What Are Chemtrails ?

chemtrail-planePlane lands into LAX forgetting to turn off chemtrail sprayers

The chemtrail conspiracy theories have been swirling around the media for generations now. Thousands of people have come forward with claims of involvement; tests have been done in an attempt to understand what it is. Conspiracy theorists try to make logical conclusions as to why, and devout skeptics try their best to convince themselves there is nothing wrong or out of the ordinary even when they see the chemtrail get turned on and off midflight, as devout skeptics so often do, ignore the elephant in the room. But here we are today no closer to the truth then we ever were, and why is that? Let’s start from the beginning.

There was a time in our past when the wealthy learned the true power of knowledge and truth, and finding ways to hoard knowledge for themselves was the rule, and keeping secrets was not just a game but their way of life and to the point where their lives and livelihood were dependent on keeping secrets. Numerous secret societies we established in an attempt to confuse and distract the general population but the truth is those with the money are the only holders of the truth. And these people are not known to the general public, so no names will be given here. The wealthy elite buy police, judges, senators, even presidents. They have a controlling hand in every branch of government even the most secret projects within the military and it is here where the story begins.

Social experiments were conducted to understand public reaction to celestial threats, both from aliens and comets/asteroids hitting the earth. They learned people handle these threats very poorly, thus special time and attention was given to these secrets. They knew there would be comets and possibly many other things which would threaten the earth in the future and wanted complete control over what general society knows about it. They fear panic/mobs, they fear losing their money and power and the grip they hold on general society. Thus experiments began on how to control mass populations, planes were used to deliver all manner of viruses on large cities to see if they could make people ill forcing them to stay inside and become too weak to fight or take action against the oppressive elite.

This campaign failed miserably in all cities and with all viruses used. Second they tried using sprayers strategically placed in large cities which did work better but they kept getting caught and they didn’t want that attention. They then began spraying chemicals out of airplanes to see if they could make people sick that way, but like the viruses they were usually neutralized by the time they fell to the earth. They continued for years even decades trying to find compounds that would work, while the pilots flying these private planes were ignorant to what they were actually doing. But in the late 70’s that all changed, the pilots began to refuse flying those planes and with the threat of this getting out a new arrangement was made with the pilots.

The Pilots agreed to fly only if what they spray is not harmful to the people below including their families. But rather than stop spraying they decided to make an attempt to cover the earth with perpetual clouds, to literally hide space from the common man, to make them completely ignorant as to what is going on out there, and for generations to come they will only know what they are told. The private planes began spraying something akin to skywriting affixed with the highest volumes they could, they began to fly nonstop, several dozen planes belching out so much smoke they sparked concern from the masses below watching in horror and beginning to question for the first time what they are spraying.

The wealthy elite quickly reevaluated how they were handling this new project and decided it was time to go commercial; all airlines were to use them, especially the budget friendly airlines which were to be given funds to help cut down on travel costs. They lowered the spray released as not to cause too much suspicion and by having thousands of planes running 24 hours a day all over the world their hope was that nobody would ever see space again except they who have access to satellites. But 35 years later it still has not served the purpose and if they just stop, then everyone’s suspensions will be confirmed, so where it does make it a bit more difficult to see things in space and where they don’t want to raise suspicion, this project will continue its course.

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