Skinwalker Ranch



There is no question that something strange is happening at ranch near Roosevelt Utah. With hundreds of professional investigators, high ranking colonels, military officers with high security clearances, world renowned scientists, and award winning journalists all coming back from this ranch with strange and fantastic stories they cannot even begin to describe let alone explain; it leaves very little doubt of fraud or trickery in even the most discerning minds. But if these investigators are so great at what they do then why can’t they ever bring back solid evidence of their findings? These things and more I will attempt to explain in this short, but detailed history of the Skinwalker Ranch.

Reader discretion; If you are searching for hard evidence, you will not find it here or anywhere, but I will include two key witnesses at the end.

This story begins about seventy years ago in Roswell New Mexico. I know most people have heard this story before being caught in the cusp of dozens of conspiracies involving blatant government lies and hundreds of eye witnesses; people tend to think the story merely stops there as nothing more is reported to the masses. But if you believe the hundreds of eyewitnesses rather than the government, then surly you know the story does not simply end there. And like the initial crash, what happens after also involved thousands of people in which hundreds have come forward during their life times to give their testimony as to their role in this rather epic saga in our forbidden history.

It was 1947 and the Roswell crash had just stirred a media frenzy. Reporters and journalists across the globe were on there way to Roswell New Mexico to catch a glimpse of this crashed object which had so many locals stirring in wonder and intrigue. But when they got there, there was nothing there, nothing to report on, and nothing to write about. The military had already swooped in taking every last crumb to a secret facility. When the military was asked about it they had acted like nothing unusual happened, “Oh and the crash was just one of our weather balloons, you can report that.” But the towns people and the local media had an entirely different story. The reporters knew the military was lying but could not report only speculation. You see the military knew if they had intelligent extraterrestrial life, and ships, the technology and knowledge they could gain from it would be beyond valuable, it would be dangerous, and extremely important not to let fall into the wrong hands. Secrecy thus became of the utmost importance and it was then only weeks after the crash when the MJ12 was born.

The MJ12 or Majestic 12 was constructed to keep these secrets out of the wrong hands. There was knowledge and technology here deemed far too powerful for the common man, and not a word of this was to be spoken to anyone outside the group, a rule bonded in immediate death, thus. Each member must live under ground, give up any hope for family or outside friendships. And if they did try to live in society they were watched 24/7 by military officials making their lives a living nightmare; their homes bugged, cars bugged and rigged to kill, they would live in fear the rest of their lives, but they all knew this going in, people like Bob Lazar and Steven Greer who have both suffered greatly which served as a reminder to those who want to try and live a normal life after their role in the MJ12 is complete; these men speak, sure, but only up to a certain line and do not cross it. And though they may have told little stories here and there they have said hardly anything of value as their time spent was also quite compartmentalized and they really knew only one tiny piece of the puzzle. But over the century a hundred others have come forward with another piece and another, and pretty soon we get a pretty clear picture of what all this involves and because of these social heroes soon you will understand where Skinwalker Ranch fits into all of this.

The wreckage recovered left one living alien, seemingly all alone, scared and vulnerable. His friends had died and there was no way home. The military quickly arrives after the alien spoke with a few witnesses taking him and everything else away to a secret location. The alien exchanged information with an agreement to contact his people allowing him to go home. After finding out how to contact them and establishing a relationship with these beings the military released him to go home and sustained communications with not only them but other species as well. Deals were eventually made and technology was given to them on the basis that they cannot allow the common man to have it, as it is far too dangerous. This included, various lasers, anti-gravity generators, virtual energy generators, and of course various scout ships which Bob describes very well.

The government soon became greedy wanting to sell access to this technology to the wealthy elite who certainly wanted to buy into it. The more people who were brought into it the more deals that were made, and the more deals that were made the more scientists they needed to figure out how to build and operate this equipment. Soon there were over two thousand people within the MJ12 and it was becoming impossible to contain. But an even bigger threat was looming, as a well known political crime family who had bought their way into the MJ12 was now planning to seize the White-House using election fraud in 2001 and thus seizing control of the MJ12 as well; but this simply could not happen as they could take over and or destroy the world.

The MJ12 thus disbanded in 2000 and separated into groups, basically, the good guys and the bad guys to put it bluntly. They for the most part stayed under ground in huge caverns throughout the world. They had to do this because of how big they had become. So many deals were made throughout the decades that many aliens of various species had been stuck here helping those within the MJ12 on various projects. (Not all aliens were able to return home.) Those who are of a selfish race were abandoned, left here to rot along-side mankind. There are hundreds in fact still here living with the members of the MJ12 underground, this includes Russia, South America, Australia and Utah. In fact Utah has more than any other area in the world put together. This includes vast networks underneath the church headquarters in Salt Lake and you guessed it, a crevice under Skinwalker Ranch.

Activity at the ranch has been constant since the 50s and relatively quiet before. Though this site has been occupied by aliens on and off for centuries, once the human members moved in there were no longer restrictions on human interaction as this is now all done by human hands, though they are using alien technology, they mutilate animals and spread fear using lasers and drones etc. So the mystery behind Skinwalker Ranch lies withing these very bad and very selfish humans who are in it for power, control, and secrecy. Thus everything that happened at Skinwalker Ranch was to get the occupants to leave without sparking too much attention. But they did spark the attention of a number of people including a very curious billionaire.

Robert Bigelow has been known as an avid UFO investigator all his life, and when he heard all the tales of the Skinwalker Ranch he knew what this land was harboring and he had to have it. He made an offer to the owners of the ranch they couldn’t refuse and honestly at that point they couldn’t get out of there fast enough, as they were being threatened endlessly. Bigelow being an elitist had heard the rumors of the MJ12 as well and knew he wanted in with the other billionaires already in the group.

Using his new found fortune he came up with this plan to give the MJ12 safe and secure harbor in exchange for access to this technology. Have you ever wondered why there are dozens of extremely armed military guards all over the place at the ranch all with top secret clearances, but nobody living there. Well none that the public knows about anyway. Well obviously someone, or something is there that nobody is to find out about.