The Voynich Manuscript

The manuscript is named after a bookseller, Wilfrid Voynich, who acquired it in 1912. It had belonged to Emperor Rudolph II of Germany, who is thought to have bought it from the English astrologer John Dee in 1586. Its earlier history is uncertain.  The NSA Claims it to be a 12 or 13th century book. And remains a mystery even today known as The Voynich Manuscript, has alluded the worlds foremost cryptographers, historians and bibliophiles of our time or any time. All having many theories as to what it could be saying, but nothing solid. Here is what we do know…….

*Leading cryptographers were asked to decode the manuscript but they failed. And at the end of the 1939–45 war the US military cryptographers who cracked the Japanese navy’s codes tackled a number of ancient encrypted texts, deciphering all except the Voynich manuscript.

*The NSA  attempted to decode it and failed declassified,  but traced the manuscript to Roger Bacon.

*Edith Sherwood PHD claims to have decoded some of the text converting to english

*A man claiming to be a prophet of God says he has decoded the book with divine help. He is a Finnish businessman named Veikko Latvala (likely an alias)and says the book is the life work and scientific publication of botany, pharmacy, astrology and astronomy by a man who’s name is unknown. He was quoted by Fox News news saying that ” These are sonic waves and vocal syllables. The book is a life work and scientific publication of medicine that would be still useful today. The writer was a scientist of plants, pharmacy, astrology and astronomy. It contains … prophesy for some decades and hundreds of years ahead from the time it was created.”

“The language of this book is quite twisted,” Ketola (his assistant) said. “The sound syllables are a mixture of Spanish and Italian, also mixed with the language this man used to speak himself. His own language was a rare Babylonian dialect that was spoken in a small area in Asia.”He goes on to offer a translation of one of the pages. This plant #16152, which he said can be found today in Ethiopia:

“The name of the flower is Heart of Fire.
It makes the skin beautiful when made as an ointment.
The oil is pressed from the buds.
This ointment is used for the wrinkles.
Is suitable for the kidneys and the head,
as the flower prevents inflammations, is antibiotic.
Plant is 10 centimeters by its height.
It grows on hot and dry slants.
The plant is bright green by its color.”

*Numerous other contactees have also made comments about it stating it is for only the eyes of select contactees, it is written in a subconscious language, it is not to be understood by mankind, and it simply describes the inner workings of our cycle of life, from the formation of the universe, how we were once a water world first, then a collision occurred in the solar system and caused earth to shift and push land out of the water, and many mammals began to take seed on earth, and evolve with the earth. It describes those who watch over the earth and care and direct its evolving species.

    It describes the delicate balance in the ecosystem and what each role they play is. Plants specifically which help sustain the life of humans and other mammals, each with a specific job, from cannabis to dandelions. It describes the relationship between the life forms on earth from a spiritual perspective, and it describes the science behind how our solar system works. How all the planetary bodies revolve around the sun starting on page 115 note the emphasis of the arms and the direction they move in the illustrations, these are the energies emitting from the sun and the way they correlate with planetary energies. There are also references to what is called the dark star which in millennial cycles.

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