There Is An Island Where Women Are Allowed To Rape Men

East Cape girls, Milne Bay, New Guinea

Daily Brain Freeze – On a Tiny chain of islands in New Guinea there is a place called The Trobriand Islands aka (The Islands of Love) A tradition takes place during the harvest of the yams.

This tradition is believed to help improve the harvest as according to their customs having sex will increase their crop production. The shape of the yam reminds them of a male penis and to rape a man is a symbol of the harvest and bring forth abundance.

The women are allowed by the chief to capture men and have their way with them, (as in assault them sexually). But it must be done to a man from another tribe or village, not your own. The women will lie in and wait in the bushes then ambush a man who might be wandering around.

Some of the men claim to enjoy it secretly. The only adverse part of this ritual is that, if a male can not ‘perform’, the women will urinate on him…and bite off his eyebrows…and eyelashes. This act would surely provoke ridicule from fellow villagers.

The festival time is considered a very dangerous period for a man to be out alone so men would usually go out in groups – just in case. Though these people believe sex brings fertility to yams, they don’t believe sex brings fertility to people according to tribesmen (don’t ask).

Sex on these islands is very encouraged even with pre-adolescent children. It is also common for a teenaged girl to sleep with many boys, if that boy is still there in the morning they would be considered married. They don’t have traditional marriage ceremonies. The marriage is officially recognized when the mother sees them eating yams together. After one year of eating together, they will then go back to eating separately.

Though this may seem quite shocking to most of the world, these people are quite comfortable with their customs and traditions. And these acts are never considered criminal on these islands.


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