If Not Dead, Then Where Is George Soros?

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 – George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management, USA, captured during the session ‘Rebuilding Economics’ of the Annual Meeting 2010 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 27, 2010 at the Congress Centre.
Copyright by World Economic Forum
swiss-image.ch/Photo by Sebastian Derungs

It was march of 1944 and the Nazi regime had just invaded George Soros’ home in Hungry. Born and raised a well to do Jew himself, fourteen year old George certainly didn’t wish to be tortured and killed like the others and quickly formulated a plan to pose as a Catholic just as Hitler himself and betray his people by helping the Nazis find all the other Jews who were in hiding desperately evading capture.

But with the help of George Soros all the Jews indeed were captured and were rounded up and taken to concentration camps. Young George Soros realized all this property is now up for grabs and had taken all the property he could and sold it making quite a fortune. But as the law of greed goes, it is never enough. George Soros spent his life trying to get the most money with the least effort possible and with this attitude he entered the hedge fund business.

George quickly discovered he could make billions simply by betting against currency futures. But again things in the world moved too slowly for him he wanted to make more bets and more money than the global economy would allow. George Soros knew he needed civil unrest to make money, so again he formulated another plan to do just that. George Soros used his fortune to incite civil unrest by creating bogus charities which were set up to incite chaos and by “donating” millions into their accounts on condition they do as he tells them he accomplished this. George Soros did this in many countries, and then betting against their currency just at the right time sending the country into depression and chaos and making himself billions in the process. He made so much money he began to think of himself as a king-maker a man above the rulers, a man who could manipulate an entire world to do his evil bidding.

George Soros is responsible for anger and desperation in our world by fueling hatred and frustration. From the war on Israel to the Black Lives Matter  movement George Soros was there shelling out millions giving special requests and at strategically specific times so he could make his money back in droves. “This is just business.” George often stated and holds no remorse for it as he so smugly proclaims in several interviews, in fact he was quite proud of all he destroyed during his long life, and admittedly often fantasizes about being god in multiple interviews.  Vladamir Putin has since banned Soros from his country ordering an arrest because he has created so much chaos in his country.

Fast forward to present and a Croatian news outlet who is well acquainted with the Soros Family  reported that George Soros died of a violent heart attack after funding Hillary Clintons losing campaign on November 14th. A terrible loss which put him over the edge and his heart just gave out. Reuters then published the story later only to retract it as the family and inner circle decided that they could lose too much wealth and power with the world knowing he is dead. They told the media that he is alive and well and the media who is not obliged to question anything from the Soros family simply reported that even without having a stitch of proof that he is in fact alive, and even to this day.

The family and inner circle of George Soros is currently scouting a look-a-like to fill in for him at certain events to convince the public he is actually alive but with no luck so far. George Soros has not been seen since Nov.14th when he was reported dead. A very busy man who has likely been photographed every day of his life has not been seen since his reported death. There are numerous mainstream news outlets who are using old photos of George Soros to convince the public that he is still alive and actually saying things publicly here are a few examples. I’ll take all the leading articles about him off the news media.

Published November 22nd, picture used since February 2014

 Published December 29th, picture used since September two months prior to his death.

Published January 4th, picture used since June 21st 2016

Published Dec. 16th, picture used since Feb. 26th 2016

Literally no news agency has used a current picture of him actually saying the things they claim he has said. He has not been photographed at any meetings. No recent media at all in fact has been released with his image since his death. Nobody has yet confirmed he is alive, but the media seems to have no problem reporting such ridiculous claims without the proof to back it up. But because of the circumstances of not showing his face in public since the report, I am declaring George Soros Dead until proof of his existence surfaces.

Update George Soros emerges from the dead in a Bloomberg interview January 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz3MTcEqJ54…… Except a few fantastic changes occurred during that time, I’ll just let the photo do the talking.