Will the NSA spying on American citizens ever be shut down?

Panorama of a protest against NSA surveillance

Photo by Fibonacci Blue

Quick answer, no. Long answer, you may not want it to be shut down. You see, the art of spying is nothing new, mans tools for spying have changed but the spying has always been very much a part of social control on earth and will always be so. But what is happening here is changing tides. Yes there are vast tools for spying but remember it is not the tool that matters, it is what you do with the tool that counts. Spying has always been a tool used by those in power to stay in power. And is rarely a good thing on mankind. But what happens when good people are in power? Then is not the tool or the resource a good thing.

What changed the tides is the public knowledge of this, now spying has accountability with the angry public and can hardly be used against them as laws still protect them, it does not protect those in power in other countries however. There are many on this planet who have been inspired to help in the transformation of this planet, to guide us into a new world with new laws and a new way of life. Those like Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning are a few such people and there are so many sleepers, sitting, waiting for an opportunity to act as this is a massive undertaking. So what is the significance of these leaks? Follow the natural rule, first fear among all those who have something to hide, and there are many, they demanding not to be spied upon, and unsure whether to continue their illegal or unethical behavior. If they choose to continue they will be caught eventually, but many will stop or slow their unethical behavior which will aid in the transformation of the new world. Most of these people are well within the walls of the global government and industrialized complex.

Second, as those who are within the walls of the government caught in illegal activities are removed, who is left, but those wanting peace and prosperity for all. All major world governments have a spying network similar to the NSA, more then a dozen of them and as the tides turn and all is revealed and removed, and no more will people be in fear of spying. World governments will no longer fear the spying but rather embrace it. They will find themselves sharing information, one with another and cooperating with each other with a level of trust never seen on this planet before. These leaks are a stepping stone to world peace. This is the new direction these men have taken your world. And this should not be something to be feared.

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