The Missing Link

Nikolai Sergeyevich Valuev  born 21 August 1973) is a retired Russian professional boxer and former two-time WBA heavyweight champion

There are a number of things Valuev is known for. First he is huge, at 7′ feet tall and 320 lbs he is the biggest heavyweight champion ever. Second he is “not” very aggressive, third he is rather slow for a boxer. Four he can take a beating like no other, and will never go down. A regular lovable giant is his reputation. But there is one other thing he is also known for and that is his peculiar slopped forehead, very rare for a human but not unheard of.

So where does this trait come from? It is remarkably similar to a Neanderthal

note the pronounced brow ridge, very different from a human skull which is more smooth

compare to Nikolai’s mother

Nikolai’s parents both stood less then 5.5 ft.

Nikolai is not just tall, but he is very hairy and has remarkably long arms, similar to a gorilla or other primate. Many have noted he looks much like a traditional image of a sasquatch, and by coincidence he did in fact lead a very publicized expedition into the mountains in search of a Yeti. This evidence proved to be quite successful even though he did not bring back a Yeti. He did find a great deal of evidence.

One thing about Bigfoot is he leaves a trail of DNA everywhere he goes which has been analyzed numerous times as something between a human and an early primate. Similar to DNA of a Neanderthal


This video showing the amount of hair they leave behind.

The hair samples are then taken to a lab and the results are very consistent with one another’s DNA.  source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

It would be interesting to test Nikolai’s DNA and compare it with Bigfoot. As Bigfoot is also known to be slow, huge, and very hairy, with a strong brow ridge and a sloped forehead.



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