. And the reason is a lot of the language meaning changes with other things going on, it’s a puzzle to be put together, the color red could mean fire or balloon or love, you don’t know until you put at least most of it together first, so every detail is vitally important, the more the better. But I get the feeling that this is a spiritual message, and indeed about your spiritual relationship with your mother. The sand of the beach, the waters of the ocean, and the colors of gold all mean infinity but in their own way. Together it is saying your mother and you are bonded together forever the golden sand in reinforcing this by saying you are each one part of a whole. Its much easier for the soul to understand this, but for more advanced spirits there are expressions of love which are all different, as in polar opposites, all expressing love differently, whether it be through accommodation, un-permissiveness, confidence, humility, generosity or conservatism, love is also expressed internally in a more selfish way through fear, which cause us to manifest these same expressions of love much differently, rather than being accommodating they become disobliging, or demanding, or self deprecating, or arrogant, self-destructive, and greedy. these are all ways we express our love, this energy we have within, whether it be for yourself or for others, the sand is the infinity of your relationship in this setting, the gold would be the polarizing expressions of your relationship, in this spiritual context, gold light, is completeness, all 12 of these expressions have manifested themselves through you, if you ever see the way light bends through a prism and can put all the colors together they will turn a golden color, thus you are complete, this everlasting life, you have built, this relationship, you can’t understand it all physically, but spiritually you do understand, you are much more than just you, there are expressions of yourself, through other lives, experiencing life in other ways, this dream is saying you and your mother are in this infinity together, expressing love in very different ways, but together you are a part of a whole. The ships are all parts of you, different expressions, they are your home your families, your best friends and they are also your adversaries, every one of them. When they fall however, it’s saying these other parts of you lack confidence, either you lack confidence in others, or others lack confidence in you, but where you are dodging them you must be able to stay strong enough in these emotional attacks that you will survive. All of this is internal, it’s complex, wish I could describe things better, but the spirit and the subconscious are so very different extensions of ourselves that it’s very difficult to understand or even explain.

      • Nicole says:

        STEVE! i need help! I just woke up from the most vivid dream i even drew pictures like a comic book to describe the experiance, i didnt see aliens but i saw lost of other humans and hybrids, anyways my main concern is that one of them sat me down like a one on one interview and he told me i had to get an IV or IVU or IVF scan???? I cant remember which one but he said next time i need it done and that i would be ready please tell me wtf that means!!!!!

        • Steven says:

          This is a memory not a dream, and IVF is a means of combining sperm with eggs to create a hybrid life form. They do periodic scans to monitor its progress and after 17 weeks they will take it out. They do this because there is no better substitute for the early weeks of child development than the mothers womb, but after 17 weeks its safe enough to remove and put in an incubator. And this also helps to keep you the mother from being negatively affected by the project. So basically next time they see you it should be removed. But you should not have memories of all this, and they have an ability to remove much of the evidence you are even pregnant, so literally you should not be affected in any way.

      • Chelsea says:

        Hey Steven, I’m new to this site so I’m not sure how to leave a comment some where so I’m just gonna reply to this comment so you see it.
        A while ago, when I was still living with my parents, my little sister and I shared a room together and slept in a twin sized bed. She was on one end and I was on the other. I was probably about 21 years old at the time so about 3 years ago this all started. My sister and I got into this episode series called Ancient Aliens for a long time. One day I was dreaming of something and towards the end of the dream I hear someone say “Wake up, alien! There’s an alien, wake up.” I woke up on my back with my head bent back a little bit. I was completely paralyzed, couldn’t move or speak. I tried rocking my body over on my side and failed. I look over the corner of my eye I see a tall skinny brown creature standing at the side of my bed looking at my sister but she was asleep. I tried saying her but couldn’t. It wasn’t night time either. I think it was around 7 in the morning. I’m not sure what all this means but I do believe it was an alien visit. But why was it standing near my sister? What did it want. Why did it paralyze me?
        Please let me know! Thank you~

        • Steven says:

          If you had this experience with your sister then it is most likely you were put in this family unit together for a divine reason. You were sisters before you came here and when you leave you will still be sisters. This is rarely the case, most people don’t get to have their previous family with them and go through life feeling very alone.

    • D says:

      I was in bed and had a dream last night.. but it felt so vivid and real. I heard my dog moan a little and I seen something standing next to me and I couldn’t move and my eyes closed and I seen a few lights through my eyelids.. a couple were like a laser light shining in my eyes in a circular motion.. And my whole body was shaking because I was scared to death and i couldnt make any large movements as well.. There were more in the room but I’m not sure how many but I believe there was one on my husbands side of the bed as well.. As soon as they left the room which seemed to be very quick I sat up and seen one from the door way standing in my kitchen and I said what or what are you and I tapped my husband on the shoulder and said I’m having a really bad dream.. And I went back to sleep.. But was i asleep? Today .. I feel like it was real? Is that crazy? I have never been interested in aliens buy I did see a UFO when I was a child and just remebered it today.. Why did I forget? I don’t want to tell anyone in my family because they’ll think I’m crazy lol

  44. Jadus81 says:

    Yesterday I went to bed and had a weird dream,i saw myself tied to a bed in some type of room and a bright light shining to my face.I saw three gray guys looking at me and could not tell what they were, it was spooky so I saw myself breaking loose from this bed In my dream and woke up 2 all the smoke alarms in my house going off,I had to take the batteries out because they wouldn’t stop making noise.I don’t believe In aliens or ufos because I’ve never seen them but what happend last night was weird. I’m a construction worker and I think of myself a brave guy so I’m not affraid,I just wanted to share and get any thoughts.

    • Steven says:

      This was a recall dream as we are not allowed to consciously know what they tell us. We are however allowed to use our subconscious minds to be a middleman for this information. You being tied to a bed is dream language for being forced into something. The bright light is information, depending on the intensity depends on how much information and how fast you received it. Sometimes it can come as a direct download right into the brain. These meetings always happen in threes. If you read through the comments, everyone experiences meeting three greys. And this is because they travel in threes on special missions. And in this case their mission was you, to deliver information your going to need in the future as subtly as possible. You don’t have to believe in them, it makes no difference either way, they will help you regardless as it only matters what is in the heart.

      • Oliver says:

        Hi I really don’t have any special stories to tell as my mind was probably wiped or something but twice when I was younger I woke up and i was completely paralyzed for a few minutes and then I was able to move again. I would like to see a hypnotist but the thing is I have several problems preventing me, first is I am only 15 second is that as I am not 100% sure whether or not I really was abducted I don’t want to waste my money so that is why. Also one day I woke up with a tiny scar on my left wrist and it is still there to day, dunno what it is or how it got there, and looking up for a few things the experiences are very similar. I honestly don’t know whether or not I was abducted but I would like to find out. Please help me. Also how would the whole mind erase thing work I have always wondered this. Would you just suddenly wake up or would you experience it then forget it like a dream?

        • Steven says:

          The mind perceives through(chemicals) combined with electrical stimulation, its very easy for them to manipulate a mind doing this, some on earth have also discovered ways of manipulating the brain in similar ways. They do it telepathically, simply by triggering the right chemicals and implanting the thoughts they would like you to think, and like your dreams which seemed so real, you will have these memories implanted consciously over your missing time which was recorded only in the subconscious making the truth seem like a dream and the made up reality seem real.

  45. John Doe says:

    Well hell, so what do you do if everything mentioned on here has happened to you? Without elaborations,i have never, ever thalked about this with anyone, only my wife and asked her nit to think i was some kjnda dingbat, with a lump in my throat, everything he has listed has happened to me, and scarey enough, in that exact order. As i was reading them im troubled, everything from waking up with a sunburn, feeling from my waste up. I always, i mean…I always wear a shirt. And just so happened i woke up shirtless and burnt. I also woke up before with a scab in my upper part of my ear, thought maybe i scratched it, started cleaning it up and there was a small thing inside, about a month later it felt like a bb, I STILL HAVE IT IN MY EAR DUDE! Just finished playing with it, i do all the time. Ive alway wonder what the hell, i was always scared it was like cancer or something. I googled tonight,..and found out i am experencing telepathic ability, i actually emailed a guy about having some tests done, and then last but not least i find this article…wow..hey guy who owns this site…hit my email up.

    • Kerry Haworth says:

      I had a scab on my leg for no reason from many years ago. Kept picking at is as it felt like a ball bearing underneath my skin. I dont know how a bog ball under there from a scab that just appeared. I mess with it a lot as annoys me. Even went doctors to remove it and he wont said its. A cosmeti. Thing cos i keep picking at it over the years.

  46. tera says:

    Hi Steve, my story I wanted to tell you is about 10 or 11 years ago me my family were asleep on the livingroom floor. WEll I had the urge to urinate so I open my eyes barely seen a alien doin something to my belly I closed my eyes again for 5 secs then opened them up again the alien was gone. then I ole up walked through the diningroom as I was pass in through something caught my eyes i walked backwards slowly then I froze I seen a big Orange saucer sittin on top of the train tracks then I slowly tip toe to the kitchen got my husband binoculars out of the drawer then i went back to the livingroom window it was still there. So i slowly put binoculars to my eyes then looked out the window then it totally disappeared just like that. Then next morning I told my husband about it he didn’t believe me. I see black shadows at night and don’t like my closet door open all the time. I feel like people watching me outside I hear like knocking sounds I hear tones in my ears my ears ringing I feel like someone touching me when I am in bed at nite I have strong vibrating in my body and my right arm tingle in my fingers what u think about this Steve!

    • Steven says:

      Feeling vibrations is indicative of Alpha brain waves and so is seeing the shadows. Tingling in the fingertips and ringing in the ears is indicative of a slow heartbeat also attained by the Alpha brain waves. And the ability to consciously witness a close encounter can only come from the Alpha brain. You are experiencing normal things except it is not normal to remember them consciously. You are able to speak fluently with your subconscious mind. You probably seem very intuitive to those around you.

      • Nathaniel says:

        When I was about six yrs old I remember my grandparents took me and 2 subbings out of town but in the same state, & b4 this moment I hadnt had any experiences with other worldly phenomenon_ I genuinely remember that we had gotten a motel room for the nite and as I’m laying down to sleep I am laying on my back with eyes open to the sky & saw something amazing&new to my individual perceptions which was a bright white light blinking in a sort of intelligent, purposeful way as if I were meant to see it on this exact nite it looked as if a star was in near earth orbit blinking subtly, while looking at this I calmly fall asleep no bad intuitive energy or anything negative feeling_when I awake the next morning I remember exact same thing that I seen in sky blinking in stationary position it did not move* I was approached by my grandad who had been getting something from his wallet and he says to me Nathaniel I think this belongs to u and hands me a OneDollarBill with hand writing all on the back of it that was not any of my grandparents writing style, & this writing had said something along the lines of “this is for you a message of some sort that had my actual first name and said that da one writing to me was GOD & mind u my family isn’t Uhh spiritual and or the type of people to just randomly do sumthing like give me one dollar with there writing on it talking about something so significant, & as soon as I held that dollar bill with an interesting cursive font writing perfection from line to line by that I mean everything was even as if it were lined paper_ so once I had this dollar in my hand I thot of one thing that felt so connected with it and it was the night before when I had been falling asleep looking into the Stars and I seen the white orb looking star flashing on and on & I fell into a most peaceful sleep* could this be a sign of some sort?? Please comment I need to know what this could mean. I’ve never really told any1 this story except 2 others an it was just a share your star &sky story to a close friend* I’ve never had interpretation of what happened that nite**

        • Steven says:

          It very well could have been a screen memory the way you describe the circumstances; this occurs when you have had physical contact, you are not allowed to consciously know what happened thus they give you a screen memory to fill in the blanks, but if you were indeed given physical contact, this wouldn’t be the end of it, you have a special mission in life which requires assistance.

  47. Elise says:

    Hi Steven- I’ve commented on here before with past dreams I’ve had but things have gotten a little stranger since then. One of the dreams I posted on here before was about a little boy that visited me in my dream that I’ve felt wants to be known as the star child. He, along with other children in my dream communicated telepathically. He is small, with huge blue eyes and a doll like face. The message he communicated was exactly “we have been waiting for you.”

    Since this dream he has been with me in my meditations etc. and one day did this incredible thing happened to me that I felt was to help me expand and clear blocks in my consciousness. He touched his forehead to mine, while placing his right hand about 12 inches over my head with his palm facing down. While he was reading my body through the third eye, a ball of light began to form under his palm. After this happened I felt that a new part of me had been opened. I started having spirits visit me in my sleep in distress, and I felt that I needed to do this exercise to them, and once I did they would see light beings around them. I began to have weird experiences during the day where if I communicated through this ball of light I was able to literally call in a hawk to my home three different times, three different days. One day I was writing music at my piano and I called in the hawk and it came circling over my home with a vulture. I became worried because I thought I had called in this hawk and it was getting attacked by this vulture but then a symbol came vibrating through my third eye… Something I had never seen before. When I finally found what it was, it was the Egyptian symbol of the Shen, which represents eternal protection which commonly appears depicted in the claws of the avian forms of the falcon-god Horus and various vulture goddesses. And, I have since found out that this ball of light above the head is called the soul star.

    About a month ago I was about to go to sleep and I felt very strongly that I needed to ask the star child to perform this practice to me again. While I was sleeping I had an out of body-like experience… I was sleeping by the window and although I was asleep I could hear the rain pouring and all of a sudden I heard a rumbling that shook the room and although there was thunder outside, this sounded like a craft of some kind. It sounded almost like a tone lowering in octaves is the only way I can describe it. All of a sudden my energy body was standing in the corner of my room looking out the window, while at the same moment I knew I was still sleeping in bed and could hear the water coming down… It was almost like I was in two places at once. As I was looking out the window I heard and saw a talk slinky gray alien creature with long fingers, hunched over, running past the window. Right then, I remember thinking “whoa what was that?” Right when I thought this thought, the thing stopped like it heard me think it. I could see it through the walls of my home. It stopped, looked at me, and literally charged at me and tried to aggressively read my thoughts but it couldn’t. I wasn’t scared at all either… It was like I had a barrier of light around my body. When it realized it couldn’t get through to me, I felt like it was surprised in some way, then ran off. The star child new what was going to happen and communicated to me that I would need this protection of some kind. It was incredible. Anyways, thank you for this forum. It’s nice to openly share experiences with others that are going through similar things.

  48. Cam says:

    Ok dudes. First thing that ever happened was while i was meditating. I saw three tall dudes with skiiny faces but they were blurred out and i cant remember them. During this time i was practicing hypnosis on other people without their consent and it required me to relax myself in order to daydream clearly. Anyway this was just the first weird thing i saw. It wasnt night time and it wasnt a dream. My eyes were closed and then the dudes showed up In my room while i was practicing. These guys didnt scare me but shortly after that i started getting mildly schizo at night. Id hear screaming in my head and i would get visited by entities that were straight up dementors from harry potter, i would be in sleep paralysis and they would suck my energy through my face and make terrible deep tone noises. I had to fight them off by shooting white light in their direction. I stopped all hypnosis training after these events occured. Maybe a year later i started dating a girl. We both knew we were going against the will of the universe but that didnt stop us. It resulted in god awful events and then the single handledly weirdest thing ever happened during one evening. We were both sleeping and cuddling but i was awake while sleeping and i knew i was communicating with her, we werent speaking in english but we were speaking in a much faster gibberish language. It litterally felt like vibes passing through our heads. Anyway while that weird telepathic shit was happening i heard someone coming down the stairs. I felt like the pressence was not a friendly one. I told her that something was coming and she didnt respond. The thing opened the door to my room and i saw a short thing blacked out figure with a hood on and again i was in sleep paralysis but i told her that something was there and she woke up startled and then she woke me up. She was frustrated at me for scaring her and as she woke up she litterallly forgot what had happened to us. I had to re explain and then she understood again. But i feel like she was just saying she knew what happened. That was the first time i distinguished the entities that was a physical being whereas the dementor felt completely different….. okay 2 years have passed and now shit is starting ti happen again. Ill have vague memories of an alien (pretty sure the same race that came to me and my ex) mounting me in my room mitionary style and having sex with me. Ive had a dream where im driving and im freestyling about aliens abducting me and when i wake up (again in that dreamstate/still sleeping/sleep paralysis) and id feel my body vibrating super fast as if i were about to be taken and i wake myself up. Its super hard to sleep at night noe because i can tell that these things are trying to put me to sleep. I can feel that its not a natural sleepeeness. And honestly i feel like i do have major responsibility in moving every forward as a community. It just pisses me off how so many people lack empathy and are close minded. I just wanted to type this out because i cant sleep at night and honestly id like to just focus on work for a year or so. Im not ready. I feel like these bastards wouldnt bother me if i wasnt depressed.

    • Steven says:

      There is no ‘shadow people’ alien race, you seem to have had a lot of experiences regarding them. But when one encounters a shadow creature or person, it is one of two things, schizophrenia causes the mind to see things it needs to see, but rarely can the mind create a full vivid detailed person in which to interact with, so they typically look like simple shadows. The second possibility is soul contact, as most people who have been able to communicate with a long lost family member can attest to the fact that they saw and spoke to them and they looked just as they did in life. But a soul cannot physically speak, so when they speak they influence chemicals in the brain which make one think they are seeing and hearing them, but when a soul tries to communicate with someone that they never knew in life, the same thing occurs, they appear as a shadow. But it would be for you to decide what these things are based on your experiences with them. But I can say that the vibrations come when you are in communication with them. And you could certainly be experiencing a little of both.

      • Hayden says:

        Hi I’m an 18 year old girl. The other night in my bed I felt weird, it was like my body was on edge like it knew something was going to happen. I started to feellike I was having an out of body experience. I lost feeling of my hole body I couldn’t move. I suddenly started to see what I believe to be aliens there were so many around me it was like they were talking about me. Then I felt sharp pains in my tummy and my ovaries started to hurt. I got my feeling back but my left hand was numb. I still could see them I begged them to give me a break and they were gone. For about 3 days after my ovaries hurt.. Please give me feedback.

        • Steven says:

          Well, what your telling me is not a dream, most people who have a physical visitation somehow know before it happens, this is because all physical visitations are prearranged subconsciously as they are not allowed to touch you without your permission but at the same time you are also not allowed to consciously know anything about it, the subconscious is aware its about to happen and thus its that still small voice inside you, that inner voice which speaks, the same voice giving you these subtle memories.

  49. charity says:

    Well I don’t see my comment but I see you replied back to me.. I am happy that you are ok with them invading you or what ever they do. But First thing I am not afraid of them and they know it. They can not touch me..They will show me they are around But they do not have the right to come take me or come in my home.. I know this might sound weird to you but I have some sort of gift of my own, I have had “Angels” come to me telling me they were sent to talk to me about things. not once but a few times. I was saved once by a Guardian Angel , at first I was really upset for a very long time that who ever saved me did. I was very depressed back then around the time I saw the light in my room.The night the Aliens came. No my depression has not gone away fully but I try my hardest to control it on my own and normally its just a season depression. weird I know but it is. Anywho I am very lucky I was saved I have grown to know what life is truly about, being a gift even with all the bad around us. Its a gift to be here. There are so many things we will not be able to do where ever it is we go, That we get to do here, Anyway back to aliens. I got one question to ask you, If they are so good and nothing is wrong with them then why are they hiding why do they come and take people while they are sleeping., Why does the government know so much about them and we don’t. Why do when they come get you they make it so you have no control over yourself..I’m glad you are ok with them and in the end lots will be ok with them too but this girl is not ok with them now or in the end when they come back to take over. And believe me they are coming back to take over! Me I have plans to go some place else. ..Not that it is any of my business But I am taking it you don’t go to church anymore? I don’t belong to a church But I do believe in Our Heavenly Father .. Not that it matters If you go to church anymore or not, but for some reason I am thinking your life is now about these Beings. You wont be alone there will be more of you following them, but I will not!

    • Steven says:

      They typically hide because it is against the rules of engagement for them to show themselves unless circumstances allow, though the council may allow a steady increase to ease humanity into an awareness of them. The council imposes these rules to protect individuals from ridicule as only a select few will ever have contact and when they do if they were to openly talk about their experiences it would ruin them, socially and economically and it’s also against the rules of engagement to directly affect one’s life in any way. They take people in their sleep because that is the time usually that is least intrusive to the contactee. They remove your ability to move by using the same chemicals which the body uses to induce a coma state. This is very easy to reverse, perfectly safe and allows them to control which physical functions will be affected; and most importantly, the chemical removes them from a state of fear and stops the flow of adrenaline. They do not talk to the government anymore than the rest of us but where they are very influential, they are often given more attention but this would be true for anyone of influence.

    • Lyric Howe says:

      Hi I’m new to this so I don’t know how to comment I’m just gonna reply but I have had some weird things happen to me I thought I was crazy so I went to get checked out and see if I had scitzophrania but I’m perfectly fine but one day I was just relaxing and I felt my body become really light and I got cold chills so I just touched my neck (which I believe is where my implant is its small bb like but anyway)all I know is my brain like shouted with so much force that I got a headache afterwards but it said “don’t do it lyric they’re gonna come.” (It said don’t do it because I was gonna give into the tiredness) I was so scared just thinking about it gives me some chills I was hoping for an explanation I also had this dream of where me and my family moved into this red and white house and I knew that somebody was murdered in there and I was kinda freaked out but none the less I didn’t care that right on the stairs there was a body laying straight covered in white silk as soon as I looked at it i kicked it (more like a light nudge with my foot) and ran up into my bedroom with my cousin then we started to unpack and the door slammed shut I got really scared and then the lights shut off and I screamed in then I see this old man with white hair and a well trimmed beard I only saw his face but he smiled at me and said with a really powerful voice it’s ok that’s when I saw all red (it was kinda like when you get shot in a game and your tv screen gets covered in blood but you can see through it thats how it was for me) and was overcome with happiness and joy that I started to cry and when I woke up i was crying to but I could still feel that strong sense of happiness and joy

      • Steven says:

        None of this has anything to do with aliens other that possibly a lump under the skin at the base of the hairline. When you are tired and your subconscious mind and your conscious mind has reached a meeting place, what sounds like yelling often occurs, that’s normal for one first experiencing the deep meditation levels. Your dream is vague missing details, but not about aliens certainly. It’s dealing with a fear you once had with a death in the family but now you no longer fear it, red means physical life, white means knowledge there of or wisdom. The man was wise and giving you his wisdom and you knew then that you will be just fine. Everything turning red shows this and it just made you happy to know that. I believe you were communicating with someone, likely another person/spirit.

  50. charity says:

    you know the very first thing I ever saw was also a bright light in my bedroom window I awoke and my bedroom was so bright. thank god I didn’t look out my window! And the weird odd thing about it was My parents didn’t have electricity back then so to see this light in my room so bright , but a light that didn’t hurt my eyes.. Also in this point in my life I didn’t want to live either! or I remember always wishing a ufo would come and take me away.. I am telling you aliens are not good. You probably wont post my comment cause Im saying this but its how I feel and don’t think I don’t see them still I do in the sky in the warmer nights and seen other things too. They know I see them and make it known to me that they do like its a joke.. I am sorry I just don’t like them!

    • Steven says:

      I felt the same way all my life until I was 25 and I was able to have a closer relationship with them, and a deeper understanding. I had an intense fear of them which is very natural, they are clearly more intelligent and powerful than me, I am at their mercy. They would take me and I didn’t want to go, I wanted to hide from them but I couldn’t, I was completely vulnerable and unable to stop it, nor could I stop the fear. I truly believed they were evil, they were perhaps satans hosts, as my church leaders would tell me and this only made me fear them more. I’d pray for it to stop but that didn’t help. But as an adult, and able to relinquish my fears and open my heart to them, something very beautiful and wonderful happened. I realized that all my fears were for not, I learned that they were my soul family, they were here to help, me, and I was here to help also. All my fears were in fact only natural reactions. They never hurt me, they never wanted me to do anything I didn’t want to do, they only wanted to assist me in that which I felt I needed to do in my life. I wanted to help the world understand who they are and what is important in life. So they gave me information in which I could inspire others with. And I do believe that there are evil aliens, but none of you will ever physically encounter one; even if you choose to, it simply isn’t allowed. they can only (telepathically) council you and only if you ask from them specifically. But the belief in aliens is not important, nor is it important that you believe they are good if you do. They will help you regardless if you believe or not, its meaningless, this is only to help those who have had an encounter to understand better what they are experiencing, to help reduce fear which so often can hurt the life of a contactee.

      • Oliver says:

        Is it possible that the next time you contact these aliens, that you could tell them to visit me. I am constantly in fear of them, and just to be able to talk to them would be enough to get rid of them I think. Please reply with your response it would mean a lot to me if you did this.

        • Steven says:

          Every time someone asks me to tell them to visit them, they are given a visitation soon after, both a conscious sighting and an explainable subconscious experience. I have no idea why, but I have no memories of ever asking them anything, so I don’t know if I really have anything to do with it. My guess is highly unlikely. People are visited when they need it the most. I don’t believe I have anything to do with it.

          • Natalie says:

            I woke tonight around 3am. I have this terrifying feeling. I’ve never felt so scared. I’m jumpy, it’s now 5:30 and I’m laying with the lights on. All I remember is it was completely dark in my room and I felt in I was in a dream. I saw a dark out lining of what I believe to be an alien standing on the side of my bed watching me. Then I woke. I’ve had scary dreams before. But for some reason I can’t shake this terrifying feeling I have. What does this mean? I’m deathly terrified and I need answer. And before this I had seen a UFO for my first time about 2-3 weeks ago. And I am obsessed with aliens too I can’t lie. But I have never felt this way before. I’m so scared and can’t sleep. Please give me some advice.

          • Steven says:

            This is always the feeling one gets when it begins. It’s very scary your mind tries to ease you into it but it just makes you more paranoid. You could stop it if you want to but you don’t really want it to stop so it continues. It will probably take at least a decade to get over your fear of them. But just know that no alien can ever hurt kill or manipulate you. Know they are here to help and this will ease your fears more than anything.

  51. Jenny says:

    Is this website active anymore?

    • Steven says:

      Yes, I just had to renew everything so it was down for a while.

      • Brian says:

        Hello..i like this site.i want to talk but i cant hard to type tc

      • Steven says:

        During visitations if one is very nervous the visitor will often cover up, trench coats are the norm, usually with a hood, so that their appearance wont startle you. All intelligent dominant beings evolve differently on each world depending on their circumstances, they may be insects, reptiles, aquatic, various mammals, basically infinite types of life exist in our galaxy and any one of them would look very weird to a human, this is not star trek where all intelligent life looks human with various textures and color, far from it. Imagine what you would think if an intelligent blob of algae came to visit you, or what looked like a huge dinosaur, or an 8 foot praying mantis. When beings are of a higher density than we, their bodies we perceive them as light. The reason being is that to be a higher density requires photons to orbit the atom rather than electrons which move much slower. Photons cause the nucleus of the atom to vibrate at a speed faster than our atoms vibrate thus typically we don’t see them, though we live in the same space as they. The higher density can slow the vibration down enough to interact with us but we still see them as light beings, you were not just seeing glowing eyes, the whole covered body was actually glowing. Or perceived as glowing to you, but to them they don’t see each other glowing because they vibrate the same.

        • Kelli says:

          Hey Steven, my name is Kelli and I am from Wyoming. I live on a big ranch and when I was home last summer I experienced something very interesting and almost an out of body experience. First of all, ever since I was a child I have never been a fan of aliens, they were just not my cup of tea, I was terrified of them. I realize maybe something happened when I was younger?? I do not know. Anyways, we had just had a storm and the clouds were all gray, in the middle of the night I “woke up” for some reason and stood out back on the porch. I gazed across the pond and watched the clouds, there was so many lights beaming through the clouds. It looked like a giant space ship, almost like you see in the movies. I just couldn’t stop staring, then, a smaller saucer flew from the bigger one and touched down in our yard. My first reaction was to scream, everything that I didn’t want to happen, happened. Although, I was trying to yell down the hallway so my parents would wake up, except I had no sound. When I had no sound, I was still freaking out and I walked outside to our front door which there, was a tall, gray-being. He looked like a man, but the face was not human nor could I even describe the looks because at that point in time it was the feeling I got from him. It was a sense of comfort and healing. I hugged him and we were communicating, not through words but our feelings. It was such an emotional experience that when I talk about it, I cry. I can’t help it. When he left, I woke up in my bed and I shared this story with my mom because she actually had an experience herself, the night before mine. After that, I was no longer afraid of them, I actually wanted another experience. As time went on (another week), the same reoccurrence happened where I had woke up in the night and carried myself out to the porch again, another space ship came down. This time, I was more eager to see what would happen. I walked out my front door again, there was a ship, waiting. I don’t know how I got in but I was suddenly inside the craft. There was just one other being in the craft, operating it, except he was in a suit. Never turned around to face me. The next thing I knew, I was in space or a different dimension because once we were up there, the being pointed in a direction. And there I saw was unbelievable, it must of been a whole galaxy of our universe. There were several earths, I didn’t know what it meant but I was shown for some reason. After I took in that moment, we were already back home on the ground and then I woke up. I remember these “dreams” so vividly, the emotion and attachment behind it is so indescribable. Since then, I haven’t had an experience and I was wondering if you can kind of tell me what that means. Sorry it was so long, I just haven’t had the chance to talk about my story again.

          • Steven says:

            The visitation was an introduction to the grays, as you agreed to help them before you were even born as did your mother, we enter into these physical roles as spirits to help humanity usher in this new age. It’s the Grays who often warn us of pending doom, they can be brutally honest, but supportive and loving, they don’t have you do things without the right tools for the job. You were actually given vast amounts of information on how to help people during these coming troubling times on earth. When the time is right, you’ll just know what to do, you wont know how, you just will, all the information is being stored in your subconscious mind. And you likely have an implant somewhere which will keep you consciously connected to them at all times. They will be your guides, and you can trust them with anything, you might think of them as gods as they will often answer your prayers but I assure you, they think of you as the god more than you do them.

  52. Kayla Wuehr says:

    I’ve had so many experiences, but it’s super hard to talk about. I’ve experiences all these signs. I have been abducted several times. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve woken up with unexplained marks on me. Ever since my first abduction I have had a lot of loss of time. I could be going down the road and it be 3 o clock then it all of a sudden it be 3:30 and I’m at home. It seems every time I try to talk about my experiences I get really scared and at times have had panic attacks and see his face. They don’t like people talking about there experiences. Not all of them are bad, but some are terrifying. I know they need us, but it can still be scary. My best friend was abducted at 1st. About a year after he told me. I seen a ufo and it was trying. It was really close and then shot by the house and it shook so bad. Ever since that day stuff slowly started happening. It’s gotten to the point were It’s nearly normal for me. About a month ago something really interesting happened to me. I out of nowhere got this feeling that I should start writing, but the thing is, I didn’t understand what I was writing and can’t seem to decode it. It’s like hieroglyphics, but I can’t figure it out. I have 3 full pages.like I said I have so many different experiences. I Will talk about my first extraterrestrial experience next time, because it’ll take a while and I’ve already typed so much. If anyone else has experiences anything with the writing let me know, because I have never heard of it. I just feel it was a type of communication…. I hope I don’t sound crazy. I just have so much to talk about and It’s hard to know were to start. I guess I just wanted to go ahead and get my voice out there. It’s really hard to talk about. See, this has been going on for 5 years. Next time I will make my post less scatter brained and focus on just one of my experiences, the first contact. Thank you all for your time.

  53. Wes says:

    Hey thanks for making this website! This a fascinating subject to say the least. I’ve had numerous dreams which seem to be more than the subconscious trying to make itself known through symbolism, and I wanted to share a couple to see if you have experienced something similar. I have only fragmented memories of them.

    1. A dream where two humanoid figures were showing me what appeared to be an opening in space itself. (I assume it was a wormhole)

    2. A dream where I was sitting in an auditorium with other people and we were all telepathically making this purple light spin around the room at an increasingly faster rate. They invited the people who thought they were “the best” to a different room, I tried to go in, but a women standing at the entrance of the door stopped me and telepathically told me that “you have a different purpose,” and wouldn’t let me in. (oh well)

    3. A fragment of a dream where I am standing in front of an insectoid extraterrestrial smiling and bowing to her. (it felt like a female, and I could telepathically sense that she was a loving entity)

    4. Most recently, a dream where I am watching a spacecraft in outer space fire a blue light into different planets, thus causing them to explode. The telepathic message that I could hear was “they have the ability to break the planet’s barrier and destroy it”

    The only non-dream, conscious event that happened was in my early 20’s, when I experienced the tv and playstation 2 controller vibrate and make a humming sound, while I could see a very bright light outside of my window; the shade was down but the light was still pouring in through the sides. It lasted about 5 seconds. I was too scared to open the shade to see what it was, because I sensed that it wasn’t something normal. When it went away, I rushed outside; other people were outside looking at the sky; they said that the whole sky turned a greenish color, and were confused by what that could be.

    Thanks in advance if you take the time to give me any feedback or insight. Hope all in your life is well, and I hope that your experiences with extraterrestrials were not painful or traumatic.

    • Steven says:

      Your first dream is a typical rabbit hole dream in which there is someone you don’t know very well offering you to take a path, a path in which you had no idea where it might lead you, did you go? Your second dream is just going over your days events in waking life. Standing in the middle of an auditorium is like saying, I am one in which people are watching and and listening to. If you are standing on the sidelines with the spectators then you are learning. Telepathy is a spiritual confidence in yourself. light means knowledge and purple light is spiritual knowledge, it means that you consider this knowledge to be most valuable. Purple or violate is the furthest on the color spectrum and the highest vibration, it is deep knowledge about things most people don’t understand. Spinning light means you are actively engaged with this deep spiritual knowledge such as finding ways of applying it in your life. But then you wanted to continue with the others but you were stopped, something you discovered made you question if you really understood or believed that which you did before. Something shook your confidence. This is very meaningful. Your third dream has no subconscious language so very possibly memory fragments coming out. Your fourth dream is a recall using subconscious and conscious language which is also a good sign of a recall. The blue light is motivation knowledge. It means start saving your planet before you destroy it. They are encouraging you to take action, they were saying yes we have great power, but so do you, you have great power to help save the earth before its destroyed. The visual metaphors are conflicting the verbal words. Verbal words always get confused which is why visual metaphors predominantly get used.

      • Crystal says:

        My daughter woke up screaming this morning at 6am- She said that she saw to dark beings in her room. One was touching her stomach the other was watching. She said she couldn’t move or speak- She’s been feeling ill all morning- What could have happened to her. She is 14 years old.

        • Steven says:

          The trick to this is in the description. “Two dark beings.” This is a description people often use when the mind creates an image of someone it does not know, it can be a subconscious reference to an event involving strangers which did happen or it can be a reference to a circumstance which one fears may happen. Though typically when one looses their motor function like that it is a controlled thing, the human brain still has an ability to do this on its own accord. If you want to know if they were real, talk to her, if she uses terms like “thinks” or “not sure” you will know absolutely that they were not real which is my suspicion. But that doesn’t mean that the event never occurred. It just means it did not occur in that time or place. Either way, her subconscious or her conscious mind is trying to tell her something very important. If this were just some kind of a waking dream dark figures are simply people you want to know but don’t know, and we fear the unknown thus in the dream we fear the dark figure emulating that we have anxiety when getting to know new people. The anxiety represented by the dark figure is pointing at her stomach which would mean that she has anxiety about her weight, she would dream such a dream if she had a crush on two boys but felt insecure about her body.

          • erryck says:

            hey, I have a question about encounters.
            k, so basically I was 16-17 living with my parents & they live in pretty much the most central part of Canada in central Saskatchewan. I started to feel as if I was being watched. I’d get really anxious @ the most random times. especially when I was driving back home @ nights.

            so one night as I was going outside to go grab something from one of the vehicles this little white orb came from seemingly nowhere, flashed it’s light & was up back in the sky withing a matter of what seemed like milliseconds. (but it was slow enough to remember seeing because I got so scared when I went runnin. back into my moms)

            but as of recent again I’ve really sort of have this clarity as to what I need to do but I’m scared to. also, I have always gone through random episodes of a numb limp and finding random lumps under my nipple & under my arms that are there for maybe 2 weeks then are gone again. the longest has been on my wrist for almost a month when I was in elementary.

            also the clothes thing kind of creeped me out. because the hole that my button would go through in my Panama pants always had been ripped while I was asleep so I’d have a couple of broken pjs but I still use them.

        • Emilio says:

          Hey i had one just like your doughters but mine was like this.It was like this , i was in my bed when i suddenly woke up and this tall grey figure was doing something to my stomach and i wanted to scream real hard but i couldnt and then i suddenly went back to sleeping.ANd when i woke up my stomach hurted so much.

  54. Mark says:

    Hi Steven, I submitted a post here the other day, I just wanted to give you an update. This morning I woke up and discovered a small round lump under the left side of my chin. I do have a goetee and initially thought it might be an ingrown beard hair. I looked at it and from where the lump is there is no typical sign of ingrown hair nor is there pain associated. I can tell you it itches like nuts when I touch it. If I leave it alone it’s fine but the minut I touch or rub it it starts to itch again.

  55. Mark says:

    This seems a strange topic for me to talk about as I haven’t really discussed it with but one other person. My story starts many years ago when I was around age 5, i remember laying in my bed at night and for maybe 2 years there was a creature in my closet that sat on the shelf and watched me at night, it did not resemble an alien by any means, it was brown in color and had copper colored eyes. If I were any kind of an artist with a remote amount of talent I would draw a picture of what I had seen those years. The creature did not have ears or a mouth, I remember not being afraid of it. Many nights I fell asleep just looking at it, I grew up Catholic and went to private school and somehow I associated it with Jesus. I distinctly remember telling my sister that Jesus is in my room watching me at night. These were my earliest memories of the many strange things in my life I have experienced. Several years later as a young teenager around the age of 14 I began having dreams of being confined in a room of some sort, it almost was as if the room was closing in on me, these dreams were so intense many nights I would wake up standing on the bed pounding on the ceiling, this same dream and intensity was recurring for many years to follow. The dreams all of sudden stopped when I turned 35 years of age, I am currently 47 years old. This next part is a bit personal, about 2 years ago I noticed a bump under my skin to the left side of my rectal area, initially I thought it might be the start of a hemorrhoid but it was too far over for this to be the case. Over the next couple of days it began to really irritate me, it began to take on a tear drop form coming from my skin, I noticed it was hard to the touch, I decided to sterilize a needle and try to lace it myself thinking it was a small boil. After working on it for a while i was able to work out whatever it was, what came out surprised the hell,out of me. Mind you for some reason there was limited blood and no sign of infection or fluid, what I removed was a small white/cream colored round object the size of a BB with fibrous strands coming out of one side. In shock and not knowing what to do or how to tell anyone I called downstairs for my spouse to come upstairs. Neither of us could figure out what it was, it was extremely hard and couldn’t be crushed, I wrapped it up and threw it in the toilet and jokingly said it was an alien implant. Over the past few months I have become obsessed with alien abduction stories and have been researching images of alien implants, I was able to find a picture of one that looked similar to what I removed but black or dark in color. I haven’t been able to let this go, it’s been consuming me for the past few months. Last month I found an audiobook on Astral Projection and Hypnosis induced astral travel techniques. The past few weeks I have been listening to this as I fall asleep. Last night I woke up standing on the other side of the bed with my spouse asking me what I was doing, I had no explanation how I got there and my heart was racing. I noticed my right heal was sore as all heck, I climbed back into bed and fell asleep. When I woke up this morning my heal was fine, I remembered waking up standing on the other side of the bed and what I just wrote here but nothing else. I remember shortly before I fell asleep I felt like my eyes were open and there were swaying lights and shadows in the room, I also remember saying in my head that I wanted them to come see me again……thoughts???? Wondering if I opened Pandora’s box , I have to say I have a good feeling about this and am not afraid, for some reason I feel like it’s all serving a purpose and I have a greater sense of clarity on so many things other than me being obsessed with Alien abdication and implants. Looking for advice and direction….many thanks.

    • Steven says:

      Many people live out their lives in situations where they may grow up in a very rigid environment, forced to do something or be something they really don’t want, it brings them no joy and they typically have dreams of being trapped. But as I explain in my videos the mind also has an ability to create anything one needs in life to survive. This is often and almost always what childhood imaginary friends are. Someone you can trust, that you can confide in, someone who watches over you and protects you. It’s usually someone very special, not just an ordinary person. And when they are no longer needed they go away. Those children who do not have this ability often commit suicide though typically its labeled as an accident for the parents sake. This is exactly what you have described as a child, but now that you’re an adult, things have changed, you are no longer trapped, you’re finding your joy and mental freedom. You are experiencing sleep walking episodes which are not alien related, but possibly triggered by a desire of such as curiosity can be a trigger for these. You are also experiencing objects under the skin. I have personally never had one that itched, or in the buttocks but an obsession with aliens is almost always accompanied by a visitation, and if you were visited you have an implant. But all those other things are natural functions of the brain.

  56. Sara says:

    Hello Steven.
    My name is Sara. I came across your page after having many strange things happen. I had this dream tonight. It was imagaes just going through my head. Then the image of a demon looking creature popped up. But not demon like you would picture. Just different than us. He had gray skin but the color looked painted on a crystal blue colored eyes. He was some time of fighter. When I seen his image I experienced something strange. My brain began to vibrate. I heard a buzzingbnoise and felt my teeth chattering. I was terrifed because I couldn’t get my body to move. I prayed for Jesus to help me. Then I was able to move and I was fine. I suddenly felt so tired and closed my eyes unwillingly. When I did there was his face again and again a more intense session of this began to happen. It felt like I was being electro shocked but without the pain. But I was terrified. I prayed again for it to stop and was released from it. When I opened my eyes. I felt another presence that I couldn’t see in my pitch black room. I laid there for a moment stricken with fear. Suddenly I felt the presence was gone. I started to see green lights in my eyes around my room in the dark. Not from someone else but as a side effect. Lately I’ve been having dreams about aliens but I just don’t know. I haven’t had any other experience but once a long time ago. It was about 10 years ago. I was 17 and laying on my grandma’s couch in the dark trying to fall asleep. I closed my eyes but seen light on the other side of my eye kids. I thought it was my grandma turning on the light. But when I opened my eyes the whole room was bright and lit with the light coming in from the back Windows. I tried looking out but the light was so bright and unnatural. I laid back and covered my head asking it to stop and go away. When I removed the covers, the room was dark again and nothing was outside the Windows. I felt in my heart it was aliens. My aunt had told about some of her experiences before she died. They didn’t bother me again until tonight. That I can remember. I know I’m not crazy. Let me know what you think I’m going through.

    • Steven says:

      What you experienced is a soul to soul communication with your guides. Typically most of what you will remember is going into and or going out of this subconscious contact. The vibrations you felt is the merging of energy essential for direct communication. When you ask for it to stop however they must comply, it is the rule but there is no need to fear any of it though I know it’s very difficult not to, especially at first. This is a very real and rare thing to feel so it’s expected. If the connection is strong enough, it can make it very hard to consciously move your physical body as the connections just are not there. The face is not the face of the one in contact with you, it is the interpreted metaphor for the being. Which is someone you spiritually know but physically don’t, the eyes tell the story of your spiritual connection. But I think you know deep down you are a star child. You don’t need me to tell you.

  57. Nipun Nimesh says:

    One day i dreamt of aliens operating on me .i think that they were grey aliens (i know the type of alien as i am researching on alien since 3 years) . there were two of them ,one with scissors and another was putting some huge machine over me.then i dreamt that they were experimenting on me when i stopped them and told them that i will allow them to operate on me only when they will help me in succeeding my aims (which i will not mention but it is related to global welfare).after telling them several times they agreed but it was clear by their tones that they will ot help me but i allowed them to experiment on me.then they inserted a needle in my body (probably in my head ) which pained a lot but with each pain i shouted the name of my country ( because i love my country more than my life and i am ready for parting my whole life for the welfare for my country).Then i remembers that they felt sad and the alien who was operating on me stops and told his companion that this boy should not be harmed though i wanted to talk to him but i could not.Then i woke up. After this again i have never dreamed of aliens but i wanted to dream of them.After that i have never recieved amy unexplained marks on my body.But i now also feel that they are watching me.I began to think them as my friends. To all those i have narrated my words laughed at me ,so i request you to help me that what is happening me . I feels unusual energy in myself especially during night.Please help me .

    • Steven says:

      This is not a subconscious recall, this is all dream language and it pertains specifically to your job, and your family friend circle. This dream is about trust, its also about your family and friends who don’t think or feel the same way that you do about aliens, you are asking them to please not dismiss or poke fun of your belief in them as it will hurt you deeply this is represented in your “nuclear deal”…. You are likely metaphorically recalling a discussion you had with someone close to you. But where you do feel a connection to them, you likely have had an experience with them but this is not among them.

  58. Peter says:

    I was abducted a fews years back from my parents house, it’s the same thing what everybody else experiences before abduction, seeing bright light and waking up on a ship. But what I want to know is has anybody else experienced of being suspended like a mobile, naked in a second type of latex kind of skin?.
    I was suspended in this type of skin suit, the light was shining directly on me. I couldn’t see what was around me, but I do remember seeing these little arch windows and I seen the stars in one and then slowly moving, swaying I seen our planet (side profile)
    After seeing our planet I freaked out and then woke up in my bed.
    Thinking I just had a bizzare dream I hopped into the shower and felt a sting around my abdomen , looked down and noticed 3 dots and a line running through them, these marks were type of a burn that totally vanished under a week..
    I just was wondering if any other people experienced being in a second type of skin, naked and suspended?

  59. Natalia says:

    HI, please I need help. I’ve suffered from depression and 1 suicide attempt. I’ve been fine for more than a year, but a few months back I’ve become interested and terrorized by the felling I’m being watch or follow. A few years back (before depression) I had a dream, I was sleeping, and suddenly some noise like the one a helicopter makes woke me, and my room was filled with light, but I didn’t felt scared at all, I was curious, so I get up from my bed go to the window and see outside some circles of light and the noise, so I reach for the curtain to open it and see what was there…. and them I woke up in my bed. The other dream o had a couple days ago, It was night (12pm -1am), and dark, and I was in my house, I was scared but I’m walking in my house, and I see my mom in one of the rooms, with some papers (with she does when she can’t sleep) so I go to her, and suddenly I have a panic attack and I tell her you are not my mom! And she calms me and tell me of course I am, after some struggling I’m calm, she I Hugh her, and then she grabs my neck and tells me “I’m not your mom” then her face changes, her eyes become bigger and darker, her facial features blurred, and I tell “it” “why are you doing this to me!!! Why are you always taking me!!” and “it” tells me with a strange voice “you will never know” next thing I know, I wake up in my bed really scared!!! It was 2am, and I had diarreah until 4am, I was sick for almost 2 days, even with a fever after that dream. So what is it!!! Cause I’m terrified!!!

    • Steven says:

      The first dream could both be a precursor to a meaningful dream or a repressed recall event. But your second dream is just that, a dream and only a dream. The focus is on your relationship with your mother. You see your mom in her normal state, you go to talk to her but you know she wont understand your feelings, you tell her your not my mom(in dream language a mother is she who nurtures you, but here you are telling her “you’re not nurturing me” her face changes as her personality changes which is normal in conflicts her eyes turning black is dream language that she doesn’t see you, she doesn’t understand you, and her face blurring is also dream language describing that you also don’t understand her either indicating that you are not one sided in this, you care for her, this is not all about you this is a problem you share. The phrase why are you always taking me is something that can have multiple meanings but it pertains I believe to something that she is physically taking you to which is related to your relationship with her directly. But you think she feels you will never understand why she keeps doing this(taking you). Bottom line is that your mental and physical health is suffering due to the stressful relationship you have with your mother.

  60. Jay says:

    Our son has had very real visions of a friend of mine who suicided last year we have also caught orbs on film while our son is talking to the spirit. In the last couple of weeks he has started talking about aliens, at 4 years old we have not watched any movies with or talked about aliens in any manner with him. He keeps repeating the same line : when I was a baby i dreamed about aliens chasing me and I left the white Dream. He also says waking up laying down looking up at them and closing his eyes, explaining without prompting that they were grey, tall, small eyes and he is scared of the subject. He has also had very vivid dreams of monsters and truly believes in these things. The other day we were near some drains and he just had to have a look down them, I then asked are there any trolls in there to which he froze up and covered his eyes and I had to carry him away. These other realms are very real and my little fella is very open to them, how do we encourage the light and exclude the darkness ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Steven says:

      His dreams confirm he fears that which he cannot escape from, his alien connection. You should speak normally about this with him, show him it’s normal, that there is nothing to fear, that they are good. When you remove fear he can then embrace the light, and we fear what we do not know. Thus talking helps a lot.

  61. Kennedy says:

    Thank you so much! You’ve helped me further accept myself and understand how Jesus thought about this sort of thing. 🙂

  62. Kennedy says:

    And wow, thanks so much for this response! I choose to encounter the 95% then, ha ha! What you said about religion really makes sense. I’ve been made to fear so many things growing up, and the big one that really affects me is, “If you’re not straight, you’re bad/abomination/etc.. and you’ll go to hell, God doesn’t like people like you, etc. etc.!!” The thing with me is that I’m not necessarily straight… but I don’t like just one gender or the other. For me, love has no limits in that sense. I could meet anyone of any gender or no gender at all and there’s an equal possibility that I’d fall for them. Though only 17, I’m still trying to sort out my sexuality and at the same time trying to just let things flow on their own. Trying to not think about it so hard.

    But yeah, it’s this burning question that makes me worried. That if I’m not straight and don’t only like guys, then I’m just some abomination and that God and/or Jesus doesn’t care for me? It’s an awfully sad feeling and one of the reasons I’ve been quite depressed about this. I also remember a phone call I had with a friend who’s Christian when I was 15 years old and was during the time where I didn’t know much about sexuality. I remember her saying something like, “I do have friends who are in the LGBT+ community and I love them, but I don’t support it.” “You can’t love God and be like them at the same time. It’s either that or God, take your pick.” That really tore me and hurt me. When I was a small child, my mom and I moved away from my biological father because he just wasn’t treating my mom right. Ever since then, I’ve never had any contact with him. The ONLY father figure I’ve had in my whole entire life so far was God. Even though I do have a step dad and he’s ok I guess.. But God was always my actual official 100% father to me throughout EVERYTHING that I’ve been through. So it’s like the one and only thing I’ve been holding tightly on to all these years would just turn his back on me because of who I love? And ever since then, I’ve been spiritually lost. I felt like I was lied to.

    • Steven says:

      Well if it makes you feel better Jesus never muttered a word about homosexuality, or bisexuality as though it didn’t matter a stitch from a spiritual perspective. Most Christians pulled their beliefs about it from the most bazaar passages of the old testament, but let me just say I can pull more morality out of the hole between my ass cheeks then you’ll ever find in the old testament. From their end obviously most people are not gay, to those who are not, its weird, they don’t understand it thus they fear it and seek to ban it any way they can. this has nothing to do with sexuality, and everything to do with you being different.

  63. Kennedy says:

    This makes a lot of sense! I do have anxiety though I don’t know how ‘intense’ it is, and I guess that this dream is the answer. I do worry a LOT and it’s hard to just have my mind shut up. I feel like I can never truly calm down or be happy because this anxiety has taken that away. Even during childhood, when I was supposed to be care-free and have fun, I worried about my parent’s and if we’re going to be ok or if we’re going to have a place to live for years to come. When it comes to financial situations, I currently am 17 and still living with my parents. (Still in high school as a Junior) I think it may refer to my wanting for a job and to start earning & saving money for important things. Though I’ve applied for quite a few last summer, no one got back to me. Never even got an interview. So then that just takes quite a blow to my confidence in myself and I just feel helpless. I feel like I’m never given a chance in that aspect. My parent’s tell me not to worry about a job right now and I have plenty of time, but my anxiety doesn’t say that. It’s easier said than done.

    Thank you so much for your insight and taking the time to respond!

  64. Elise says:

    Hi Steven-

    I commented a few months ago on this forum and I really appreciate your willingness to help myself and others understand these dreams/experiences. Since then, I have had two very distinct dreams that I would like to ask you about. The first was a dream about a war, except it was in space. There were pod like buildings with people in them, and they were trying to escape. Pods were falling, and it was very intense. A few days after I had this dream, my 10 year old son came to me and told me about a dream that he had where he was a pilot of a space ship with distinct numbers on it, and he said it felt like he was in the future… It was a very weird synchronicity.

    About a month after this dream, i had another dream that my family and I moved to a place specifically because there was reported to be alien sightings. When we got there, there was a meeting with people from the town warning people not to take in any cats because the aliens were disguising themselves at cats. After this meeting, a cat came to our home and I took it in and fell in love with this animal. I trusted it, and felt a very strong bond. I didn’t believe that it was an alien, because of the feelings I got from it. I was still concerned because people in the town made these aliens out to be very dangerous, so I asked the woman how I would know. (She seemed like a very angry and scared person which I did not like) she said you could tell it was an alien if it had slits on the right and left side of its face, which were actually 2 extra eyes that the cat alien would hide in order to blend in. I went home and while the cat was sleeping I noticed the slits on the side and realized it was a cat with four eyes, therefore an alien. I went back to the woman and tried to explain that I think my cat was an alien but it was good and I felt it was there to help me. Right then she sent people to my house to get the cat. I was devastated and regretted saying anything. The next scene I was in a room with Windows, I didn’t know what happened to the cat but I was worried. The woman was talking to me explaining why they needed to take these measures, but I was not paying attention to her. All I could think of was the cat. Right then through the windows I noticed my 6 year old son playing on a lake that had been frozen over. For some reason he was in shorts, without shoes or a shirt on. Right then a voice came to my head and was very clear “it is not the aliens you should be afraid of, it’s the weather.” Right then the lake cracked open, and my son began to fall. I started running as fast as I could and as I was running he fell into the water. It felt so real I can’t even describe the feeling. I remember in my dream preparing to hit the ice cold water, timing my steps, and measuring the angle that I would dive in order to save him. He came up once and then started sinking, and right when I went to dive in my dream ended. About a week later my six year old son that was in my dream drew a huge picture of a cat with four eyes… I could not believe what I was seeing. I keep seeing cats everywhere now, and when I was at school even saw a peice of artwork that had blended two cat eyes with two human eyes. I felt a very strange feeling when I saw it. Can you interpret any of this for me? Thanks so much.

    • Steven says:

      All this is dream language the first one with you and your son, though vague seems to be a reflection of your daily life in regards to struggling and not being sure where you will be living in the future. Your son is likely to understand your circumstances. But your cat dream may be missing some details, like the color of the cat but the first part of the dream you move to a place due to the high, visibility of aliens, and this is what the dream is about, you and your acceptance of aliens. The cats in the dream are all representations of you. The towns people are your friends/family in conscious normal life.Eyes are the window to the soul in a dream, and where the cats have both normal eyes and hidden eyes, is like saying there is a part of you, an alien part of you that you repress from others, you sort of live a double life in this regard. So your family and friends largely dont accept this part of you, or so you feel. When the cat (you) show up at the door you happily accept this part of you, and nurture and care for it, you are happy with is even knowing that you may be an alien its ok. Now we get to the room with windows, and windows tell us what in behind closed doors, it tells us the truth within our hearts. And in this case your son, he worries you, he is in a very vulnerable position in regards to all this, you fear he could get hurt at any moment and its inevitable. And the more you address your concerns the worse it gets or so your anxiety tells you. You worry about you son too much, your telepathically connected with him genetically but try not to smother him too much as he grows up. Give him opportunities to prove to you he can be responsible and take care of himself and these nightmares about him will stop.

  65. Kennedy says:

    Hello Steven! So I just stumbled onto this website and I was curious as to what you’d think this is. Sorry if this isn’t alien material but this dream I had last night really shook me.

    I for one have been skeptical about these sorts of things and I’ve even heard from a religious source (some sort of thing online related to christianity)that apparently aliens are really some sort of demon or whatnot. (no offense if they’re not. I wouldn’t mean to upset them.) I’m just so confused about it all! I guess that’s nice if they don’t mean any harm, but I can’t help feeling frightened and anxiety doesn’t help at all.

    I had this scary dream where I was in my bed, the room was dark like it would normally be at night time. I was like, bending my back backwards as if trying to sit erect, but I was lying down. I also tried to bend my back forward, but I couldn’t. My spine felt stiff. Then I started getting this weird feeling in my stomach and it grew stronger and stronger. It’s so hard to explain. It was just like..moving weirdly and rapidly as if something was in it. Then all of a sudden it felt like something went ‘SNAP’ and I spit out blood. It felt and looked so real though there was no pain. The whole time I was looking at this certain corner of my room and I think something was there, but I couldn’t really make it out. It was all dark, some sort of figure, but I don’t think it was like a human shape at all. It was just SOMETHING. I seriously wish I paid more attention to it because I’m sure that could’ve helped.

    Ugh! I’m really wondering what that was and in general what this all means if it means anything. Now I’ll definitely have trouble sleeping tonight! Earlier this morning when I actually woke up, (at 5 in the morning) I was stunned. It was one of the most bizarre dreams I’ve ever had. During the dream, I literally didn’t think I was dreaming and thought it was real. I don’t remember any other dreams I may have had last night but that ONE part.

    • Steven says:

      This dream is all dream, a message of your circumstances or a warning if you have high anxiety, Your back is your strength, your ability to stand tall and support yourself, when it bends no matter how hard you try you can’t fix your situation, then snap your done. This is typically how one feels about their financial situation.

    • Steven says:

      You will notice the more religious a person becomes the more fear fills their heart. And especially true with most all religious leaders with an exception of the new pope who has postured himself in this position in life to help pull humanity from this place of fear. But typically a highly religious person is a fearful person, and what they are fearing is the unknown. They will tell you to fear ghosts, fear for your soul, fear aliens, fear society, fear satan, even fear god. They like to carry guns, they push for secure borders, they hate other religions as they don’t understand them, they fear other races as they dont understand them. They often fear music if they don’t listen to it, they fear tv programs if they don’t watch them, they fear video games if they don’t play them. They pull together in congregations to feel safe, safe in numbers, its sort of a safety blanket for them to feel comfortable in this big scary new world as they are young souls typically. What is the truth about aliens, they can be both good and bad, to assign a number as a reference, 95% of them are good and here to help you, 5% are here on behalf of themselves, but you are 100% in control of who you wish to encounter when you are ready. It is all about what is in your heart in the moment. The truth is all prayers are answered by aliens, all angelic encounters are physical aliens, all miracles performed are and answer to a call by an alien. Just as Jesus was an alien sent here and the many inspiring prophets throughout history have been higher density souls whom came in the only way they are allowed to. Physically born as this puts them in key influential positions. Of course their message is then taken by young souls and twisted into something more rigid in efforts to control others which helps ease their fears, largely their messages become unclear. Jesus for example knew this and said the most simple message he could think of which could not be altered “Do unto others” over and over and in a hundred different ways. This message survived unscathed. But Jesus certainly never wanted to be worshiped or feared, he loved to preach but never took money, never wanted a church or a temple, in fact he hated any organization which excludes others from anything, and one reason he hated money, and those who mixed business with ministry, Something all modern religions have taken to in efforts to put their fears at ease.

      • Kelly says:


        I am completely dumbfounded that I came across your website today. I was a stalwart member of the Church for 27 years, converted at the age of 10, (temple marriage, BYU grad, 5 kids, RS pres, etc) when I heard a voice tell me, “It’s time for you to go,” which meant leaving the church and my very controlling high-ranking member husband and also meant leaving behind my children, as they were in the grips of my husband. I began to diligently search for the real truth, for peace. I’ve always, ever since I was a teeny child, felt a huge connection to the stars. I felt love pouring from the heavens and clung to that my whole life. In my quest for truth the past seven months since leaving my programmed/member life, in all the thousands of hours I have spent reading anything and everything I could get my hands on, including videos and books on the Law of Attraction, the sub-conscious mind, the power of our thoughts…I REALLY came to feel that Jesus was truly not of this earth. And I was even able to find peace coming to understand that Joseph Smith maybe DID actually see superior beings (possibly aliens), but in Joseph’s efforts to make something that was deeply spiritual into something physical and replicable, the church emerged with strict rules in place, that no matter how strictly you followed could never bring you to the spiritual realm he experienced. I feel now that I understand much more clearly the role of Jesus as mentor, guide, and exemplar than I ever did in the Church.

        So, anyway, just yesterday, as I was running, I was praying to “whatever being was in charge” and prayed deeply for the full truth to be made known to me. While I have never had an alien visitation, because I am super super sensitive and very easily frightened and would not be able to handle seeing a being in the night, I have continuously been asking the universe to help me understand the meaning of everything, feeling so deeply that there is a set but complex truth to all things. I’ve been nearly desperate to come to understand the deep truth that I know rests behind all of this. Are we living in a computer simulation that we control? That is controlled by our thoughts? Our motivations? Our desires? Our fears? Are aliens monitoring us and listening to our thoughts…are we on an unchartered journey or are we reliving the same life over and over, like a choose your own adventure or like the movie Edge of Tomorrow, only each life we strive to make different choices that lead to a better conclusion? When I was growing up, I lived in a house that felt haunted, where I heard knocking on my bedroom door one night, late late in the night while I was praying, and if you stood in the kitchen and held a compass, the needle would spin around and around and around. I’ve always felt like there has been a swarm of truth trying to reveal itself to me, but I’ve never known how to quiet my thoughts enough to hear it and the courage to embrace it. I know that I was led to your site to help further me on my path to find truth and answers, to help me be a force to guide and direct others to know their own life missions and their own truth.

        I am grateful to “meet” someone who believes so many truths I have come to understand for myself, but I still long for “the answer” so that I can truly know what I am supposed to do in this life and be able to have the faith for the path to be made sure so I can accomplish it. Any guidance you can offer, I will ponder and treasure. I would be open for an alien visitation if they would come to me in a peaceful familiar form…do I pray for that to happen?

        Thank you for sharing your story, your gained insight, and the wisdom the beings of light have given you.

  66. Miche says:

    Hi Steven,
    I’ve had a couple of strange things happen in the past. When I was about 15 I told a boy who wanted to date me that I think I am an alien and that as I’m becoming aware of it, it could be dangerous for him. At around the same time, I asked my mother if I was an alien. Yes, it could it could be put down to kid stuff…I was a pretty weird kid. However, I did have a couple of strange experiences, both times with my son when he was a baby. The first one was when he was a few weeks old. I was in a different room (so as not to disturb my partner who had to work early the next day) and had finished nursing my son. I was drifting off to sleep with him next to me. Suddenly, I felt a wave of pressure against my chest. I heard voices speaking to each other and I couldn’t move. I remember feeling very scared because I couldn’t move or speak. Eventually I managed to squeak out my partner’s name (far too quietly for him to hear). As soon as I did that, I felt the pressure go and knew I was ok.
    The next experience was when my son was about 18 months old. My partner was away and I had my son sleeping in bed next to me. Some time during the night I was awakened by a bright light in my room (like the professional football lights they use at night time). I was instantly paralysed. I knew it was strange because my bedroom was on the 2nd storey. The light was coming from above and I could hear no noise (if it was a helicopter I would have heard the whirring of the blades). I desperately wanted to move my hand over to my sleeping son but I couldn’t even turn my head to look at him. After what seemed like 10 minutes the light went away and I was able to feel for my son. The next morning, my sister who lived downstairs, had seen it too but she had been able to look out of the window, thinking it was a big truck with its lights shining on us. She said that she was too scared to look up. News reports the next day reported UFO sightings 200km either way of my town. I have never said it was a UFO because I didn’t see it with my own eyes but I think it was. I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂
    Thanks, Miche

    • Steven says:

      A stroke can feel like pressure on the chest and cause momentary inability to move but a stroke which affects your chest section of the brain is a major stroke which you would not recover from. Aliens utilize chemicals in the brain in a similar way to cut off the connections to movement which also will feel like tingly pressure, it can feel very much the same as a stroke, but strokes cause brain damage, tricking the brain to induce chemical responses cause no damage and can be turned off as easily as they turned it on, making one forget or remember something entirely different is likewise a simple task, but in the same ways we can sometimes remember our dreams these encounters can also resurface or even be semi-conscious awareness. But we will typically think they are just dreams, and honestly it would be for the best for you to believe that, those who tell people the truth about such things always regret doing it and this is why they take such care in making sure you have no idea whats going on behind the scenes. You know you are not spiritually from earth, you subconsciously miss your home, you have a stronger raised vibration then most others on earth thus your calls are herd louder. Your guides are your family from another time and place, they don’t leave you when you come here, they hear every call and they give assistance when needed. That is all that is happening here.

      • Miche says:

        Thanks for your insight Steve. It is reassuring to read. I am Aspie and so is the son who was with me each time. I also have developed dystonia which may or may not have a connection. I am not scared. I believe that if I raise my vibrations that any negative influences/dimensions will not be able to affect me. A weird thing happened about a month ago. The neighbour behind my house had his booming music playing for hours. The vibrations were frazzling me so I was kneeling on the floor and trying to send a wind to blow into his house and knock off his stereo. I was concentrating earnestly and making pushing motions with my arms towards his house. After about 5-10 minutes I stopped because I was worried I might cause an accident (you never know). About 1-2 minutes after I stopped, a whirlwind went beside our house and blew some tiles off our roof exactly above the point that I was kneeling. We ended up with a big hole in the roof. I have never tried anything like this before. Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not 🙂

  67. Yvonne says:

    Hi Steve, I was hoping u can help me with this one.. I dreamt I was staring at an alien that was in his space ship. We were both staring at each other. He was in his ship and it was floating on a planet but I don’t know where. He then spoke to me telepathically and said ” we are coming soon”. Then the scene changed to where the earth was shaking and the ground was breaking like an earth quake. Aliens in their space ships were hovering over earth as me and my friends tried to find safety . The aliens were shooting lasers all over the place. Then the scene changed again to where we found Safety under the cracked ground somehow. When we went under, we found a beautiful place that looked heavenly. Grass all over and white flowers every where . Mountains and the sun was shining beautifully. Then I seen a flower that was starting to die. That’s when I knew it wasn’t heaven cus nothing dies in heaven. Then we left.

    • Steven says:

      This is less a dream and more a recall. Except everything recalled is in dream language which your brain in particular does very well. There is not a lot of metaphors here except the lasers being shot is wisdom being given to those on earth. This dream is simply an explanation of what is to come. The planet is our planet but where it does not look the same they are saying it will change drastically in the decades to come, it will be a new world, though we will go through a lot of chaos, as this will be a bumpy ride they are giving us all we need to know in order to survive this, after its over the world will be anew, it will be like heaven yes, but we will certainly die. The white flowers is a symbol of of purity, not just of the earth but of our souls, the earth in essence will expel all the negative souls on earth.

  68. Stacy says:

    This is so strange. Reading over this, it honestly makes sense. I have always been drawn to the thought, infact, I have had the out of body experiences every since I was a child. Strong then than now, I could even control it. My family members told me it was a gift, to be able to communicate with my ancestors. I was told as a child that this connection or disconnection was a family trait, we know when we are thinking of one another, we know when there us something wrong, we dream of things to come. It’s almost scary. The scariest thing is when I am trying to fall asleep “I struggle” I hear my my name being yelled at me, startled, I’ll sit up and of course, no one is ever there. I share all but one of all these similarities mentioned, I’ve always wanted to know and still want to know more.

    • Steven says:

      The ability to disconnect to ones body is not a physical ability or genetic trait passed down from ones parents. It is a skill of the soul which can take eons to develop very very few souls on this planet possess such a skill. But when one is such an old experienced soul they also have many such soul family they have accumulated over the eons which often continue on in the same family circles, this is the only connection if any. It is not like telepathy which is a physical ability, a genetic trait passed down through family linage. But nearly all people are telepathic to a degree with their own families as the frequencies used in the brain to receive and send are very much similar enough to connect in this way naturally without any need for tuning.

  69. Bryn Davies says:

    Hi folks, see what you make of my experiences…PART 1: I was firstly stuck in traffic (in the afternoon) on a large hill, and out of the corner of my eye in the sky noticed a very bright, yet small light moving fairly quickly and in a perfect straight line. Obviously I convinced myself it was a plane and sun reflecting off it, but it was moving way too quickly. At that speed the plane would have been much much lower and very visible. Someone actually started hitting their horn and flashing lights at me as I was transfixed on this. As I turned away to drive it totally vanished. Odd… PART 2: Around 1 week later I had a “dream” that I woke suddenly and opened my curtains in my bedroom because of a strange glow or light located behind the hills on the other side of my parents house. In the dream there was a glow and 2 bright lights moved from this towards my room. I couldn’t move but just watch. As the lights got closer I could make out 2 person-like images that were in the light. They travelled into my room. I still couldn’t move. When I woke the following morning I noticed my curtains were open… Odd. Then the dream came back to me. It freaked me out. Then all that came into my head was something about by left leg, on the side of my calf. I looked and had a really thin red line, finer than that of a scalpel. It was about 4cm long. It didn’t hurt or itch. I was worried. Told my parents and they kind of laughed it off. Went to work and showed a work colleague. They thought it was odd. When I got home later that day, my mum asked me if my leg was still marked, being concerned. I looked and the red line had totally vanished…. What do you people make of that???
    This was in Worcestershire, England. I have always had a very psychic presence. I have even had the ability to be drawn into conversation when someone speaks of a family member who has passed away and write their name down without knowing it which freaks me out (and them). Tons of other “things” too. Sensible replies only.

  70. Shannon says:

    I have experienced sleep paralysis For many many years now since I was a child.. The worst nightmare I ever had was I was sleeping and I felt a giant force through my body (like I was being teleported)… I then was on the floor crouched down in a metallic hallway lined in lights at the top…..,I got myself up….the hallway width was about 12 feet in width and about 20 feet long. Began to walk down the hallway. It then had only one option to turn to the left. Then there is an option to turn right and staircase about 8 feet away.i then saw a naked white/gray sexless body descending down the stairs. I was only able to see half of its body because the ceiling blocked the rest of my view & I woke up drenched in sweat before the being totally made it down.i have horrible sleep paralysis…, and I always feel that I cant even open my eyes no matter how hard I try to . I can’t take it .i also had another sleep paralysis two nights ago ….i knew in my mind what was happening & I felt as if I just close my eyes (i’m sleeping during this).., it will happen( being abducted) and there’s nothing I can do about it besides let it happen…. And it’s weird because I didn’t notice this before but I was very familiar with what was going on like it is happened a lot of times.i knew I could do nothing to stop it. It was complete powerlessness. As I said I have had sleep paralysis since being a young child .. I felt a presence in the room every time,,,, and the weird thing is me were remembering it happening so many times before that is why I knew just to close my eyes and allow it to happen(as if I was used
    To happening several times before….I don’t know what really happened but I know I was very scared to & I would like to know why am having these dreams cause they’re very vivid very scary. I am very petrified . What is happening to me seems very real….. Could this really be happening? Been experiencing this since childhood. Does anyone have any similar situations? Thank you for reading.

    • Steven says:

      What your describing is conscious fragments of real memories, there is no subconscious imagery with what your describing, these are not dreams, and you blacking out again before your conscious mind recalls the image of the alien is indicative of how and when they typically screen the memory.

    • Marick says:

      Can you send me a PM somehow? Something very similar happened to me two weeks ago — almost exactly as how you described it. Reading your response made me feel numb with how similar it was.

  71. Seth says:

    Hello Steven,
    I am 22 and have been fascinated with Aliens since I was about 10. I don’t normally post on pages like this, but you seem to know quite a bit and you are not entirely convinced that everything is Aliens (to put it bluntly, you don’t seem like a nutter).
    Point 1. I have had cataclysm dreams for years, often I just put it down to the movies/TV shows I watch (The Walking Dead, 2012 and so on).

    Point 2. Implants, I have a “cyst” on my head that appeared over a year ago, I didn’t notice it grow in size, it was just there and has not changed size. I have no doubt it could just be a cyst like the doctor said.

    Point 3. occasionally I get numbness in my lower legs and feet with no real cause, more of a recent thing. It is minimal and I do not consider it anything to worry about.

    Point 4. Like I said, a long time interest in Aliens.

    Point 5. Some times I fall asleep for a few hours of a night, but it feels different, not like sleep.
    Point 6. Have not notice sunburn, but once or twice I have noticed heat under my skin. But I have awoken with scratches and bruises I don’t understand.

    Point 7. I have for about the last 3 years been filled with the need to make a difference, sometimes this need is driven by anger, other times by sympathy/empathy. I recently ended an almost 4 year relationship to move to a third world Asian country (Where I am as I write this). I was offered a Job as an English teacher and I took it, I try to help these kids to go further in life and be kind to each other.
    My decision to move came with a dream; I was standing in a rice field in a storm, I could feel the cold breeze on my face, I turned around and there was an older, stronger me standing there. It was like the storm was coming from the older me.
    I awoke with a strong urge to become that version of me and made my decision.
    Just a side note to this, I was born in a massive storm and can move a magnet with my magnetic field with extreme concentration.

    Point 8. Semi frequently. See below
    Point 9. I will get to this in the story I below.
    Point 10. Have not noticed this.

    Okay, Finally, to the point.
    Last night, I had a dream where I was with a group. I did not recognize them all, we were traveling to go somewhere, I don’t know where. We stopped at a house to stay the night. We were sleeping on mattresses on the floor of a room, the girl I like was next to me (I have had a deep infatuation for her since I laid my eyes on her, something I can not explain) when four men kicked down the door and entered, they stood in different places all around the mattress we were on. One stood above me and told me “We are taking what we want” (this is where it starts to turn a little weird). I tried to wake up, in the dream, but I couldn’t and the tiredness felt real, like I could not open my eyes. I then realized what was going on and I got up (within the dream), but when I did, I was excessively strong and fast, they all ran, but not fast enough. I caught them all and I won. I was hit more than once.

    So I woke up this morning and felt the pain from the dream, I couldn’t get the dream out of my head and had an overwhelming feeling that someone had been in my room. My eyes were hurting. I stared at my bed and had a shaking vision, like a memory. The people who had stood above me in the dream had changed into Greys, standing in exactly the same places as the people.
    I walked around my bed and stood in each position that the greys were in my vision and my heart started to race like something was not right, I started from the most further position and walked to the closest one to where I slept. Slowly it became more vivid, the one standing over me (the one who spoke in my dream), he had his/it’s whatever hand out with something glowing multicolored over me.
    When I finally made it to the last position over where I slept, I had another freaky vision, almost like a memory, the girl was next to me again, we were laying on separate benches. The greys were standing over us, she reached for my hand and it was over.

    It all feel so real and I have had strange dreams like this for years.

    Thanks, I know it is a lot. It took me an hour to write it all.

    P.S. I’m not the kind of guy who gets rattled easily, I have seen more than enough dead bodies (I’m not just a teacher here, I have high ranking police friends here) and I am fairly desensitized to it all.

    • Steven says:

      This dream is both subconscious visual metaphors and soul communication trying to describe a circumstance which involves yourself and others whom you don’t know physically but spiritually including the girl you like which is an acting metaphor for another soul you like in this group, and aliens, which the men in this dream represent, the dream says these beings who are like you can over power you but you are also confident they will not if you choose this. You are acknowledging a role in this and that you are in control. When we pray/call out/earnestly seek guidance from above. It is they who answer our calls, and we typically do this when we are in a life altering situation, we need to make a big decision etc, often big decisions are those which affect a lot of people and those who are in a very influential position will be given the most priority for assistance.

    • Michael says:

      Firstly, I’m 25 and I consider myself quite sane. And anyone who knows me would agree. (hopefully)
      As I am lazy and haven’t read most of these comments, I did read yours (and a few others). Our lives are painfully similar.
      I’m saying this to anyone who wants to hear: I’ve had strange dreams, feelings, and other sensations like most of you. I have searched for answers inside and outside of the realm of “alien abduction”. I have done psychedelic and conventional drugs in an attempt to stop or slow “them” down, or even understand what the hell is happening to me.(also just to get high (I was a kid once!!). I have found that nothing you can do will stop it.
      From sleep paralysis to actual conscious hallucinations, I’ve experienced from one side to the next since childhood. I have though….maybe found some answers. And guess where. THE BIBLE. If you are interested in hearing about what I’ve discovered, email me at michaellifsey@yahoo.com

      Im not trying to sell you anything and I don’t want to convert you to Christianity. haha
      I am just a regular ass dude having weird ass dreams.

  72. Nathalie says:

    So I was brought here looking for some answers regarding a strange dream my 8 year old sister had. As of now my mother is hospitalized in the intensive care unit and is very critical since the cancer she was suffering from metastasized significantly. She is extremely ill the doctors say not much can be done. My sister who is terrified of aliens had s strange dream last night. She says that in her dreams aliens were talking to her and telling her they wanted to help us. She said an alien hugged her in reassurance and she was not afraid at all. A while back I remember watching a few documentaries in which people claimed to be healed by aliens even from terminal illnesses. Does anyone have an opinion about this?

  73. david says:

    i dont normally believe in stuff like this up in till a few nights ago i whent to bed as normal a had a dream that these tall figures were standing around my bed there were 3 in all they were dressed in robes i cant for the life of me picture there faces they were talking saying was i the one was i defenitely the one the next thing the like zapped me in the side of the neck then i was in a different place there was loads of metal loads of symbols i dident recognise they were saying somethink about the the project and was i the one there was a figure who i could only see the top half of him witch he was all in black it was so weird soon as i woke up i whent straight on line to ask cos it felt so real thing is ive got a mark now on my right arm wich ive never had b4 am a bit moved over the hole thing what do you think?

    • Steven says:

      This is a pretty typical encounter, they often wear robes with a hood to mask their appearance if they are good they dont want to scare you. Their ships are all typically metallic, the good ones do not use a written language, but they do often inscribe permanent symbols into their ship which give reference for others where they come from, who they are, and what their goals are. The bad ones do use a written language as they choose not to have telepathic communication preferring the ability to trick their peers and gain power over them, thus they need to write and speak. The only thing abnormal about this is that you remember it, as this is not even dream language, it is just a conscious memory.

  74. kate says:

    I came across this post searching information on strange dreams I have been experiencing in relation to round orange eyes watching me. Awaking in a distressed emotions state around 3am, being unable to sleep until around 6am. Increased brain activity in this time which allows me to write and illustrate, mainly on an obsessive project I have had for the last 11 years. While I always keep my clothes and never get sun burnt. I have had numbness, logically I blame this on the fact I had surgery on my l4 and l5 when I was 15, though doctors could not properly explain why. Possibility forgotten accident or rare genetic issue. I have had a fatty tumor in my right jaw since I was a child it is disk like and moveable, I refused once to have a doctor take samples because it seemed pointless to me at the time. Lots more stranger things but, so far just amused at how uncanny and similar things sound.

    Just amused. Don’t know how I got here.

  75. René says:

    Dear Steven

    A weird thing happened to me last night and has stirred an interest in aliens.

    sometimes I house sit for friends of mine and last night I was doing just that. I initially fell asleep on the couch and eventually woke up and went to bed during my “short sleep” when I checked my phone an hour or so had passed where I slept but subconsciously I knew it was definitely longer than that.

    in this “short sleep” I dreamed I was visiting a friend who was house siting in the dream there was a strange presence in the house. we could not understand this presence and it terrified us. We resolved to blow up the house with my pick up truck. which we duly did but then the dream changed and I started seeing or receiving strange video like of random houses blowing up (similar to what you described in cataclysmic dreams). afterwards I woke up my ears were ringing, and my hair all over my body was standing up and a blurry figure (black figure white background) was in my vision. I don’t think I was afraid of the figure. the weirdest part was that my eyes weren’t open when i saw the figure. when I opened my eyes my head was under my pillow and my face facing the head board so their was no way I could have seen a figure if my eyes were open. But I know I really did see someone and I had a keen interest in aliens since waking up.

    I dont know what it was but oddly enough I want to see it again. I think It was trying to help me or something.

    do you have any thoughts? I think I want to see it again and know more about it.

    • Steven says:

      This was not about aliens at all, the dream itself is a powerful emotional warning to you that there is a third party present in your life which may be or more “potentially” be hurting the relationship you have with the home owners, and potentially have reciprocating, lingering domino like after effects, your in essence playing with fire here and deep down you think you can really screw things up. The ringing in the ears comes when you abruptly wake up from a dream, when there is a quick change in your blood pressure, and also why men get morning wood when we wake up, same reason. A blurry figure if in a dream state with eyes closed is not alien, it is a communication with oneself.

  76. Sandra says:

    I have to get some ansers from you. I have a memory that hants me and i dont know the mening of it i gote some alien ? information i dont realy anderstand
    If you fiende time in your hart to help me pleas mejl me

  77. Brigitte says:

    I had this dream about 2 years ago,i knew what aliens were ,and was fascinated by them.So in my dream the aliens had morphed or something ,into humans they told me they didnt like their name that they wanted a new one.They were four of them.So i woke up scared.After that i feel like they are watching me at night while i sleep or take a shower.I have no idea what this means.

    • Steven says:

      This dream just reiterating what you already believe, that aliens are among us and that you would prefer to call them brothers then aliens. But they do not watch our every move, or at all really, rather at most they may record historical events.

  78. Carlos says:

    Hi Simon, from a young age I have just felt an inherent vibe that I have a higher calling. When I was 11-13 I went through a stage of what everyone told me was ‘insomnia’ but it didn’t make sense to me because I fell asleep perfectly fine every night but would wake between 2 and 4 am 3 nights a week. I was a very sporty, popular and normal except for this traumatic phenomenon.
    I would wake with full energy and be un-able to sleep until around 6am where I would doze back off to sleep. I remember laying there in the dark with a strong sensation I was being watched often with abdominal pain. Fortunately this occurred less and less as I grew older but around the age of 16-18 I got shingles, this was uncommon as no other family members ever had them. At this same point in time I could feel a rapid spiritual shift coming on, I started learning to interperate dreams and meditate with guidence from my girlfriend at the time. I am now 19 born in (1995) and have recently developed a much higher sense of vibrational awareness from my surroundings, I can read the vibes from people around me much clearer now as if I have gained another sense and can really feel peoples energy around me whether it be positive or negative and on occasion can predict what they are about to say before they say it and other psychic calls that turn out to be accurate. It may sounds crazy to some, even I question it as I am writing it because I was raised by logical thinkers. My question is whether you think there may have been alien intervention at some stage or on going intervention or am I just a star child. I should also mention quite often technology will malfunction around me and it causes me to go through an un-usual rate of cellphones and laptop chargers? like im slowly displacing them the more I touch them.

    I have read a lot of threads on here and can relate to a lot of them but I have no recollection of any physical abduction.

    I have however woken up paralyzed to a presence floating over top of me face to face in my bed whispering ‘a higher calling, a higher calling….. to fade out… which my dream bible didn’t prepare me for.

    • Steven says:

      There is an explosion of star children on this planet in the last two decades as there are so many higher density souls who wish to speed up our graduation into the higher density. To get us there this world needs to raise its vibrations love is the highest vibration, fear is the lowest. Love means to be mindful of others first, fear is the concern for the self. Star children for this reason are typically liked by society but rarely the popular kid in school as they are easy targets for those prone to seek self gratification. Star children are not competitive, they don’t like glory or praise, they do nice things for others in secret, they usually work behind the scenes. They do exhibit a conflicting energy and cause electronics to fail. The reason for this is as a third density world like ours is electron based, electrons swirl around an atom to create its vibration and define the density, an electron can easily get excited and when it does it escapes, it leaves the atom and gives other sub atomic elements an opportunity to attach themselves to the atom. The laws of this universe demand that energy be attracted to similar energy. Thus when a starchild exhibits love these electrons get excited and leave opening up a space for a photon particle. The photons once attached attract more and more as the third density human becomes less and less dense. The photons vibrate and others around them can feel the clash of vibes, it feels warm to them, it becomes a different type of energy and not compatible with third density electron based electronics. And for the same reason other types of energy present will also destroy electronics for example EMP electro-magnetic-energy can cause brownouts much in the way a star child will cause a light to fail or an amplifier to fail or what ever your around. But even star children should not have any memories of their affiliation with various alien groups, it is against the rules, everyone on this planet is to be subject to the same circumstances.

      • Corel says:

        I had a close encounter 5 mights ago. I was in bed and just fell asleep. I felt myself levitating from the bed and I woke up paralyzed. I saw a clear image of a gray alien wearing a big black hood hovering inches above me. I couldnt move an inch and I kept praying. Terrified of how it looked back at me. Staring. Big black eyes and white translucent skin like it was glowing, and seemed surprised that I was looking back at it. It lingered for a while until I managed to reach for my hisband who was on the same bed as me but he looked like he was sleeping through ut and frozen with no clue what was going on.
        For a time now I have been manifesting the same gifts, of being able to read thoughts, have visions before I fall into deep sleep, I have these visions of roads with pot holes, sometimes water puddles in them or bodies of water. I feel things before they happen and I see entities like goblins, ghosts and hear my name being called even if I am in meetings. I astral travel and know that I am and I enjoy the flight. I never understood whatbi have been going through until I saw it up close. I always felt its presence but thought ut was a ghost. It was whatbit was and I cannot deny it. What does itbwant from me? Even my daughter gets sleep paralysis and hears voices when in that state… a few months ago there was a loud engine like sound that vibrated our roof and shook our pipes in the ba5lthroom. It was at 2:30 in the morning and it woke my hisband up and he woke me. We were so scared . It lasted for 15 or more mins and we didnt know whatvthat was. But deep inside my mind I felt like a landing of a something on my roof. Help me. It came and showed itself to me. I have been looking inforums for similarexperiences but nobody came as close as I did. It was 2 nights before I filed for candidacy for counsel in our town elections for May 2016. What does it want? Why me? Why us? Please help me. I need to understand. I am obsessing and I fpund its most similar image on the net. I found it. Please reply.

        • Steven says:

          There are many things it could be, I need more details, time frame, circumstances, everything you remember, I can only speculate with what you gave me. furconicus@gmail.com

          • Corel says:

            I sent you an email Steven. Thank you so much for replying to my comment. I had all the indicators of being abducted except for the not missing clothes, no scars but only bruises, and dreaming. I was not dreaming and had no sunburn.

        • Corel says:

          I have a pending email to you with an attachment of an image of what I saw. If it comes back, now that I am more conscious that I am not alone in these experiences, what do I say? I know in a paralyzed state I could only communicate to it with my mind. It left me a message that I only know I remembered when I woke up. I cannot get over it. What do I do with this message? Who else was given the same or at least similar message???

          ” The cup you fill has no bottom…This madness has to end.” and then the number 15 in a large font.

    • Seth says:

      I have a similar… well I guess gift. It is more based on my personal magnetic field. I can feel electricity around me and feel charged up in storms.
      I can move a magnet with my magnetic field. Have you ever tried it? Place a magnet in your hand with the same pole as your palm facing the center, then wave your other hand over the top, it requires a lot of concentration, but you can make it move.
      Smaller electronics fail in my hands, I can’t wear a watch.
      Not to mention my eyes shift colors. They are naturally a dark green, but the go from light green to black. It is often accompanied by mood.
      Black needless to say comes with rage.This I guess is a little contrary to what Steven has written about positive energy, as I feel great energy with happiness and anger.
      My rage can make me extremely charged, but the energy is different to my happiness and somewhat consuming.
      I can feel the energy of others when they are close, especially in intimate situations, I can make the other persons hair rise up.

      • Corel says:

        Your gifts are fascinating. There must be some electrical charge in your composition that is unique to you and some “hero” like characters we see in fiction stories. Can you control it? I get static like shocks too but that’s pretty much it, but we dont have any carpets not socks on rugs to cause it.

        Mine is, while setting aside what I can only see and hear from another dimention/place, whatever it’s called, I can change the color of candle flame.

        I hope this could take us closer to understanding what is going on. Totally grateful to hear about your bouts with “it and whatever it is called” on this forum. It helps a bit. Thank you Seth.

  79. Chrissy says:

    I had an unnerving experience when I was about 9-10 yrs old. Me and my brother were in his bed playing a video game in either sega or super Nintendo. Suddenly time froze. The game froze, my brother, just everything. Outside in the yard was something not quite like what a “flying saucer” is typically described, nor was it completely ball shaped. It had blue, red, and white lights going around it in the center, and it was very loud. So loud it shook the house. It lifted off the ground above the tree line and was then gone. As soon as it was gone everything resumed. I remember screaming and shaking my brother trying to “wake him up”. This happened in a span of what seemed only about five seconds, but has stayed with me for twenty years or so.

  80. 3littlebirds says:

    Hi, just ran into your page. There are so many things I have questions about, some I’m okay talking about publicly, others I would be okay talking about privately. The main thing is last year, all of the sudden for no reason, I would ‘zone out’ it was like my body fell asleep but I was still awake. It seemed like there was an image of someone I was comfortable with, and then a soothing voice would start talking, started out asking me weird things, like “male or female” “United states or Mexico” and would go on with basic questions, and I didn’t know what they meant but somehowdeep down knew what I was doing, it felt natural. Then it was like an image or movie was shown to me, not scary, but it was a tad confusing, the first time was a golden tablet with strange writings on it, then I was shown a map of someplace, where I felt like I knew where it was and where it was but couldn’t connect it… This is just the beggining of it, there’s so much more, once I woke up, I was intrigued but slightly scared …

    • Steven says:

      This seems to be a communication dream but using metaphorical dream language, in essence a communication between your body and a third party but you can only receive messages telepathically through your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind needs to learn to interpret its meaning. The subconscious mind has a wealth of knowledge it would be wise to learn its language. Read through the dreams people talk about here and study the way I interpret them, there is a strong theme which will stand out which once its acknowledged you will learn it quickly and easily.

      • Sarah says:

        Im really sorry to jump in on a conversation like this. But i have been experiencing some really abnormal happenings, and since i was a kid. My sister has as well, but i just found that out. If you could please mpemail me.. it would really help a lot

  81. lucy says:

    Umm…would it be alright if I speak to you in private about my dreams and stuff that are related to this topic? I…I uh…am pretty shy so it’s hard for my to get courage and speak out about stuff like this. …also I know there listening so I’d like to keep this private just between us. you and you knowledge interests me and I’m sure you will have good feed back on this. Please let me know if we can make contact by email

    • Steven says:

      yes, go ahead, I will look out for your email.

      • Drew lopez says:

        I apologize, don’t know how to comment on here but I feel like i do need help with “this” checked a huge majority of these things off.

        Around age 7-9 I kept having the same dream over and over.. it was me on a piece of grass floating watching Earth shatter into pieces.. And since then kept seeing weird lights in the sky every time I’m walking alone outside.
        Then a few dreams were of looking up at colorful swirls in the sky with bunch of white dots every where

        I’m 22 now and a year ago I had this dream where I woke up in this bright white room on a table.. there was a woman on a table next to me with her skin completely off and her stomach open and this pale being with huge eyes messing with her insides. I felt like I was paralyzed but manages to move and hit the being in the face.. the lady woke up and made eye contact with me.. I can still hear her screams, I fell off the table and tried running then it went white

        the next thing I know there is a ball under my skin on my left forearm and still is there now.. every time I try to squeeze it or something it sinks down then pops up again when I forget about it.
        Sorry this is long read but I just don’t know what to do, so if we can message me, I’d gratefully appreciate it.

        • Steven says:

          This is not long and rather vague, but This is a recall dream which you have to understand is subject to (visually interpreted feelings) meaning you did not actually see a woman with her skin peeled off, this is a metaphor for her vulnerable state in which you saw her in. Nor was her stomach open, this is just how the brain interprets the situation of being a part of the hybrid program, as their uterus’ are used temperately (17 weeks) as they find there is no suitable substitute for a mothers body, heart, and soul in the early development of a child. Don’t take the imagery at face value, imagine trying to communicate with someone without words but you can show them images, what do you show them to explain a feeling you felt, its kinda like playing charades. Remember this when you have a dream like this, its not the images that are real, but the meaning of the images all put together which are real.

          • Drew says:

            Okay.. this actually makes me feel a little more at ease if it was just my mind trying to understand what happened. But just 2 questions and I’ll stop. (Thanks for answering btw .. it’s hard talking about this to others) 1. The jelly like ball in my left forearm, it’ll go away soon right? Wanna get surgery but everyone says to leave it alone.

            2. And since I saw this woman on another table next to me, does that mean I’m about of the whole “hybrid experiment”?

          • Steven says:

            Implants are not often put in a fore arm, in fact I have never heard of that ever.But if it is an implant having it removed will have no effect on anything. If they need to find you they will, it only takes a few extra moments to find you vs. using an implant signal, your body sends out many different types of signals naturally anyway. If you have it removed your risking infection and scars, if they do it there are no risks and scars are almost non visible. Out of hundreds that I have had, only one ever left a scar and that was in for over ten years. Most only stay in for a month or two. If it grows or if you feel any pain with it, it is not an implant and you should get it checked out by a doctor. Your dream is not telling you that you are part of the hybrid project, only that you are subconsciously aware of it happening, you may have seen something or just been told something about it, your dream did not have enough detail to tell me exactly which. You can message me on my facebook daily brain freeze site and I will friend you if you want to speak privately or you can just use my email but my email is pretty cluttered and I may not see it, facebook I see every message I get.

      • monie says:

        hello…i am a 57 year old female who has reacuring dreams of being in a strange air craft and being dropped into the ocean… there are war ships below me and i am frightened that i will land on top of one… i never do… i swim out to safety… i dream this at least 2 times a week… what do you think?

        • Steven says:

          It seems in this dream, unless there were aliens involved that this craft is not a factor in the dream, the dream is simply acknowledging a lingering fear from uncertainty in your life, the fear of falling onto a ship is reminiscent of your fears about not having control of your situation, you know what ever happens ,you may get hurt when you hit the water, which is your emotions, you’ll get through it.

    • joey says:

      I have so many questions…so many questions.. regarding things I’ve seen. And my sudden obsession since I witness things in the sky on a regular basis… usually three days in a row at a time. So many questions but think I’m just becoming crazy and want to talk about it. But afraid to talk about it

  82. Oswaldo says:

    i had a dream where i was at a get together and saw the clouds at night moving fast and pointed it out to everyone there at that moment 4 red dots appeard soaring thr the sky and disappear then a bright light hovered over us two e.t. with rifles yelled out ok everyone people have invitations only i was scared started walking out of the party scared but confused a man with his kid was surprised and when i looked back everyone was gone so i ran and this ufo cloaked it self and like that was gone…what does it mean?o

    • Steven says:

      This dream is going over events surrounding your personal thoughts and beliefs about aliens and incorporated them in a cultural circumstance. Its saying you believe in aliens and contactees but you are frustrated that they dont reveal themselves to you, you feel left out.

  83. Cara says:

    I’ve read being abducted usually happens to mostly people with the RH – factor in their blood. Can this be true?

    • Steven says:

      Actual abductions or (physical contact) occurs more in America per capita then any other country, and blood type may have some to do with it as the hybrid program was conducted only in America. And blood type is an important factor with genetic engineering. Thus ,Is it possible? Yes

  84. Dev says:

    I’d never considered it may have happened to me until a series of deep meditation visions showed me waking on a table to a bright blue light that appeared like a medical lamp above me. I saw I was surrounded by many alien faces that all looked fairly different and there was only one of the group that made me extremely afraid. Through hypnosis that I stopped early I saw them inspecting me, closer and right in front of my face. I found my implant, I find the damage to my skin or the random pains I wake up with sometimes. I’ve come to accept what’s been happening, but I’m really curious..is it worth it to know? Should I keep trying to remember, or be thankful they let me forget?

    • Steven says:

      If you consciously need to know something, you will know, this is a very smart system which involves your higher self as a guide to what is understood and what is not at any given time. Perhaps that you are being given glimpses into your deeper reality is a sign that indeed you need to know something about this. Hypnosis can draw out these memories but it is still guided by your higher self, you will only remember what your higher self wants you to remember. Every situation is different thus that is as far as I can take it.

  85. brianna says:

    Hey Steven thanks for the information. I just have a few quick questions . I have recently gained alot of interest in energy and unlocking my inner consciousness and learning how to enter 4th dimension. I also have come to realize that I have a huge purpose in this life and that I must full fill it. I feel as if I get messages in my mind giving me further guidance and insight on things. I have a longing to go “home.” I know that this world, this earth is not My home. I don’t really want to be here… what’s going on me with? Could I be a hybrid? But I know that my mom and my dad are my earthly parents. And what about My higher power? The creator of the universe? I need answers!!! Thanks steven.

    • Steven says:

      We are already at this time in the fourth dimension, if you meant to use the term fourth density we will be there within 85 years, this is a gradual process and we will never at any point wake up in a new reality. We will all fade into a new reality together. The science behind this lies in the sub-atomic particles which influence the vibration of atoms. As of now we have an electron base atomic vibration, right now photons are being directed towards not just the earth but the whole solar system. Photons and electrons are both particles though there is debate among those in the science community about that. Photons will gradually replace electrons. Photons move faster then electrons, thus they cause atoms to vibrate at a higher frequency. The higher frequency will change much about our lives here. It will make us more aware of our surroundings, thoughts,feelings akin to love and understanding. It will help us see a more light, and colors, as our atoms begin to vibrate faster, the space between the atoms will expand causing us to feel lighter. We will be more aware of our souls then of our bodies and the souls and energy of others. Though there will be a point where we merge there will be no way of defining it. Thus there will be third density mass left behind which will continue on in this density including people, it will be the souls choice where it would like to go if and when that time comes for each individual. The mass of the earth and everything on the earth will shrink but it will still be intact though the sun will be much more dim as the sun too will lose mass. Starseeds like yourself come here to help push things along, though it will happen regardless, it is just nice to have people here to help guide us through this amazing time. It only happens once so its a pretty big deal for each world when it happens. Everyone wants to be a part of it. You are not hybrid you are a soul from another world helping mankind raise its vibrations. Spreading love and removing the walls of fear.

  86. Hi Steven, please help me. I haven’t had the chance to read everything but came across this page and have read quite a few of your responses and could really do with some help/advice/information
    Last night as I was getting ready for bed I opened my curtains and looked up at the sky, I don’t know why, I wasn’t really paying any attention and all I saw was grey clouds whizzing by quite fast so closed the curtains and dozed off waking by the sound of my dog growling as he sometimes does when he’s sleeping under the bed and I saw a shape above me which quickly disappeared so thought just my imagination playing tricks and after a short while went back to sleep waking again but this time I was woken up by my daughter crying out mum from the next room and I immediately woke up, eyes wide open and looked towards the window and in my mind I growled ‘Leave us alone” I could hear a humming and there was a bright blue light filling the room from the window. As soon as I growled those words the light dipped to faint blue then disappeared all while I was looking towards the window. It was only when the light completely disappeared that my body was able to move. All through this experience although my eyes were wide open and I didn’t go back to sleep after that the hairs on the back of my neck were up, I had goosebumps all over, I was terrified and angry at the same time and was completely unable to move a muscle till the light and humming stopped. I then woke my partner to see if he heard or saw anything and I couldn’t go back to sleep. It most definitely didn’t feel like a dream and now I’m terrified they’ll come back if that is what happened. I should also add that when I growled at them to leave us alone this was done very loudly with my thoughts but I knew they could hear me whoever they were. I am nearly 50 and many years ago I thought my daughter was being abducted due to all her nose bleeds but never have I had any experience like this before. When I woke my daughter she says she can’t remember crying out. I have no mental illnesses that I know of and am usually very sane but also open minded. Joanna

    • Steven says:

      Everything you remember about that night is a screen memory until you awoke. This is typical in how visitations happen. Typically though your daughter should have also been given a similar screen memory which conforms to the story unless they want you to have lingering knowledge about everything.

  87. Elise says:

    Hi Steven-

    I have had many dreams that I can remember. Many of them I feel I am doing work, or helping people to realize something. About a year ago I had a dream I was in a university setting. A group of us of 10-12 people that I didn’t know we’re meeting together to go do something important. While we were waitin a woman came to me and asked if I could help her find her husband. She told me the date he was born, and the date he died. (Both of which had a ten in the dates) I told her she should pay attention to the numbers and she would be able to find him. After that someone began leading us down a hall. While we were walking down the hall, there were rooms with windows. In the rooms were different entities. Some scary, some sick, but they were dark and they were doing discusting sexual and horrible things with women and other entities. I remember one looked straight at me but I was not scared. We came to an opening where we were going to be briefed on how to handle our mission. We were given a velvet Baggie with gold dust in it. We were told it was our job to help the “students” become aware that they were being lied. We had to help them wake up. But, we had to blend in with everyone and look normal without being noticed by the corrupt leaders. As we walked outside it was just like a college. Students everywhere with books and backpacks, walking to different classes. We were trying to teach the students through our energy. Help them become aware. At some point we saw one of the “students” look at us, and her and another student charged at us but nobody seemed to notice around. We stayed together as a group and through the dust at them and charged our energy at them. We knew they had noticed us now. After that we were all a little concerned but our leader told us to stay calm. We went and sat at a bench and I remember feeling the anxiety of the other “helpers” around me… Like we were all inexperienced and just learning. Then A gigantic woman type entity crept up behind me and I woke.

    My other dream happened a few weeks ago when I was with my friend and we were visiting her friends home. For some reason I knew there was a sickness that was spreading and I told my friend we shouldn’t go. She told me everything was completely fine and there was nothing to worry about. I knew the sickness was a mental sickness not physical. I told my friend I needed to use the restroom as soon as we walked into the house and I snuck out the bathroom because I knew if I followed her I would be sick too. As soon as I snuck out the window there were children crouched around trees and cars everywhere. Probably 15 to 20 of them around the ages of 8-10. They were all staring straight at me, and right in front of me was a boy with brown hair and bright bright blue eyes. He didn’t talk through his mouth but he telepathically told me that I had made the right choice. And that all of them had been waiting for me to help them. Like we were supposed to go somewhere. That’s when I awoke.

    Do you know what these could mean? They didn’t feel like normal dreams to me… I’ve also had a few others where I have had to be brave and been given tokens. One of which was a year or so ago and I was standing by the wall in an indoor pool. All of a sudden there was a wall of water and I knew I was being tested. Through the wall came a great white shark and started biting at people next to me. Some ran others stayed. The man next to me whispered don’t be scared, just breathe and stay still. I remember sweat dripping from my face but I stayed. All of a suddent the shark turned into a gray leathery looking man. He came towards me and gave me a token. He told me I earned it. After that he left and the man next me then asked if I could go to dinner with him that night… Lol. Like it was really happening. So weird. All this (dreams) has been going on within the past 4-5 years.

    • Steven says:

      You having dreams of universities and or teaching others is a reflection of your circle, your family/friends, when you dream of education, you are seeking advise, guidance, knowledge, you are going in a new direction in life but when your the teacher, you want those in your circle to follow you. Also when you are a teacher symbolizes that there are some issues with your chosen direction, issues with authority, such as a husband or church leader. A woman coming to you asking you to find her husband is a reflection of your daily life, your circumstances, as in you were looking for someone, a relative perhaps one who has died in your waking life, cause you say born and died, this is in reference to genealogy type work. Also the numbers 10 mean beginning to end, it means complete, it means at peace, or passed on. In a dream, looking into a window in looking into your soul, you walk down a hallway and you see scary beings in windows doing perverted type things with women, and other beings, These dreams happen when one feels sexually repressed, the scary entities is a reflection of the fear you feel from acting on sexual desires. The women you were seeing is you, by your dream I can tell your a woman, The entity looks directly at you, this is your soul inviting your body to explore, the other entities engaging in sex with other entities there is a representation of your desire for porn but you have fears associated with it, thus you continue on down the hall of repression. On a side note, I’m from a small town in Utah Valley with 98% mormon population, these types of repression dreams are extremely common here. The gold dust in your dream, it is two part, the gold means you had just experienced increase income and the dust means you are also experiencing a lot of stress in your marriage and or children. These dreams are you just going over your days events, your life, your feelings, your needs, your desires, you are a very deep and emotionally powerful person

      • Elise says:

        Steven- Wow this was an incredible insight!! What is even more interesting is that my husband and I grew up Mormon, we left the church about a year before this dream occurred. We lived in Utah for 7 years in Utah Valley. I am still very much into genealogy and have been for years now. I still feel connected to my ancestors but not in a “religious” sense. I am interested in meditation and connecting with a deeper part of myself. I have three children and at the time of this my husband was working 80 hours a week and it was hard to say the least. I am so impressed with your depiction. I could go on and on about what you found but I will leave it at that. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I hope for the best with you and your endeavors!

        • Andrea says:


          Your dream seems eerily similar (at least eerily for me because it was a bad experience) to something I experienced in a dream-like state on July 20, 2012. This was unlike anything I’ve experienced. When I awoke that day from my dream, I immediately wrote down what I could recall in a journal. It started with me wanting to take a mid day nap. I had stayed up for the majority of the night studying for a test so I was running on little to no sleep when this occurred. It took me no time at all to pass right out, I almost fell into what I thought was a lucid dream. Still “dreaming” I sat up out of my bed and saw what appeared to be my boyfriend walk over from the door and sit on the bed. Although it was my “boyfriend” I was seeing, his behavior and demeanor said otherwise. I remember feeling extremely uneasy and scared. All of a sudden, he disappeared, and to my right (which was normally a wall) appeared a door and a man with a long beard entered and handed me a big book with a gold key. He told me not to show this to anyone. He quickly disappeared and my “boyfriend” reappeared and asked if he could see what was in the book. I quickly closed the book and put the key in one of the drawers of my bedside table. The next thing I remember (still feeling extremely scared) was a quick flash of a grey alien right up next to me with a certain noise associated with it. I remember try to awake from my dream but feeling extremely constricted as if I couldn’t wake up, almost a feeling of paralysis. I just kept going through what seemed like layers upon layers of the same dream to get out it. I awoke and thought I was out of the dream, and then I see my “boyfriend” again, and he says, “be careful, it’s alright.” After that, everything else was a blur. I remember standing naked in front of what maybe looked like a classroom and I saw one other female who was also naked. Then I recall a flash of benches or almost what looked like bleachers. With lots of students and books and what not and loose piles of clothes. The next thing I remember is flying, all around me white space, I think, which is why I assumed I was having a lucid dream at the end. Either way, I came across this post after some research, and had to write back. Strangely enough, when I remembered I had written about this dream, I didn’t remember anything about aliens. But when I went to go look back at my journal entry the other day, I had written, “and an alien” which I didn’t remember writing (because I was delirious after the dream), or maybe over time had forgotten.

  88. I’d like to have some sort of constructive information and support on my own personal experiences. I’ve apparently been getting “visits” from something (or group of somethings) multiple times since I was 11. The first was me waking up (age 11) in bed with my face to the wall of my room and I couldn’t move, but something was stroking the back of my neck (it was actually quite soothing) and I wasn’t alarmed but I wanted to see what it was but no matter what I couldn’t turn my head to look.

    The most obvious abduction(?) happened to me back between 1996-1999 (I’m a lot older now and don’t remember the exact year for this one.) when I was quite young and still living with my mother. We both woke up on a sunny afternoon in the apartment we were living in and both me and her noticed we lost a little over an hour of the day and don’t remember even falling asleep or taking a nap. We even talked about it and neither of us could come up with an explanation and didn’t think much of it at the time since we really weren’t too interested in extraterrestrial life.

    The last visit I can remember was around 2012 and it was the exact same thing I’ve experienced for the previous years (It seems this was the 5th or 6th time). I’m waking up in bed and can’t move. Since I was sleeping on the floor in a futon I could see only feet and legs standing close to my head in the dark. Due to natural human instinct in unknown situations my brain is screaming at my body to move but can’t. I don’t like panicking, but of course the main reason I am panicking was because I’m paralyzed.

    I don’t mind getting these, “Visits” but I’m really sick and tired of not being allowed to communicate or recall everything that goes on during these visits. I don’t intend to be aggressive, just want to be informed so I can make more conscious decisions instead of feeling “forced” to do whatever it is they insist I do. Depending on what they’re interested in I may be more than willing to participate.

    I’m also interested in finding a reliable group that can do hypnotic recollection. If I can find one I need them to be able to record my session(s) so I can see what may have been going on. I’ve had these experiences in various places I’ve lived over 2 decades. Thank you for any assistance or input you can provide.

    • Steven says:

      One can end any visitation simply by saying in their head, “I wish it to stop” but the physical mind is typically out of the loop, and should never be aware to the point of even needing to asses its own will about the situation, if the physical mind is in the loop, then it must have asked to be in the loop and certain understandings and conditions were placed for this allowance to occur such as a cooperation, and an understanding. But in the next stages of human interaction coming shortly allow that the conscious be in the loop, thus beginning in about 5-10 years time we will gradually begin to recall our visits more and more as the awareness and acceptance of their presence builds. And even if you did go to a hypnotherapist unless your soul is willing to divulge its activities behind the scenes to your conscious mind, it still will stay hidden, so if you do go and still get nothing out of it, don’t be surprised. It really is on a need to know basis.

  89. Renee says:

    Ok so I’ve searched the internet, scanned through books and can find nothing so maybe someone can shed some light on this subject for me. Does anyone have information on what ET’s consider “seer’s” and a planet called Nuceses? I’ve had visits from ET’s since I was a child. I have a chip in my left hand that has been confirmed by X-rays several times. If you know anything about this planet or the “seer’s” I’d like to swap notes.

  90. Michaela says:

    Hey! I’m 15 years old and I’ve been having these really weird dreams since I’ve been real small. They might just be nothing, but I just wanna see just in case. Most of my dreams start off normal. I’ll be in a normal setting, with people I know around me, then something will grab me from behind. Whenever that happens, I’m always dragged down this dark hole in the ground. After being dragged, I end up in my bed. I can’t move. It’s like my whole body is paralyzed except my head. I can hear people or things whispering my name. Sometime’s they’ll often whisper something like “Michaela… come here.. we’ve been waiting for you..” This happens a lot. I can remember the first time I had a dream like that, clear as day actually.

    I was in third grade and I was at a sleepover. We we’re sleeping on the floor with the TV on right next to us. We had thrown popcorn everywhere and pulled all her toys out from the box. I had a really bad dream that night. It started off in my kitchen, it was daytime and I was talking with my mom. I saw a dark shadowy figure dart across the room and then suddenly, I was back into her room. She was facing me, fast asleep. The TV was playing an episode of Family Guy and I was honestly panicking. I couldn’t move and I kept hearing my name being called. Something grabbed my feet and I was dragged out of her room and into the upstairs hallway. That’s when I saw it. A tall, black alien with glowing red (or orange? hard to tell) eyes. It had to be at least 6 feet tall or even taller. It had no mouth. At that moment, my arms were freed and I attempted to hold onto things in that were in the hallway. Finally, the creature or alien had it’s way with me and dragged me down the stairs. I could feel my head hit every stair on the way down. It dragged me into her kitchen and down a deep, dark hole. I then woke up. When I woke up, I still felt paralyzed. I couldn’t move and I had a headache from Hell (which I still believe is from my head hitting the stairs). When I could move, my friend was still facing me and the TV was on the same exact episode of Family Guy. Just like it had been in the dream.

    This happens to me a lot. Sometimes there will be different dreams. Sometimes the black alien would be more aggressive and attack my family and me and sometimes it will be less aggressive and just end up dragging me like always. I once had a dream where it did something to my neck and the next day my neck hurt pretty bad. Since then, I’ve had problems with my neck locking up in one spot and its always in the spot the alien messed with.

    Just last night, I had an alien dream again. As I’ve grown older, the dreams haven’t been happening as much. But when they do, it’s always just like it used to be when I was younger. In this dream, the same black alien with the red/orange eyes was there. It started off with me at a favorite concert of mine. I felt like there was something watching me. I was grabbed from behind once again and dragged somewhere, though I don’t believe it was down the hole this time. I ended up in my bed as well. I couldn’t move anything but my head. I saw that there was light coming in through the window and that my fan was blowing at a piece of paper on my nightstand. I could hear the faint voices call my name again. “Michaela… we’ve been waiting.. Come here…” it’s always been that. I panicked. That was when he showed up. The tall, black alien with the glowing eyes. It was closer to me this time, right next to my bed. He started moving his fingers up my arm, and his finger’s were real long. I tried talking but I couldn’t. I wanted to ask what he wanted with me, a question I’ve been wanting to ask for a LONG time. But I couldn’t speak. I could only watch in terror as his long fingers slid up my arm. Once he got to my forearm, he grabbed a hold of me. The grip was painful. He looked to me real quickly and then I woke up.

    I woke up and I couldn’t move, which caused me to panic even more. I can never move when I wake up from one of those dreams. I’m always glued to the bed. It takes me a few minutes before I can move and when I eventually can, I notice that my arm hurts. There were red marks where he grabbed me. Not in the shape of fingers, but just red marks. I looked towards my window and early morning light shined through the glass. The paper was still being blown by the fan.

    The only reason I’m writing this is to see what this means. Is it just childhood nightmares or something more? All I know is that I’m getting tired of it and I want it to end. If you could get back to me, that’d be great.

    • Steven says:

      These are absolutely Dreams, everything your telling me is all dream language. The dark shadowy figure you call an alien is a situation you don’t know much about, and this is the focus of all your dreams, “the shadowy figure” what ever this situation is, it involves your family, The red eyes means you have irrational fears towards this situation you don’t understand very well. The figure drags you down a hole, Drags means you have no control of the situation, the hole represents continuous problems that get worse and worse. Grabbing the forearms is like seizing you ability to act. Your arms are your power in the situation and the closer the figure grabs to your hands the less ability you have to react. You not being able to move except your head is night terrors, when an alien takes you they paralyses everything except sometimes the eyes, they use the same chemicals the brain makes to cause comatose states. Being Unable to speak is once again having to power in the situation, but reiterating you have absolutely no control over something that is an escalating problem. What ever that may be, To stop it you have to recognize what exactly the problem is, learn about it intimately and then you can work on solving the situation.

  91. EP30 says:

    I have had dreams of being taken my whole life. I always assumed they were dreams, but very recently have started to wonder. When I was a child I dreamed my whole family was abducted together. I never liked it and one time I started to argue with one of the beings. It emitted a high-pitched noise directed at me and killed me. This sounds weird, but when I was dead, it was very peaceful and it felt great. The alien brought me back to life and being in my body was very uncomfortable compared to being dead– but brought be back with the warning that I had better behave as now I know the consequences of not behaving (no actually speaking just telepathic communication). — I had several dreams of being abducted as a child and teenager and then nothing else until college, when I woke up with a terrible pain in my knee. I could not even handle my pants touching my knee for days. When finally I was able to touch my knee again, I noticed a small pea sized movable bump in my knee. At one of my doctor visits I asked about it– he said it was a cyst– since it hurt so bad at first chances are I hit my knee and broke of a piece of bone. I did not recall hitting my knee that hard at that time, but I shrugged it off. I still have this bump in my knee, it no longer hurts, and I find myself playing with it when I’m sitting and talking to people or when I am board. Then I had a terrifying dream when my first child was born. I had just come home from the hospital and fell asleep in the recliner with my newborn. They came to take him, and I begged for them to please let me keep him. I told them I prayed for so long for my son, I said I just got him, please let me have him. They left and I woke up only for this experience to repeat several times. It was one of those dreams where you feel like you woke up only for the dream to repeat. This dream has absolutely terrified me ever since. I was indifferent to whether or not I was having dreams or being abducted, but I do not want the same for my kids. Please tell me I have just been dreaming.

    • Steven says:

      These dreams are alien related, but these are not memories/recall dreams, they are your daily circumstances being replayed metaphorically, other then the simple act of being taken, as that will be presented as it is unless it is coupled with running or chasing or other emotionally traumatizing circumstance. And with a lot of contactees it is a family affair. Old souls have soulmates who like to stick together during their incarnation. An argument in a dream is showing a perception of struggles and adversity with your role in this, not a literal argument, You are saying being the good guy was not always easy, then they kill you in the dream, which is subconscious language for transition, enlightenment, you say goodbye to old/bad habits, and a feeling of peace and joy should accompany the death. The warning of the alien to you is really your warning to yourself, as you are the alien, you are a star child, you are speaking directly to your body subconsciously. The cyst in the knee is likely to just be that, they do not implant there usually, and rarely causes any pain or discomfort, only annoyances. The dream about your newborn is your soul again, telling you this child is also part of your star family, and has a soul contract, we don’t get to choose the path of our children, and you are expressing fear and anxiety over this in your dream, a child being taken is not literally being taken, you are acknowledging that you have no control over the child’s life, and its scary. So yes, largely just dreams.

      • EP30 says:

        Steven, thank you. I really appreciate your very thorough and insightful response– it made me feel much more at ease. Take care.

  92. Munro says:

    I grew up in what is termed a ghetto. My family shared an apartment with just a sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. We had a bed in the kitchen which my mom shared with my brother and I, my granmother slept in the sitting room. For a period of time, it seems like years but could have been only months I was visited at night by a tall dark humunoid like shadow. I always felt safe, not scared and the shadow would pick me up and thats all I would remember. It didnt happen everynight, but I remembered these “visits”. I remember asking my granma once if she or my mother had picked me up from the bed. She said no. I only ever asked once but i believed her. I told no-one of this but the memory is still with me. I was younger than five because I hadnt started school yet. So “strange things” have been happening to me ever since. Not often but when they do they stick in my mind. Honestly most of the time it was situations where I was in some sort of trouble but somehow always managed to get out okay/safely. Its difficult to explain, but trust me when I say I grew up in a neighbourhood that hardly anyone thrives in. The experiences I had that I did not feel comfortable with was 1) a dream that was so vivid, involving a dragon/serpent that I woke up crying. I was pre-teen /early teens then. This however could just have been a dream. I dont know why but it has always stuck in my mind. 2) Move on a couple of years in my mid twenties I had moved to the city. I wake up in bed on my back. eyes closed but with a sentation of some claw/hand digging around in my abdomen. I open my eyes to briefly “see” a reptilian like being quickly leaving my room. I jump out of bed and rush to the bedroom door, because I want to confirm what I “saw”. There was no-one in the apartment. I lived on the seventh floor. I notice a few days later while in the bath that i have this odd eliptical shaped scar above my belly button. An odd place to have a scar, especially if you havent had any accidents, etc. I still have the scar it is very small but noticible with smooth skin like a burn wound but is harder than surrounding skin. Years later, again in my bed, while sleeping on my left side. I wake up suddenly to a sensation of a small body rolling over me. from below my shoulders to my hips. Like a child would when they play with an adult using them like a jungle gym, if you understand what I am trying to convey. I live alone, no kids. I remember switching on the lights in fright to check the side of the bed.Nothing.

    I forgot to mention that when we were teens one late afternoon, my brother called us out to the yard to show us , my mom and i, what he saw in the clouds. It was low laying circle of pulsing lights in the clouds. We stood outside and watched it for quite some time. We had no resources phones, etc so there was nothing we could do. Strangely we never spoke of it again until some years later i asked if he remembered and he said yes.

    I never connected these incidents. I just wanted to know if anyone else had similar things happen or if these were just random events.

    These are my real experiences.However i dont know if it isusefull for me to add that I have always had social anxiety , I have always preferred to be alone and felt more comfortable that way. The social anxiety has led to other issues, but that is of no concequence for now.

    I am curious to hear your feedback/responses.

    • Steven says:

      You are describing what is most likely to be lucid dreaming, anxiety, and occasional bouts of paranoid schizophrenia. With an exception of the unexplained lights in the sky, which may very well be alien related, nothing else described is. Both anxiety and schizophrenia are products of our evolution which we all have to some degree more then others. The ability to have a heighten awareness of ones social environment was a product of survival long ago, but has little use today other then make us think too much and think things a wrong when they’re not. Schizophrenia occurs when ones environment does not suit ones needs, the brain has a way of creating a reality the soul longs for in life but is not receiving which can help the person survive by avoiding suicide in our evolution. Much of this gets triggered at an early age of development when one is born into a hostile or even a perceivable hostile environment coupled with the right genetics can be a rough beginning to life and once programmed the brain continues on this path. A shadow figure may become a parent figure giving you what you needed. A shadow is seen when the brain has no personal reference for what it wants you to experience, spirits whom are not physically familiar with will also appear as shadows as spirits have no physical mass and cannot be seen with eyes, the soul can communicate to a person what it needs, if its grandpa, you will see grandpa as he wants you to see him, typically as you remember him, if you never knew the soul, it thus becomes a shadow for the same reason schizophrenics often see shadow figures. Schizophrenics who are lucid dreamers often experience a more real dream state for the same reason you have a heightened ability to create a real alternate reality at brief moments during difficult times in your life such as your childhood. Other then the lights, these events are absolutely not alien related.

  93. Hi i just came across this site after having a really weird experience last night, not sure what to think, however since looking this up this morning, I realized a few other things happened in my childhood; out of body experience, deja vu frequently,psychic ability,being paryalized one time where I could not move for hours and had no idea why but was in a state of fear. Now to last night; sequence of events, unusually fatigued, at about 10:00 looked out my window from my bed and say a bright shiny star like object, didn’t think much of it but made a mental note that this was odd and that there must be a low star, did not get out of bed to look farther. Woke up in the middle of the night cause I heard a thump, i am normally a VERY light sleeper, but lately I have been in almost a comatose phase. I went upstairs, saw nothing was unusually groggy, got water came back downstairs, sat on my bed and felt something gooey and slippy turned on my light and saw large mucus light blood on the sheets, (I am a 50 year old women in menopause no period) Went to the bathroom, wiped to be sure nothing. a few days prior to this, the electricity seemed to go off in my bedroom, it kind of work me like that jolt when the lights and everything goes off only to find that they were still working. I had a very funny feeling this morning and looked this up as if I felt as though I was abducted, but my brain keeps telling me I am crazy. Not sure what to think. Also, when I woke up this morning I has sinus and stuffy nose which is also rare. I am however prone to headaches. Also, my right arm started feeling numb right before this happened. Any suggestions ideas? Greatly appreciated? what can I do?

    • Steven says:

      You are siting a lot of viable clues to being a star child, but the blood on the sheets would never be alien related unless you were a very important person and they were using preventative techniques for you to get checked out by a doctor before something really bad happens. Which does occur on occasion. So even if you wiped and saw nothing, I’d still go to the doctor and get checked out.

      • Jackie says:

        Hi Steven ,
        it’s 2:25 in the morning and I don’t know if I almost experienced an abduction . I was in my room around 11 and I was just watching a show then suddenly my whole room moves and vibrates. I thought it was a mini earthquake but nobody else had felt it . I started to get a really bad headache after and I tried to go to sleep . I did go to sleep but I kept waking up every 15 min . I was so paranoid that something was going to get me. I felt watched . although that I didn’t see 3 greys I felt a presence . The first time I woke up it was exactly. 1:00 AM . I had terrible dreams . Really graphic . Then I thought to myself that I wanted to wake up, and I just couldn’t . I knew I was awake but I couldn’t open my eyes . I felt my body just float . I felt like I was being lifted . I couldn’t breath I then said “this is it I’m getting abducted” but deep down I said “No I have to keep trying to wake up” and I finally did. As soon as I woke up I stood still all I saw were swirls of yellow and orange and green . My question is was I about to be abducted ? And how can I stop this ? I woke up crying and sobbing I’m 16 years old never had I had a problem with all this . Barely today . Or was I having any sleep paralysis. I just want answers please . I also struggle with anxiety but everything seemed too real. Was I about to be abduted ? How can I prevent it from happening ?

        • Steven says:

          Encounters often begin with a strong curiosity or desire, they know what’s in our heart. If one does receive a meeting and they get too scared and choose it to stop, then it will stop. You are always in control. There are some stipulations where your meeting is a contract given only by the subconscious, thus only the subconscious can control it but they are not allowed to take us without our desire to participate. If you choose to stop, then it will stop. And they can’t hurt you regardless if they want or or if you want them to, there are very strict rules in engaging us, so fear should never play a role in your decisions. With that said, you didn’t describe things well enough for me to determine what happened with any certainty. But regardless of whether mental anxiety or fear played a role or not, if you stop fearing them, both your mind will stop playing tricks on you and or your actual experiences with them will become more pleasant and not haunt you. It is very important to stop the fear; nothing will hurt you or anyone that way, in the history of extraterrestrial encounters, nobody has ever been hurt, scared maybe, but not hurt.

    • julie says:

      I’ve been an abductee for some time ( i believe) as have been my children. My mom and step dad worked for NASA. I lived on Holloman afb when i was 2 (1962) and have seen ufo’s most of my life. I usually feel the need to look af certain clouds, take pics and get home to find ufo’s in them. We’ve had an unusual amount of attention from “them” this past year.i’ve always had abilities that the average person doesnt or hasnt tapped into yet.
      Anyways. 2 weeks ago i had 3 greys in my room. I couldnt see then with my eyes open but when i closed my eyes i cod see them plain as day. I wanst afraid tho? We have been scanned by bright lights by “something” they aren’t shy either.. It happened at my girlfriends house in broad daylight.
      Anyways this morning at 1:42 am i woke up to stretch. My body was nice and warm from the covers. All of the sudden, i could feel warm fluid seeping out of my skin.. from head to toe. I want hot or cold even tho we keep the ac at 73. I thought .. did my dog pee on me or something but she was fast asleep at the foot of the bed. At time of all this i noticed that i had a horrible pain in the center ofnmy brain. In one specIfic spot. It felt like a single point of pain. Nothing like the headaches i usually have. ( i get rt sided headaches just before large earthquakes, one of my weird abilities or gifts.. who knows but its been like this since childhood) at the same time i felt or heard “dont be afraid, its necessary because your body is being upgraded”.
      I had to remove all my sheets and my pillow because they were all soaked. I went back to sleep and when my daughter woke up she said she was dreaming of water everywhere. Whe was at a gathering and water was everywhere. She is also aware of our experiences with ets but hasnt remembered them. She sees them during the day with her eyes. Twice now. She thinks maybe we’re from a planet thats mainly water? Or something. I’ve always been clairvoient and very with seeing past and future but for the last 2 years i’ve felt i’m part of something much bigger than the life I have now. This morning i think they put an implant in the center of my head. See i have shingles and they only flair up if i’m under durress or go through something traumatic in my physical body. When I woke up, inhad them in 4 places. Its usually only 1or 2. And i had soo much energy when i got up i was like speedy Gonzalez! I rarely sleep.well. i went to bed at midnight and when i woke at 1:42 this morning i felt like i’d slept for like 6 hours.
      Please excuse the typos, when inhave “visits” i cant seem to spell correctly and electeonics don’t cooperate with me. I am 55 years old and am also past menopause so its not that.. i want sleep regression to get more answers. Any light you can shed on this please fire away. just me, Julie

      • Steven says:

        Shingles happen when the body is sensitive to something, the immune system is hyperactive and works overdrive giving you what is known as auto-immune disease. This can come and go at various times, most contactees get it at some point. What happens is when you have a much stronger will to live, and experience, and you have someone or something there keeping you from that then psychologically you end up sending too many signals to your immune system to work harder, even though there is no reason to, when your immune system attacks, it attacks nothing dangerous, its attacking healthy cells, what I mean is your body begins to attack its self. So when one says they are allergic to something, this is why, this is what is going on with that. You are also hyper-sensitive to vibrations its in your brain chemistry. This makes you sensitive to frequencies of energy, and we are all energy, at every density, dimension, atomically and subatomicly. This is also true with brain waves, thoughts that others have on any level, feelings they feel, and can be intense and overwhelming at times. Upgrades occur to select people who will play a role in the coming saga, to act as a physical guide, an interpreter, the upgrades are biological, they are placed in the very center of the forehead ,they consist of genetic material of 4th density to help those who have given consent, they then can align the host’s frequency with theirs. Thus they become a channeler. There are various types of channelers, some are direct, some are indirect, some can literally have their entire body taken over. It is what the host wants. They typically will show themselves to the host periodically and increasingly as not to alarm the host. That he or she knows what is coming. Dreams of water everywhere does not mean they are from a water planet, in a dream, water is emotions, and to dream of water everywhere is a reflection of ones own vast emotional sensitivity and can reflect the emotions of others. Though it is more likely then not that both of you do come from a water world spiritually as most worlds in out galaxy are water worlds with the dominant/intelligently evolved life being various water creatures.

  94. Cheri says:

    I’m having vivid dreams of very pleasurable sexual encounters with large lizard like people… ? I’m compelled to participate in activities I’ve never desired to do, I feel like I’m in training to be some supreme sex machine… I’m confused is this my imagination going wild or real? I’m embarrassed in asking this, but for the past 8 months my curiosity on the subject is driving me crazy and I canno seem to talk to anyone about this. I feel like a crazy person… Any advice is appreciated.

    • Steven says:

      Having sex with lizard people in your dreams is metaphorical. Lizard can mean carnal, or primal, lizards in human form mean these carnal feelings are directed at humans. To have sex with them is just emphasizing that you feel you are in the prime of your life to have a baby, this is a biological program women in their early twenties especially will have wet dreams, when it is with lizard people it is really really strong urges for sex and reproduction. This is not alien related in any form. You can message me on my FB Daily Brain Freeze page if you have more questions about your dreams.

  95. Taylor says:

    My dad completely believes in aliens. I do to but he is obsessed with the fact. He has always told me this… He is a night cab driver and in like 2004 he was alone driving back home and there was no cars around him and all of a sudden he sees a triangular looking ship going faster than any thing he has even seen or heard of and it came about 20 feet of him then flew off. One second it was there, the next not. Also he swears it’s not a dream. Also I have had many dreams of aliens and about once a month or more I am half asleep, like I just fell asleep like 20 minutes ago but not completely asleep and all of a sudden I get the scariest feeling and then I completely shake and wake myself up. And also one time I was sleeping and my door was open and I was facing away from it towards the wall and I just feel something touch me and it woke be up so I turned around and both of my dogs were in my room, there was a swoosh that moved my door and my dogs started barking but I didn’t see anything.

  96. Luke says:

    I’ve just recently been doing some research and have become very curious about this subject… I cannot remember the exact age I was, maybe 13 or 14, I would wake up at around the same time every night, as I recall between 2 and 3 a.m. (2:37 seems to be a number stuck in my head…), for a period of several months. I would awake panicked and terrified, of what exactly, I don’t know…. I realize that this is not too uncommon and might have been caused by emotional instability, ect….. What really haunts me is the memory of looking out my window inbetween it and the shade, and seeing flashing lights (white) that revolved in a circle like a UFO, in my side yard. This happened only once and was the last time I remember waking up panicked.

    I realize that this might just all be a self-fulfilling prophecy and not anything more than a psychological disturbance, and a very vivid dream, but I would like to learn more about my experience and if it, might have been visits from E.T.’s. Feedback would be much appreciated.

    • Steven says:

      That is exactly how it began with me, I was around 12 at the time, I kept looking out the window, I was afraid of the window for some reason, but I would see strange things out side and super bright flickering lights with no source that I could see, this was a regular thing for quite a while.

    • Siobhan says:

      When I was 10 back in 1990 I woke up around 2am. I felt completely awake although nothing had woken me up. There was no noise. I felt like looking out the window and I saw a ship, and then I saw another one hovering around the other one. Both of them looked oval shaped and he lights on them were blue and white. The white ones rotated. Another time I woke up in the middle of the night around 3am but this time I woke up throwing up where I sat bolt upright. While my mother was out of the room after she had taken the bed sheets I was sweating and trying to get my breath, leaning my head on the back of the chair. I was leaning so that my right side was against my arm. I happened to be facing the window and saw the ships again only this time they were red and white. I always wondered about those times and what it meant.

  97. Kelly says:

    Hi Steven, hope you could possibly give me some insight into a dream I have had in the past.
    Always sleeping in my bed and I feel as though I wake up in a dream state, almost dazed where I look up to my window and notice it seems like daylight shining in, I recall looking at the time and noting that it was still in the middle of the night (though I no longer can remember the exact time). This is where I have the sensation of floating. I levitate through the window and can’t recall anything for a period of time until I realize I’m on a ship or aircraft of some sort with other humans aboard. There are other beings which I am aware that they are not human although they are dressed in costume. I am told telepathically they do this in order to not frighten us. I am very calm the whole time. They communicate with us telepathically, as if we are one unit – I can hear the human thoughts as well as the other beings. In this dream I was able to listen and interact telepathically but now I can no longer remember what was said to me other than the explanation of costumes. They bring us to this open field with (the closest description I can think of is) tall grass surrounded by hills. We were in the valley. It was beautiful and peaceful… They pointed in the air and were showing us orbs in the sky, I do not recall what they were saying about them. There were several lined up. I remember seeing the ship, a very large (several km long), silver and was similar in shape to a blimp, but moved extremely fast. It would vanish periodically like there was an invisibility cover on it. We stayed in the field for a long time, not sure how long. The next thing I remember is waking up in my bed, awake and aware of what I had just dreamt but unable to move. I’m not sure if this was a dream or something more, but I would love to hear your interpretation of it. I feel drawn to other people’s stories of aliens and abduction but in waking life I feel very afraid. Subconsciously I feel calm. I would appreciate any input you have!

    • Steven says:

      This is definitely a recall dream, I don’t even see any dream lingo to be reinterpreted. These recall dreams are the souls desire for the physical mind to understand something important that it will need to know in life. Usually simply being a contactee is not something the soul wants the physical mind to know about. If there is a need, such as instructions on what to do in case of events sure to take place where one is predetermined to play a role in life via soul contract, the soul will let the physical mind in the loop. And though you don’t really know what was said and its foggy, when the time comes you will certainly know what to do, as subconscious triggers will be pulled.

  98. Istari72 says:

    Oh my God. I just found out what a contactee is. Now I finally know. Now I Finally Know. I simply don’t know what else to say right now other than i’m Ok, and I Finally Know. Finally I understand. My entire life. Absolutely wow.

  99. Daniel says:

    Last year on the 25/2/2014 at 11;05am I was taking selfies through my bathroom mirror using my phone cam. Reflected through the mirror you can see my bedroom which is parallel with my bathroom. I was getting ready to take my next photo shot until (while looking through the mirror) I saw the mornings first ray of sunshine come through the slightly drawn shade in the bedroom. The suns ray of light was practically covering my duvet cover on my double bed. Then all of a sudden, i felt as though I was being watched, I thought nothing of it and continued to take my shot, I angled the phone cam to the top left corner of the mirror to take the shot, when I saw (on my phone screen, reflected through the mirror) a tiny shaped head on it’s side on my bed, I was pretty sure then, that I was being watched, though still I continued to go ahead and take my shot regardless. I looked in the mirror with full concentration not allowing anything to distract me, and took the shot. Afterwards, I stood to the left of the mirror to get a better look at what it was that I saw, it looked as though a small head was peering through a black square shaped hole, which seemed to take the form of my duvet cover I’m guessing it was some kind of a vortex to another dimension, my duvet is light blue in color, so it was quite obvious to see there was something there that was out of the ordinary. It looked like a camouflage that had failed due to the sunlight that came in through the shades. So I left the bathroom to enter the bedroom to take a closer look. Looking downwards and around it as if I was searching for something. I was keeping my mind distracted off of what I had seen, as if I knew it could read my mind and so wasn’t allowing it to let on that I knew it was there. I stopped looking, steadied my eyes for a split second and suddenly diverted my eyes to it’s eyes, (it was definitely an E.T) It moved it’s eyes to connect with mine. Suddenly, moves it’s head back slightly with surprise. I then squinted my eyes and smirked as if to say, ‘ Yeah, I fooled you I knew you was there the whole time’. it’s eyes then widened in shock and disbelief. It gazes at me fiercely and it’s pupils began to dilate, looking enraged and hostile towards me, (The most deadliest look I had ever seen) I quickly changed my mind state and showed fear, slowly shaking my head left to right as to say ‘no’, I felt as though it was about to take extreme brutal action against me. Until, it shows me mercy, relaxes and takes a sigh of relief as it clenches it’s teeth. It becomes almost emotionless, looking dead into my eyes. It opens its mouth to say something but there was no sound. Lip reading it looked like “Hummmbllle yourrrsellllf”. I looked into it’s eyes with wonder for a few seconds, then looked away and looked downwards humbly and shy. Not sure of what to do next, I left the bedroom.

    A few months later I noticed I had captured the E.T on cam http://tinypic.com/r/decux/8

    Recently, just over two weeks ago, I had a vivid dream. I was looking out a window one late evening and it was pouring with rain, clouds were dark and moving rather fast towards and over me. To my right, was a tall tower block roughly 20 floors high. Suddenly, there was a strike of lightening dead ahead of me in the distance, then came the thunder a few seconds later, It began to pour down even more, only now with really large amounts of hail stones. As the lightening struck once again it lit up the sky around, and to my left above I could see a large UFO come to light, like a mothership, I think. As the light faded from the lightening strike the UFO became hardly noticeable. It then shot down a misty green beam inside a farm house in search of something, perhaps the animals as they were drowning by the floods of rain. Suddenly, in the far distance a huge tidal wave which spanned from left to right was heading towards me, it was almost as high as the tower block to my right, and growing even greater in height as it got closer. And as it got closer, I heard a voice saying “Do not be afraid”. And so, I turn around and close my eyes with my arms out, I clear my mind from any doubts I had. As the wave hits, I feel myself pushed forward gently, and as though I were floating in midair, there wasn’t any pain. Then I wake up.

    I woke up one morning over a month ago to notice the time on my watch had jumped ahead of time, exactly by 5 minutes.

    • Steven says:

      Thats a pretty interesting photo, thanks for sharing. Your dream is telling also. The rain is the building of your emotional turmoil, the storm showing the level of intensity, the lightning strikes mean there are surprising and shocking elements happening, and the hail depicts how you are handling those turbulent emotions, essentially in a withdrawn way. Then we get to what the emotions are all about, the tower in this particular dream means observation, who is observing you?, in this dream aliens, but not just one, an entire race is watching you. The green light on the farmhouse is subconscious language for you feeling you have received great benefit from them. Water in dreams are your emotions, thus a tidal wave is like feeling as though you know your going to get overcome emotionally from all this, you see it coming and there is nothing you can do about it, suddenly a voice saying there is no need to be afraid of all this, your subconscious telling you that your conscious mind is making too much of all this, and to calm down, your subconscious mind knows that there really is no need for concern.

  100. Collin says:

    Hello. I have quite the array of dreams. One of these dreams I have never been able to figure out. I was very young and it was late. My father was passed out on the couch amd my younger brother in the room beside and my older brother downstairs. I felt very strange on this night before bed as I always do with full moons. So the dream goes like this. I am in my bed and I hear the front door swing open and yet I am thee only one to hear it and then. I hear odd noises. I hearbeforehand something lard pass by my room and go into my brothers then something under me on the floor under neath. Then I hear the door fping open again, feeling like it is something not good I run out and look into my brothers room and see he is gone. Then I b-line it for the door and notice my dad is gone,. I have never been afraid of the dark or being alone. Oddly I am accustomed and almost welcomed by it. So I then ran onto my front step and looked in awe as there were no street lights on and now one in their house or their lights on. Everything was black, I could barely see to the tree line 125 yards away. But almost pulled to it this thing was pulling my brothers and dad towards a hovering ship in the middle of that distance and without thinking twice I ran to him to stop what ever he was doing. As he got to the light he stopped with them in hand and I screaned stop and let them go and before I could say anything else he said something and turned around and put his hand up and blasted me with a bright light and a booming voice in the back round said something that I can’t remember like we choose you or you are far more important. that you will ever know. And then I fainted and remembered seeing him, his ship, the sky and stars and cloud then haze and then darkness and then I woke up in my bed not knowing what had happened. The weirdest thing, I never fell asleep the night before. Sorry about the spelling errors, phone was being odd when sending this.

    • Steven says:

      That is a recall dream with a lot of subconscious lingo. Don’t take the dream at face value. but your soul is telling you a story about your circumstances. This may have been an experience that occurred the night before, where people are not allowed to consciously remember, the subconscious always remembers though telling the story is difficult for the conscious mind to understand, a screen memory will be used in place of the actual occurrence, this helps those people involved to live normal lives free of ridicule or fear from others as jobs, school, friendships, relationships and even personal security can all be hugely effected. The door being flung open is a metaphor for a surprise invitation, the front door involves the whole house hold. They do not actually open doors to get people. You being the only one to hear it signifies you felt vulnerable when they came. Seeing something large pass by your room but not seeing it means you felt intimidated by something you have never seen. Another door flings open but now the invitation is directed at you, you were scared though. You see that your family has accepted the invitation. Darkness in a dream is a state of confusion about what is happening, we fear the unknown naturally. Light of course means opposite in the dream, as the light from your father signifies he had explained to you what is happening, you understood it and felt good about it. I think the rest is pretty self explanatory.

  101. Kate says:

    I had a dream – I was terrified both during the dream and after I woke up. In the dream I was in bed at night (so it was pitch black) and I don’t remember why but I felt scared so I ran to the light on the other side of my room to turn it on, when I realised I was naked. I went to turn on the light but before I did I looked back to my bed and there was a short alien there. Skinny with a huge head, huge eyes, bronze/yellow/green metallic skin and a orange jumpsuit. It was terrifying but even more so when bright flashes of light started coming from him. They were so bright I felt like it couldn’t possibly be a dream (everything else felt like a dream though). All of a sudden I was in my bed again and the alien was saying (without moving his mouth) in multiple voices “we’ve been searching for you for half an hour”. He said that repeatedly. I woke up cause I was violently kicking. In my dream I was trying to kick him in his face.
    I guess I want someone who believes in aliens to say “well duh that was obviously JUST a dream”.

    • Steven says:

      This dream is simply going over your daily circumstances. The circumstances are, you are in darkness meaning you have a lack of knowledge, this makes you fearful. When you went to seek knowledge (turning on the light) you felt vulnerable (shown as nakedness) The subject being Aliens. The image being your interpretation of how they look like. You believe there is a great deal of knowledge which can be gained from them (shown as bright flashes of light emitting from his body) When you search for something or someone in a dream, you are discovering new and exciting talents, but when someone is searching for you, it is running away from these talents cause of fear and vulnerability. Your subconscious mind wants you to be strong, turn on the light, learn all you can and release your fears. In this dream, the alien can mean that it is aliens your afraid of or it can be a representative in unknown unexplored things in general. You can decide. So in this way, yes it was just a dream, but a meaningful one.

  102. Stephen says:

    Thank you Steven for replying to so many cases. You’re helping us greatly and I’m appreciative.

    I’ve just woken from a dream where me and several family members were in a house being watched by someone. I decided to go out and confront this person. I approached this person who was sitting in a tree about 150 meters from the house.

    I somehow knew it was an alien disguised as a human. I immediately became firm and shouted at him to stay away from my family. He knew what I was talking about and came from the tree to me and said “So serious” in a calming sort of way. I demanded him to answer just one question but before I could ask he wrapped his arms around me and then let go saying
    “It’s been broken” referring to a barrier in our ability to somehow connect. I could see that there was another alien in his thoughts that worked with him to do just this. He was elated that it was he who had done it. I recoiled and tried to deny it and he said “you didn’t resist”. He then turned into a thin bright white being and floated over to a building nearby telepathically urging me and my family to join him for (breakfast?) As we entered the room I saw changes in my consciousness which appeared as bright flickering white lights through my vision. My girlfriend was to refer to him as her father at the table in front of several other new people I did not know. I never got a chance to ask my questions. I woke feeling like I had been in a very deep sleep.

    It’s not the first time I’ve had alien encounter dreams that felt so very vivid. I was also browsing very briefly on the internet before bed some material related to ET’s.
    I also have a BB like lump behind my earlobe that appeared after popping a zit about 12 years ago and never vanished.

    • Steven says:

      This is soul to soul communication but an interpretation of the subconscious communication. The alien watches, not from a tree but this is how it is explained, You understand the person to be an alien though it subconsciously comes to you as a human. You let the person know your going to protect your family, and the alien expresses that is what he loves about you. He told you that your soul is in their company and cooperative in being given implants of various types and understanding that your body is full of anxiety being out of the loop. The other alien working with him who “did it” is you. Your own personal soul. The light he turns into is subconscious language for knowledge, the building is subconscious language for structured knowledge and breakfast is subconscious language for the start or beginning of the feeding on this knowledge. Father meaning this is your guide, as you are like his child in this way, he watches over you and protects you according to your soul contract. He will keep you on your correct path.

  103. Gustavo says:

    Steven: im a 15 year old male and i have had the same dream occur to me about 7 times in all my lifetime. The most recent dream was when i was about 13 and i still remember it, the dream consists of me sanding in a room with a couple other people whom which i do not know who they are, and suddenly the white ceiling turns black, and it’s like if an enormous amount of gravity pulls all of us to the ground but we are all laying on our backs looking up, the ceiling turns into the night sky like if i were in outer space. An alien appears from the bottom left side and starts pointing at planets that are displayed on the center of the ceiling, its like if i were watching a power point presentation with the ailien talking in a sort of language to me and pointing at planets in our solar system and saying something about it.Its like if i can understand what he is saying in my dreams but when i think about my dreams while im awake all renember is his muffled voice.
    I renember not being scared and just feeling neutral about it and when i wake up from the dream it just feels weird.


    • Gustavo says:

      Oh and after those experiences i have a sort of a little bubble like thing in my neck that goes away sometimes but later comes back and i have become very interested in aliens and feel like im sometimes being watched from my room window.

    • Steven says:

      You are describing a very typical, recall dream, a presentation of upcoming celestial events, and will usually include details about catastrophic events which will be recalled when the time is appropriate for you to know. The only metaphors here is the muffled voice, signifying your not in full understanding yet, but don’t worry when the time comes you will know exactly what to do.

  104. Ash says:

    My mother told me of a time before I was born when her and my Dad where walking on the beach late at night/early morning. They were walking towards what they thought was a bonfire on the beach and then all of a sudden there was a flash in the sky. The next thing my mother remembers is waking up naked on the beach with her clothes hanging off a picnic table 20 or so feet away. My father was nowhere in sight. She was so scared of what had happened and being alone that she just grabbed her clothes and ran about a mile or so back to the cottage where they were staying. When she was running up to the cottage, she saw my Dad sitting on the front porch of the cottage in a chair with a blank look on his face. She said he wasn’t asleep but he seemed to awake when she ran up to him.

    My mother wouldn’t tell me this story for a long time because I think it scared her at the time and she didn’t want to scare me. The other thing she didn’t want to tell me was that nearly 10 months later I was born. The way she found out she was pregnant with me was by going to the doctor to get her tubes tied, they obviously wouldn’t do it because she was pregnant. She thought that this was impossible because she was on birth control and had been for the last 5 years after my older sister was born. I also found out that my Dad would never speak of this experience ever again, not even with my mother. Apparently he was also very insistent with my mother that he did not want another child and he tried to force her to get an abortion.

    My mother decided to share this story with me because she found it very strange that I have had a very strong obsession with alien beings and space while growing up. Its been about 15 years since I found this out (half my life) but I just brushed it off and never really gave it much thought. My sister would tease me and tell all my friends that I was an alien baby, but it never really bothered me.

    It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve really started to question everything. I have so many unanswered questions and I’ve been having a hard time getting this out of my mind.

    • Steven says:

      That is an interesting and unique scenario, and this does happen once in a while, where if the mother is a star child and wants a child and is supposed to have a child via birth contract and cannot have one one her own and then gives the call for assistance, it is sometimes granted on the basis of that prebirth contract. When this happens it is usually understood by both parents to avoid any feelings of rejection later on, the circumstances of the conception do seem to match that criteria. Normally I’d say it sounds like your parents just got real drunk at a party had sex and blacked out, but it sounds like this involved your father also who was seen back at the house with a blank stare as though he knew something weird happened, they both must know deep down, if they thought it important to tell you. But on a side note this would also mean you are also a star child as in spiritually from another world.

      • Ash says:

        Thank you for your reply Steven. Since I’ve started asking about all of this, I made sure to ask my mother about drugs and alcohol being involved because that was always my first thought. She insists there was nothing of the sort. She has also told me that she isn’t scared like she once used to be. I’ve recently had the desire to put pen to paper and tell our story, so I’ve talked to my mother about it a lot more. The starseed theory is a newer one to us, however when I brought it up to her it was almost as if she was relieved. She has certainly told me that she almost feels comforted by it rather than scared like before. I’ve also thought about trying to contact a medium to try and connect with my Dad who has since passed, I’m just not sure how much more he would be willing to talk about from the other side. Again, I just want to say thank you.

  105. Shayla says:

    When I was younger I dreamed about me being at my house at nighttime… There were 2 windows in the front one for the living room one for a bedroom. I was in the house .. And some family members too.. I was standing in the living room then a big UFO very close to my window was just standing still floating .. I felt this anxiety and felt like they were watching me .. So I felt scared and went to the room with the other window and it followed me there and stayed there like watching me. Then later on I went to the second room we had and that room had no windows so I went in there to feel safe and out of nowhere they came into my room , three of them. And I stood up felling scared and they told me don’t worry we aren’t going to hurt you we are your friends. And I felt comfortable then. After I repeatedly dreamed of them. Also my mom said that when she was little she suddenly had cigar shaped burns on her legs and said she almost got abducted.

  106. Cam says:

    Yesterday I had something cut out of my back it looked like a white ball and was organic looking. I woke up today at 9 am to the land lord cutting the grass and fell back asleep in a few hours I dreamed aliens were trying to take me and there were characters off of TV shows I watch there with me. We hid the aliens could not see in the light instead of in the dark and they looked like people. They found us and I ended up having sex with one of them. I don’t usually dream of aliens so I am looking for a reason here. I remember everything as if I was conscious during sleep which was a short period like a few hours. I opened my eyes when it was happening waking up to semen in my underwear. I am a male so I’m not pregnant. Lol . Recently as well I’ve been going through some medical problems with my health but nothing serious.

    • Steven says:

      This dream is is not a communication dream nor is it a recall dream, it is a reflection of the days events, you had something weird removed from your back, you had a thought, “I wonder if this could be alien related”. Your next thought is “if it is it might be some kind of tracking device and now they wont be able to find me”. You then have a dream of an alien trying to find you, when you wake up then go back to sleep again this can raise the frequency of your brainwaves causing your conscious mind to retain more. In this state you are more acceptable to outside influences such as things that may be on tv or something someone said, most likely why there were tv characters with you as they dont seem to play any significant roll in this dream otherwise, if they do, they may be representing your mood. You having sex with the alien though this actually does happen from time to time upon request does not seem to have that signature. Men who are younger, at their sexual prime, if they are not in a healthy stable relationship and having regular sex, or not in any relationship at all, the brain is biologically programmed to do this in order to stimulate the individual to find a mate. Women will also do this as well but they are not programmed to do this till after they feel like they are in a stable relationship. So no regardless whether you have been visited or not this dream has no direct correlation with any visitation.

  107. Charles says:

    Hey Steven, before I start with the story, I just wanted to say that my first alien dream was when I was about 9 years old, and I was staring at a mirror in my bathroom with an alien standing next to me and we were both just standing still and then I woke up. Recently for the past 2 weeks I have been having dreams that always end with me looking into the sky or our my window and seeing a ufo(s). Around 9-10pm while watching TV i’m starting to feel watched (there is a window next to me). In my recent dream which was yesterday, I was in my room and this time I was talking to an alien. I asked the alien “Is there a God?” and it smiled at me without a word. The same window where I was feeling watched, from I looked at and I said “don’t be shy come out, and three greys just started looking from the window and I woke up.

    • Charles says:

      Btw every alien in the story were greys

    • Steven says:

      Though you looking in the mirror and see yourself standing next to an alien is dream language these dreams are actually communication dreams, communications with your soul and the souls of your guides, you asking if there is a god is not dream language, its a memory with no need for interpretation. Your guide saying nothing, as he does not need to, nor can he. There is no answer to that question that can be truthful or relevant. Your soul knows this and allowed your physical conscious mind to understand that there is no answer to this. You have relinquished your fears about them and this gives them more ability to communicate with you.

  108. Sophia says:

    I am hoping you can provide clarity surrounding my experiences since a child: My first conscious awareness of my connection to ” something” was when I was seven and saw the cover of a time life book that had a picture of an Alien ( the praying mantis type) I had cold sweats and a panic attack. Nothing like a fear when looking at a monster from TV, but a visceral, panic attack. I n the future, I tried to look at that picture calmly, but I couldn’t bare it and hid the book, to this day. I tried to forget, but in my teens, I had repeated dreams of a ” doomsday scenario”. I’m one of a few survivors. Years go by, I try not to think about it, and lately my room is so electrically charged, if I touch my bedspread, it lights a spark. I started getting sick and my ob/ gym can’t find one of my ovaries ( on sonogram ) . I’m almost 50 now and I’m strangely obsessed with the subject of abductions and the Alien motive. I have had both beautiful and negative experiences spiritually. I am able to meditate for hours but have not had any tangeable experiences I can tell you. ( if I were connected to them, I thought I could connect via meditation) . Now I’m doubting my whole history and although deep down, I know something is happening, I worry that I am NOT an abductee and will be part of the doomsday s dead that will be coming in our lifetime. I’m debating to get hypnotherapy for this ? Therapists and MDS say I’m the Most sane person they be known…
    I d appreciate your thoughts and feedback 🙂 ami I crazy? Has something happened?

    • Steven says:

      Many contactees will have dreams of cataclysmic events accompanied by what to do in any given situation and counsel from either an alien being or a man. The alien image more often then not caused fear, panic, stress, and they cloak themselves using a screen memory and this can be done in real time as well. They simply change the chemical composition in your brain so that you only see what they want you to see, usually a beautiful looking male or female depending on the message given. This memory also applies during hypnotic recall unless your soul chooses to show you the truth of what you saw, There are praying mantis looking aliens in earths vicinity both underground and in the sky, both good and bad and frighting looking as well, I know I would prefer a screen memory of them. Please understand how spiritual polarity works……..The selfless are no better then the selfish, and to believe that would make one selfish by default. Most selfless people willingly choose to live among the selfish ,to suffer with them and even die with them, even unjustly. They hate doing it, its not fun, but they know how important their influence is on others. They may also learn important things about themselves as well. A selfless person does not worry about things like their personal safety, comfort, security, peace. They care not if they die in the coming cataclysms, or if they are good enough to go to the paradise on earth and live with other good souls. The more one worries about things like that the less likely they are to achieve it. Remember, love is outward (fear is inward) Hypnotherapy will not solve any issues but it may satisfy a curiosity, the only problem is it should not matter a whim if you are receiving counsel from a higher source. If it does matter to you then thats the problem.

  109. Corina says:

    Hello , my partner who is a total no believer in anything like ( I am tho) woke this morning to tell me that last night he was taken by greys and they had him on some kind of table and push there hands thru his chest he yelled obsenties at them that he would wipe out there race and he said he could hear them talking telepathically that they were scared of him and put him back in our bed , he is adamant it was real Obviously he still has a heart and it was some kind of transmitted pain . Just wondering if you have come across this before thanks . Corina

    • Steven says:

      Thats a fairly normal response to being taken, anyone can stop the visitation at anytime simply by telling them you want to stop. Even he telepathically sensing that they were scared of him is also normal, not that they are as they are always fully in control of the situation, they typically make their guest feel as though they (their guests) are in control and at their mercy helping to ease fear and tension of the otherwise traumatizing experience. They try to come off as non threatening as possible. So ya its a very believable circumstance to me. Even when he chooses not to believe as many don’t especially those who are most bothered by such things.

  110. brenda says:

    Hi I had a dream last night I was in the car with my mother in w my husband and my.brother and sister in then we went to Wal-Mart but it was at a mall we the point is I wondered off and I was at at park and a plane and all of a sudden there was army people and drones everywhere and I asked a general what’s going on are the aliens going to take us and we wouldn’t answer me then when I turned around I was at a house with lots of stairs and there was an air vent and the general was in thAt house with me and then through the air vent I could hear voices in my head speaking another language which I could understand and they stared to levitate me and I would tell them that I wasn’t ready and in their language and they would tell me you promise and I was like I know and I when I was going to et out the ddoodle up and my left arm was in pain and my head was hurting and I felt like if i had worms inside what’s going on or was I dreaming?

    • Steven says:

      The dream is very symbolic of your emotional state you are in at that moment. being in the car symbolizes those whom this dream is about, which is your subconscious mind speaking to your conscious mind. Thus you wandering through a large building such as walmart or whatever huge mall/building with things there to possess, is you looking for something but can’t seem to find it, you are also feeling small and undervalued, but there is a spark inside of you telling you to look into the secret places, the military and drones are representing your willful intent to unlock secrets, including your search for aliens, the generals response to your question is a reflection of what you feel you have learned, not much, speaking other languages is a symbol of you feeling confused, you have so many questions that have not been answered. Them trying to levitate you but you say no, is a sign that you feel confident in your people who you are listening to but not confident enough in yourself to understand what they are telling you. This is a reflection of your conscious life…….And I don’t understand the rest of what you wrote but ya, the dream is you going over your day to day events.

  111. Angel says:

    Hello, here are a couple of experiences I’ve had in my life; I would just like to hear what you think of them.

    My earliest memory relating to any of this is very blurry, but I remember being with a group of people on a sort of balcony, and I think they told me to look into the sky. I remember the sky was pink and purple (I think the sun was setting) and I remember seeing an astronaut, or some sort of human shaped thing in a suit, flying around, and I also think I saw visions of enormous planets and moons. This memory has stuck with me all my life.

    Another memory I have is of being at home with my mother and stepfather, who were having a very intense argument, I remember them yelling and cussing at each other, and my mother was crying, so I ran to my room because I was scared. The next thing I remember is a lady in my room, telling me to bring my mother a box of tissues. When I went to go give my mother the tissues (stepfather had already angrily left the house) I remember her instantly stop crying, and she was so blown away by me doing this because I don’t think I was so little I don’t think I was even talking yet) I didn’t remember this until my mother brought it up to me, but as soon as she did, the memory of the lady in my room instantly popped into my head. No other woman lived there with us, I still don’t know who she was. Was she a guardian angel?

    Another memory i have is being in a room which felt very much like a hospital room. I remember there being many buttons; there were different colored square buttons all around the room; and for some reason I remember the room being circular and mostly white. There were people near me, but I could only see their shadows. That’s all I remember from this experience.

    Something else I should note is that my sister has been told me that when we were very small, I would tell her that we were both Angels, and that we choose our lives before we’re born. I don’t remember this but she does, and it all falls in line with what I believe nowadays, spiritually.

    Last noteworthy thing I have to tell you happened about a year or two ago. It should be noted that I had smoked marijuana before this experience so some may say it all could’ve been in my head, but it was a really powerful spiritual experience for me.

    I had just smoked marijuana and I was on my computer when I started hearing these really loud vibrations in my head. Nothing like this has ever happened to me while under the influence of marijauna before. The vibrations got louder and louder and I remember almost hearing voices within the vibrations?? I don’t know if that makes sense. It almost sounded like a song…a weird, vibrating, song in my head. Something told me to go to my room and lay down, so I stumbled my way to my bedroom and laid face down in my bed, and I immediately became aware of a presence nearby. I don’t know whether to say I felt a presence in my room with me, or a presence inside my own head, but whatever it was was talking to me. I felt like it was saying “I’m here. I’m real. I’m here.” I remember feeling like something was trying to pull me out of my body, to be quite honest this entity felt demonic and evil, but I don’t know if maybe I just felt this way because I was afraid. After this event i became 100% certain of the existence of souls, spirits, etc. it extinguished any doubts I had towards the spiritual aspects of life and for that I am grateful, but I still feel like I need somebody to explain to me what happened. Was it aliens? Was it some type of lower density demon?

    In addition to all these experiences I’ve also seen UFOs first hand, when I was 13 I remember swimming alone in my swimming pool, and then immediately having this weird urge to look up. When I did, i instantly spotted three objects flying in a triangular formation. I have also had the feeling of other thoughts being implanted into my mind. I remember one day after smoking marijuana, I heard a voice in my head say something along the lines of “this is no longer helping you, this is holding you back.” It’s a hard sensation to describe…it felt like that thought had just been placed in my head and for some reason it didn’t feel like my own. Because of this experience I am now trying to quit smoking marijuana.

    Please tell me if your feel these experiences are all connected … I have never opened up to anybody besides immediate family about these occurences and I feel I need guidance.

    • Steven says:

      Hello Angel, if you are a starseed you will likely have visions starting at an early age, this is normal. Your memory of your stepfather arguing with your mother, if the woman in your room handed you physically the tissues and told you to give it to your mother, this is not a guardian angel but another person who happened to be there. If you physically got them yourself then it was a guardian angel, if she told you you “should” get her tissues it is your guardian angel, if she told you to as a command then that would be your mother’s guardian angel. There are rules of spiritual and physical intervention they must abide by which can identify who they are.

      Starseeds are allowed to choose their lives, but usually choose very difficult circumstances of sometimes positions of influence. Nobody else is allowed to choose, it is up to the birthing envoys, as if people could choose, all the evil selfish souls would choose circumstances which would put themselves in power over others and this world would be nothing more then a slave planet.

      When you were smoking weed and felt a presence and heard voices, you felt vibrations, If you consumed a large amount and these vibrations were like a slow wave that hits you at a frequency similar to an ocean wave that would be a physical effect marijuana has on the brain as the conscious mind fights the subconscious mind for the stage. Moving from one to another is very powerful transition and it will go back and fourth. If the vibrations were a frequency which got faster and faster and suddenly stopped as you merged with another frequency and then at that point began speaking with people which were not physically there this is you merging your brain waves with your soul frequency . When your in this state you can tune into and speak with your spirit guides or even your own soul, or even the souls of others who wish to speak with you past and present, living or not. Marijuana has a tendency to make people paranoid and draw inappropriate conclusions about what is happening or will happen, it is very unlikely that if you were in fact tuning into that realm, the person wishing to speak with you was evil but certainly not impossible.

      If you are addicted to marijuana though, yes you should stop using it, only use it when you need it, its like porn, it can help you when you need it but it can also consume your life, and be debilitating. There is a time and place for it but your soul does not want you to be like that.

  112. Sultan says:

    Hi Steven! I’m a 16 year old female and I think I’m being abducted by aliens. When I was 8 years old I went to a small shop near my house and returned home, only to know that I have been gone for 3 days and for me it felt like 2 minutes. I keep missing time but for 2 or 3 hours. Since that day I will always get a nosebleed everytime i sleep and feel a heavy headache for two hours. I am a very light sleeper. I woke up yesterday with a red mark (it looks like I got a needle in there) in my right hand and a triangle like mark on my left hand. I have no clue how I got them. I will mostly dream about being in a room and I can’t move, but I will see people or things standing near me (they were testing me I think) and I can feel so much pain. A couple of days ago I remembered a bold man with snake like eyes and the man looked so familiar but I can’t remember all of it. About three months ago I suddenly took an interest in aliens and searched up many information I could found and ended up here. I hope you can help me and have a nice day.

    • Sultan says:

      I forgot to add: I keep feeling watched around 9 pm and I’m not afraid. My mother told me the same story when she was my age and she also told me that I am very special. I feel special but thinking about this makes me want to laugh.

    • Steven says:

      When you were taken or think you were taken, for three days, did you realize that on your own or did your family tell you? This does happen but its pretty rare, it can happen to give a vast amount of info or it is done to aid in disclosure, to be publicly understood they they exist and are a part of our lives, similar to the movie fire in the sky, which was a real occurrence with a Hollywood exaggeration and elements of fear added, which privately Travis will tell you much of what they show is not true, but the event indeed happened. I’d love to evaluate more but I need more details. Did people search for you, was it a public event or did things happen discretely?

      • Sultan says:

        My family told me when I came back home. People were searching for me after a hour passed away. My father called the cops after the whole village couldn’t find me and I even came on the tv. Sadly, I can’t remember much it gets really blurry for me. I hope this helped and again thank you.

        • Steven says:

          Were there any witnesses? Were people seeing lights or anything in the area? Though just getting on tv is enough exposure for it to be worth their trouble. It is usually no more then three days and there are never conscious memories of what happened but hypnosis will help you retrieve memories, so the way it happened is very indicative of how these instances happen in the disclosure project, as being designed to make the general population aware that they are here and they will not hurt us. And that they do interact with us. As ordinarily there is no need to make a media spectacle. They do this with permission periodically. But yes it does seem as though you are being visited regularly and are serving a higher purpose. If you want to give me further info privately use my email address furconicus@gmail.com

  113. John says:

    Don’t know if these experiences I seem to have had are real or not. If they are any person or possible alien abduction IS NOT done with good intentions.

    Being taken without your consent is WRONG I do not care if they push the we care a lot crap. Anyone who hides in shadows and manipulates minds is not good.

    People on earth that do that are called criminals.

    • Steven says:

      Every person has a soul, and the body and soul are two separate entities, we are both, and as separate entities they can disagree with their desires and we have to learn to give and take, the body wants comfort, security, sex, and an easy uneventful life, the soul wants experience and with that pain, and heartache, the soul often makes prebirth agreements to higher density to serve a role in some capacity which requires aid or assistance, and though the body is quite ignorant of such agreements and is supposed to be completely left out of the loop unaffected it often does get suspicious of the strange activity going on around it. But anything they do should not affect your daily physical life. But you are right that if the physical body is being pushed further then it wants it has a say, and if you choose not to be a contactee, your physical body can over ride any prebirth agreement your soul had with them, just say it in your head, they will hear it and it will stop. This is a rule they must obey.

  114. AyyLmao says:

    I woke up a week ago with blood on my pillow and blood on my right hand. I wasn’t wounded but I thought I had a nosebleed so I checked my nose and there wasn’t any blood there. Since I was little I would have a feeling I would get a nosebleed and mostly got them. I wake up with pain around my lower back and my neck. My parents say I slept in a wrong position but a person can’t sleep every night in a wrong position. My left leg feels numb when I wake up for a good 20 minutes. I woke up today with a weird red spot on my right hand and it looked burned. Around noon I looked to my left hand and saw circle like red marks, two of my knuckles red and a finger red. I have a interest in the subject about aliens for two months now and it was very sudden. I don’t know what is happening but I’m really confused and scared.

    • Steven says:

      Contactees often suffer from nose bleeds due to a sudden change in air/blood pressure during visits, but rarely do they suffer any other injuries. You are far less likely to suffer a neck or back injury from a visitation then from simply getting sore from not moving, when people sleep deeply they not only get sore from not moving but their circulation slows to the point of not getting enough blood flow causing limbs to go numb and can take a while to get it back after one wakes up. I think most of this should be attributed to being a deep sleeper with poor circulation, and this is the only thing you should be afraid of as these conditions can be dangerous together.

  115. Cas says:

    This post is amazing. It makes so much sense. I’ve felt different all my life. My mother said that since i was a baby, i was prone to night terrors. I’ve had a handful of dreams since childhood that I vividly remember, all being supernatural. The first one was around the time i was 4. It is my first memorable dream, of a room made of glass or marble, but it was almost like an operating room – i remember being chased by a large hand, floating through air trying to catch me. I wont post them all for sake of time, but the most memorable dream was when I was about 16, 17. I was spectating a cataclysmic event, a sinkhole going deep into the earth, with balls of light, what I believe were human souls, spiraling, some crying out, while being dragged into our world’s core through a platform similar to an Egyptian pyramid. I can still remember the words, and they almost haunt me – “I will recycle the Earth” from a booming voice. I cannot remember every detail, but since then I’ve felt almost mesmerized by that dream. I remember vaguely waking up from a nap one day, while home alone, after dreaming of supernatural, almost alien beings (i cannot attest as to why I knew it, but I did.) – I woke up paralyzed for a few seconds, and the lights in the room flickered. The most recent dream was a few weeks ago, and I somehow felt like I was going to dream about them. I remember sitting outside, having a cigarette, maybe 2am in the morning. A bright violet light flashed above the trees that are two houses over and sped off, lightning speed. I woke up immediately, confused, scared, and mesmerized all at once.
    Now, I know people have strange dreams – some people may remember and some theyll forget the second they awake. But i have a handful that have always stuck with me, all being oriented around a supernatural force. Since my dreams, Ive been fascinated by alien beings, and watch shows such as Ancient Aliens, with a fascination i dont even understand. I feel as if I have been chosen for something, for some higher purpose. What, and for what reason, i have no idea.
    Thats far from it, though.

    Since I was young, not only have I had nightmares, and lucid dreams, but for a long time I had nosebleeds. More often than normal to be attributed to allergies or being too dried out from them. They stopped eventually, but around the age of 13, i developed migraines. Theyve scanned my head, Ive been to the best neurologists available locally, tried dozens and dozens of migraine medications and still they have no idea why I have them. Im currently controlled with prescription painkillers and meds that constrict the veins in my head. I, to this day, have migraines or regular headaches on a daily basis. I do have some mental instability, and have been to psychiatrists for mood swings and depression which also developed around puberty. I cannot find or feel an abnormal lump or anything Id consider artificial inside my body, at least from what I can tell, but I fear it may be some kind of implant. Now, im a rational person for the most part, but have always had a spiritual understanding, since childhood. I do not current attribute myself to any one religion, but support individual spirituality. My logical mind tells me to even think these things is absolutely rediculous and that I must be psychotic and overly suggestable. But my gut tells me otherwise. Reading all these comments and experiences of other people has made me wonder if all these things might be connected. I do believe that reality is what we perceive it to be. Nothing more, nothing less. If anyone cares to comment or has had any similar experiences, Id love to hear from you.
    I could go on and on about other things that raise my eyebrows, things that stand out about myself, such as my birth-scar, or the time I actually saw a ‘spirit’ or ethereal being when I was very young (which I also vividly remember) etc, etc. But I would like to hear what you have to say!

    • Steven says:

      Life truly is only what we perceive it to be but only an old wise soul could understand what that actually means, as everyone experiences the same thing in different ways, they experience in the way they need to and what they choose to, this is by design. Many have incarnated here with a request of experience amplified, making everything more intense and vibrant. Psychologists will label it as bipolar disorder but it is a way of experiencing more thus getting more out of life, its a good thing but can be debilitating at times. When you feel joy, love, or excitement you feel it intensely, you are more sensitive, these are proper chemical reactions working overtime, but unfortunately, this also means that your fears and pain (headaches) are also intensified, bipolar people are more adept to various forms of mental problems including psychosis as extreme emotional states are required to cause the brain to chemically create an alternative environment. There are infinite levels and thus infinite names for it but it is essentially all the same thing. Your call for assistance is also heard more strongly, and are more likely to have a visitation, and you may choose to believe any visitation is simply an element of your brain tricking you, and this is what they want, but deep down you know and ultimately will find peace in trusting your gut instincts. Your conscious mind will believe what it needs to, and your subconscious mind will know the truth. And you dont need to convince your conscious mind of anything, its not important for you to know that. They will often use screen memories in order to reduce fear or anxiety, for instance they would speak to me as my mother growing up as I trusted my mother. I didn’t find out until I was older and asked about some of the conversations with her and she just drew a blank, so I asked my guides about it and they told me what they did. Its only important to understand why and why I do what I do to help reduce fear, as fear is the most inhibiting debilitating element in our spiritual progression, and we fear that which we don’t know. So I hope you will embrace your qualities, and release any fear you have in life. if you have any questions about anything, hit me up on my FB page. But your headaches do not have anything to do with anything they did. They are not allowed to cause that or fix it, but if it is inhibiting you from fulfilling your life contract they will assist you in that. But simply releasing fear will help a lot.

  116. Jack says:

    All of a sudden last 2 years I’ve been obsessed with UFo alien contact. Heard of it never thought much of it. Few years back had some memories in my late teens of being in round room with my mother and strangers and playing with children on the floor.
    Also being shown children in a glassed room full of weird looking babies in tubes. Remember feeling outrage and anger. But completely unable to react I wanted to kill it.

    And also experiencing many paralysed awake moments with body being propped up and a tube in me.

    I can’t help but feel this is just my vivid imagination.

  117. me b says:

    Hello, I’m only 15 years old so I’m not very knowledgeable with this stuff.. Well, my whole life especially when i was around the age of 6 I’ve been having dreams about aliens. They stopped for a few years and recently have been starting to come back. I remember once when I was 5 years old I had a dream where 6 aliens were standing over my bed just staring down at me and i couldn’t move. As if they were holding me down but they were not touching me and then I’d then wake up. But, I would always would wake up with scratches on my arms. I’ve had that same dream many times around that age period but just recently had it again. I also had one where me and my family were hiding in a room watching out the window while the “grays” were taking over the planet.. I know sounds crazy. But ever since that first dream I’ve been infatuated in watching videos and learning as much as I can about aliens. Oh, and one more thing.. for as long as I can remember I’ve had this rash, or psoriasis like patch on the back of my neck and ear, we’ve been to many hospitals and dermatologist but they all say they haven’t seen it before and can’t figure out what it is. Please respond?!? I’m kind of desperate and paranoid here. 🙁

    • Steven says:

      Sometimes our physical bodies are not always on board with our spiritual mission in life. Fear can dominate if we let it, this recurring dream is a reflection of you not getting past the disagreement you had with your soul. Laying there in a submissive state unable to move, is a reflection of your spiritual position, your contract, your agreement to be a part of this, your subconscious is telling your conscious mind something it has to get past, you have to come to terms with it. Fear is stopping you from fulfilling your destiny. You have to remove yourself from fear, and replace it with love, to be concerned for the well being of others, put others first in your mind and actions. The recurring dream will stop and you will open the channels for clear communications, you will find you will always know exactly what you should do when you use this channel. The confusion will stop, the fear will stop, your life will have incredible meaning.

      Higher density souls incarnate on earth for one reason only, cause its against the rules to for higher density to directly influence or manipulate the environment of any lower density world. They often wish to help any way they can so they have to make the ultimate sacrifice to fulfill their desire to help, incarnating into a lower density is not fun, it really sucks going from the incredible environment of a higher density to the desolate weight of a third density planet, where fear and pain often are equal to love and pleasure. So this is the reason why I say your skin condition has nothing to do with aliens, as not only are they perfectly capable of avoiding any health problems with their contactees, but it is entirely against the rules for them to allow anything they do to affect or involuntarily influence you in any way physically. But very likely what ever it is may be directly related to the state of fear your in, stress related etc. So to start this new path, you should know that you are a loving being, and you are loved by many here and afar, that you are watched over, that you are protected and that you need to give this service to others, you need not ever worry about your self or your health as others will do this for you. Focus on others and their well being and naturally this should begin to heal on its own.

  118. claudia says:

    well, I have been told by a former high school teacher of mine, that my child is a crystal child….then by another person….the same thing so this made me do some research, that is why I am here. I am a person of genetic science and I do know for sure, humans have “alien genes” that can not be found in any other life forms on this planet. Anyways… before my child’s conception, I was told a date by a person…a date of somebody’s birthday. Nobody had a birthday on or around February 20th. Then I became pregnant…I wanted to have a child because my life needed a higher purpose and I “asked” for a soul dear to my heart, known before, born again. Sounds silly…I know 🙂 but people ask for weird things when going through grieving.
    During my pregnancy and even before, I had a dream of breastfeeding a baby whose eyes were not human. I felt how “it” sucked on my body,a strange feeling of love and fear in the same time. Then a very vivid dream of a spaceship with kids and people in it sitting one after the other like in a classroom. I stood up and went to a “window” where I saw was the Earth from a distance. Such a powerful picture, can’t forget it…..I still remember.
    Then my child’s expectant due date was revealed…February the 20th. He was overdue and born on February 29th …..a leap baby 🙂
    Here he is….with wide blue eyes, a joyful little person who still doesn’t want to talk (over 3 years of age). He does not want to be alone ever, always wants to play with someone, smiles a lot, laughs like nobody of his age, likes movies….and we were told he is autistic. Well he is not even close to being an autistic, I can tell you that. I’ve known autistics, they are totally in their own world, he is not. Anyways, I do not believe what they say, he is a very engaging, playful little guy.
    Sorry for the long story

    • Steven says:

      If you had these experiences prior to the birth, it is indeed likely that he is a higher density being come to assist you, as in you are also a crystal child, your family hears your prayers, they do not leave you all alone, and they sent someone close to you to help, they do this often, mostly the pleiadians who you are likely affiliated with. Many higher density beings do though in fact choose to be born into bodies with physical problems as they are more able to draw out the good in people, the love and compassion, empathy etc. It helps raise the vibration of the earth so even if he is in any way disabled you should embrace it as a blessing, cause that is its intention. But I have met so many people incarnated in the same way, even my youngest daughter is such a person. It is really nice not to feel all alone in this world. With our DNA, they who are responsible for our bodies and physical evolution do have to use dna from many many extraterrestrial sources to give us the best chance for survival in our environment. We have hundreds of genetic influences completely foreign to the earth, there have been dozens of trials over millions of years even before the Neanderthal, and each species of man had strengths and weaknesses but would eventually all die out mostly due to an inability to adapt to new environments, with weather and foods they were not designed to eat, modern man has the greatest number of variations of DNA which give us the most ability to adapt, this is micro evolution at work, macro evolution is impossible as most geneticists would agree. We are indeed intelligently designed. Some races of man were designed to be social, some designed to be intelligent, some designed to be able to work together, some for strength, some for spiritual awareness, we were meant to bread with one another, to mix our DNA to give balance to humanity, there are even some who genetically are able to receive brain waves, as in telepathy, rare but it does exist.

  119. Monica Mancia says:

    Hi Steven. I always wondered if this was a simply dream or if it means something. I’m currently 23 Y.Old. My name is Monica. and when I was about 16 years old. I remember suddenly being so terrify of aliens and UFO’s and I started having this weird dream or at least seems like a dream where for some reason I could not see anything clear. everything was dark and blurry and I remember feeling something or someone opening my mouth so wide open it would hurt. they would keep it like that for quite long time. and I would wake up with drool all over my pillow and myself. and with memories of what happened. I also remember once I was on top of my house’s roof. laying there looking at the stars when I saw a weird light flying very slow. it was more like floating. and it suddenly stopped moving and it start to come down very slowly. but for some reason I could not move or get up and go. It felt like I was paralyzed and even though I wanted to get up and run and scream I couldn’t. and suddenly it was gone. and I was finally able to get it.
    What would you think this is? thank you so much. I love your website. it’s very helpful

    • Steven says:

      Monica even during recall dreams your subconscious brain still uses certain metaphorical imagery to explain what it needs to for the conscious mind to understand. If you were suddenly terrified of aliens there was a reason for this, typically the reason is subconscious and a sudden realization they are in fact real, and where you know little else about them causes fear, as we naturally fear the unknown. There is no reason for your eyes to be blurry or for them to prop open your mouth during a visitation. This is dream lingo, blurry eyes darkness or inability to see are a representation of the lack of understanding of what is happening, your mouth being propped open is a representation of telepathic communication ,as you felt it to be violating for them to get into your brain and have a conversation with you without your consent. You felt helpless and confused this is the message of your dream, I would imagine in reference to the realization of the reality of extraterrestrials. Many people experience this as they go to bed as visitations are far easier and less intrusive for both parties at night. Contactees if they choose can easily bill up the experience to a dream of some kind and missing time becomes simply dosing off for a while. The paralysis simply becomes a phenomenon known as sleep paralysis aka night terrors something people often just assumes is a natural thing and go about their business, but in reality these people, though in bed ,are certainly wide awake and fully conscious, so when it happens to someone like you while on the roof of your house during an obvious sighting its not so easy to pass off as a night terror any more, I think your instincts are spot on.

  120. Judy Kanary says:

    Hello, I need to tell someone my story. All my life beginning in childhood I have had dreams of space ships. I am looking up and seeing them.and at different times. Sometime it is like I am watching a movie. There is color. I can see them in the sky just as plain as day. I remember I was about 8 years old I have a memory of looking out off the back porch at my grandma’s house. That is where I slept. It was screened in and a little separate from the rest of the house. My memory of seeing a UFO in the neighbors back yard. I can even tell you it did not land but hovered over there back yard. I tell myself no Judy that was just a dream you had as a little kid. How can I still remember a dream from 8 years old. Another vivid memory I was about 11 all of a sudden I was standing in the driveway in a daze and seeing an orange something like the sun leaving over the horizon. I tell myself again it was just a dream. I remember standing there wondering how did I get here. I was not hurt at all. I remember just going on about my business. There was no one to tell anyway. I always dream of spaceships looking up at them. This is the dream I wanted to tell you about. Three years ago in 2013 I went to bed a usual. Went to sleep. Woke up the next morning about 5:30 and felt like I had just fell on the bed back first. It was so hard it shook the bed and woke me up. My dream was I was in space I did not see my body it was if I was just there in my mind. I was aware of my eyes. A presence was to my left and would not let me turn to look. I did not try it was just understood that I did not look. I was telepathically told to look at the Earth then look at the Moon. It was beyond the earth a little to the left of it. Bright bright white. The earth was moving slowing. I was being shown South America. South America was the main focus. Something about South America. I just can’t remember what it was I was supposed to know. Then I was told to look up I remember it told me see how beautiful the universe was. I tell you there were so many stars. I bet a billion trillion there were so many there was not even any space between them. They were side by side and oh my goodness so many. I remember feeling a whelm of over joy. I was feeling so good. Then the next thing I know I felt like I hit my bed on my back. As if I was above my bed and was dropped. I am always looking up at the stars. Like it is my home. One night and I did write Mufon about it. I was walking my dog about 3 am in the morning I just had looked up and saw 6 orange round sphere things. going really fast one behind the other one went up into space and out of site the others in sequenced followed it. The same thing as each one went up it disappeared. If I had not looked up at that exact moment I would not of seen them. So see its like I am a space magnet. I feel like I belong up there. Am I crazy. I feel a little homesick at times. I want to go back. What is wrong with me. I know I am human. I don’t think I am crazy and have not been told I have a mental problem.

    • Steven says:

      My experience growing up was very similar, the things I remember were the things I just couldn’t believe were happening, the only dreams I remember were the ones which involved aliens, and until I was an adult of sound mind only then I realized what was really going on, as implants don’t come with dreams. And dreams are very different then memories of reality. Your visitation was educating you on the way the new geography of the earth, the way the plates will push against each other and the continents shift. And you being a star child as anyone in that position spiritually coming from another planet it can be hard being in a new environment, with so much contrast of good and evil, you came here as a labor of love and you are attracted to things of that vibration, which you know come from many sources, not just religion. But you will be watched over always, they know exactly where you are at all times and they know what you need to help others and you will continue to have their support at all times.

  121. Sheri says:

    you any answers. I am 56 years old and and these creatures have never left me alone. I have learned not to be afraid. This earth was created for us. Please feel free to contact me

    • Steven says:

      anybody can stop this at any point simply by choosing not to, but we are more then bodies we are also souls and what the soul wants is not always what the body wants, in the end our souls dictate our choices, its not fun to be a contactee, its not glamorous, it can be uncomfortable, scary, it can affect our lives. They do however do all they can to minimize all these things, they are not perfect. And this is a joint venture, no different then raising a child from birth, its hard, we lose sleep, hurts our careers, makes life complicated, but there are rewards involved too, rewards that only kind selfless person could ever understand and appreciate. Has nothing to do with money or status or anything superficial, it has to do with love for humanity and being a part in their development brings a joy that is beyond description.

  122. Sheri says:

    It isnot

    It is not for your benefit but for theirs. They are no more than kidnappers. Fear confusion anxiety what good comes from this? People do not choose to be abducted and to say it won’t interfere with his life, it is interfering with his life. What makes you such an expert ? I saw my first alien at the age of seven myself . I was terrified, ridiculed, my nose would bleed and bleed as if someone had turned on a waterfall. Cam I can offer you some help but can’t offer

  123. J.w. says:

    I think I may have been abducted. I have strong addiction problems now and never did before and lucid dreams with strange beings. I just noticed I have a cut that looks like an incision on the back of my head and I have no fallen or cut myself in anyway it is very strange. I also have a small bump growing on my forehead it is actually noticeable now and I have been to many different doctors about it and each one gave me a different answer for what it is and I am starting to think it is an implant. It looks like a biological fatty sist or lipoma. I have strong interest in aliens within the past 2 years. I am realizing I have lost time now. I pass out and wake up for no reason and I am a healthy 26 year old male. I am getting afraid. Please let me know what you think. I always thought I was just being paranoid but this new incision looking cut is extremely weird and couldn’t possibly be a scratch. I am getting ultrasound and catscan for my forehead soon.

    Yours Truly, J.

    • Steven says:

      Addiction problems would not be a sign of visitation, lucid dreaming can be,if you get an incision on the back of your head from an extraterrestrial source its not a traditional implant which does not require any incision. But there are times when they do this, its rare. I do know a couple cantactees who have a piece of alien dna inserted into their forehead which aids in telepathic communications, its like an amplifying receiver which communicates with their brain, also very rare, and this would require some lost time but these contactees who have this have no doubts as there is direct communications happening, they know exactly whats going on and have life contracts to serve as a voice to mankind and those who hear can hardly doubt there roll in this after listening to them. But its pretty unlikely you are serving in such a way but I certainly hope you in fact are.

  124. Yvonne says:

    Also,Ive been having trouble sleeping. So when I do finally fall asleep, I still don’t deel like I’m getting the sleep I need. I Wake up feeling exhausted and light headed and just in a zombie like state. I always have this thought in the back of my mind when I wake up that I was busy in my subconscious somehow. Like maybe my soul left my body or I was contacted idk.
    But I’m always waking up with that thought in the back of my mind . How will I know I’ve been contacted? How can I contact them? How can I receive help from them if I’m afraid ?

  125. Yvonne says:

    What is a star child ? How can I raise my vibration ? What can cause a visitation from the aliens ?

  126. Yvonne says:

    Hi steve, ok so I’ve had 2 dreams about aliens and they both were scary. One I was walking home looking at the sky and an alien was in his ship and it had blended in the clouds. Then it came charging after me and trying to hurt me . The next dream was that this one was at my screen door banging trying to get in, and it was little and Green, and angry. In the dream my grandparents were hiding something valuable and it was trying to break in my home and get it. I’ve also been suffering from depression and anxiety since we moved in our home a year ago. It’s gotten worse and I feel like there’s somethknf in our home I can’t describe. I feel it follow me. Anyway pls get back to me soon thanks

    • Steven says:

      These sound like anxiety driven dreams, you believe in aliens but fear them. There are very few times when aliens are allowed to scare someone and are never allowed to hurt someone. In the case of the skinwalker ranch there are aliens living there but they are bad aliens, they cannot hurt you, but the humans they associate with can hurt you using alien technology. This happens rarely but it does. 99.999% of alien interaction will be benevolent, the more you know this the less anxiety you will have and the better your experiences will be in your life and in your subconscious contact.

  127. Mike says:

    I have a few question about my dreams. One dream I had was I was walking towards the cockpit of the spacecraft and this alien was there he was very small and his head was about twice as big as my hand. As I got to the cockpit he was there floating and their was two aliens in the pilot seats that looked to be a blueish type solid liquid he was telling about them when I touched his head and I woke up. The other one was I was at this hotel with my girlfriend and start to be pull out of the room by a blue light and I grab her than I woke up. I also keep getting dreams of seeing regular people with pure black eyes. I just want you opinion on it. I also woke up twice and couldn’t move my body and couldn’t open my eyes for 2-3 seconds.

    • Mike says:

      I should also mention that I have many more dreams but I didn’t want to type it all on here but if you want to know them I will tell.

    • Steven says:

      Walking towards the cockpit dream seems to be a recall dream, direct with no dream lingo involved, the one where your girlfriend gets taken by them is an expression of fear you have regarding your situation with alien contact. Seeing people with black eyes once again is fear driven subconscious lingo for feeling like you can’t trust anyone in your day to day life. Pain is more intense in dreams. Where your chasing a woman you are going over the days events, this dream comes as a warning to you, there is a female figure in your life doing something that could potentially be really bad, but you chase her, she goes into a subway meaning similar to painting yourself in a corner, if you follow her in there you will get her cause there is no way out, but you can’t get her without getting hurt yourself, this is just a warning to yourself to avoid getting yourself hurt, your conscious mind understands multiple languages though we don’t realize it, but you get the message and avoid danger.

  128. Wendell E. says:

    Hi Stephen, I forgot to say that I did feel numbness in my wrists and had to wait for a minute or two for the tingling to stop before I fell back to sleep very grogily…whew! ok that’s all, thanks for listening.

  129. Wendell E. says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I forgot to say I also had a series of dreams of UFO’s making war on the surface where I’m in some buildings that are being bombarded my alien saucers shooting lasers from above. I can see them. though I am not afraid they were really tearing things up around me and a few other dream friends who were with me. These dreams were appearing around 2003-2004 and a once or twice in 2013.

    Before today I hadn’t heard of person claiming that they had a dream where implants were inserted in his ear. But I found out when I typed a search in google…

  130. Wendell E. says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I had a dream, an irritating experience, while dreaming. I was lying in the living room curled up in front of Netflix dozing off in the early morning, I hadn’t been to sleep yet and it was around dawn when I dozed off. I was too sleepy to get into the bed and just wrapped myself in my blanket. After what seemed a short while I remember feeling something being jammed in my ear that was slightly uncomfortable so I opened my eyes and turned my head around and there was this little man next to me with a white coat, like what Dr’s wear and he was looking at me or my ear; he had been trying to jam something into my ear but he woke me up. He had an instrument in his hands that looked like a pair of pliers. I remember asking while I was half asleep and half awake him ‘aren’t you finished yet? Because this is tedious. Then I fell right back asleep only to feel the thing in my ear again (don’t know for sure if he was taking something out or putting something in…) And I opened my eyes still in my living room but I half asleep and there was the guy trying to do his thing in my ear. I wave my arm motioning him to please let me sleep then at the next moment I was totally awake with the image a the man and another person on my other side who was observing not saying anything still in my mind but I was alone. I was sooo sleepy so I went back to sleep…and sure enough just when I was in dream state the guy begins working again and I have to wave my arm to shoo him away. Then I woke up and sat up and got a glass of water and when back to my blanket hoping he was finished. Finally I got a good rest. This dream was about 1 1/2 months ago. Could it be I was visited? I wasn’t scared so much as irritated with the uncomfortable things happening with my ear. What do you think?

    • Steven says:

      Though implants do sometimes go in the ear for you to wake up in the middle is beyond sloppy, the selfless brothers who assist us do not do sloppy work, and even if you did wake or retain memory you would have no ability to move anything but the eyes, This sounds like something else to me, including the dreams of ufos destroying everything with lasers is obviously a hollywood themed dream. Also your wrists going numb do not correlate with what happens during implant tests which will effect the whole limb, not just the wrist, the entire arm or leg or back or even the head will lose function and feeling.

  131. Shondra Robertson says:

    Hello…I have been experiencing unexplained things since I was a very small child…as young as 3. I remember very vivid dreams of being watched and I would become paralyzed as I watched this figure watching me each night as I slept…this went on until I was at least 5. Soon after I was lying in bed one night and in the 70’s we slept with our windows open. I saw an orb or ball of light float into my room and circle around and even though I remember this quite clearly..I don’t remember what happened or when it left. I have always had very vivid dreams and have one memory of what seemed to be the end of the world and the land under my feet fell away and I was in a bad storm hanging onto the side of what was left and hanging on for dear life. But at the same time I felt as if I had been there before and I knew it was going to happen or had to happen for a transcendence of sorts. I am 5 and feeling these things. In my early 20’s I was leaving for a beach vacation and stopped in randomly at a small town watermelon festival to get some homemade ice cream. I was in a great mood with a great person I was dating and just while walking around I felt a strong feeling that I wasn’t just there with my friend and started randomly searching the crowd and within a few seconds locked eyes with a woman who was so familiar to me she could have been my mother or sister or someone of definite importance to me. She too stared at me in a way that we both were kind of startled and locked eyes and couldn’t look away but neither of us wanted to approach the other. I immediately told my friend that we needed to leave and I would explain in the car. I looked back and the lady was still looking at me. After trying to explain the strange encounter to my friend it dawned on me that I had dreamed about this lady the night before but couldn’t remember what the dream entailed. It eats at me to this day. In my mid 30’s I contracted a bad case of rocky mountain spotted fever and Lyme’s but In NC they don’t recognize Lymes so they wouldn’t treat me until it had gotten so bad that It ended up causing me to have neurological problems..such as losing time and driving and ending up in places that I didn’t know how I got there. I also just didn’t feel good over all. I was missing hours from my day and finally I decided to try one more doctor to figure out what was going on with me. I had taken the antibiotic for the RMSF and I was told by the CDC that I was cured. So when I went to a random doctors office while being confused and had lost time. She knew nothing of a tick bite but immediately did band testing and it was confirmed I had 3 different tick borne illnesses but that the CDC would not allow her to treat me but she did it anyway and I gradually recovered. During this time I became very obsessed with Aliens that was triggered one day while I was at home recovering by 3 large orbs hovering outside of my condo in broad day light. they were moving in a triangular formation and from that day on I kept searching the sky for them. I can’t explain it but the illness went away but my interest and feelings of not being alone grew stronger. At night I would stand on my deck and watch the stars and noticed a multi colored orb as far out as a star would come out in different places in the night sky. I am very religious and believe in the Father Son and Holy Ghost and will never falter on these views. I also went to the dentist and she randomly found what she called something in my left jaw on an x ray that she hadn’t seen before but said she would keep an eye on it. I had an mri done and all the report said was that it wasn’t cancer but they still didn’t know what it was. I get it checked each year and it hasn’t changed so Im not too worried about it. In finally closing…My views on life are that I feel like I’m trapped in a snow globe and can’t get out. I mean no disrespect but I feel that Jesus was not from this world. I have had many signs of Angels and strange bright flashes of light at night and I still go through times when not just one person looks familiar but I have gone through weeks while feeling that I have met people I don’t know …complete strangers but have a strong connection that I am suppose to know them. I have no idea what this means and for now…no orbs…just familiar faces and they look at me just as I look at them and I just smile now and let it go. There have been other happenings but I won’t discuss much more for fear of being put in a crazy ward..lol. But I just wanted to share my story thus far now that I am in my 40’s. I know we are not alone and I really feel I am not of this world but am trapped here. I am a very sensitive person and at times I have felt I am too sensitive to be on this harsh planet. Have a great day…:)

    • Steven says:

      Your experience when you were young follows a very common pattern with star children. And continues as an adult who has both spiritual and physical communications with soul mates who often communicate with each other through dreams and set up meetings with each other in life, physically/consciously we would have no idea who they are but you cannot shake the uncanny feeling you know this person as family. Well they are your family, a loved one can be much more then physical, they may be a friend, a neighbor or simply someone you are drawn to on the street. Our past is very involving though we are not allowed to remember as we are to be given a clean slate without interference from past memories with each life given. You may not be a subscriber in reincarnation now as a devout christian, but Christ too was an old star child who also did not have the benefit of past life memories, and one does not need to believe in any particular religion or reincarnation, to give of themselves and influence people to raise their vibrations and increase light and spread love to the souls of man. And there are many who are here to give the same message as Jesus gave so long ago. Love comes in many forms and you do this in your own way, with the friends you choose to have, with the religion you choose to affiliate with, and the city you chose to live in. There is no way to screw this life up, everything you do will have benefit for someone through energy and through experience.

      • Shondra says:

        Thanks Steven…I also have one other thing that myself and 6 other people experienced one night while riding down a back road one night. Both my sisters and step sister and 2 step brothers and one of their friends were in the car. The car stopped and would not start . From behind the car a ghostly figure as they described it, a bright illuminated being is what I called it. It was a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair and she came through the side of our car and sat right next to me and she looked at everyone in the car as if she was searching and then she looked back at me and it was as if she didn’t see who she was searching for until she saw me and we looked at each other for a bit and I had been scared but then I was calmed. The entire car was silent…not a breath or sound. Then she left the same way in which she came and disappeared on the side of the road. The car then cranked and we left quickly to say the least. Two of my sisters have died since but we all remember the incident and you could never get any of us to travel that road again. I can still remember her face clear as a bell. I have often wondered if this was another contact of sorts. Have you ever heard of this happening before? People think we are crazy when we tell them about this but my nieces and nephews have questioned us all at different times and we all have the same story except for the perception of what she looked like.

        • Steven says:

          Yes, I have heard many such stories and met what you call illuminated beings, they are our overseers, they have been watching over mankind as long as we have been on earth, over a million years. When we pray it is they who answer our prayers, when we have been hurt and have not fulfilled our life contracts yet it is they who work what seem to be miracles. When people see them, the glow in which seem to surround them reflecting off the walls can look like wings and halos on their heads, they are often called angels, but I assure you they are physical beings who can easily shift density and move through walls like a spirit, but they are much more then spirit. They are very technologically advanced and spiritually advanced people who just happen to look similar to humans, but there are differences and their dna is not compatible with ours. Jesus is an elder of that race, and incarnates in many worlds not just ours. When their ships come near us they emit a powerful EMF which will cause all electronics in the area to stop working this is why your car quit working. That road has nothing to do with that experience other then that it may have been a quiet road being careful not to make a scene. You likely are an incarnate of them, with a mission of love.

  132. concerned person says:

    I have a bump on my head that my wife agrees feels like a little bb. When i was younger I use to have this one reoccurring dream that was haunting me, I would wake up while still in my dream and look out my bedroom window and there was a tall dark figure standing there, at that time i would scream and wake up. Since then i have blacked out a couple times with nothing really happening but once I did something to my wife that I would never do, she agrees that nothing adds up and the usual characteristics have changed this one time. It started out with my left shoulder and seen bruises that looked like three fingerprints on my back near my shoulder. I would feel much better with a private message then public with the rest of the details. Please message back and I need someone to talk to about this. My dad and his cousin also had an experience with extraterrestrials when they were young.

  133. Deus says:

    Years ago I would always dream of being in space. One dream in particular I was looking down at a different universe with the “feeling” of someone telling me something about it not hearing. I couldn’t remember what it was they were telling me, but I could always remember the image of the universe and the feeling of pride I felt looking at it. To this day I have this strong feeling that I am not supposed to be here.

  134. Dorothy says:

    Hi, not so long ago, I was involved with this. I thought I was being “abducted” too. I was dreaming a lot about UFO’s and stuff. time went on I thought, ah maybe no, its probably just me thinking about all these but the dreamings about UFO’s didn’t stop. Until now. I thought it was just dreams maybe its my subconscious. Then just recently I had a dream but this time I remember (when I woke up I even thought the dream seemed too real) seeing literally “human likes” (I think they are called pleadians?) I even told them “I knew you were real.” They were like wearing dark suits, they seemed serious and there was one woman and there were men as well, its like a meeting was going on, they were talking about something or saying something to me but I can’t remember the rest. My question is can abductions be done through dreams? Can they “implant” something in you even if its through dreams? I had experience of paralyzation too and dreams of UFO hovering.

    • Steven says:

      No, all visitations are to be recorded only within the subconscious and are recalled through dreams and will seem like a dream. That is why every encounter seems to come out of a dream.

  135. mlryan says:

    I have a question. Not sure if this is where I’m supposed to ask, but going to anyway. I had a dream about a week ago that aliens were in my room. They were talking to each other with their minds. I couldn’t move, like I was paralized. In my dream, I went back to sleep. When I actually woke up, I felt “funny”. Ok. Fast forward to last night. I dreamed I was on a hard surgical table and everything was bright. There was a man to the left of me on a table too. Our right side was on a wedge like thing elevating our right side just a little bit. Then two needles were inserted into our backs over our lungs. The pain in my dream felt real. I was screaming. It was the worst pain! I can’t even describe it! The next thing I knew, I was waking up. Told my husband about it. He said he didn’t notice any ” activity “. Have/was/am I being visited?? Am I going to be abducted?

    • Steven says:

      This does sound like a recall dream, you usually dont get very many of these, but it is a dream, an interpretation of events, the pain you feel is an exaggeration, a trick of the mind as chemicals are used for memory recall and your mind interprets it must have felt pain thus in your dream you do but in real life there is none. Your hubby would never notice anything amiss, they have many many tricks to secure a seamless meeting.

      • Mike says:

        I have a question about this if the pain is just being recalled what if it a situation where you have never been in like me. Mine start I was chasing this women because she did something bad and we ended on a subway train all of a sudden it crashed I wake up on the train with her next to me and a grenade in my hand so I pulled the pin and it exploded and I could feel my skin burn for a second before I woke up sweating. I was in middle school when I had this dream and never been on a subway train or been badly burned.

  136. rose robertson says:

    hi please can you help my name is rose wen i was 7 years old i went missing for over 4h after seeing a light in the sky i have this heard lump in my finger witch as got biger over the years wen i play with this lump there is all ways a ufo sighting of sum kind i playd with the lump in my finger on the 12th and now this as happen this from the weather page for us on facebook Western Isles Weather
    13 February at 07:34 · Edited ·
    Reports have been pouring in this afternoon of a strange circular ball of light in the sky across the Western Isles. Members of the public have been seen pointing in shock at the sky. Experts are baffled at to what this rare phenomenon occurring in the sky is…i am so scared i dont no what to do but i get the urge to touch it alot please can you help me yours rose robertson

    • Steven says:

      It could be many things, but you need to describe it better, was it moving or stationary, was it yellow or red or other, was it near the sun, did it stay for a long period of time or was it instant. Did it seem to come from the horizon or mid air?

      • rose robertson says:

        it was yellow it was moving it was not near the sun, it stay for a long period about 1h moveing over the Western Isles Members of the public wear seen pointing in shock at the sky. please can you help i think is this lump in my finger this is not the onley time this as happen wen i tuch the lump i am scared yours rose

        • Steven says:

          If you have experienced multiple lumps accompanied by what is known as alien limb in which you lose motor function for a brief period right after a new lump appears, you are most likely experiencing this. But it is not common to have one in the finger, usually they put it in an area with a lot of fatty tissue. Also it is highly uncommon for them to allow themselves to be visible to those below unless they had a higher purpose, thus you and that sighting would not be related. But it is nothing to be afraid of if you are being visited, they will treat you with the utmost care and truly wish you to succeed in your mission in life and are here only to assist, they will do their best to keep your physical memory in the dark about it all. If this were a true sighting it is in regards to something much more profound then just you alone, it is to warn of important events, both social and physical, my guess is in this case, they would be warning of pending disasters, I know they want people to move from the British isles as soon as possible.

          • rose robertson says:

            hi steven is rose thank you for geting back to me i have 3 lumps one in my arm one in my neck and one in my finger i dont get the urge to touch the oe in my arm or nick is just the one in my finger is like a BB Bullet you can move it all around is heard you say they wont every one to move from the British isles as soon as possible.please tell me y they wont this i know you say is nothing to be afraid of but i fell so scared thank you agin for geting back to me steven yours rose

  137. Daniel says:

    Steven, I appreciate that you tried to find a solution to the situation I had experienced and this is in no way to create a conflict of ideas, but to just reply to what you had written to me. First, this has nothing to do with meditation, for the fact, as a child, I had no idea what meditation even was. The things I had experienced, the doorways I was open to, the visions I were seeing, were not of the tissue of the brain, or the nerve pathways of the body. For I these things you are taught, meditations and visions of light, you are generally taught, but for I, having no teachings, these were already part of me, and no one would believe me. Secondly, I understand that nature of bi-polar oh too well. In fact, I have walked into a psychiatrist room and have been matched with every behavioral definition there has been created, but they cannot make up their mind, but this is all based on behavior. This had no relation to my childhood, for I did not even know what a psychiatrist or psychiatry was as a child. Third, I said there were more to my stories, the mystery of the lights and blue auras was only a piece of what confused me. ….. I choose not to say more, thank you for your time.

    • Steven says:

      All living things produce an aura and has nothing to do with soul, but is a physical manifestation which can be captured on film or some can optically see if they relax the eye. Most humans have a blue aura but it depends on their health and chemical personality, perhaps its a mixture of special abilities haunting you.

  138. curiousone says:

    Im wondering Steve is there any history of abductees coming back to earth perhaps stronger or wiser or both ? Like a sudden raise in iq ? More quickness and strength ?

    • Steven says:

      Yes there have been some instances but not many, normally its against the rules, it has to be approved by the counsel. And all of those improvements plus telepathy, telekinesis and other gifts have been bestowed on certain individuals on earth for various reasons.

  139. Daniel says:

    My life has been full of many mysteries. Even many when I was young and growing, up until the time I became an adult. These were the most intense experiences that I have never been able to answer. There were not many I have told and what I did tell, there was some excuse behind it but I knew what they said weren’t true. I have always believed it was something deeper. As an adult, my experiences have been not many, and I often ponder if I had been abandoned, however in my dreams I feel there is still a connection to me. I won’t go into all of my experiences right now, but one that has been bothering me and I’ve been searching and searching and I found this post of yours, and thought I could start by talking here. The only information I have found was linked to Starpeople, starchildren, starseeds. When I used to close my eyes, I would see bright lights, so powerful I would scream in tear, I would sweat, I would hurt but not with physical pain, at times I would be paralyzed. The lights would go when I would re-open my eyes. They also appeared when the room was dark, and if I had a source of light on, even a source of light that I could see through my eyelids at a glance, the intense feeling would subside. This happened every day and every night for many years, over 10 at least. Everyone just thought I was afraid of the dark, but it had nothing to do with the dark. It was the bright lights in my eyes. I never found a meaning for it. I have had other experiences. Maybe I am forgotten. I have had discovered my bodies energies since I was very little and I never knew what they were. I could move them around my body and feel the sensation going from limb to limb to my head and feet and abdomen. Sometimes I would picture a line of light and carry it with the sensation. I never at that time knew anything about energies, or chakras, or any meditative practices. I was only a child, I didn’t grow up that way. I was raised in a Christian home, but part of me knew there was something deeper than what I was taught. I am not anti-Christian, far from it. I am not one to judge or place judgment. But because I have experienced, as a child I longed for an answer that was more than the God or devil’s work, and as an adult. I long to know what I had experienced when I was younger, and if ,.. if there is still a call for me out there somewhere

    • Steven says:

      Your question about the intense light seen when you were younger, the way you describe it is very much indicative of a neurological disorder, these moments are often triggered by something small or insignificant such as a faint light on the room, the brain will see it acknowledge it and suddenly become over active firing repeatedly blowing up the image in your mind, this condition is highly related to bipolar disorder which happens the same way, blowing small thoughts and feelings way out of proportion, and can also cause awful head aches. Bipolar can induce a state of fear and shock which can also cause paralysis, if this is the case. If I were to guess, based on what you told me, I’d say this is the most likely explanation. But it does not sound alien related at all, though you do sound like you are a star child, these things are not likely to be related. In fact most star children choose to incarnate into bodies which have health issues. We enjoy a good challenge. And you may see light while meditating but there is a vast difference between the two types of light and certainly you will not experience pain with the meditative light, which I’m sure you have also experienced.

  140. Lucas says:

    This was a very interesting read. I used to be very afraid untill now, I feel much better about it. Thanks

  141. Garrett says:

    So, since I was about 5 or 6 years old, I’ve been under the suspicion that I was taken on multiple occasions. But, I need confirmation on whether or not I was truly taken by aliens. It all started when I was 5 or 6, I was a typical kid but had a very weak ammune system, and my intellegence lacked in some areas, but I always had a photographic memory which is why I remember the event I’m about to explain. I was camping with my grandfather, it was our anual camping trip we used my grampas frieds old farming field. Anyway, one day I went for a walk into the near by town, with a friend with who’m I went camping alot, and her older sister. We stopped and played in a playground in town, there was a forest behind it. In that forest out the corner of my eye, I saw a strange humanoid figure. But, when I looked straight at it, the figure ran into the bushes. That night I woke up completely numb and I couldn’t move at all. I tried to call for help but I couldn’t make a sound. However the strangest part was in the area I was in it wasusually pitch black area at night. But, from the windows of grampas camper I saw a bright light surrounding it. The next day I though I’d dreamed the whole thing. But, then gramps asked me if I had been playing with my flashlight the past night. When I said no, he said he woke up and saw a bright light. I told him everything I’d experienced the night before. Being as young as I was gramps said I was being crazy. But, since that night my brain has been working differently, I find myself understanding and questioning everything that went o in the world. My intellegence grew and I started liking aliens and got into scifi, and was facinated by anything to do with space. Now numbers an scientific theory’s seem interesting and I seem to grasp them easily. My immune system has been unusually high since the incident, I almost never get sick. To this day I still see that strange figure, I always feel like somethings following me, watching me, possibly studying me. Once in a while I’ll see strange bright lights out side at night, and next thing I know I’m waking up in my bed with no memory of falling a sleep. It’s odd and it all began from that incident all thosd years ago. If anyone can explain to me what that is, or if you’ve experienced something similar please reply ASAP.

    • Steven says:

      The first time I was taken, I was also very young, I experienced a few precursor moments also, I had awoken strangely one night, I felt strange, it was about 2AM, I went to my window and just looked out like I was waiting for something, all out of character, cause the weeks and months leading up to that night I was petrified of the window, I was petrified of aliens even though I should not have had any exposure to anything like that, as I was very sheltered. But as I stood there looking out my window a light turned on outside, my window was on the second floor and as far as I could see it was daylight, the light was on for a few minutes, but I could not see a source for it, I stood there in wonder for several minuted when I saw something walking toward the house, I thought I was looking at some weird monster. No memory after that, Some time passed, and I wake up on a table of some sort with scary looking faces looking down on me, several of them. I could not move anything but my eyes, that moment had last only about 20 seconds, my next memory of the event I’m in my bed again still unable to move anything but my eyes, I slowly over the course of 20 minutes began to regain my motor function and I noticed in the back of my ankle there was an incision and a lump under the skin. I just went to school like a normal day, I never told anyone, I passed it off as a dream knowing it really couldn’t be, but how could I believe the truth, I was 10 and knew nothing of the world. I had that implant for 15 years, one morning I woke up and it was gone, with a trickle of blood and a deep red scar to remind me. That is really when my life got extremely involved with aliens. During that time my immune system also changed, and what I was told is that contactees immune systems react to the higher need to stay healthy as they have more important work to do now. It is a hyperactive immune system and can actually cause allergies to flare up.

  142. Takia says:

    Sounds do weird but through out my life i’ve always felt im suppose to do something to help people.. I have had many creepy alien dreams about destroying everyone . But one i had was of the destroying but ones that wanted to get us to safety and took some people on this ship or something that was in the sky.. But they didnt talk at all….. I get really confused if my dreams are real or if it happened a lot.. And crazy but i felt that little ball thing behind my ear inside my skin.. Tried to grab it but felt like i pushed in further or something because i cant feel it anymore.. But my ear always feels weird , when i think about it… I’ve always seen space ships and strange lights in the sky to… Please help me understand…

    • Steven says:

      Many prophets in the past were actually contactees given information on how to help others during past cataclysmic events such as periodic pole shifts, they were great and inspired men who left their mark in the hearts of man. One such person was Jesus who had revealed many things about the future. He explained for future generations of this time that the great destroyer will come and cause many to perish but those who are of good heart will be given the opportunity to be taken up aboard ships keeping them safe during this time of destruction, this has later been coined the term “The Rapture” Your dreams are a reflection of this future event.And you will continue to see these ships, they will always be with you helping you.

      • Keith says:

        Okay Steven, id like some insight.. I have a dream of an alien every week.. This has happened for about two years now. It all started when one morning I woke up on my back (I never sleep on my back and never wake up on my back) and some figure was sitting on my pelvis, cocking his head back and forth. Two nights later, I woke up and a figure was standing in my room looking at me. The funny thing is.. each time, I was severely drowsy. (It was as if you twirled around in a circle for 2 minutes and tried to walk.) and I had to fall off my bed. I crawled to my door, and as soon as it opened, i was wide awake. Perfectly sober, it was like I’ve been awake all day. Well, after these two events, I’ve had dreams upon dreams. They’ve been getting.. More vivid lately.
        I had a dream where an alien pressed his hand onto my forehead, and I saw many visions and it felt like my brain was a rubix cube. Strangest feeling I’ve ever had. Now, the one that’s terrified me.. I had decided that with all the times i was seeing them in my dreams, that id make contact and ask “why are you here? Why are you following me?” .. Well.. I was. Until they beat me to it. I dreamed of myself and my girlfriend on the moon star gazing.
        She’s busy looking at the stars, and I was noticing ships leaving the hangar we were in. We both felt uneasy and she got up and said “I don’t like this.. The moons bad babe, the moons gone bad I don’t like this” and I got upset because I want to protect her. My instinct is keep her safe at all costs. And when she finished speaking, a voice came from behind me. Saying “why do you think you’re here? Why do you think we have been visiting you?!” I’ve never heard them speak before/after. I don’t believe I’ve been abducted,however.. I strongly feel I’m being watched. Just last night I had a dream I was paralyzed in my sleep and an alien was standing behind me on the bed. It felt like I blinked and I woke up, because I was in the exact same position, the lighting was the exact same, everything was pitch perfect the same.

        My girlfriend says see a dream counselor or something. I do feel the need to. I guess I’m just trying to not sound insane.

        • Steven says:

          Your first and second experience were dreams, not memories of reality but interpretations of facts, a message given to your conscious mind by your subconscious mind that you indeed have a star family, and you received the message accurately, your being watched over. The first experiences are a result of being in a conscious sleep, as in dreaming while awake and triggered these memories to continue to come through. When I say “star family”, I mean you have a soul which comes from a different place, time, and dimension. Your brain has no means of relaying what they look like cause you have never physically seen them, thus they come out as some random shape or shadowy figure. Most people refer to your kind as star children or indigo, or crystal children, they use the term children cause this is a very new phenomenon and mostly affects the younger generation. This does not mean you are psychic or have any special powers or abilities, but it does mean you have a very old and wise soul who can help guide mankind through a troubling time. And I’m certain you will eventually come to know that, you are a very different person then the others.

  143. luke robertson says:

    hi my name is luke robertson something weird happened last night well weird my family wear watching tv it was 10 o’clock the news started the 10 o’clock news i went up to go on my laptop i shouted to my mom as the laptop sed 1145pm i sed hay mum the tv is wrong is 1145 pm she said that’s rong is the 10 o clock news on she went back in the living room and the news was gone it was 1147pm on moms phone is weird all of us dont know wear the time went my mother went throw this same thing wen she was 7 years old she is now 45 what the hell is going on i dont believe in e.t or all that crap but something happened last night with missing time can you help with this i just don’t understand what happened i spock to the neighbors next door they don’t having missing time is just my family thats weird yours luke robertson

    • Steven says:

      There is only one other circumstance that can cause missing time, and it has to do with bursts of radiation from deep within the earth, When earth’s tectonic plates adjust they cause a screech which creates high amounts of various types of energy including electromagnetic and will burst out of fault lines, this energy is well known in specific places, the great lakes, the Bermuda triangle, the ring of fire near Indonesia, and the fault near japan that caused the last tidal wave and even other locations. All these areas have reports of missing planes, and ships, depending on the intensity of the burst depends on the level of disruption, what happens to atomic matter when subatomic matter in large bursts disrupts its delicate cycles, pushing out electrons can make and atom vibrate much faster pushing it into a higher density never to be seen again. Some bursts in smaller vents will simply disrupt time temporarily, this may be what you had experienced, only way to prove it is to see id a geologist can confirm a fault under your house and see if any neighbors have experienced anything similar.

      • luke robertson says:

        hi there is luke thank you so much i will look in to this to see what i can find out your great my friend keep up your great work in helping people and thank you a gin for your help yours luke robertson

  144. Karen says:

    I noticed a lot of people here have dreams of floating outside. I do too. Can you tell me what that represents? I had dreams of floating above my yard when I was little and still have dreams of floating to the ceiling or outside once in a while. I just was curious why so many people have these types dreams.

    • Steven says:

      Levitation is a default dream representing ones skills and confidence in themselves. Confidence can be represented in many ways but if there is no specific thing a person is really great at levitation becomes the default. Just means you believe in youself, in your abilities to do great things.

  145. Karen says:

    I appreciate your answering some of my earlier questions about a dream I had. When I lived in Washington I had a recurring dream that was really strange to me and wondered if you had any insight into this. In this dream I was traveling to France a lot via Britain. I am not sure if I took a plane or went out of my body so to speak. In this recurring dream it started with me going to France and I visited this older lady. I remember her house somewhat. It was on a corner of a brownstone type building and was built with two floors. I met this lady in my first dream and we talked in her living area. The kitchen was behind the living area downstairs and there were stairs going up to the rest of the house/apartment. It seemed the house was older to me. In a later dream I went back to France to visit the lady and she was happy to see me and we talked some more in her living area. There was a child in the other room playing. A boy I believe. She was married but I never met the husband. In a later dream (these occurred within the span of about a week) I went back to visit and she had a sign above her door with her last name on it in French. I don’t speak French but in my dream I did and also could read it. She was much older now and didn’t recognize me at first then smiled and let me in. Her front room had been turned into an antiques store and we talked a long while. Her husband had passed away and she had turned a business out of her living area in her home by the front door. I think that was the last of these dreams but it was weird because it was like each time I dreamt it the story progressed further along. I never understood who the woman represented and why I kept going back to France to visit her. My friend wondered at the time if the woman was me and I wondered if it was something to do with a past life so to speak. It was just so strange.

    • Steven says:

      I’m thinking your more correct, Its definitely a soul to brain communication dream, but I’d need more details to know if this was a soul memory from the past being revealed to you. Or a reunion with a past loved one, catching up sort of speak. I’d guess it to be the latter, the antique store being affiliated with the home is definitely an association of the time period, not to be taken literal.

  146. Proposing says:

    Ok i’ved had plenty of alien/ufo dreams when i was a kid but there was this one time were i slept walked down the stairs to my front door with money and a crow bar and i just stood there….. for a while, i didn’t no what was going on until all of a sudden i was at my front door and my grandmother said what are you doing. I just say im going to bed and then walked back up the stairs and back up to bed? Anyone have an idea of what this was?

    • Steven says:

      Its unlikely your sleepwalking has any variance with contact. Even during abductions, it is very easy for them to increase the vibration of a wall and suck you right through it without you ever even knowing. They don’t need to take control of your mind and body, nor are they allowed to without your permission.

  147. toney robertson says:

    hi my name is toney my mum and her gran was walking to the shops in catford se6 in 1976 my mum was 7 at the time on the way to the shops they swear bright lights in the sky it was round like shape with lots of color lights on it they just stop to watch it then the lights wear gon they walk to the shops wen they got to the shops they wear all closed they made there way back home wen they got home every one wonted to know wear they have bin they got told they wear gon for 4 hours they left the house at 3pm and got home just after 7pm they told the family about what happen on the way to the shops wen they swear bright lights in the sky it was round like shape with lots of color lights on it the family told them that they never tell any one outside of the family for years my mom as always wondered what happened to them on that day wear did she and her gran go for all that time they just remember seeing the lights witch lasted for 10 mints then they started walking to the shops can anyone answer this question yours toney robertson in scotland uk

    • Steven says:

      Toney it is rare to be taken in that way, with a child with you, and in the middle of the day unless it is used as a means of making the general public aware of their presence easing us into disclosure without causing great fear. Did the locals see it or talk about it, obviously you were not there but in this scenario I have to assume this was designed to draw some attention. If she saw a craft and had missing time under these circumstances then this was a profound event, a hypnotherapist may help her remember more details.