Patagonian giants of The Americas

    There has been a long running cover-up of Giant skeletons for centuries now, it seems man is just not ready to accept their existence just yet. And as history has shown us with the hiding of small people forcing them to live in shame and seclusion in remote areas forming little people villages sparking numerous tales and legends, it may still take centuries for mankind  to come to terms with these giants.
   But Who are these “giants”? Is it some kind of genetic mutation, like the little people cast out and forced to live together in shame, or is it something more? All historical documents from the Sumerian text to the Journals of Ferdinand and everything in between  have mentioned the giants and in every case the giants have been portrayed as kings and rulers over normal humans. They have been portrayed in every tale from Hercules to Goliath to have the strength of 100 men. Certainly does not sound like they need worry about disrespect and being outcased to me. But with litterally dozens of news reports siting burial grounds unearthed with hundreds of 8-12 foot skeletons, it seems they were not just simply a genetic mutation after all. In fact one could say genetically superior. And this superiority may be where our cover up comes into play. After all, he who holds the cards can deal them any way they wish.
   The giants are rumored to have come from a close planet which travels near to earth every 3600 years first reported publicly by Zecharia Sitchin interpreted from Sumerian text, texts which give great credence to Immanuel Velikovsky’s work.  The text tells a tale of technological giants whom come down from the heavens and enslave mankind forcing them to work in gold mines. It is said they need gold dust for the atmosphere of their planet which is a brown dwarf star and travels around 2 suns and needs to contain it’s own heat and reflect light and heat when it comes close to the sun. The gold dust sort of acts as a regulator of temperature.
   Through the millennial cycles many key traces of evidence have survived which simply cannot be hidden, such as the Nazca Lines which can only bee seen from the sky and designed to mark where to land. Even including a runway like an ancient airport. Even leaving behind evidence of ancient airplanes, helicopters and space shuttles.
   But something happened to this great and powerful race in the last few millenia, their numbers began to dwindle into something very small. The remainders in Europe had mingled with humans to the point where they were no more, and in the Americas a number of tribes had survived but their numbers were small, and somehow their technology died out. They became much more peaceful and kept their distance from man moving into their territory as they were out numbered tens of millions to one at this point.
    The last remaining tribes are known as the Patagons of South America, there are many records of encounters with them from many different explorers to the Americas. The Patagons  eventually went into seclusion and are considered to be a lost tribe now, they live deem in the south American Jungle, and considered to be protected, but they do still have encounters with man at times.
   Here is the problem we have. We have News reports from hundreds of sources, with tens of thousands of witnesses all talking about it, and no bones to show for it. media link.  So what is happening here? Perhaps this may shed some more light on the story. The Holocaust of Giants: Smithsonian Cover-up. There are many who desperately want this to stay suppressed and many who wish the opposite. And this is why I categorize  this part of history as a conspiracy. Obviously this must be a very important topic to many people.

So what are the Patagonian giants?

   First mention of these people came from the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan and his crew, who claimed to have seen them while exploring the coastline of South America en route to their circumnavigation of the world in the 1520s. Antonio Pigafetta, one of the expedition’s few survivors and the chronicler of Magellan’s expedition, wrote in his account about their encounter with natives twice a normal person’s height:


“One day we suddenly saw a naked man of giant stature on the shore of the port, dancing, singing, and throwing dust on his head. The captain-general [i.e., Magellan] sent one of our men to the giant so that he might perform the same actions as a sign of peace. Having done that, the man led the giant to an islet where the captain-general was waiting. When the giant was in the captain-general’s and our presence he marveled greatly, and made signs with one finger raised upward, believing that we had come from the sky. He was so tall that we reached only to his waist, and he was well proportioned…”
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