Will Obama Call Martial Law?


The future is an ever changing scenario, and where there is no true or defining future there are certainly dominating paths for outcomes, what is most likely to occur is the correct question. There have been rumors for years that Obama will call martial law. These rumors began while spectators watched numerous military like training drills across the nation. What one should also note here is that these same military style training drills are being conducted across the globe.

Obama has been hinting for years now that things are going to change, and more then just the policies that he signs into action. These policies often will include hints to what he is expecting, trade agreements become used for refugees relocation, FEMA rules are reworded do give the homeless hope for life relocating them to rural farm land, even giving them chickens and goats if need be. State governors are stripped of using the US military for personal reasons. Generals are fired, and media conglomerates are quietly imprisoned for crimes of sabotage during presidential announcements. 

When one puts the puzzle even a small portion of it together it appears to point to Obama slowly seizing control of America.  But when one continues to put the puzzle together, they may discover something more, and that is; Why Obama will call martial law. Obama clearly has a big announcement he wishes to make, and there are clearly many who wish that he does not make this announcement. When and if this announcement occurs he seems to be preparing for the worse, and he is, as he should be. It is a global issue which we all need to take to heart.

Thus the answer to this question is likely yes he will call martial law, the republicans will insist on it even knowing that this also means Obama becomes a supreme leader. As the wealthy republicans wish to have their assets protected by the government free of charge. Obama in this scenario is also likely to stop the elections and continue to be our leader until he feels we are no longer in danger of the wealthy elitists.

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