Crazy Facts 2014

 Steve Wynn

steve wynn

Batek Negrito TribetribalErectile Function

erectile function

Charles Mansonmanson



Hypnotize a ChickenhypnotizedThe one percent

one percent

Dog poopdog poop

ET Smokers voiceet

Speed of Steelspeed of sound

Women Live The Longestold age

Mark TwainMark Twain


Personal Sacrificescharity

Drug smugglingopium trade

Li Ching Yuenoldest man

Southern Right Whale right whale

Abusive wivesdomestic violence

Pat Tillmanpat tillman

Hitler Vegetarianvegetarian

Mormon Church Cultmormon alphabet

Texas Law Makers drought

Earth’s Oxygen oxygen

Gift Cardsgift cards

Statue Eating Babiesstatue



The Mozart Effectmozart effect

Sammy Davis Jr.sammy davis jr



Armpit Smellarmpit

Terms and Conditionscontract

White wedding dress wedding dress

Presidential Paypresident

The Problem with Solving Problemsdepression

Hallucinogenic Fishdream fish

Hydraulic Fracturingfracking

Polo Shirtpolo shirt

Genital Herpesherpes

Landmines land mine

Light to Matterlight into matter

Female Tarantulastarantula

Bariatric surgerybariatric

Cracking Your Knuckles is Harmlessarthritis

BP Imagebp

The Cheerleader Effectcheerleaders

Marrying your third cousin.marriage

Penis Enlargement Costspenis enlargement

Supreme Courtsupreme court

Gay crimescalifornia gay rights

Illegal immigrants  immigration

California Kingcalifornia king

Christian Atheism christian atheist


Native Americansnative americans

Anna Jarvisanna jarvis

The Church of Satansatan

White House 1994sept. 11th

May Daymay masturbation month

Callipygian (Bootylicious)bootylicious


Boob Sizeboobs

Wash your handsgerms

Drug Use Statisticswelfare

Full Moonfull moon

Cuddling for Healthcuddling

Myspace is deadmyspace


Bayer Supported Hitlerbayer

Pope Encourage Contraception abortion

First Slave Owner in Americaanthony johnson

Drinking Agedrinking age


Cary Grantcary grant

Roald Dahl Willy Wonkaroald

Alcohol Treasury Departmentfda

Samuel L. Jackson Stutteringsamuel jackson

D-Day Rehearsalslapton


Free Speechequality

Novel from Ancient Romeancient rome

Chernobyl PowerChernobyl

War Vets Homeless ratehomeless

Sigmund Freudsigmund

Aerosmith Guitar Heroaerosmith

British Policebritish police

Harvard Can Offer Free Tuitionharvard

Paul Getty


Steve Jobs LSDsteve jobs

The Lochness Monsterlochness

Asymptomatic Toxoplasma infectiontoxoplasma

Consumption of Teatea

Lucille Balllucille ball

George A Romerogeorge romero

Dennis Rodmanrodman


Griselda Godmothercocaine queen

Hall And Oatshall and oats

Human Spermsperm

Freeway Rick Ross Cocainefreeway rick

Hannibal Lecterhannibal

Nazi Compound Californianazi

New Discovered Speciesmammal

Blood Donationsblood drive

Alcohol Consumption Ratedrinking

Hiroshima Nagasakiatomic

Paul Hellyer UFO Alienscanadian

Babies Anesthetic baby doctor

Homosexuality Swedensweden

Porn on Television porn

Carrots do not improve eyesightcarrot myth


Wikipedia valuewikipedia

Hitler’s Lovershitler

Ants queen ant

The Battle of Los Angeles Battle of L.A.

Moose Are Excellent Swimmersmoose

Kenyan Masai Tribe911

WWW. Internetinternet

Voting Statsvoting

Howard Hughes Casinohoward hughes

xxx meaningxxx

Marriage and Moneymoney

Nestle Scamsnestle

Angie’s List Promotionsangies list Bob Ross

Gay Crimescalifornia gay rights

Cell Phones Don’t cause cancercell phones

High Heels Sexual Pleasurehigh heels

American intelligence intelligent

The Marlboro Man Wayne Mclarenmarlboro

Exploring the Earth exploration

DNA DensityDNA

Pavement Damage of Big Truckspavement

We are all related to no more then 50th Cousinshuman family

One Out Of Forty Fathers Are Raising the Wrong Childrenfathers

Smoking Cigarettes Will Make Your Penis ShrinkpenisSpain’s Paralympic team disqualified


Nine trillion Missing From The Federal Reserve.federal reserve

US Bailouts Profits

u.s. treasury

Moscow billionaires moscow

Decorating Easter Eggs Predates Christianityeaster eggs

The Power Of Prayermedical journal

Greg Giraldo intelligence greg giraldo

Aribert Heim Dr. DeathDr. Death

Pixar Movie Electric Carscars

The Continuum and Aidscontinuum

The Trickle Up Realitywealth

PETA Lawsuitpeta

Windows 95 Doom Gamedoom

Dennis Rodman Masturbates Publicly denis rodmanMarijuana Prohibition

Carlton Turner Quotesmarijuana

Project A119moon

Boiling a Frog Mythboiled frog

Cigarette Filters Asbestos asbestos

Albert Einstein for Presedent albert einstein

Operation Pastorious FailNazi spies

British Treasonbritain

Work Stress is Deadly stress

Lord Coleridge C.J. Grove Denman jj. Pollock Huddleston

Ostrich Mythsostrich

Keanu Reeves Gave away his millionskeanu

Canada Fake Newscanada

Insanity Quote Mythquote

Fluoroantimonic Acidacid military budget

Drinking Myths

wine health honey bees Juliane Koepcke 17 year oldpinworms piracygeorge washington cars 22dryer sheets islam goliath foot bindingmoney french roast teslaabortion  satanic church titannicotine breath halloween jewsbible wolvesbeavervaticanelizabeth bathory 911 lacrosseimmune system mad hatter boris yeltsin Cubapolice brutality mushrooms american surveycrime rate dust hitlerwork spouse teen pregnancy inequality boeing 747longevitymichio Trump lincoln brain coffeepicasso suff neil degrasse tyson disabledFlint facebook marijuana John Rockefeller olympic topless 10 ways ENEMYproposition 8mccain darwin iraq war steam vibrator us state blue whale abortion phd 1960 rkelly black historyhomelessmike tysonqueen elizabeth saint p atum seinfeld volunteering william gates sr. homeless jackbirth controlglybera jew north korea gold rush ukrain mcdonalds cripslife saver radiation youngest reactor vinyl discpirate sugar ray zeus blue whalebugatti prohibition slave trade psas idiot1472751_1447422882152979_1573847037_nnational debt hummer temps midgets pope francishoney bees milk freud Jay z beersliced bread weezerjohn hinkley bobby fischer RR robert smalls cockpitrape jelly fish ozzy osbourneconstitution free zone Rowling's paradoxical undressing rabies church of satanSanta susana skid row apple sweatshops cia catsecret agent The Achives of terror 7UP Ronald WayneBen Franklin Constitution antarctica asmallworld Biggest losing streak in history blue sky facts brazil Calvin-Graham dragon-tree fender gatorade Gay-Bomb george bush fail Harrison-Ford henry-ford Hercules  Jim Carrey obesity Pat-Robertson Pope_John_Paul_II_in_Bosnia portugal Quran Sara-Kruzan snow-storm sterilization Stone-Temple-Pilots the dancing plague of 1518 toilet Uv-Scuti  Vin-Dieselvertical-lust walmart-law Waltons-Walmart

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