Corruption Prevails With Judge James Brady And The Spanish Fork Utah Court System



Serious corruption has been plaguing the Spanish Fork Court for years now and it is time we recognize it and put an end to this. It is each of our responsibility to provide oversight to these criminals within our system as they will continue to perpetrate on us as long as we continue to allow them to.~

I am writing this post in effort to help the problems facing our community which desperately require our attention. You may or may not be shocked at all I’ve had to go through in order to resolve this situation with Trooper Blake Bradford.

It all began on a warm June night at about 12:30 AM in 2016 Trooper Blake Bradford was casually speeding 90+ mph southbound on I15 trying to get people to speed up so he could issue a citation as he gets bonuses for each one he brings in, this practice is called ‘fishing’ within the department. The problem they have been having is too many people like to obey the law so they often have to resort to “bending the rules” in order to continue their job security and bonuses. Blake Bradford quickly and aggressively, and dangerously I might add approached me as seen in the dash cam video. Having very little time to act I had to make a delicate decision to both stay safe and adhere to the law. There was a car to my right which was going faster than I, there was also a car behind me going much faster than both of us which happened to also be State Trooper Blake Bradford engaging in these illicit ‘fishing’ activities hoping he could get a promotion.

I had decided the best course of action to stay most safe would be to speed up to match the driver to to right of me and get a safe distance from he and myself and allow the aggressive driver to safely pass me. I put my blinker on to indicate I was going to allow him to safely pass and accelerated enough to keep everyone safe which is required by Utah state law.

Reference to Utah Code Section 41-6a-601 CV608 / SPEED …. Conditions and circumstances may allow a driver to drive at a (lower or a ‘higher’) speed than what is posted providing of course that proper regard for existing or potential hazards. Reference Utah Code Section 41-6a-605 CV609….. Moving slower than traffic…. A driver is not allowed to drive a speed which interferes with the regular flow of traffic unless there is valid reason to justify it. ….. Utah Code 41-6a-711 Following another vehicle—keeping safe distances—exceptions and penalties

As you can see I had no legal right to drive slower than those around me, especially Trooper Blake Bradford who was directly behind me. But seconds after putting on my blinker Blake Bradford decided to take advantage of me accelerating in order to get out of harms way; in this case him being the potential hazard. It’s an extremely grey area in Utah law where often people don’t contest it because it’s too hard to prove innocence, and even if you can it will be ignored because of the vast corruption withing our judicial system.

I saw the emergency lights behind me turn on and assumed that the trooper had someplace to get to quickly so I was glad I decided to just let him pass. But he decided to get behind me, again rudely cutting off the man behind me. But again I couldn’t believe he was after me because I had my cruise control set at 70 as can be seen in the video, as the trooper continues to approach my car getting dangerously close his speed matches mine at 70mph which is the suggested speed in that area. As a recent stroke survivor I have very limited use of my dominant right hand, thus I can’t push buttons or do anything related with it. The cruise controls are located on the right of my steering wheel and were not able to be adjusted. I control my speed be either pushing the gas pedal or pushing the brake disengaging the cruise control.

You can clearly see in the video that I had briefly pressed the accelerator to get out of Utah State Trooper Blake Bradford’s way and immediately took my foot off and continued on at 70mph as set. When Trooper Blake Bradford continued to get behind me I had to make a decision based on what was happening. Either I need to out run this person who is likely not a real police officer or I need to pull over and hope he actually is. Hundreds of people every year are arrested for pulling people over while impersonating a police officer, committing crimes ranging from theft, assault, rape, and even murder. The behavior of this police officer made me question his authenticity. But I also know how dangerous it is to try and out-run a police officer. Statistically it is very likely to end very bad. But if he is indeed fake I would have possibly saved our lives as I had my wife of 20 years in the car with me.

You can see in the dash-cam video that I decided the best bet in this situation would be to merely pull over. So I engaged my brake seen in the video and pulled over on this dangerous highway wishing I had my gun on me just in case, but unfortunately I didn’t. Utah State Trooper Blake Bradford then approached my car and accused me of speeding 82mph in a 70mph zone. At the time I had no knowledge exactly how fast I was going because my eyes were on the road carefully observing those around me. I didn’t even realize I had pressed the accelerator but it is just instinct to stay safe. I told Trooper Blake Bradford that I was not speeding, but he had no desire to act honorably and do what was right so he issued me a citation for going 82 mph in a 70mph suggested zone. When I went to the Spanish Fork court to explain to Judge James Brady what had happened, I felt certain he would understand and adhere to the law like he is supposed to; I was blown away at his response to me.


As I entered the court room the junior prosecutor handling the case Jason Sant approached me stating that if I back out now he would drop the charges to 75mph over, but knowing I was completely innocent of any crime I declined his offer. I felt certain not a person alive would ever rule against me after seeing the evidence. And I also knew it was important for the judge to see the corrupt actions of the officer.

In court I reminded Judge James Brady and Jason Sant what the law is pertaining to speed by actually citing it; that I not only have a legal right to exceed the suggested speed  but the legal obligation to do this as well under these very conditions I was put into, not to mention the moral obligation to keep those around me safe. While on the stand  Trooper Blake Bradford refused to look at me choosing rather to look down as though he did not want to face me while feeling ashamed of his actions and unwilling to face up to them or take accountability for his actions.  I asked Trooper Blake Bradford while on the stand if he had brought with him the dash-cam video evidence I had asked the prosecuting attorney for during the pretrial as I was unaware of the normal court hearings and who is responsible to bring these things. Trooper Blake Bradford replied ‘No, I brought nothing,’ as though he never needed to bring evidence before this judge before, like it’s a normal thing for him to make up random accusations and the judge makes a judgement against the defense based solely on Blake’s testimony never even considering the defense’s.  I then asked Trooper Blake Bradford if he had brought any evidence at all with him. Again he replied ‘No.’

Now, at the time without any evidence I merely denied the allegations because I had nothing to argue against and without any evidence I know Judge James Brady cannot make a ruling against me or any judge for that matter, so I merely stopped speaking or arguing and rested my case.

Moments passed and I took the stand; I simply stated to Judge James Brady that there is no way to prove what speed I was traveling without the dash-cam evidence which he declined to bring which also proves my innocence. I couldn’t believe he would not do this where obstruction of justice, (by not providing all necessary evidence) is a third degree felony which includes a maximum fine of $5,000 and up to five years in prison.  I also proceeded to reminded Trooper Blake Bradford how dangerous it is to pull people, especially for no reason what so ever, and that he needs to stop doing this as now that I’ve been forced to play his dangerous games, now I also have a moral obligation to see to it that he stops these practices. Judge James Brady strangely enough told me to stop talking to Trooper Blake Bradford and to not even look at him anymore, he said to only look at him (Judge James Brady) while testifying. I don’t understand court procedure having never been accused of anything in my life, I had never been in a courtroom before, it was a new experience and a very eye-opening experience at that. So I complied with Judge James Brady’s wishes and looked only at him from that point on.Blake Bradford
I then looked at Judge James Brady and recited the study which UDOT conducted on I15 pertaining to speed. And that is that 80% of people drive between 81 mph and 83 mph despite the posted suggested speed signs. And that UDOT asks all drivers to stay within the 80% as that is the speed which is most safe and that is why they raised the suggested speed on I15 to a proactive 70mph as everyone drives 10mph over the suggested speed regularly; they did this because it is safer to have everyone driving the same speeds rather than a few driving 20mph slower than everyone else around them causing a dangerous environment for everyone. UDOT had removed all speed minimum signs because if there is no speed minimum sign on highways then the posted speed should be taken as a suggestion based on conditions rather than a defining rule. The law states we must drive as safely as we can despite the speed posted and UDOT states that the most safe speed was what I was being accused of driving.  Confident that I no longer had any reason to be worried I stated that I had nothing further to add since no evidence of criminal activity was presented, and I stepped off the bench and took my seat.

Judge James Brady began to tell me that the law states that you cannot exceed the posted speed limit, not even one mile per hour but could not cite any laws which stated such a thing. I knew that that was not true having 25 years experience as I had just looked it up again and verified that it had not changed, in fact that law has been in place since 1979 which gives me and any driver the right to drive what ever we believe is most safe, faster or slower depending on conditions.

I kept thinking to myself ‘Why would Judge James Brady lie to my face like that? Why would he make up ridiculous laws in his head and try and convince me that I’m too stupid to read and understand a simple speed law.’

He seemed rather smug in his response to me which confused me at the time only now realizing that this judge has no interest in justice or due process, he allows himself to be influenced personally, as Blake Bradford is indeed an old friend of his, and of his family I later found out. But unfortunately nothing I could ever have said or did would have ever made Judge James Brady rule in my favor, I believe even if the evidence was brought and presented accurately Judge James Brady would have disregarded it, just as he disregarded the laws which apply to me in this case, and my rights to have a fair unbiased trial. Judge James Brady rather chose to uphold the corruption that has been plaguing our society for a very long time.


Judge James Brady then ruled the maximum allowable penalty to me plus court fees which amounted to hundreds of dollars, but invited me to appeal his decision if I didn’t like it. This was an interesting proposal to me seeing the situation I was in that clearly I would require my case heard by someone not in the good’ole’boy’s club as Judge James Brady was obviously in. I went back down to the office as instructed to begin the paper work required to get the appellate court hearing moving. I asked the clerk what I need to do in order to get things started; but she seemed stressed as she struggled to help, she didn’t seem to know much about it. She gave me a website which may help me and a phone number which may also give me some leads , but didn’t seem sure how else to accomplish this request as though nobody ever goes through the bother of doing this. But where I have very strong moral principals, I am not obliged to let this criminal get away with his crimes and continue perpetrating on others even if he is being encouraged by the Utah Highway Patrol and supported by Judge James Brady, this will not go down so easily. People deserve to have their rights respected and and so do our laws.

As I exited the court I could see Trooper Blake Bradford sitting in his state issues police vehicle, he had moved his car next to mine and was sitting and waiting for some odd reason. I could only assume two reasons. Either he wished to apologize to me or he wished to perpetrate on me abusing his power yet again just to establish that he has power over me and the law will not protect me. I decided to give him a chance and merely sat next to my car to allow him to come apologize to me with cameras watching his every move. He however did not get out and apologize but rather sat and waited for me to leave as to follow me. Of course I did not give him the opportunity again and sat there for another two hours until he left. It is mind boggling to me that his supervisor would allow him the freedom to abuse his power and waste his time in such a way but apparently this is the case.

After returning home I immediately got to work trying to find the correct people to talk to in order to file. The phone number I was given sent me on quite a wild goose chase running me in circles until I got dizzy and gave up. I then used the e-mail I was given which was the appellate court itself who then referred me to a Mrs. Ashley Kelson Dovidauskas who would be handling my case.  She proceeded to send me a stack of about 50 pages which need to be filled out in a rather short amount of time. Being disabled and unable to write or fill out paperwork I asked if I could email a typed docketing statement instead. Ashley then sent me a general link and told me I could possibly find something in this website if I type in the correct keywords.

I was able to get the docketing statement completed in time highlighting the fact that none of the several laws which applied to my case were honored by Judge James Brady in his court and we need a new trial which is the purpose behind appelate courts. Ashley kept me writing and filling out paperwork for months asking me to gather evidence if I wanted a trial, so I spent months trying to obtain the dash-cam video from the police department paying a large fee and having to badger them for a very long time until they finally complied with the court’s wishes.  The police department during this whole ordeal kept telling me that I had no right to my evidence and that only the prosecuting attorney can request it. I thought it was very strange, but I complied with their demands and called and emailed Jason Sant on numerous occasions requesting he obtain this evidence as the police have refused it to me and the court has requested it.

Jason Sant refused to answer any requests or oblige me my rights yet again he did however send the appelate court a rebuttal letter saying that the speed laws do not allow a driver to exceed the speed and that no evidence of my innocence was presented in court. The letter cited the speed law but he neglected to cite the whole speed law that I can drive faster or slower than posted speed depending on conditions, that I am no legally obliged to impede traffic under any conditions, and that I am not allowed to move in front of someone who is less than 2 seconds behind.  This was very concerning to me that a city prosecute would seek to manipulate the laws in such a way that it would hurt those within his community, to lie like that is very unprofessional and discourteous. Disrespectful people like Jason Sant have no business in our courtrooms and I call for his resignation or his dismissal.  But other than that he refused to do his job and send me the appropriate evidence. It was not until months went by and I badgered the police department to try and contact him when they realized that he really wasn’t going to do anything at all for me so they honored the court’s request at that time. But only a day after I went to tell them I was ready to proceed and they sent a response stating they are closing my case and wont hear it.

I was a bit taken back after making me go through all this and then when I’m finally finished they tell me no. I believe now that they were never actually going to hear my case and that they are only there to give the illusion of justice. I began investigating this Ashley Kelson Dovidauskas character I had been talking to and found out that she has no legal education or background, she is basically just there to BS people into making them feel like someone is listening to them when nobody really is. This poses a real problem in our judicial system here in Utah. We as a people need to fix these problems as they are hurting a lot of people with so much ignorance and mindlessness in the courts no resolutions to real problems are happening. And without appropriate resolution the problems not only are still there but now magnified many times.

I hope they understand by now that I’m going to resolve this one way or another and I’m just getting started. If they are going to force me into their stupid games which I did not wish to play, then I can promise them that they will not win, nor will they want to ever play this game again.

What do I mean by this? It’s simple really, because there was no other lawful course of action I could have taken but to do what I did and Trooper Blake Bradford was successful in prosecuting me with the help of his good friends Spanish Fork city junior attorney Jason Sant and Fourth District Court Judge James Brady I have no choice but to charge Blake Bradford with obstruction of justice which is a federal crime and is now facing up to 5 years in a federal prison. It’s unfortunate that it had to come to this where if his friends would have just done the right thing to begin with there would be no obstruction crime committed, but then again it is mostly his own fault. I am also charging Trooper Blake Bradford with the following…

(1) For travelling 25 mph over the speed limit. He had no emergency lights on; he was not in pursuit which also proves I was not speeding at the time until he turned on his emergency lights, and according to the judge, lawyer, and Officer Blake Bradford’s own mouth “There is no justifiable reason to ever exceed the posted speed limit.” I have the dash cam video with his GPS measured speed which proves this fact; he was traveling a peak of 95mph as he approached me. Speeding ’25 mph’ over the speed limit…… According to Chapter 6 – Module 1 – Page 1, MODULE 1 LEGAL ASPECTS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT DRIVING “All traffic laws that govern the general public apply with equal force to on-duty law enforcement officers in non-emergency driving. Law enforcement officers are ‘never’ exempt from all civil and criminal law governing vehicle operation. Chapter 6 Module1 – Page 2 Emergency exemption statutes typically require operation of warning lights and a siren at all times even while the exemption is claimed.
(2) For following too close to me. You must be at least 2 seconds behind someone. The video shows clearly at best he was one second behind me when he began to pursue me putting my life in further danger including my wife’s life according to the law. Utah Code 41-6a-711.
(3) Using illegal entrapment techniques while I was trying to be law abiding and courteous driver. Entrapment Code 76-2-303… clearly from the video my intention was not to exceed the suggested speed posted, but rather to get out of harms way. Legally I cannot move slower than traffic, I have a car on my right going about the same speed as I, and I have a car going 95mph behind me and I either legally need to get to a safe distance from the car to my right and merge into that lane, or I need to match the speed of the people behind me. Now when I realized how fast the person was going, I decided I didn’t want to go fast like him and rather to get into another lane allowing him to safely pass me. This is textbook entrapment according to the definition of the law “forcing and actor to engage in illegal activity by putting them in danger of which they have no choice but to break the law.” (Reference to Utah Code Section 41-6a-601 CV608 / SPEED) …. Conditions and circumstances may allow a driver to drive at a (lower or a ‘higher’) speed than what is posted providing of course that proper regard for existing or potential hazards. Reference Utah Code Section 41-6a-605 CV609….. Moving slower than traffic…. A driver is not allowed to drive a speed which interferes with the regular flow of traffic unless there is valid reason to justify it. ….. Utah Code 41-6a-711 Following another vehicle—keeping safe distances—exceptions and penalties


There is a very important reason why you don’t need a law degree to be a judge anywhere, and this includes the supreme court; and its because the job of a judge is not supposed to enforce laws, in fact a judge should not even consider the law other than to know its limits of power. A judge is supposed to take each situation, consider if the law failed the citizen in this situation and over ride it or adjust the consequence if needed.  The judge is there basically to protect citizens from rouge police officers who abuse their power such as Blake Bradford of Spanish Fork City. If a judge can’t do their job then what’s the point of having them? We need a judge who can do their job properly and not one who is obviously owned and controlled by the police local police department, as being bias is not becoming of a good and decent judge.


It has been nearly 3 months since this incident occurred and I had received a letter in the mail from the court stating that I owed them hundreds of dollars still, I called and told them that I was appealing the case and still in the process. They had informed me that it doesn’t matter if I was appealing it or not I still have to pay regardless. So they tacked on more late fees and I went to the court and payed them as requested. Six months went by and again I received another letter in the mail stating that I had never payed and now I owe them even more money. I went to the court to show them the evidence that I had paid and they spent a week arguing with them while looking into the matter before they realized I did. It is utterly mind-boggling how disorganized and unknowledgeable everyone at that court is about their jobs and duties.

I think we are in desperate need of a complete overhaul of the entire system from the police on up to the highest courts. They need to start taking their jobs more seriously, I had asked the clerk while I was there to deliver a letter I wrote to the police department including the evidence demanding an investigation into these proceedings and charging Trooper Blake Bradford with the crimes he had committed to show Judge James Brady how important it is to have evidence before making a ruling. The clerk replied to me that I’ll give it to him but I doubt he will even look at it. I asked her to have him call me then so I could discuss these important matters directly with him. She said she would not and that I’m sure the judge knows how important it is to look at the evidence first. I replied, “I don’t think he does, just like you said, he still isn’t even going to look at the evidence, I don’t think he cares at all about justice.”

I’ll keep this post updated as these proceedings continue and as promised here is the police dash-cam video of the actual incident; enjoy.