What happened to flight 370

  flight 370

To understand this scenario, first we must get on the same page with you all. Man is now recently aware that all matter that exists is actually a form of programed energy. And all energy is affected by surrounding energy, if affected in a precise way, the energy can be reprogrammed into something else, it can be transported, it can be diluted into something less dense. etc..  And the most primal observations of this phenomenon is found in your oceans as various solids(plates) grind against each other creating a release of a type of electromagnetic energy. And particularly these observations will be most noted along shallow trenches in the sea during times of earth adjustments, thus these occurrences will increase in the coming years. The more shallow the sea is the less filter is present. We encourage you all to do research on this subject to have a better understanding of what we mean.


    So what exactly happened to this particular flight. A combination of two weak EMPs clashing together causing electronic failure. Mankind has had thousands of plane and boat disappearances and have learned to avoid certain areas in Japan, the great lakes, and the Bermuda triangle. And your travel is much safer as a result. But your world is changing quickly, and the plates are moving everywhere as a result of these changes. This particular plane wandered into a common path not known for disappearances but an are where not only new adjustments were occurring but also EMP’s from the direction of the sun were clashing together forming a EMVortex which could be seen by the captain who tried to avoid it by flying around it. In doing so he saved the passengers of the craft but the Electromagnetic radiation still shorted out everything on the plane and also took the craft off radar.


    The plane first lost all pressure and oxygen causing everyone on board to fall unconscious, during this state all passengers on board were asked by their higher selves what they want to do as none of them were scheduled to die at this time.  Many people on earth are aware that much in their lives is controlled by some unseen force usually attributed to God. And some people also are aware that some thing happen by chance and cannot be controlled, in this particular case the latter is true. s they say, sometimes “shit happens”. In such a case as this a fork in the road appears and choices are made as to what they want to do based on the situation. So what choices do they have present? They can choose to die and reincarnate into a new body given a similar circumstance, or they can continue on in a different world not unlike earth. But their decision would need to be unanimous to keep within the rules of engagement. If any assistance is given the plane has to be found and there has to be evidence of benevolent aid. The powers that be are at this time making their decision as to what they will tell the public under various circumstances, if they will use this event to go to war, if they will use it to bring peace, or to make new laws, or to simply tell the truth and allow the pieces to fall where they will.


   In this case the passengers chose life in a different world. Thus intervention did occur. If the powers that be choose to hid what they know, it will happen again. Though these circumstances are rare, they are often guided out of danger by higher density, they will not be however if the elite try to hide the truth from man, and will continue to until man figures it out on their own. As a new tide has come and with it new rules, one of which is an awareness of these supernatural forces, not just aliens but the effects of EME on matter which has been hidden for many decades. People need to come together and demand the truth, and in this case the search and rescue should find the plane at the bottom of the ocean generally intact but with nobody on board. If the truth does not come out it will be allowed to happen again, and again….  All passengers aboard flight 370 are alive and well enjoying the new world they found themselves on and are meeting many peers also from earth who have experienced a similar event in their life as well.

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