Is there any truth to the Bermuda triangle reports?

The Bermuda Triangle

All things in this dimension are subject to light and gravity, both are subatomic energy, both come in waves and no different then a radio wave subjecting it’s energy on any receiver tuned in correctly. The culprit involved in this scenario is the electron whom is thousands of times smaller then the atom and even the proton. But it’s role is important, it is held firmly in place through gravity. The electron has an orbit around the atom which causes the atom to vibrate, if the vibration of other atoms match it’s vibration then that atom will be subject to it, locking it into place making it’s presence known to the others of like vibration. This vibration is made by the electron. An electron in motion “relative to an observer” will create a magnetic field. But what happens when these electrons become excited and get faster? They begin to generate a glow called photon energy or waves which are greenish or blueish light, and what is happening here is energy which before was not subject to the atomic vibration now is subject from light which otherwise we could not see we sometimes call dark matter.

This is just a beginning stage of the end result, it is easy to do with gases in a lab setting but dense matter takes more energy and magnetism to vibrate faster. Now when you read these reports of planes disappearing over certain areas known for this phenomenon there are a few common factors aren’t there. First they report their compasses going haywire, this is due to a massive release of magnetic energy from the earth, after a few minutes they begin to see a greenish fog roll in, this is photon effects now being seen as their electrons in their bodies become excited and speed up, still held in place never losing their form the person will begin to loose their ground on this reality and tune into a new one which matches what ever reality has a dominating vibration, if they continue they will merge with a new reality, if not they will merge back with ours, depending on how big the release was.

You will also notice as the Bermuda triangle has many many such reports, so has many other locations, if you follow their reports you will notice that they concentrate over areas with profound and active plate boarders, as when rock slides across rock massive amounts of electricity is generated in these magnetic rocks and this massive burst of magnetic energy will focus and excite all in it’s path, just like a pea in a microwave. Depending on the burst will depend on if they survive and where they end up. Also note the reports on the Philadelphia experiment also went through a greenish glowing phase before they ended up elsewhere.

Numerous ships have reported getting to their destination weeks late as though they have lost time somehow, all their equipment will read a week or two late in unisync, for this reason as strange as it sounds. When you “never see them again”, I’m pressed to assume the same, but amplified. Though going back in time does not mean we will have evidence of them now, cause the timeline has changed, literally also in a different dimension. Their time will thus never catches up to our time on this timeline. They are no more to us. Most of them die, some just get trapped.

The Bermuda area is not the only place on earth which are prone to these adjustments, there are many, from the great lakes to Japan and similar reports will follow and continue to do so.

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