Ethan Couch Kills Four Pedestrians And Receives No Jail Time, His Defense; Affluenza


District Judge Jean Boyd’s court was tossing a bit of fresh outrage on this pile of crap. After four people died, a dozen with sever injuries and the drunken teen who caused his carnage avoiding any real time because of a soft-headed judge. If you thought it could not get worse think again.

Fred and Tonya Couch have more money than they know what to do with and offered to pay for Ethan’s rehab, even if it cost $450,000 per year at a cushy fruit-and-granola house in California. But Judge Boyd instead ordered young Ethan to be sent to the state hospital for rehab in Vernon. The charge there is $715 per day.

This left him not responsible for his actions, and unable now to distinguish right from wrong, and leaving the tax payer the bill.

In further news Ethan’s father Frederick has now been arrested for impersonating a police officer.


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