God vs. Evolution?

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   Man is well aware that all species have an ability to adapt to one’s environment, including humans(micro evolution). Man is also aware that one species cannot evolve into another without intelligent intervention(macro evolution), as man has woven seed together many times to show this fact, species are intelligently designed and this is not hard to do.  Man is also aware that there is more going on in the universe then dull minded people care to admit, as to ponder the inner workings of the universe takes an old and experienced soul which only a small percentage of your world possess. And those who do may ponder eternity and what that means, as mathematically there must be a start to all this, a grand source, there surely must be order to all this, a director, and if so, surely there must be a reason, a path for us to follow.

   Then there are the dull souls, what we call the embryo, those souls whom have not yet taken hold of life. These souls like all infants fear life, they are new and don’t understand the purpose to all of this. And men fear that which they don’t know, this is a natural instinct. So man attaches themselves to things which give them purpose, direction and the perception of safety  giving those young souls some sense of peace.Thus Religion is a staple for them and flourishes, but will slowly die out as man spiritually evolves.

For us to answer this question you must first define the term “God” and then define the term “evolution”. If God is the one who answers your prayers and your calls for assistance then perhaps we in 4th density are your God, as we have been called this by man for thousands of years in your Bibles and on the lip of our contactees, your prophets and seers and revelators. If the term God is defined as the creator of the Earth, then there have been hundreds of thousands of hands in it’s creation over billions of years we can tell you…..

   If “God” is one who rules over the universe, ask yourself who that lucky person would be who actually got to meet such a being, the odds would be 1 in infinity meaning we could never know such a thing but we give great reverence to the idea of it….And also we need to ask, what is evolution? Is it the ability to adapt to an environment, for one bird to turn into another kind of bird(micro evolution) or is it the ability for the bird to turn into a fish on its own. (macro evolution)

The answers to this great debate have been known for decades but ignored. Man needs a way to individualize and separate himself in order to view himself clearly at all angles, and this is the process of spiritual evolution. And when man has become intimately familiar with his right arm and his left, and his right leg and his left and all the things in-between, he will then come to a conclusion as to who and what he is. An evolutionist will look at his beliefs objectively as so will the creationist eventually in their many incarnations, and when they have swam in both pools and gained an intimate knowledge from the experience, they will then make a choice about what it is and means and how to pursue it in the future. Thus the answer to your question which is correct…“God or Evolution”, the answer being God and Evolution are both true. Just as your soul has naturally evolved and has also been intelligently constructed as well. It is both. We say stop arguing, and start listening to one another, you are both correct in your views.

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