(Avalon) by Von Yugen

Chapter I

(The Gathering)

Avalon is a three part series which focuses on the social and spiritual implications of an ever expanding technological society. This modern story is a paradox by design, and filled with many gratuitous allegories which only few will understand. But the heart of this story which everyone will understand lies within the contrast of the human spirit. Its aim is to uplift and inspire from a spiritual stand point and encourage higher core values by removing the element of fear within the heart, as fear keeps us from rising above and taking personal action, responsibility, and taking accountability for our actions.

The emphasis of this story parallels the old saying “If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black” expression, which most people seem to interpret the meaning as being ‘hypocritically similar.’ But many believe that the original intended message within this expression is that the kettle may not be black at all, and actually the pot is simply seeing its own reflection in the kettle’s shiny surface; meaning we are all reflections of one another; we all see a little bit of ourselves in others and because of fear we don’t like it, and that it is important to understand this before we lash out in judgment or look down on others, after all in the end we are all the same humans experiencing different sides to the same life.

This story is my own personal perspective of our future; where technology will take us, how we will get there, the things we will learn, and what changes will come from it. These are all very realistic circumstances which we are certain to be faced with in the very near future and which also have monumental spiritual implications and can not only help us evolve into a highly advanced civilization, but may also cause a rapid evolvement of the human soul as a whole as well by helping us experience these many sides to life.

Much of this book was written using a subconscious metaphorical language which is designed to trigger deep emotional responses within our own life, it’s designed to spark the imagination, and inspire a sense of uninhibited love for others which we are all naturally born with. The message I want to evoke through this book is how important it is to be understanding of one another in our thoughts, views, and our actions because ultimately we truly are all a part of one another.

The story in of itself is a metaphor as well, it is a reflection of the MJ12 whose story may likely never be told but I think the parables of the story are important to understand, how important it is to keep balance in all things, and allows us to better understand the rules of our universe so that we can better live our lives.

The MJ12 had to live a super secret double life mostly out of the public eye, they were constantly living in threat of themselves and their loved ones. The MJ12 had access to knowledge and technology which were kept secret being deemed far too powerful. The MJ12 had to sustain a sense of balance within the group and were held firm with rules bonded in immediate death. Living a double life is hardly easy and keeping these secrets from the ones they love is extremely difficult, the constant worry of what would happen to them if our loved ones found out the truth, plague the consciousness like a virus.

This story takes us into a slightly different dimension which is subtly implied in the beginning of this story, and kudos to those who figure it out on their own. The purpose of presenting this in an alternate dimension is to avoid offending anyone who may be like any of these characters which were carefully chosen to represent a specific side of humanity. My goal is to show the three expressions of love and to show that all other emotions come from a mixture of those three expressions.

    In this third density world, we see three colors, yellow, blue, and red. When we blend those colors together we can get an infinite amount of other colors. The same principal applies in this story. There are three general ways we can express our love to others; what we give to others, how we choose to perceive others, and the level of support we give to others                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             My goal was to create characters which reflect not only these three general expressions of love, but to create their adversaries and their opposites totaling twelve characters.

Physical things we give

Love based expression: The father George Harrison is very (Conservative) while Maya is (generous)
Fear based expression: Beatrice is (greedy and into self-preservation) while Echo is (self-destructive)

Our perceptions

Love based expression: Bilia has (humility) in herself while Jack Angelo has (confidence)
Fear based expression: Mike Bowen is (self-deprecating) while McLellan is (arrogant)

Non-physical emotional support

Love based expression: Alexander is (unpermissive) while Iridescia is (accommodating)
Fear based expression: Nikita is (disobliging) while Mrs. Portabella is (demanding)

The birth of Avalon


It was a dark and smoke filled pub in the heart of Salt Lake; crowds began to gather as laser lights shot across the room. “There is someone I want you to meet” my good friend Eric says to me. “This is James, he is a musician, he just wanted to hang out with you for a bit while you were in town. I’m going to go say hi to someone real quick; I’ll see you in a bit.”

James and I sit down to have a drink before things start heating up. Electronic music is thumping in the background as we unwittingly begin to bob our heads to the rhythm of the music “Can I ask you a question?” he asks, then takes a deep breath, “Why does everyone seem so stupid?” I thought he was joking so I laughed, but then he continued, “No really though, everyone just seems like they are brain dead to me, like they just don’t get it, you know. I don’t even think most people care.” Hmmm I thought

“Well” I replied “I’m pretty sure everyone thinks that exact same thing, I think we are all largely misunderstood by others.” I paused for a moment and pointed across the room.

“See that girl over there dancing in the blue dress, what do you think she is thinking about right now?” “She is thinking that she is a perfect pretty little princess and everyone in beneath her, and that she wants hot rich guys to hit on her and give her money, I think she is completely self-absorbed and I don’t think she possesses a single cohesive thought in her brain” James replied without a hint of sarcasm. I smiled, “OK now reverse it” I told him; “what do you think ‘she’ would think about you if she was looking at you right now.” “Well, she probably would think, I’m a loser who is not good enough to even be seen in her perfect little world” James replied.
“I think fear makes us think negatively about others, and we all tend to naturally fear the unknown, just like we often get scared of the dark as we don’t know what lurks behind the shadows. Thus when we wonder what someone else is thinking about, we automatically assume it must be something that we consider bad or negative.” “I guess that’s probably true” he replied. “I wish I did know what people were thinking; there would be a lot less fear and confusion in the world for sure.”

“Actually there have been some breakthroughs recently with computers reading minds.” I replied. “It is all in the infancy stages still but one has to wonder what the implications are of this type of reality; and also what this means for us socially and spiritually.”
The music seemed to vanish in the back ground as the thoughts began to roll through our heads. “That is seriously mind boggling to think about; hey I’m going to grab a drink, do you want anything?” James said “Ya, I’ll have whatever you are having” I replied. James got up and walked to the bar. I also got up, but rather I walked over to the girl in the blue dress. As I approached her, I stood facing James; I leaned over to her and pointed at him saying. “My friend over there at the bar; when you look at him what would you think about him, without knowing him.” The girl squints her eyes and replied. “I think he’s cute I guess, he looks like he is an interesting person.” I laughed a bit as I continued “Ask him what he first thought when he looked at you”
When James returned with the drinks he continued to tell me “You know I’m a truther at heart right, I’m always trying to find the truth about everything, and I’m kind of a skeptic about stuff. But it’s very difficult; it always feels like there is something not quite right about anything. I think my question is. How can someone like me find truth, I mean ‘absolute truth?” As a philosopher I had to laugh a little, I replied to him “That is a conscious question and there are no absolute truths in the conscious world. This conscious world is subject to infinite variables which make it impossible to define anything absolutely. All things in the conscious world thus are superficial, (important only in your imagination). But our conscious minds, our ego’s hunger for this truth, truth in its purest form, like a security blanket to comfort us in times of confusion we just want something solid to believe in, that is real and perfect and absolutely true.
James seemed to exhibit some frustration and disappointment. I thought I should let him filter his thoughts for a moment and give him a bit of space to ponder this concept so I sat back in my chair and began looking around, but there was something else I thought he should understand so I stopped myself and I said to him.” You know I do believe there are actually some absolute truths out there, seven truths to be exact, but only seven I have found.” Curious James looked at me with interest, and I told him what they were.
First truth; is simply that we exist, right; in some way, do we not all exist? However we want to consciously interpret our existence, are we not in fact experiencing something here?
Truth number two; the law of vibration and this creates our reality, it gives us our density, and our ability to interact with energy. What I mean by this is all things are made of energy, and all energy vibrates at some frequency. For instance if the energy vibrates at different frequencies it is no longer affected by that which is out of sync with its own energy, this is called density. All frequencies of vibration require infinitely variable types of energy in which to interact with and this is why the higher the vibration, the less dense we become, thus higher vibrations require more space to fill.
Third truth; The law of cause and effect; All energy will affect other energy in some way, everything we do or think will in fact have some kind of effect on others.
Fourth truth; All things are at a constant change, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but they cannot stay the same it is impossible.
Fifth truth; the law of gestation, meaning all things take some amount time to evolve and change into something else.

Truth number six; The law of polarity, meaning that all things have two sides and two directions, if there is high there must be a low, if there is a near there is a far, and if there is a good then there must be an evil, you cannot have sweet things unless you have something sour to compare it to.
Truth number seven; The law of one, meaning we are all a part of the whole, good and the bad, if all things affect one another and we are subject to all things, then we are all one thing, one whole together.”
I took a drink while thinking if I had got them all, “Well, I think that’s all of them” I said, “So what do you think?” James sat staring with a blank face; I knew he didn’t really understand all this. “I didn’t really follow all of that.” I was wishing at this point that James could take a walk inside my mind; these things are too complex to just casually discuss. “What would a world be like if we all knew what one another were thinking?” I asked James bluntly with the gears in my head moving at full speed. “Kind of hard to say, that’s also a very complex issue.” James replied.
My friend returned and the conversation morphed into other things, but this concept stuck with me. I know many people who absolutely do not want others to know what they are thinking, but why? I know I do very much; In my mind it would solve a lot of problems we have in society, but what problems would it create? This is why I wrote this book, to explore this subject which is a very real possibility in our near future; and what does this mean for us technologically, socially, or spiritually?


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