What is happening in the Philippines ?

Metro Manila is sinking, experts agree

Surveys done have shown anywhere from 10 inch to 2 foot drop in soil subsidence per year, meaning the land is sinking. source1. Experts have concluded it is not global warming causing this flooding, but offer a possibility that it might be a depletion of ground water. source 2. This is only a theory and has many people doubting due to the fact that so many cities do the same thing and have never had sinking. This shines our attention to other causes which certainly seem to be much more plausible. Plat tectonics for one, the shifting of our plates have long been studied and there have been a sharp spike in activity, not only in this area but throughout the world. Source 3 A new earthquake in Bohol has opened a crack in the ground in which one side sank about 10 feet causing a wall and a gap in the earth. Witnesses tried to find out how long it was and walked five km. never to find the end Source 4.